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j0shh's bug list

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Posted 11 July 2010 - 06:55 PM


I am astounded by the quality of this alpha release. I did NOT expect to see a new menu, cameos, unit voices, menu music, or such high-quality models.

Just a couple bugs and suggestions.

* The Basilisk has a couple bugs. No healthbar, no formation preview, wrong shell trajectory. Will you make a custom explosion? Currently it's just a little one with dirt kicked up, yet it kills a unit in one hit. The explosion should mirror the shell's power.

* All vehicles lack a destroyed "hulk" and the associated animations with dying/blowing up. I would also suggest a death effect (like a big fireball) for the Hellhound.

* All the vehicles currently have the same voice. It specifically references the Chimera. Will this be changed later?

* Scale back the buildings! Unless you plan on making huge maps and expanding the build radius, and zooming out the camera. They don't have to be huge, just large enough so that vehicles don't clip the edges when they exit.

I understand that it may be a motif of the Guard, to have large ornate buildings, but I think that gameplay should come first.

* I really like the use of large models, but now the effects seem a little small. Could you thicken the Chimera's laser beam a little? It looks puny next to the tank's size."

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Boomerang Python

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Posted 12 July 2010 - 12:20 PM

from a PM: "Hey,
To avoid cluttering your comments (and to avoid registering on the forums :crazed:) I'll just PM you the bugs I found.

Buildings: War Factory and Barracks doors don't open, and units clip out of them.
No damaged/collapse models.

Basilisk: (I know, there are lots)
No bounding box - they clip together when ordered to move, and no health bar (this one has been said, the clipping while moving has not)
Turn radius is too tight for an artillery unit. Also, it moves to fast. In order to preserve balance, heavy artillery has to be slow, un-maneuverable and of low health.
The reload animation (which is completely awesome!) and the firing timing are slightly off. Sometimes, the cannon will fire while the gunner is still reloading in the animation.
The miss radius of the shell is imo too high, it almost never hits its target. I suggest halving it.

It has the Basilisk special abilities in its commandset, only they're grayed out.

Imperial Guardsmen:
The Grenadier dude spawns at the rally point of the rax while the rest of the squad comes out the doors.

Otherwise, everything is working like a charm. This is a great mod from what I've seen so far, and I look forward to it being released in full. On a side note, I am very familiar with the C&C games and modding them, and I beta test for the Forgotten Mod (created by C&C Labs and Blbpaws). If you need a beta tester or some advice, don't hesitate to contact me. I can also create some concept art (not that you need any) or 2D art like unit icons and release posters if you need that stuff.


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