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Posted 06 December 2010 - 05:52 AM

Hey what's been happening everyone? *ticktock ticktock cricket* Ye~ah we're somewhat sluggish around this forum. Well anyways, there are all these old maps that I have that I want to brutally slaughter because a lot of them are sooooo bad... no really! The only ones I'm proud of are my Battle of Five Armies and Old Forest maps... which I'm still trying to finish but midterms are coming up and can't do it 'till Christmas.

So, a long time ago, I made a poll for a fortress map. Goblin fortress won but I never got around to finishing it so I'm working on that too... a lot of projects that I don't necessarily have to do.

But as time passes on and I'm (not to be be so arrogant) royally kicking Aragorn94's arse in ROTWK, I discussed with him ,a few months ago, on some new map ideas. So I thought of this: An epic horse race! Yes that's right! A horse race where you bet resources and see who is the lucky one! But it's just an idea... now the problem comes with finding time for it and making the map, scripts, ini, etc. with everything else. So, I made this topic to ask you all this:

What's your thoughts? :p

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