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Posted 17 August 2010 - 02:46 AM

Below I will list the tech trees for the Lone Wolf factions.

These tech trees are what I'm working towards for Lone Wolf Return of Shadow.

I've removed Eriador and Morgul since they've been axed.

If I haven't updated the tech tree publicly in the last month or so the Faction is being reviewed and reworked.
Expect some soonish.

Each post will have a different faction's tech tree and below a link to each of those posts.


Dol Guldur
The Deep

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 02:49 AM

Posted Image


Rohan Peasants - changed to defending units.

100 Rohan Footmen - Basic infantry of Rohan
600 - Door Wardens - elite horde

300 - Rohan Bowmen - changed from Yeomen to Peasant Archers

800 - Rohirrim
1000 - Rohirrim Archers

500 - Westfold Shieldbearers - Defensive horde
1200 - Westfold Riders

500 - Battering Ram
600 - Ladder carriers


Rohan Farm - resources can be defended by Rohan Peasants
Rohan Hall of Warriors - builds Rohan Infantry
Rohan Archery Range
Rohan Stables - Builds Rohirrim
Westfold Hall = builds Westfold units
Rohan Well
Statue of Helm Hammerhand - provides Armour bonus
Statue of Eorl - provides attack bonus
Rohan Battle Tower
Rohan Workshop - builds Ram and Ladders
Rohan Citadel
Rohan Sentry Towers
Rohan Marketplace

Rohan Battlements - defensive structure built from Watchtower plot (small defence guarded by 4 Deep Defenders)
Rohan Hill fort - defensive structure built from Watchtower plot
(large defence guarded by 6 Deep Defenders and has a Tower.



Scout sence - reveals stealth
Loyalty - When close to Theoden Gamling gains an armour and attack boost
Loyalty - Theoden


Level 3 - Door Warden - defence boost (passive)
Loyalty - Theoden


Maiden Strike - strong melee attack critical damage to Monsters and the Witch King (replaces Smite)
Loyalty - when nearby Theoden,Theodred or Eomer
Lady of Rohan - provides an armour boost to nearby Peasants


Masrhal of Rohan - provides an attack boost to Rohan Footmen and Westfold Shieldbearers.
Valiant Defender - Elfhelm gains an armour boost for a short time
Loyalty - Theoden


Captain of Westfold - Provides an armour boost to Westfold units
Shield Wall - Nearby Westolf Shieldbearers become immobile but gain a large armour boost
Loyalty - Grimbold gains an armour boost from Theoden,Theodred or Erkenbrand


Defiant Strike - a strong melee attack that knocksback
Marshal of Rohan - Provides a leadership bonus +50% armour,+150% attack,+50% fear resist
Defy Deasth - When Theodred's health is critical he gains an attack boost


Lord of the Westfold - leadership - Provides %60 armour,+150% attack,fear resist and kb resistance
Red Shield - Erkenbrand gains an armour boost
Red Shiled Smash - Strong AOE knock back attack


Spear Throw
Horse Lord - Provides a 10% speed,+50% armour and 50% Crush decel boost to nearby Rohirrim
Loyalty - gains an armour boost when nearby Theoden,Theodred or Eowyn
Fearless charge - nearby enemies are stunned in fear


King of the Riddermark - Provides an experience,attack,fear resist and armour boost
Glorious Charge
King's Favour - grants targeted units experience
Loyalty - Theoden gains an attack bonus when nearby Theodred,Eowyn or Eomer.
Guthlaf - Auto spawns Guthlaf Theoden's banner carrier
Royal Bane - Theoden gains extra damage to Serakh,Tharruk and Ulwarth. (Not listed normailly)

Guthlaf (spawned by Theoden)
Heraldry of the Riddermark - provides fear immunity to nearby units


Fords of Isen
Hasty Defence
Rohan farms are guarded by Peasants
Hill Fort
Upgrades spells, heal gains armour buff,grasslands effects heroes
Cloud Break
Gandalf Greyhame
Muster the Rohirrim
Ent Allies
Red Dawn


Combat Upgrades
Basic Training
Fire Arrows
Forged Blades
Heavy Armour
Rohirrim Shields

Economy Upgrades
Grand Harvest

Defence Upgrades
Postern Gate
Wall Tower
Boiling Oil

There have been a few changes to the tech tree.
The heroes have been toned down,there are new economy upgrades,new structures and units.
Rohan is a more balanced faction now with more infantry and siege,but still focusing on Cavalry with the Royal Guards and it's heroes.

Rohan is the first faction being worked on significant coding changes are being made but the biggest changes will be for the Art.
All of Rohan's units are getting remade new models and skins.
They'll be much improved and will have randomising equipment.

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 02:55 AM

Posted Image


Gondor Soldiers
300 - Gondor Spearmen
600 - Citadel Guards - filling the Tower Guards old role as defensive units
800 - Fountain Guards (renamed Tower Guards,now considered semi elite)

Gondor Archers
Ithilien Rangers

Gondor Knights

Pelargir Marines - Strong units can toggle between Short spears and Short bows.
Cair Andros Swordsmen - Semi elite,strong attack 2 handed Swordsmen

Fort Defence - Special unit only available from Gondor Fort.

Gondor Trebuchet
Gondor Battering Ram


Gondor Farm
Gondor Blacksmiths
Gondor Barracks
Gondor Archery Range
Gondor Stables
Gondor Stonemakers
Gondor Marketplace
Gondor Workshop
Gondor Battle Tower
Gondor Sentry Tower
Gondor Well
Statue of Elendil - provides fear resistance
Statue of Isildur - provides attack boost

Gondor Watchtower
Gondor Fort - Strong defensive building manned by Fort Defence.


Aimed Shot - a strong ranged attack that deals extra damage to Monsters
Stealth and Stealth detect

Piercing Strike - a strong melee attack that reduces armour
Stealth and Stealth detect


Weapon Toggle
Captain of Ithilien - provides +10% speed and +10% range to Rangers
Conceal - Stealths nearby Rangers


Shield Smash - Stuns and knocksback
Defender of the Citadel - Beregond gains an armour bonus
Second Wind - Beregond self heals 40% health


Weapon Toggle
Wounding Arrow
Captain of Gondor - Provides an armour and attack boost to nearby units
Quality - nearby units are immune to fear
Arrow Shower
Knight/Ranger Toggle
Pride and Duty - when nearby Boromir or Denethor faramir gains double damage.


Horn of Gondor
Captain of Gondor
Knife Throw
For Gondor - Nearby units gain double attack
Last Stand
Pride and Duty - when nearby Faramir or Denethor faramir gains double damage.


Bend Will
Steward of Gondor - provides an attack and experience bonus at the cost of fear resistance
Grim Face - nearby enemies are stunned with fear
Bodyguard - auto summons Citadel Guards to aid him.

King Elessar

Healing Hands - (improved Athelas)
Blade Master
Anduril's Glory (Elendil)
King of Gondor - leadership boost Double experience,+50% Armour,150% attack,fear immunity
King's Favour
Oath - summons Oathbreakers for 5 seconds,these Oathbreakers can not be controlled

Ellesar will be buildable after the Return of the King spell is bought.


1 - Heal
1 - White Tower - Stuns targeted units and reveals area

3 - Repair
3 - Ithilien Allies - summons 3 hordes of Ithilien Rangers
3 - Ithilien Wood

6 - Return of the King - allows King Ellesar to be built,upgrades banner carriers
6 - Beacons of Gondor (Rohan Allies,come in from off the map)
6 - Cloud Break

8 - Eagle Allies
8 - Mithrandir - Summons Gandalf MT Version
8 - Hope - All units become immune to fear,gain 10% speed,150% experience gain for a time.

10 - Army of the Dead


Combat Upgrades
Basic Training
Fire Arrows
Forged Blades
Heavy Armour
Horse Shields

Economy Upgrades
Iron Ore
Grand Harvest

Defence Upgrades
Numenor Stonework
Keep Arrows

Siege Upgrades
Fire Stones

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 03:02 AM



Dale Warriors - Axemen
Laketown Guards - Shield horde
Dalic Huscarls - Elite Shield horde

Carnen Rangers - light spear horde
Dale Watch Warriors - light infantry horde

Dale Bowmen -
Marksmen of Dale - strong archers

Wilderland Woodsmen - Axemen horde

Celduin Patrolmen - Light Cavalry
Celduin Outriders - Cavalry Archers

Battering Ram
Ladder Carriers
Dale Catapult


Dale Farm
Dale Smithy
Dale Barracks
Dale Range
Rhovanion Watchpost - Trains Carnen Rangers and Dale Watch
Wilderland Hall - Builds Woodmen and Beornings
Celduin Stables
Dale Fountain
Statue of Bard - bonus damage,fear resistance
Dale Woodworkers - Provides Wood upgrades can be upgraded into a Workshop
Dale Battle Tower
Dale Sentry Tower
Dale Watch Tower
Dale Citadel


Mikilfang (trans mikill great,fang grasp Norse)
Beran - Beorning Hero
Prince Bard II
King Brand


Great Spear Thrust - A powerfull spear attack that deals heavy damage to Cavalry and knocksback
Captain of the East Watch - +50% armour,+130% attack for Carnen Rangers
Iron Spears - Nearby Carnen Rangers throw strong Spears for a short time


Level 1 - Northern Arrow - strong ranged attack
Level 2 - Horse Bane - upgrades Northern Arrow to deal lethal damage to cavalry and dismount heroes
Level 3 - Train Archers
Level 4 - Dissolving Shot - upgrades Northern Arrow to remove armour from target
Level 5 - Monster Bane - upgrades Northern Arrow to deal lethal damage to Monsters
Level 6 - Siege Bane - upgrades Northern Arrow to deal strong damage to Machines and Structures
Level 10 - Grand North Arrow - a second stronger Northern Arrow


Clutch - Stops and enemy from moving and does a dot
Great Strike - Mikilfang hits with great force knocking back enemies
Ironfist - Mikilfang strikes with great force heavily damaging an enemy Lethal except to Heroes,Structures and Monsters.


Bear Friend - Summons a Bear to fight along side Beran
Bond of Nature - Beran's bear heals when nearby Beran.
Bear Wrath - Beran and his Bear gain a large attack boost


Leader of the Beornings - +50% armour,120% experience and kb immunity for nearby Beornings
Bear form
Tear down - Knocksdown the target dealing heavy damage (Bear form only)


Wind of Wings - (Wizard Blast)
Butterflies of Rhosgobel - Nearby allies become immune to fear for a short time
Bird's Eye -A bird flying above grants Radagast stealth detection and extra vision
Eagle's Cry - A powerful attack where Radagast summons the power of an Eagle in battle stunning and damaging nearby enemies.

Prince Bard

Dwarven Arrow - Deals strong damage to Monsters
Prince's Favour - train nearby units
Prince of Dale - Nearby allies gain +160% damage,+20%range and vision
Foebane - A powerful shot that does heavy damage to an enemy.
Bane Arrows - Nearby Dale Marksmen and Bowmen attacks do knockback for a short time.

King Brand

Terror Strike
Fervour - nearby allies gain double attack for a time
King of Dale - nearby units gain double exp,+70% armour and fear immunity
King's Favour -
Legacy of Bard - An attack that deals heavy damage to Heroes,Machines and Monsters.
Wall of Hope - Channel skill,enclosed allies become immune to damage.

Bard the Bowman

- available from the Bard the Bowman spell
(this is a special heroes from the past kind of spell similar to the GilGalad spell for Rivendell)
The Black Arrow - a deadly arrow that does heavy damage to all unit types but Siege and Buildings
Bloodline of Kings - leadership ability - gives +50% armour,double damage and fear resistance to nearby troops
Arrow of Fate - gains a very short attack boost for this next attack - Bard gains 300% attack for the next couple seconds.

Arrow of Fate is unlocked after an upgrade is acquired more information on this later.


Horn of Dale - Boosts attack for a duration

Mirkwood Allies - Summons 3 hordes of Mirkwood Wardens
Hasty Defence

Bard the Bowman
Cloud Break
Fortitude - powers up spells - Heal also buffs armour,Birds reveals the whole map,Ancient Woods effects heroes,

Dwarven Worksmanship - Improves the health and armour of all structures and upgrades the Woodworkers into a Workshop
Eagle Allies
Hope -

Prophecy - Brand and Bard gain +300 health,health recov,ab recharge halved,Dale units gain +20 health,Bard the Bowman gains Prophetic Shot an attack which does massive damage to monsters like Ents,Balrog etc


Basic Training
Fire Arows
Dwarven Blades
Dwarven Armour
Dale Shields

Longbows - increases range for Dale Archers and Marksmen
Woodcraft - increases output of Lumbercamps
Merchant Trade - increases the Market's resources and allows Woodcraft,Reinforced Bows

Postern Gate
Wall Tower

Dale has undergone changes to better fit their new style as an attack style faction.
Their units are generally lighter armed than comparable units such as Gondor's but they do more damage and are especially
good at dealing with defensive units, siege and structures with at least 3 Axemen units and their strong archers can do a lot of damage.
2 of the Dale elite units have high attack and high health the Beornings and Huscarls these beefy units add a great punch to the faction.

Changes in heroes:
Radsvirr now represents the people of Eastern Rhovanion on the Eastern borders of Dale's boundaries the area of the Carnen.
Vidugavia now takes Radsvirr's role as the West watch leader.
Prince Bard is in charge of the Southern Watch.
Mikilfang is in charge of the North Watch

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 03:09 AM



Lvl1 - Lothlorien Archers
Lvl 2 - Lothlorien Wardens - Peltast unit
Lvl 3 - March Wardens - Elite stealth ranged battalion
Lvl 5 - Galadhrim Warriors - Elite Dual weapon battalion

Amroth's Vanguard - melee battalion
Caras Galadhon Guardians - Spear battalion
Caras Galadhon Watchmen- Bardiche battalion

Lorien Ladder

1000 - Ent


350 - Lothlorien Orchard
400 - Lothlorien Training Hall- Trains Lothlorien Archers, Wardens, March Wardens and Galadhrim
800 - Caras Galadhon Barracks - Trains Vanguard, Wardens and Caras Galadhon units
600 - Lothlorien Hold - Provides upgrades
600 - Lothlorien Woodcrafters - Provides wood based upgrades for Archers and Spearmen also trains Lorien Ladders.
200 - Lorien Well
200 - Tribute to Amroth (Hero Statue)
700 - Talan (Defensive Structure)
Mirror of Galadriel - Provides a range and vision boost,when Garrisoned with Galadriel reveals the entire map
5000 - Entmoot


1000 - Rumil - Early/Mid Game,Ranged Hero
1000 - Orophin - Early/Mid Game,Ranged Hero
1600 - Haldir - Mid Game, Ranged/Support hero
1800 - Edhellor - Mid/Late Game, Captain/Support hero
3000 - Celeborn - Late Game, Support Hero
5000 - Galadriel - Late Game, Support Hero

Hero ability lists below


Elven Wood

Talan - Summons a Talan anywhere on the map.
Border Rally - Summons Marchwardens that can't be controlled

Golden Light - targeted units gain a large armour boost and fear resistance
Winds of Change

Call the Archers - Speeds up Archer production speed (includes Archers,Marchwardens and Galadhrim Warriors)
Ent Allies
Visions of Galadriel - reveals entire map,reveals all stealth units and provides 40% vision/range boost for archers for a short time

Golden Wood - creates an area that becomes dense with trees,enemies entering it take damage over time and are slowed


Basic Training
Heavy Armour
Forged Blades
Lorien Cloaks

White Fire Arrows
White Fire Tower Arrows
Mallorn Bows - Improves the range and firing rate of Archers
Mallorn Staves - Improves the attack speed, range and improves knockback resistance for Spearmen and Watchmen.

Hero ability lists


Elven Medicine
Gifts of Galadriel - Targeted hero gains attack,health recov
Grace of the Lady - spell recharge boost
Visions of the Mirror - reveals random parts of the map and all stealthed units
The Test - enemies run in fear and are slowed
Mist of the Golden Wood - creates a thick mist that gives a sizable armour boost


Toggle Weapon
Lvl 3 - Golden Leaf Arrow
Lvl 5 - Passing Shadow
Lvl 7 - Captain of Lothlorien - provides 10% ranged, 10% speed and +150% experience
Hidden Movement - Broadcast Stealth, stealth and detect


Lord of Lothlorien - 50% armour,150% experience
Lvl 3 - Silver Blade
Lvl 5 - Lord's Favor
Lvl 7 - Protective Warding - Increases the targeted structure's armour for a time.
Lvl 10 - Silver Light - Stuns enemies in fear and damages them


Weapon Toggle
Lvl 3 - Mark of Vigil - Places a mark that reveals an area
Lvl 5 - Passing Shadow - Blink disabled when damaged.
Stealth and detect
Loyalty - Rumil, Haldir, Celeborn and Galadriel


Weapon Toggle
Lvl 3 - Vigiliant Shot - Once the Mark of Vigil has been placed Rumil can fire a powerful shot.
Lvl 5 - Passing Shadow
Stealth and detect
Loyalty - Rumil, Haldir, Celeborn and Galadriel


Horn of Lorien - nearby allies gain fear resistance and armour boost
Golden Herald - Edhellor places a banner that provides fear resistance and spell recharge boost for heroes.
Shatter Armour - a powerful blow that removes the enemy's armour completely.
Gatebreaker - A tremendous blow that does critical damage to gates.
Galadhrim Support - auto spawns a group of Galadhrim.

Quite a few changes have been made lately 4 heroes have changed, the Lorien Rider, Maidens and Lady Guard are gone, new units have been added in the Lothlorien Wardens, Caras Galadhon Guardians and Watchmen adding new Spear and Infantry units to Lorien, the Stables are gone and new a few changes have been made to the other buildings the Barracks has been renamed to the Training Hall, the Watch Station is now the Hold and Stables has been replaced with the Caras Galadhon Barracks.
The spells have also been changed with 2 new spells Talan and Border Rally.

Another minor update
Added a new building the Lothlorien Woodcrafters which now provides Wood and Fletching upgrades.
The 2 White Fire Arrow upgrades have been moved and 2 new upgrades have been added improving the wood to Mallorn.
The Ladder has also been moved to this new building and the cost of the Lothlorien Hold has been reduced to 600 to accommodate the new changes.

The Lorien Wardens are also being tweaked they now fight like Roman Legionaries.
They initiate combat by throwing their Javelins then moving into melee range to battle using their spears.
This will be the same for units that have the Dual Peltast/Melee type including some Cavalry units.

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 03:19 AM



Rivendell Warriors
Rivendell Archers
Rivendell Sentry
Rivendell Captain

Refuge Protectors - Stealth Elite unit.
Imladris Champions - Elite horde uses Twin Blades.
Noldor Valiants - Elite horde that uses 2 handed Swords.

Rivendell Riders
Imladris Chargers - Elite Cavalry


Rivendell Siege Ladder
Rivendell Ballista


Elven Orchard
Rivendell Forge
Rivendell Barracks
Noldor Ward - Builds Refuge Protectors, Imladris Champions and Noldor Valiants.
Rivendell Stables
Babbling Brook
Rivendell Statue
Noldor Library
Imladris Chamber - Provides Master Forged upgrades.
Rivendell Battle Tower
Rivendell Workshop - builds Rivendell Siege units

Rivendell Sentry Tower
Rivendell Watch Tower


Gildor - Early game,Ganker
Arwen - Early/Mid Game,Cavalry/Support/Nuker
Elrohir - Mid Game,Ranged/Hunter
Elladan - Mid Game,Ranged/Hunter
Glorfindel - Mid/Late Game, Cavalry/Nuker
Elrond - Late Game, Nuker/Captain


[*]Morning Mist - Improves Orchard Armour and Production for a short time.
[*]Elven Wood
[*]Protect the Refuges - Outlying Watchtowers are guarded by Refuge Protectors.
[*]Shroud - Enshrouded enemies move slower and lose all Vision and Range.
[*]Master of Imladris - Allows Elrond and Erestor to be built.
[*]Winds of Change - Damages and pulls units towards centre.
[*]Cleansing Rain - Removes enemy Leadership.
[*]Hero Returned - Summons High King GilGalad back for a short time.
[*]Bruinen Torrent - Summons the fury of the Bruinen River on the enemies.Eagle Allies - Summons 3 Giant Eagles.
[*]Star of Earendil - Severely weakens Dark units does extra damage to Balrog and Oathbreakers.


Forge Upgrades

Basic Training
White Fire Arrows - Arrows do additional damage to Dark creatures.
Heavy Armour
Forged Blades
Rivendell Horse Shields
Battle Tower White Fire Arrows.

Imladris Chamber Upgrades

Master Forged Armour - Upgrades the armour of Imladris Champions, Imladris Chargers and Noldor Valiants
Master Forged Arrows - Upgrades the armour of Refuge Protectors
Master Forged Blades - Upgrades the attack of Imladris Champions, Imladris Chargers and Noldor Valiants

Library Upgrades

Scroll of Mastery - Halves the Lightbearer's spell recharge time and upgrades spell damage
Book of Terrible Light - Allows the Lightbearer to learn Terrible Light
Book of Healing Light - Allows the Lightbearer to learn Healing Light
Book of Protective Light - Allows the Lightbearer to learn Aura of Light
Book of Searing Light - Allows the Lightbearer to learn Searing Light


Lightbearers will no longer be able to purchase all spells/upgrades instead the player will choose to specialise their role.
All Lightbearers will get the Leadership though.
The Lightbearer's spells will be powered up to balance this.

Rivendell will now have Siege weapons in the form of a Siege Ladder and a Ballista.
The Ballista will fire more slender and smaller bolts than the Isengard Ballista but due to their design they will travel further but will be less destructive.

Notes on Changes:
As you can see there's been some significant changes to Rivendell with the introduction of the new Elite units and upgrades.
When Fully Upgraded the new Elite units are among the most powerful in the game but they don't come cheap.
Rivendell is slow to produce resources and don't get any resource upgrades the only help they get is from the Morning Mist spell.
So it can take a long time for Rivendell to hit it's stride.

Another major change is in the new Dark and Light feature that I've been developing but more on that elsewhere.

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Posted 23 August 2010 - 12:58 PM



120 - Erebor Miners - basic infantry unit,decent attack,in a fight par for par with Gondor Swordsmen.Will replace Iron Hills Warriors
300 - Erebor Defenders - New main infantry unit for Erebor.These will be armed with a small shield and handaxe.
500 - Erebor Partisans - Spear unit
350 - Erebor Arbalests - Crossbow renamed
600 - Erebor Halbardiers - Spear/Shield unit
600 - Erebor Gatekeepers - Hoplite unit
800 - Iron Hills Veterans - Strong infantry
800 - Erebor Sergeant at Arms - Elite unit
1000 - Erebor Officer - Captain unit

2000 - Turtle Ram - Armoured Battering Ram
800 - Iron Scorpion - Ballista (fires small round stone)
1200 - Onager (fires large stone)

Guards of Mountain King - Special summoned units (Shortened name is GMK)
Raven - Used as scouts


Erebor Mine - Provides Ore as a Resource,builds Miners and provides a discount to structures
Erebor Forge - Provides Iron as a resource,provides upgrades at level 2 and provides a discount to upgrades
Erebor Barracks - Builds Erebor Defenders,Erebor Partisans and Arbalests.
Erebor Gatehouse - Builds Erebor Halbardiers and Erebor Gatekeepers.
Erebor Chambers - Builds Erebor Officers,Erebor Sergeant at Arms and Iron Hills Veterans.
Erebor Well
Monument to Durin - Statue
Erebor Workshop - Builds Turtle Ram,Iron Scorpion and Onager
Erebor Stonemasons - Provides Upgrades to structures
Erebor Battle Tower
Erebor Watchtower
Erebor Watchtower
Erebor Raven's Roost - Builds Ravens

Wall Upgrades:
Postern Gate
Wall Onager
Wall Tower


1200 - Bifur - Early Game
1200 - Bofur - Early Game
1600 - Thorin Stonehelm - Mid Game,Tank
2400 - Dwalin - Mid Game,Disabler
2600 - Gimli - Mid Game,Champion
3700 - Gloin - Late Game,Sapper
5000 - King Dain - Late Game,Captain/Champion

Hero Abilities:


Level 1 - Wounding Axe - crippples enemy
Level 3 - Troll Slayer - instantly kills Trolls,high damage to Ents and Mumakils
Level 5 - Great Swing - AOE Melee attack,slows enemies
Level 7 - Iron Strike - adds a ministun to his basic attack

King Dain

Level 1 - Leadership - Double Experience,+50% Attack
Level 4 - Khazad Ai Menu - Nearby Infantry become near invulnerable
Level 5 - Ironfoot - King Dain gains double run speed and a knockback attack for a short time
Level 7 - King's Favour
Level 8 - King's Guard - Auto-summons 4 GMK that function like creeps
Level 10 - Red Axe
To the death - When critically damaged King Dain gains double attack and an AOE/knockback


Level 2 - Rock Splitter - Melee attack that stuns and weakens armour of target
Level 4 - Great Rend - deals a splash attack for a time (renamed from Slashing axe)
Level 6 - Rock Smasher - Strong attack that hits with a knockback,strong vs Structures


Level 2 - Cleaving Axe - Strong Melee attack that rends the very earth
Level 4 - Great Rend - deals a splash attack for a time (renamed from Slashing axe)
Level 6 - Tremor Ripple - AOE attack that bounces off of targets it hits (this is depends on whether I can code this)

Thorin Stonehelm

Level 2 - Horn of Erebor - stuns nearby enemies in fear
Level 4 - Erebor Leadership - +50% Armour,+50% Fear Resistance and Knockback Resistance
Level 6 - Stonehelm - Thorin gains a large boost to his armour for a short time
Avenger - When Dain is killed Thorin gains a large attack boost and knockback
Counterhit - When attacked there is a 30% that nearby enemies will be stunned and damaged


Will add in later


Will add in later

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Posted 23 August 2010 - 01:05 PM



  • Mordor Fighters - Swarm

  • Mordor Archers - Ranged

  • Morannon Soldiers (pikes)

  • Morgul Black Uruks - Heavy melee

  • Morgul Tower Guards - Tank

  • Mountain Troll

  • Drummer Troll

  • Battle Troll
  • Catapult
  • Battering Ram
  • Siege Tower
  • Grond - Unlocked from Machines of War spell


  • Slaughter House
  • Furnace
  • Mordor Orc Pit
  • Morgul Den - Builds Black Uruks and Tower Guards
  • Morannon Dwelling - Builds Morannon Orc Pikes and Leaders
  • Mordor Armoury
  • Mordor Troll Cage
  • Mordor Great Siegeworks - Builds Battering Ram, Tower and Catapult
  • Mordor Lesser Siegeworks - Builds Battering Ram and Ladder Crew.
  • Lugburz Tower - Provides the Barad Dur upgrades
  • Cesspool - Replenishes hordes
  • Fell Watcher - Stuns nearby enemies in fear,removing fear resistance
  • Battle Tower
  • Sentry Tower
  • Citadel
  • Mordor Watch Tower
  • Lumber Mill


  • Lugmog
  • Gorbag
  • Grishnakh
  • Gothmog
  • Shagrat - Requires the Legions of Minas Morgul spell
  • Black Captain
  • Witch King - Requires the Legions of Minas Morgul spell


  • Lvl 1 - Squeeling Blade - A melee attack that causes a small DOT.
  • Lvl 3 - Dropkick - A melee based attack that knocks back nearby enemies
  • Lvl 5 - Clan Allies - Followed by Radbug and Lagduf
  • Lvl 7 - Captain of Ungol - leadership +150% attack,+150% experience gain, -50% armour


  • Wild Swing - AOE melee attack
  • Greed - extra resources from kills
  • Clan Allies - Followed by Muzgash and Ufthak
  • Captain of the Dead City - leadership +150% attack,+10% speed, -50% armour


  • Stick - Shank ability does bleed damage
  • Hamstring - Deals damage and slows target
  • Captain of Lugburz - speed boost.armour boost
  • Run like the Wolf - 130% speed boost

Lugmog - Orc seargent - early game support

  • Orc Draught - Heals nearby Orcs
  • Raid Leader - Provides damage boost to nearby Orcs

Cost - 500,Health=400,Buildtime=10

Black Captain - Captain of Morannon,late game debuff/dps

  • Terror - Causes nearby enemies to flee
  • Sorceror's Blade - Fire damage for a time
  • Demoralise - Weakens a targeted heroes armour and speed and does damage.
  • Circle of death - A powerful AOE attack that damages and stuns nearby enemies.

Cost-3000,Health=2000,Buildtime =50
(A great Black Numenorean who serves as the captain of the Tower of Teeth.
Skilled in magic as well as fighting, he uses a great sword in battle)


  • Ring Sight - The ability to sence the one ring and detect nearby stealth, better at night.
  • Black Breath - Nearby units are weakened both allies and enemies - removes fear resistance (only WK and Khamul give fear immunity), -50% armour and -20% speed.
  • Screech -


  • lvl 1 - Iron Fist Leadership - Fear, Knockback, Crush Decel, experience and armour gain
  • lvl 3 - Intimidate - Damages and weakens nearby heroes.
  • lvl 5 - Heart Stopper - Gothmog deals a powerful blow that finishes off an enemy hero.
  • lvl 7 - Discipline Training - Upgrades targeted Orcs to deal extra damage to Structures and Monsters.
  • lvl 10 - Dark Command - Nearby units gain Double attack for a short time
  • Warg Mount

The Witch King

  • Screech (more info below)
  • Iron Crown Leadership - (a
  • Relic of Angmar - (b
  • Morgul Blade - Upgrades Witch King's attack to deal a poison and slow.
  • My Hour - A Magic based AOE attack that does fire damage and slows ability recharges.
  • Mount


  • Taint
  • Eye of Sauron
  • Industry
  • Dark Machinations - Allows the construction of the Morgul Den and the Lesser Siegeworks to be built..
  • Rally
  • Darkness
  • Legions of Minas Morgul - Allows the Gothmog, The Witch King
  • Call the Horde
  • Dark Influence
  • Troll Captain
  • Nazgul Allies
  • Dark Lord returns - Summons Sauron for a short time and allows the Lugburz Tower to be constructed.


  • Basic Training
  • Fire Arrows
  • Forged Blades - For Morannon and Morgul units
  • Heavy Armour - For Morannon and Morgul units

(Great Siegeworks)

  • Tower Fire Arrows
  • Fire Stones - Upgrades the Catapults to use Fire Stones.
  • Troll Training

(Barad Dur upgrades)

  • Lugburz Soldiers - Elite Orc horde
  • King's Men - Elite Infantry
  • Grond

(a- Technically 2 leaderships one positive one negative, Pos:+150% attack,Fear immunity and double exp gain for allied units Neg:-60% Amr,Removes Fear resistance and -20% Speed for Enemy units. The Negative effects are the same as Black Breath explained below.

(b - Places a Relic on the ground that freezes units in the area and over time summoned Wights.

(c - The Black Relic slowly corrupts nearby land making it barren weakening enemies and strengthening allies it also makes any nearby resource structures unproductive.
Pos:+10% Speed,+150% damage Neg:-20% speed,-50% armour.

(d - The Nazgul will naturally be stronger at night gaining a speed,vision and damage bonus.
During the daytime they lose it.
Khamul is the most effected of the Nine with minimal sight during the day and more or less powerless, he also gains the most at night time.
This will probably be worked by the scripted Day/Night/Weather script which I'll be improving on.

(e - Screech will be reworked and act differently.
Instead of just causing units to flee when Khamul or WK use it they will set off any nearby Nazgul and they will cause enemies to flee as well.
Because of this the 4 following Nazgul can't activate it manually.

Mordor heroes are split in 2 classes Orcs and general.
Orc heroes are weak and cheap and can only lead other Orcs.
The General heroes which are the Black Herald and the Witch King.
They specialise in weakening the enemy.

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Posted 23 August 2010 - 01:23 PM

Dol Guldur


  • Dol Guldur Orc Fighters - weak infantry (unupgradable but cheap units)
  • Dol Guldur Snagahai - Weak archers (unupgradable but cheap archer)
  • Dol Guldur Woodstalkers - Orcs skilled in forest warfare can detect stealth and cloak.
  • Dol Guldur Soldiers - Strong infantry
  • Dol Guldur Strongbows - Strong Archers
  • Dol Guldur Woodcutters - Strong axemen
  • Great Spider - Spider unit, poison attack and can lay down webs that trap enemies
  • Forest Wolves - Cavalry horde
  • Gaurhoth (Werewolf) - Fast units with poison bites and armour debuff aura
  • Agarfaughoth (Vampires) - unit with dot attack
  • Etten - Lesser Trolls come in pairs
  • Olog Hai - elite troll
  • Crusher
  • Siege Ladders
  • Siege Ram
  • Killing Floor - food resourceSmelter - iron resource
  • Snaga Hovel - Trains Snaga orcs
  • Orc Barracks - Trains Orc Soldiers units
  • Spider Nest - Trains Spiders
  • Beast Hole - Trains Wolves upgrades to also train Gaurhoth and Agarfaughoth
  • Etten Den - Trains Ettens and Olog Hai
  • Warworks - Builds Siege weapons
  • Ancient Vault - Provides upgrades
  • Battle Tower
  • Sentry Tower
  • Watch Tower
  • Citadel

  • Shanka
  • Mashduk
  • Mashgur
  • Gurguk
  • Brood Mother
  • Gaurhir (Wolflord - Werewolf hero)
  • Khamul
  • Rhachir (The Cursed trans- Curse Lord) Slaved to Khamul
  • Gurlamir (Nameless rough trans Death Voice lord) Slaved to Khamul
  • War Chant
  • Corruption - weakens enemies in area
  • Industry
  • Poison Fumes - Upgrades Citadels to emit a poisonous haze that weakens enemy armour and attack
  • Rally
  • Devastation
  • Darkness
  • Spider Brood - Allows Spider units and Brood Mother to be built.
  • Captain of the Olog Hai - (Olog Hai hero)
  • Dark Influence
  • Nazgul Summon
  • Necromancer of Dol Guldur - Summons Sauron in his Necromancer form.

  • Basic Training
  • Green Fire Arrows
  • Poisoned Blades - deal more damage and weakens armour
  • Troll Training - Ranks up Ettens and Olog Hai
  • Tower Tainted Arrows - Tower arrows slightly slow and weaken armour
Hero abilities

  • Shank
  • Lay in wait - cloak stealth
  • Hidden Shank - passive power,upgrades Shank by hitting twice
  • Switch arrows - Switches between Poison arrows and serrated arrows
  • Iron Arrow - Ranged attack with a knockback
  • Train Snagahai - Upgrades targeted Snagahai with poison arrows.(Poison Arrows do damage over time, serrated arrows remove armour)
  • Boom! - Mashduk sets off an explosive on his back taking out anyone nearby
  • Frantic Dash - +50% speed
  • Big Bomb - upgrades Mashduk's Boom! to do more damage
  • Death Arc - A 90 degree melee attack
  • Captain of the Orcs - +150% attack, +10% speed, +50% armour
  • War Training - Upgrades Orc Fighters and Soldiers health
  • Bloody Roar - Fleeing Fear
  • Blood Rage - Gurguk goes into a rage doubles attack,+70% armour,15% speed, 0% exp gain
  • Spawn Spiderlings - spawns 4 spiderlings that follow the Broodmother
  • Spiderling Brood - The Broodmother auto spawns spiderlings that follow her
  • Web trap - Spawns a large web that sticks units in place(Poison Mandible - Broodmother does damage over time)
  • Howl of Dol Guldur - Fear stun, slows enemies
  • Lord of Wolves - +10% speed,150% attack for nearby Wolf units
  • Dread Aura - debuff that reduces enemy armour(dot attack)


Dol Guldur has undergone a massive themetic change as well as structural change.
Dol Guldur now represents an Ancient Evil theme with evil creatures like the Gaurhoth and Agarfaughoth adding in a more evil feel.
Dol Guldur once again has Trolls the Ettens are the new form of the old Lesser Trolls and the Olog Hai have been moved from Morgul to DG.
Dol Guldur also gains a new Cavalry horde in the Forest Wolves and a new Werewolf hero.

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Posted 27 May 2011 - 02:25 PM

Posted Image


Uruk Hai Scouts - Special *See below for more information

Fighting Uruk Hai
Uruk Hai Pikemen
Uruk Hai Crossbows

Shieldfighting Uruk Hai
White Hand Archers - Long bow weilding Uruk Hai
White Hand Guard - Large Uruk Hai weilding Sword and Shield
Warg Rider Scout
Warg Riders

Siege Ladder
Battering Ram
Explosive Mine


Slaughter House
Lumber Mill
Uruk Pit
Warg Pit
Isengard Quarters - Builds White Hand units
Excavation - provides resource upgrades
Battle Towers
Siege Towers
Watch Towers



Stab in the Dark
Back Stab


Leader of the Pack - Provides leadership to Wargs +20% speed,+50% damage
Howl of Isengard - Neaby Wargs gain an armour and Crush decel boost
Haste of the Warg - provides a speed boost


Kick up Dust
Keen Smell
Crazed Desperate Blow


Forward charge - nearby Uruk Hai become immune to fear,kb and gain +50% armour
Leader of the Assualt - 150% attack,+50% armour,10% speed


Weapon Toggle
Cripple Shot
Ranged Master - Provides a range,vision and damage boost to nearby Sentry Towers and
Uruk Crossbows
Slam Shooter
Silent Ambush - (Broadcast Stelth)


Forward charge - nearby Uruk Hai become immune to fear,kb and gain +50% armour
Leader of the Assualt - 150% attack,+50% armour,10% speed

Shathuk is the name I gave the Uruk that leads the charge against Helm's Deep in the movies (the one on the rock).
He replaces the Uruk Captain unit for balance reasons.
While not much of a fighter his leadership makes a strong and useful hero.


Brute Strike
Orc Tonic
The Will of Saruman - provides a speed and fear resistance boost
Stand your ground - Nearby units gain an armour,knockback and fear resist boost at the cost of speed.
Level 10 - Company - Ugluk summons 1 horde of Uruk Hai Scouts and 2 hordes of Mountain Goblins to aid him

Saruman the White

Way of Pain
The White Hand - Provides a spell damage,fear resist and exp boost
Fire Ball
Lightning Strike
Speech Craft
The Voice of Saruman - nearby enemies are stunned in fear


1 = War Chant
1 = Palantir Vision

3 = Industry
3 = Dunlending Raid - Summons 3 hordes of Dunlending Wildmen
3 = Rally

6 = Saruman the Multicoloured - Upgrades Saruman
6 = Devastation
6 = Freezing Rain

12 = Storm the Gate *more info below
12 = Dark Influence
12 = To War - Speeds up Uruk Hai production speed permanently.

24 = Rain of Fire


Basic Training
Fire Arrows
Heavy Armour
Forged Blades

Tower Fire Arrows
1200 - Deep Ore Mining - Furnaces produce more Iron
1200 - Fuel the Fires - Moved from being a spell to being a normal upgrade.

Uruk Hai Scouts are special because they can't be built like normal units.
You start off with 2 hordes as your starting troops and these are the only ones you get until Ugluk reaches level 10.

Storm the Gate spawns a special Explosive Mine that has High Health and more powerful than a normal Mine.
This mine doesn't require to be lit instead when planted it goes after 5 seconds.

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Posted 30 June 2011 - 01:58 PM

Posted Image


Rhunic Warriors
Rhunic Bowmen
Rhunic Pikemen
Rhunic Halbardiers (SOR)

Mederian Bowmen
Maruhad Axemen (Balcoth)
Suharid Shamisens (glass cannon unit)

Muharhad Horsemen (basic cavalry) (Scimitars and bucklers)
Rhunic Lancers (anti cavalry-cavalry)

Iron Claw (Siege weapon,functions like a cross between a ram and a Catapult)
Cane Ladder

Rhunic Slaves - Special unit defends outlying Slave camps


Rhunic Mill - Produces food as a resource
Rhunic Smelter - Produces Iron as a resource
Rhunic Ironsmiths - Provides weapon and armour upgrades
Rhunic Barracks - Trains Rhunic units
Rhunic Stable - trains cavalry
Rhunic Horsebreeders - Provides Cavalry upgrades
Clan Ward - Trains Clan warriors (Mederian,Maruhad and Subarid)
Rhunic Engineer's Guild - builds Siege weapons
Rhunic Altar - Provides leadership to nearby units
Rhuic Grand Altar - Provides special upgrades
Rhunic Battle Tower
Rhunic Sentry Tower
Rhunic Watch Tower
Rhunic Slave Camp - econ building provides resources




Basic Training
Heavy Armour
Forged Blades
Fire Arrows

Horse Shields
Bloodlines - Cavalry gain +10% speed and 100 health
War horse breeding - Cavalry gain Auto heal and fear resistance

Cult of the Dark Heart - Rhunic Altar heals units
Slave to War - Slave Camps are defended by Slaves
Dark Fire - Fire Arrows do additional damage and have a dot

I've made a few changes to Rhun such as adding new clans the Murahad and the Suharid.
Rhun also gains quite a few units,buildings and upgrades I've remade Rhun to be set aside from the other factions in terms of culture.
More accurately portraying the idea of united clans.

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Posted 30 June 2011 - 02:04 PM



Haradrim Spearmen - Melee unit
Haradrim Bowmen
Haradrim Skirmishers- ranged skirmisher unit

Haradrim Lancers - Light Cavalry
Haradrim Jinetes - Skirmisher Cavalry

Harqa Tribemen - Strong infantry
Harqa Stalkers - Stealth unit

Harad Siege Ladders


Harad Timber Camp - produces wood as a resource,cheapens buildings
Harad Bazaar - Produces resources and provides upgrades at level 2
Harad Grove - produces food as a resource
Harad Quarters - Trains Haradrim units
Harad Stables
Far Harad Tribal Hall - Trains Far Harad units
Mumakil Pen - Trains Mumakil and Siege Ladder
Harad Breeders - Provides Mumak and Cavalry upgrades
Harad Oasis - well
Harad Battle Tower
Harad Sentry Tower
Harad Watch Tower
Harad Citadel

Heroes (More info later)

Debilitating Shot - Slows target hero's recharge by 20% while speeding his own by 20%
Strike Claw - Herashir attacks with a hidden claw dagger.
Smoke Trick - Summons a thick cloud of smoke that hides him, enemies are briefly stunned

Dual Axe Throw - Asharin throws his 2 axes dealing heavy damage.
Leap of Rage - Asharin leaps at the target stunning them and knocking back enemies.
Fury Cleaves - Asharin gains an attack speed boost for a short time

Fang of the Asp - Maradin throws a powerful Javelin when attacking (auto attack).
Sand Trick - Maradin gains a short speed boost while dropping a stealthed Spike patch
Leaping Shadow - Maradin leaps forwards on his horse.

Spears of the South - Nearby Spearmen gain double damage for a short time
Retribution - When Turkash is hit he has a chance of gaining an attack and speed boost.
All of nothing - A self sacrificing ability Turkas deals heavy damage to both the enemy hero and himself.

Great Chieftain - Nearby Far Harad units gain +50% armour and +120% damage and +10% speed
Charge of the Harqa - Nearby Far Harad Beserkers gain Double damage and +20% damage.
Shamans of Harqa - Tahar is accompanied by 2 Shamans one heals nearby units the other replenishes hordes.

King Serakh


Horn of the Haradrim (like War Chant grants +150% damage and +40% range)
Recover (like Heal but heals 50% health but recovers 2 units per horde)

Sourthen Tribute - Allows Far Harad units and Tahar to be built.
Corsair Allies - Summons 3 hordes of Umbar Corsairs.
Sand Storm - -50% armour, -20% speed, -90% Range

Drought - Weakens the production output of targeted enemy resource buildings
Wind run - Cavalry units gain a quick burst of speed and armour
Call for the Mumak - Summons a Mumakil (non timed)

Charge of the Haradrim - All Mumakil become immune to damage gain +10% speed and Crush decel for a short time
Dark Influence
Fell Beast Allies - Summons 4 Fell Beasts,weaker than normal Fellbeasts since they are wild.

Secret of the Sands


Basic Training
Heavy Armour
Barbed Arrows - Arrows do extra damage and gain a damage bonus to Cavalry and Monsters
Javelins - Upgrades the Lancer's Jarid to Javelins increasing damage and range
Serrated Blades - Increases the damage of Spearmen,Berserkers and Riders
Horse Shields
Poison Tips - Adds a poison to the attacks of the Far Harad Stalkers

Mumakil Breeding - Increases Mumakil Health
Horse Breeding - Cavalry gain fear resistance and bonus health
Mumakil Training - Upgrades Mumakil to Level 2

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Posted 22 November 2011 - 11:10 PM



Dunlending Warriors
Dunlending Vanguard - Shield
Dunlending Hobelars - Cavalry
Dunlending Wildmen - axes
Dunlending Hillmen - Spears
Dunlending Bowmen - archers
Dunlending Hunters - ranged unit
Hunting Dog - Stealth detect,good vision
Dunlending Battering Ram
Dunlending Ladder Carriers


Dunlending Farm
Dunlending Smelter
Dunland Steading - trains infantry and cavalry
Dunland Hut - trains wildmen
Dunlending Lodge - trains ranged
Dunlending Well
Statue of Wulf - fear resist and attack
Dunlending Battle Tower
Dunlending Sentry Tower
Dunlending Watch Tower
Dunlending Citadel
Dunlending Woodcutters - Wood resource, Faction Ugpraded into Woodworkers.



  • Dunlending Blade  - Deals melee damage to a target, can be improved by using Blood Ritual
  • Blood Oath - nearby allies gain attack boost
  • Blood Ritual - Upgrades Dunlending Blade into Ritual Blade deals more damage.
  • Chieftain of Dunland - +150% attack,20% speed
  • Pillage 


  • Scyth Reap - melee attack that draws in the enemy
  • Swift Reaper - Borgo gains attack speed boost


  • Block and Parry - Darlas gains a large defensive boost for a short time.
  • Leader of the Adorn - +20% speed,+50% armour
  • Fearless Gaze - -50% fear resist,-50% armour
  • Wild Survival - When heavily damage Nirar gains 80% armour for a time



  • Retaliater - a 25% chance to deal an AOE attack.
  • Unnerving Roar - nearby enemies are stunned in fear
  • Unrelenting Rage - Tarulf gains +150% attack,faster attack -50% armour




  • Whirlwind - AOE melee attack
  • Caltrops - Places caltrops on the ground that damage and slow cavalry
  • Trapping Net - traps an enemy in place, increases the Orleth's spell damage.
  • Whirling Arrows - Fires 3 powerful ranged attacks


Crebain Summon
War Craft - Allows Upgrades to be purchased from Smelter, unlocks Hobelars from Steading
Fell Shroud
Burning Sun
Tenacity - Upgrades Crebain, Recover.
Gather the Clans - Increases production rate of Wildmen and Hillmen.
Dark Influence
The white Wizard - Summons Saruman for a short time.
Dunlending Vengence - (Red Dawn with less armour boost but adds speed)


  • Basic Training
  • Fire Arrows
  • Heavy Armour
  • Forged Blades

  • Warpaint - Increases movement speed and attack speed of Wildmen and Hillmen
  • Torches
Faction Upgrades
  • Woodcraft - Upgrades Woodcutters to Woodworkers Allows construction of Battering Rams from Woodworkers and speeds up Battering Ram, Ladder Carriers
  • Dunland Raids - Allows Wildmen to be constructed from external Farms
  • Murder Holes - 
  • Great Keep Upgrade
  • Bolster Army - Increases CPL


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Posted 21 January 2012 - 10:46 PM



  • Moria Goblins
  • Moria Archers
  • Moria Spears
  • Mountain Goblins
  • Mountain Hobgoblins
  • Gundabad Morhai - elite melee
  • Gundabad Burzhai - elite spear
  • Wolf Riders - (weaker than the Isengard Warg Riders)
  • Black Wargs - Strong cavalry/monster, faster than Wolf Riders and stronger
  • Cave Troll
  • Stone Troll
  • Siege Troll - Uses a large log as a Ram and can also create "ladders" (Experimental idea atm)


  • Deep Work Pit - Provides resources and certain upgrades with Bounty spell
  • Deep Forge - Provides resources and certain upgrades with Bounty spell
  • Moria Deep - Trains Moria Goblins
  • Mountain Deep - Trains Mountain Goblins (or should it be Mountain High and River Deep )
  • Gundabad Deep- Trains Gundabad Orcs
  • Wolf Meet - Trains Wolves and Wargs
  • Troll Cave - Builds Trolls
  • Deep Battle Tower
  • Deep Sentry Tower
  • Deep Watch Tower


  • Gollum
  • Lugdush
  • Garágh (renamed from Garagha)
  • Bûrzolg - (renamed from Burolg)
  • Azashûk
  • Zinásh - Leader of the Mountain Orcs
  • Gimbûl - Leader of the Gundabad Orcs, descended from Golfimbul
  • Bolgûk - Leader of the Moria Orcs, related to Bolg and Azog


  • Weapon Toggle - Rock/Fist
  • Throttle - A melee attack
  • Frantic Leap - Leaping attack


  • Bit off the flank - Melee attack with a slow
  • Rush - +50% speed


  • Level 3 - Pitch Munitions - Upgrades the selected Tower with a Oil pot ability
  • Playing with Fire - Azashuk catches on fire taking heavy self damage but also inflicting it on nearby enemies with a fire based radiance until he dies.


  • Jagged Thrust - A strong attack that causes a bleed.
  • Bat Swarm - Summons a swarm of Bats that can debuff the enemy and provide vision.
  • Dark Roar - Damages and stuns units in an arc in front.


  • Wild Slash - AOE attack
  • Cursed Blade - A powerful attack that also damages Garagh
  • Attack of the Felon - Garagh sacrifices his body to deal an AOE attack that stuns enemies.


  • Hidden Trap - Zinash hides and places snares to catch unwary enemies.
  • Sweep Cut - An attack that knocksdown an enemy.
  • Stealth detection


  • Surge - +150% damage and 40% armour for nearby allies.
  • Rip Blade - A powerful attack that also lowers the target's armour.
  • Reinforce - (Replenish)
  • Grounded - Knockback immunity leadership


  • Arc Blade - An AOE attack in a 90 degree angle.
  • Sprint - +50% speed,Crush decel and knockback immunity and Knockback attack.
  • Mountain Crusher - A powerful attack that knocks back enemies.

Azog (Summoned)

  • Beheading - Heavy damage to the target
  • Iron Neck - +80% armour and knockback immunity
  • Lead by Fear - +150% damage,40 armour,200% exp gain.

(Azog has splash damage and can knockback enemies)


  • Call of the Deep - Speeds up production rate of the selected Deep building for a short time
  • Befoul - Similar to Taint - -50% armour and removes fear resistance
  • Azog Lives - Summons Azog
  • Bounty - Upgrades the Work Pit and Forge to provide upgrades
  • Rally
  • Swarm - Permanently increases the movement speed for Moria and Mountain Goblins
  • Darkness
  • Drums in the Deep - (Call the Horde)
  • Shelob Ally
  • Dark Influnce
  • Feral Cave Troll - Summons the Cave Troll Hero
  • Balrog Ally


  • Orc Training
  • Orc Armour - Upgrades the armour of Burzhai and Morhai
  • Orc Scimitars - Upgrades the attack of Burzhai and Morhai
  • Fire Arrows
  • Tower Fire Arrows
  • Troll Training
  • Strength Training - Improves the firing rate and range of Stone Trolls

Hero Notes and Ideas:
Azashuk a pyromaniac has fire themed skills.
1 possible idea is to train selected Towers to use Hot Oil Cauldrons against close enemies
Idea 2. Playing with Fire - Azashuk catches on fire taking heavy self damage but also inflicting it on nearby enemies with a fire based radiance until he dies.

Garagh may inherit Burolg's abilities.
He is also now the name for the Orc Captain that injure Sam in the Chamber of Mazarbul attack.

Burzolg is the name I've give to another one of the Orc Captain/Chieftains in the Chamber attack.

Bat Swarm will probably be moved to a hero power for Gimbul.

Big changes new heroes (and quite a few of them) new spells and reworked units implementing the Elite units.
Gundabad has been worked into The Deep pretty well.
I'll probably change the name of the faction to The Deeps but that's superficial in code it'll still be Deep.
Snaga deserve no training Only Orc units can get upgraded with Training, Armour and Weapons except Archers who get Fire Arrows.
The Goblins can however level up and gain banners that way Banners are a waste on the regular Goblins anyway.
Not completely decided yet but the Forge/Pit upgrades will be:
Work Pit:
Orc Training
Fire Arrows
Tower Fire Arrows
Troll Training
Strength Training

Orc Armour
Orc Scimitars

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Posted 04 April 2012 - 06:16 AM



Dunedain Warriors - 1h sword,stealth upgradeable,2h sword upgradeable
Dunedain Defenders - Shield and Sword,Stealth upgradeable

Dunedain Bowmen - Basic ranged, Stealth upgradeable
Dunedain Skirmishers - Peltast unit,Stealth upgradeable

Dunedain Horsemen - Light cavalry, stealth upgradeable
Dunedain Knight - Medium cavalry

Dunedain Rangers - Elite, Bow/Sword,can be upgraded with Spears and Longbows for additional range and damage, Natural stealth
Dunedain Pathfinders - Support,provides Speed leadership,natural stealth and detection.
Dunedain Captain - Support,leadership,can be upgraded with stealth

Dunedain Battering Ram
Dunedain Ladder Crew


Arnorian Trove - Resources
Arnorian Barracks - Warriors and Defenders
Arnorian Ranger's Hall - Trains Rangers, Pathfinders and Captains
Arnorian Shooting Range - Bowmen and Skirmishers
Arnorian Stable - Horsemen and Knights
Arnorian Grotto - Provides weapon upgrades
Arnorian Towers
Arnorian Lookout - Provides vision boost and Stealth reveal
Arnorian Well


Snare Trap - Places a Snare on the ground to trap enemies
Ambush Point - Places a mark on the ground that will slow enemies,weaken them and provides vision and a damage boost for nearby Dunedain units
Rivendell Allies
Hasty Camp - Builds a special plot that will build a small base temporarily.
Cloud Break
Lost Relic
Eagle Allies
Kingdom Reborn




Basic Training
Forged Blades
Hardened Tips
Heavy Armour
Westernesse Marking - Adds damage buff against Dark creatures that also weakens their armour after attack

Arnorian Longswords - Upgrades the Warriors
Spears of the Dunedain - Upgrades the attack of Rangers adding anti-cavalry damage and range
Longbows of the Dunedain - Upgrades the range and attack of Dunedain Bowmen and Rangers
Stealth Training - upgrades units to be able to stealth.

Notes:This is not the final version of the tech tree there are a couple things that will be changed later on.
A few changes here a couple new units to flesh out the faction as well as some new upgrades.

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Tech Tree coming soon.

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Radspakr Wolfbane

    The John Farnham of modding

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Tech Tree coming soon.

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