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Guardians of Graxia - The Turn-Based Game You Need to Play!

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Posted 07 January 2011 - 11:05 PM

I've been playing Guardians of Graxia (GoG) for a little while now and still I find it interesting, the AI never gives up and always seems to find a way out of a pickle. The game has honestly amazed me as I'm not a huge fan of turn based games on the PC, I used to play/collect Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards but never thought of these types of games as something that can be turned into a decent game.

What we see in GoG isn't a Pokemon or a Yu-Gi-Oh type of game, but a real concoction of different styles of play being adapted and arguably synthesized into this one game, by having creatures that have their own abilities and magic cards to aid and assist you in turn or in battle, this game offers complexity and flexibility out of a simple concept.

Petroglyph are known for making these types of board games with other well known board game titles such as Panzer General and they aren't shy to the RTS scene either with the Universe at War and Empire at War titles, which makes turning the Graxia card game into a PC game the perfect idea for Petroglyph. My advice to players who are thinking about purchasing this game is to buy it, and if you're not thinking about buying this game, seriously consider doing so as I outline why you should buy it below.

If I return to the features of complexity and flexibility, you may wonder how these two go hand in hand, in this game they do, for example the tiles where each Guardian or unit can move has its own bonuses for those particular units and in making these tile sets so unique it offers a distinct advantage for the player that utilises these the best. The combinations of powers, units, spells, and abilities make an eye for detail such an advantage when playing this game, Petroglyph have done a fantastic job in making this game and really catering it to its followers, the strategy players.

The game does have its campaign mode where I really don't want to give too much away but its an interesting campaign mode where you are a Draknal and are at war with another continent, you'll be making real time decisions that will either increase or decrease the progress of your campaign. The best part is, is that if you hone your skills now, Petroglyph are looking to bring in multiplayer functions into the game, which I can guarantee will be a first for card turn based games and will be a delight to see. Petroglyph say that they are waiting on a core fanbase, I can say that they already have this with thousands of players currently playing, it will only be a short amount of time before they start poking Petroglyph to release what they're waiting for, online skirmishes.

If you're also thinking that you'll get bored, guess again, a new map pack was released containing 10 brand new maps with 5 new units! The game and the map pack combined comes at £7.18 for countless hours of fun but hardly fought strategic gameplay.

For more information on Guardians of Graxia please visit Petroglyph and the Guardians of Graxia site.

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