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Nocheluz Mar

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Posted 29 June 2010 - 09:41 PM

Name: Nocheluz Mar. She refers to herself as "Mara".
Age: Unknown, but four years since the conversion (see history).
Gender: Female
Race: Nominally human.
Weapons: Fearsome though her fangs appear, Mara's only true weapon is her uncanny symbiosis with water, storm, and fish.
Class/Order: Servant of the Nautilus (shall be revealed with time, as she learns about her past and mission).
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches.
Weight: 96 pounds
Alignment: Ocean
Appearance: Gaunt and thin, Mara hides her contorted body underneath coarse gray robes with high collars, similarly modest gloves, and worn slippers. Her hair is thin and weak; beneath fallow, paper-thin skin bulge cheekbones. Mara's nose recedes into her face and a dark scar runs across the left side of her face from her chin, above her ear, to the back of her neck. In sharp contrast to her otherwise impoverished appearance, Mara dons a silver ring crested with a polished seashell on each fingertip.

Under the garments, fish-like scales coat Mara's torso, and large flaps of skin attach to each of her limbs, acting as fins when she enters the water. Gills run down the sides of her torso, and her hands and feet are webbed until the last inch-and-a-half of her phalanges. Mara's jaw recedes, revealing her top row of fangs permanently unless obscured by darkness and a hood; her lower jaw extends forward rapidly when she bites, rendering an exceptionally strong tearing motion. She cannot chew, but rather rips her prey into small enough pieces to swallow whole. Mara's eyes have three lids--the interior membrane is transparent for swimming in darkness; the middle is darkened to filter light in bright surface waters; the last is opaque. Her eyesight is exceptional and animalistic, but her ability to hear and smell is vastly reduced above water.

History: Mara's memories are unimpeded for her first seventeen years. A youthful human girl in a small Mirmidan fishing village, Mara showcased an exceptional affinity for the ocean. She swam before she walked and appeared to her parents more fish than girl when, at the age of eight, she held her breath underwater for a full five minutes. Spending much of her time terrorizing oysters and crafting jewelry from seashells, her village generally left her to her own devices: even the best could not follow her through the waves. As she grew from a gangly girl to a strong adolescent, she quit the coastal shelf and learned seamanship, as was custom of her people. While Mara proved an ineffective sailor, she remained in demand because she could read the water and wind like her own mind; Mara understood where to find the greatest bounty and when to turn in before inclement whether arrived.

Just three days after her seventeenth birthday in high summer, a wealthy man from a neighboring village with a large vessel asked for Mara's hand in marriage. A week later, they set out on their inaugural voyage together, in search of migrating albacore. Neither they nor the crewmen returned; a ferocious storm overturned their ship far offshore, continued inland, and swamped Mara's entire culture with wave and wind.

Mara's next memory is in the dead of winter, in far northern reaches of Arsencia. Sputtering ice-water from her mouth, she washed ashore on a snowy rock beach, in her current condition. Though she has since traveled far and learned the common human tongue, she has been unable to find any remnant of her people, and has no point of reference from which to determine whether her previous life was truth or mere hallucination. She recalls her native language but has found none who speak it; at night, her dreams are filled with wavering lights dangling from fearsome faces, alien creatures, and a hauntingly rhythmic and throbbing pulse, the meaning of which Mara cannot grasp.

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Posted 29 June 2010 - 10:33 PM

Fish-girl? Sounds interesting and confusing, but exactly your style. OK, your fish-girl is approved. To the stories!
I hope I am a good enough writer that some day dwarves kill me and drink my blood for wisdom.

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