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C&C Zero Hour: Forces Unknown

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Posted 17 November 2010 - 08:37 PM

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This mod brings you to the epic battle of humanity and the aliens from outer space called The Keruge, USA, GLA, CHINA Generals have all pooled their factions resources onto their side and fighting together to defeat this evil menace. If you would like to help, reply here. there is also new music for all sides! Authentic Chinese music, gives you visions of peace and hope. Americans Military music gives you the feeling of something is to come. GLA has the music to think you are in a great city, while a battle is being brewed

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You can see more images, here
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If you want to join my mod team, click here C&C ZH: Forces Unkown

Marine: Oh say can you seeeeeeeeeeeee! By the dawn's early Life!
Commander: No its Light! Not life, how many times do i have to say it Private?
Marine: Uh, sorry sir, i won't fail you this time!
Commander: *whispers to him self* sure you will. Lets take it from the top! One, Two, Three!
Marine: Oh say can you seeeeeeeeeeeee! By the dawn's early Light! O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly creaming.
Commander: No! *Sigh* what am i going to do with you soldier?

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