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A New Preview and Interview

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 03:31 AM

I think these two are very well done;


Strategy Informer: Will your armies be persistent a la what has been done in Company of Heroes where units become more skilled the more battles they’ve been in?

Joe Bostic: Your army in End of Nations can be thought of much like a collection of miniatures for a tabletop wargame – you collect many and decide which to bring into battle according to how you plan to meet the challenges of that battlefield. Your units can be buffed and equipped with enhancements, but they don’t gain experience as individuals. As the commander, you gain experience in combat and this enhances your power as you level and also unlocks new abilities that can enhance your units in the field. Collecting rare units is also part of how you become more powerful as you go from battle to battle.

Strategy Informer: Will there be guild/clan support when the game is released?

Joe Bostic: Guilds and clans will be supported at launch. Sometimes we refer to these as “alliances” or “brigades”. The details of features that guilds will support is still under development.

Link for more info,



The premise is simple - exacerbate the global economic crises we've been seeing over the past couple of years, throw in food riots, anarchy etc... and you see a breakdown of national identity, of society, a literal 'end' of nations. Out of that chaos arose a totalitarian regime called the Order of Nations, which apparently used to be part of the UN. You, as the player, take control of one of the many resistance fighters who's trying to rebel against their tyrannical rule.

Being an MMO, you naturally need an 'avatar', something to represent you to the world. Now, for some reason I had some preconceived notion that your base is your avatar (which maybe it is, I guess) but you actually do create a 'character' who is the commander of your army, even if he/she is not really 'seen'. Again, like MMO's you have classes, and each class in End of Nations grants special units, bonuses and abilities. At the moment, Petroglyph have revealed the Strike, the Assault and the Artillery class. These are all armour based classes, and indeed the current unit roster is looking like it's filled mainly with tanks, jeeps and other assorted mechanized entities. When asked about the possibility of infantry units, Michael Legg did say they were looking at possibly creating a new class for infantry, as well as exploring Naval and Air classes and/or units.



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