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1st Birthday - V0.45 Released

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Posted 18 June 2010 - 10:15 AM

This is the first birthday for SFAW. And as such, for those who have watched this mod, i have a surprise for you.

SFAW V0.45 - http://www.moddb.com...irthday-release

So youve seen me post stuff about whats in it, now u get to see it for yourself.
There has been more change and progress than i expected, considering im the only one working on it, with a few beta testers.
There are a few bugs that are known. All are for GC. And all are listed in the readme.
but since no one ever read the readme ill post them here as well

<--- Known Bugs --->
These are KNOWN bugs that i cannot fix. If you bring them up on moddb or any other forum ill just delete your comment and post one saying
read the readme.txts "known bug section". You have been warned
So far all are GC related, and relate to the engine limitations.
1) Both Star Trek and Starship Troopers are inactive, as far as building ships is concerned. Engine limitation, cannot be fixed
2) SST cannot capture planets if they do not battle for them. I dont know why, will try and work it out.
3) Very odd one this one. I had defeated Star Wars Battlestar and Stargate (or thought i had finished off Stargate that is).
I was playing as Starship Troopers and i was slowly capturing the Star trek planets, when i came across one controlled by Stargate.
After wiping them all out, and returning to the GC map, i was confronted by Thor. After i defeated him, the credits rolled and it say
i was defeated. I know its very odd and confusing. I have no idea what happened, let alone how to fix that.
4) Battlestar Planets CTD if u try and battle on them. No idea why it happens, but im trying my best to fix it. Easiest fix, just auto resolve those battles.

Id also like to thank all those who allowed me to use there work, to make it easier for this to all come together. You are all listed at the top. And people should play your mods as much as mine. Its the only thanks i can give for now.

For those who have waited for this day, for the next step forward, here it is. Its not 100% perfect, but its a HUGE step forward. Hopefully as i go along ill release a hotfix thatll fix a few of the minor things that are bound to be brought up.

As for the install its easy enough, if you have the GUI issue, as in it wont let you select Starship Troopers. There is a resources folder in the RAR. It needs to go into the data folder. It wont noticablly effect ur normal install, but it should make the selection box big enough for you to select Starship troopers. If it isn't selectable, then try and make your screen resolution larger. If these both fail then im sorry im not sure of the issue.
Another thing that might happen is the shaders for the SGMG Aurora and Beliskner mean the textures could be buggy, ill be uploading a patch if this bug is prominant over as lot of people.
The V.4 sounds packs will also work with these installs, so u dont need to remove those folders before install
If i remember anything else i will edit this...


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