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End of Nations: MMORTS 101: The Class System

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 04:03 PM

In the second dev diary for EoN; Joe Bostic, Creative Director discusses the various aspects of the commander classes and how to utilize them effectively:

The Commander Classes

More than in any traditional RTS game, where factions can certainly join up for team-based PVP, the classes in End of Nations create a much stronger force by working together. MMOs have mastered this sort of team dynamic, which End of Nations has applied to commander class design to create a satisfying cooperative experience unheard of previous RTS games.

We’re very proud of how well our three commander classes synergize, each performing a unique role in cooperative play. In many encounters, the Armor commander will charge in first, choosing the moment of attack and getting the enemy’s attention while the Assault commander zips in to eliminate the enemy’s most vital forces and pick off stragglers and runners. The Artillery commander will jump in last, reducing the foe’s effectiveness with stunning effects and smoke before dishing out tremendous damage.

Military Advances

Classes progress by gaining experience levels. With every level, commanders automatically gain signature abilities, as well as points to invest in a tech tree. These tech trees function much like talent trees, and allow players to customize their commanders to suit their preferred play style. Players unsatisfied with their tech tree choices can easily respec and try a new build.

To see the full dev diary click here

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