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state of Ori update

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Posted 29 September 2003 - 11:25 AM

This is just an update on Ori current state and the future of Ori.
As i have a lists of everything going on and you don't i think it would be good to update you:

* Saying that i was very bussy and would not have as much time for Ori seemed to decress activity.
* Ori's network sites are slowly becomming active again.

comming plans:
These are just plans i have. As you might have noticed i always have plan in the works.
* Forum RPG - Once the IPB mod is released i'll hold a poll to see which World is liked most. After that there will be a few days development and then the release.
* Modding Ladder - Currently on trial at P-L. Some problems with making it work on Origins forum skins.
* Origin Game - Forum made, ideas gathering.
* New Look - The front page still has "Home" on it in big letters. A new layout will be made soon. Hopefully with a new forum skin to match. I hope to time it with the forum RPG to save me messing with the skins to much.
* Ori Comics - I made a topic, but it died sharply. I might just make Dayon by it's self.
* Ori Layouts - Small plans to make a site to hold my layouts. Still an erly idea.

Looking over the (other/rival/misc) networks:
* SDS - Closing/closed. There just waiting for the server owner to switch the server off. Some of there sites are going to CannisGEN, rest are not active enough to know that SDS is even closing.
* Arm-Ent - Gone. Ha.
* EGN - Looks like there rush of activity has drained them. My guess is that thay will close soon unless thay do something about there state.
* iN - Looks nice, has active forum, does nothing.
* STX - Bussiness as usual.
* Savage War - C&C. Slow moving.
* CannisGEN - C&C. 2 new hosted sites on the way. Bussiness as usual.
* CnCGuild - C&C. Bussiness as usual.

Looking over the above list makes me think that it's realy just Ori and STX left. The others are either closing or based on a game.

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