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CnC: Final War

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Posted 01 December 2010 - 08:28 PM

After a long time without posting updates at PPM, I'm coming back stronger than before. With much disgruntlement behind Soviet Dawn: Incursion's design goals, I took much of the work behind it and had a rebirth with CnC Final War. With some altered goals, less emphasis as a rewrite of YR, and more emphasis on a serious tone on a serious war with all three factions. I came today bringing you lots of media goodies, so be prepared to see some pretty good lookin' stuff.

Posted Image
New logo, designed by Aro. Looks damn good.

The mod features three factions:

The Allied Coalition stands to fight the 'evils' of communism and mental warfare. The Allied Coalition developed after the events after Red Alert 2, where the handling of Russia's nation led to much political turmoil and human rights disasters. The Allied Coalition has shown their true sides through their disastrous treatment of the Russian population. While some nations have left, others remain ready to defeat the new Soviet Empire and the PsiExoda threat. Their technology often is the most advanced scientifically, using sophisticated weapon systems over traditional cannons. Their advanced tech often lacks armor, which is made up in firepower. They have durable lower tech, and their infantry support makes them a true threat on the battlefield.

The Soviet Empire is the collective communist countries left in the world following the events of the Allied victory. Led by Iraq, the only remaining old Soviet country, these nations have upped their ideology and technology. Contributions from shared scientist in vanquished nations as well as contributions from newer nations have allowed for their technology to shine through as truly modern. Fueled by revenge, their goals are to destroy the Allied Coalition for their injustices to the Soviet people. However, they have not forgotten about traitor Yuri, who had left Moscow in the Allied hands after the Chronosphere was used to invade and end the war. Their weapons are traditional, often following big gun/brute force mentality. Advanced weapon systems in the Soviet Empire do not match the sophistication of the Allied Coalition, but work effectively at bringing destruction. Their heavy weapons and tough armor makes the Soviet Empire forces stronger per unit than any other side.

The PsiExoda, a society created by Yuri during the war against the Allies in secrecy from the Soviets, exists all around the world. Fueled by genetic enhancements, cyborg augmentation, and mental domination, the PsiExoda aims to stretch their beliefs to the rest of the world in a mad lust for control over the world. Suddenly appearing as a military power, many nations do not know how the PsiExoda has existed all this time undetected. Their announcement to the world was brought in with a total massacre of South America's two major military powers with ease. Videos that made it out to the world often depict horrible weapons of war being used to weaken, manipulate, and eradicate enemy forces without regards to humanity. What we know of the PsiExoda, their technologies are unethical and often lighter in armor. They avoid direct confrontation in favor of ambushes and weak flanking spots. Their weapons often seem unworldly, with only one real image of an almost alien weapon being used to abduct soldiers for who knows what. The PsiExoda is an army of mystery, and a grave threat to the rest of the world.

And now that the boring text part is out of the way...

Let's have imagery! Posted below are a few images that show off some of the soviet features of the mod.

Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

Some Allied Coalition information threads can be found here:
Allied Coalition Infantry
Allied Coalition Armored Vehicles

And a few videos to end my megapost:

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Posted 01 December 2010 - 09:14 PM

Looks good.

Good luck with project :)
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