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Last Chancers/Penal Legion *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 11 January 2011 - 01:00 AM


Repentant TechPriest
Notes: Despite the dogma of Steel over Flesh, some techpriests still fall prey to the vices of the flesh: Greed, lust, sloth....etc. Most of them undergo forced reprogramming and penance. As a result, most of them enter the penal legion with a strong desire to redeem themselves in the Omnissiah's presence, either through death or something. Also, techpriests should have a robotic voice due to their bionics and other bodily augmentations.
Unit_Complete1: Under Section 20, code 72 of Mechanicus law, I have been assigned to the penal legion.
Unit_Complete2: On charges of selling weapons to bandits, I have been assigned to the penal legion.
Unit_Complete3: By protocol 34 under code 28 of illegal techno-heresy, I have been sent to the penal legion.
Unit_Complete4: Through the mercy of the Omnissiah, I have been granted a chance of redemption. [pronounced "Aum - nih - sigh - uh"]
Unit_Complete5: On charges of sharing the sacred secrets of the Adeptus Mechanicus with the vile and unworthy, I have been given the duty of penal legion Enginseer.
Unit_Complete6: (robotic) Rerouting brainwashing procedures......initiating redemption emotion protocol.....rebooting.
Unit_Complete7: By the order of the Magos, I have been sentenced to service in the penal legion until death.
Selection1: My mind of flesh was weak..
Selection2: The Omnissiah has given me another chance.
Selection3: What must I do, commander?
Selection4: I am ready to build.
Selection5: I am unworthy of the tasks at hand.
Selection6: I request my penance orders.
Selection7: I am ready for the final duty.
Move1: I do as you command.
Move2: I go to seek redemption.
Move3: Yes, commander.
Move4: Moving to your coordinates.
Move5: I see it on my map display. Relocating.
Move6: By your will.
Move7: I will do as you say.
Attack1: I will kill as many as I can...
Attack2: I have no other wish than to die for the Emperor!
Attack3: Omnissiah give me strength....
Attack4: I'll take them with me! For the Omnissiah!
Attack5: Initiating combat protocols....
Attack6: I will join the fray.
Attack7: At least my targeting systems were not removed...
Build1: Penance begins....with a single block.
Build2: Commencing construction.
Build3: Fortifications underway.
Build4: Retrieving blueprints.
Build5: Understood, beginning construction.
Build6: Setting servos motors to overdrive...
Build7: I will make haste.
Capture1: I will capture the point.
Capture2: I will take the point for you.
Capture3: Carrying out your capturing orders.
Capped1: I have done it...is this redemption yet?
Capped2: What are your next orders?
Capped3: Point taken.
Lay_Mines1: Standard spacing, laying mines.
Lay_Mines2: Am I worthy to bless the mines? I am vile....
Lay_Mines3: I am beneath this task, but I shall perform it.
Load_Transport1: Many blessings, my thanks.
Load_Transport2: My gratitude, machine spirit.
Unload_Transport1: I walk on ground once more.
Unload_Transport2: Thank you machine spirit for your speediness.
Morale_Break1: My life should not be wasted here, I can seek redemption elsewhere!
Morale_Break2: This...this is the end!?
Morale_Break3: I am unsure if this is the path to forgiveness!
Morale_Restored1: Flesh is weak. Mind is flesh. Mind is weak.
Morale_Restored2: I am unworthy of life itself....
Morale_Restored3: Even in penance I still cower...
Charge1: For the Omnissiah!
Charge2: For Redemption!
Charge3: I seek penance in battle!
Ability1: Overloading power cells...
Ability2: Diverting all power to exoskeleton!
Ability3: Open fire!
Ability4: Take shelter within the sacred shield!
Ability5: My will is not the weakness it was once before!
Repair1: Take comfort in the sacred rites, machine spirit.
Repair2: My training has not been forgotten.
Repair3: Repairing.....
Combat1: I will show you the power of Steel!
Combat2: Fall before the rage of the machine!
Combat3: Your attempts are futile!
Under_Fire1: I am under fire!
Under_Fire2: I am returning fire!
Under_Fire3: The enemy has found me!
Damage1: This is the pain...of redemption.
Damage2: I will ignore this weakness of the flesh.
Damage3: This feeble sense will not dissuade me.
Death1: Hurk...system failure...
Death2: I am losing power...
Death3: For...the Omnissi-...
Death4: Gah...

Sentinel Power Lifter
Notes: Guard piloted walker modified to building.
Unit_Complete1: Unarmed lifter and a pile of pressure-activated explosives... I'm so not going to win this gunfight.
Unit_Complete2: Finally some real fighting and then I get the lifter duty. Well, thank you sir. [not amused]
Unit_Complete3: We have countless convicts to use as labour and it is still I who does the manual job.
Unit_Complete4: Ready to maintain fortifications, sir.
Unit_Complete5: Sir, supplies are ready to be delivered.
Unit_Complete6: No glory, no fame... *deep sigh* not even occasional thanks.
Unit_Complete7: Yesh my masther? [Igor-imitation]
Selection1: Sir, I really wish you have a plan ready.
Selection2: I didn't take this task to make life of convicts more enjoyable, sir.
Selection3: Can I in-build mines to walls, sir? It would make walls blow to anyone's face who try to break through.
Selection4: There is nothing more hilarious than a booby-trap to ruin another's victory.
Selection5: Sir, minefields are always a solid option. Either it slows the enemy or kills them outright.
Selection6: Can I place minefield between the base and legionaries, sir? Just in case that their collars don't work?
Selection7: Building needs more skill than destroying... but I still really like explosions, sir.
Move1: Running with these isn't easy, sir.
Move2: Any change of action out there, sir?
Move3: Can I step over a few convicts on the way, sir? Just to show them their place?
Move4: Dangerous transportation coming!
Move5: Don't worry, sir, mistakes aren't an option with these mines.
Move6: No more idling around I guess.
Move7: Taking the engine out for the walk, sir.
Attack1: I wish I could have a rocket launcher, sir!
Attack2: Are you serious, sir?
Attack3: Aren't we a bit desperate?
Attack4: Well, winning the day with lifter would be something new.
Attack5: At least some action!
Attack6: They shall be crushed!
Attack7: Give a second, sir. This will need some improvising.
Build1: New drop from orbit I see.
Build2: Starting new project.
Build3: We could use more colors... Oh right. I did forget the convicts.
Build4: More grey and gloom is needed to make the atmosphere right for convicts.
Build5: Should have guessed - real materials would have been a waste of resources.
Build6: With this quality it is no wonder if they can dig holes with mere spoons...
Build7: Requested best builders available - we can build it even without thumbs!
Capture1: Looking for new post, eh?
Capture2: Do this, fix that... As I said, it is me who ends up doing all the practical work.
Capture3: I hope you are right, sir, as otherwise this is suicide.
Capped1: Can't believe it, sir! I actually managed to capture it! ...sir?
Capped2: Curse you! Pay attention! Don't ignore my deeds just because I'm in support duty!
Capped3: *sigh* Gaining even a little regard seems to be an impossible task to achieve...
Lay_Mines1: I guess flower beds are still out of the question...
Lay_Mines2: Think about it, sir. It would make enemies paranoid about flowers.
Lay_Mines3: Now we are talking! Handling explosives makes any job way better.
Load_Transport1: Wonder how you thought that was going to happen, sir?
Load_Transport2: This sentinel isn't a pocket vehicle, you know?
Unload_Transport1: I choose this one! ... Curses! Wrong vehicle!
Unload_Transport2: Good thing I know how to build stuff...
Morale_Break1: I'm not taking this any longer!
Morale_Break2: If all my deeds go unnoticed, no reason to stay here and die...
Morale_Break3: Stay away from me!
Morale_Restored1: Thank you so much.. someone's finally paying some attention. Sir. [unamused]
Morale_Restored2: That was close!
Morale_Restored3: Note to self: Legionaries will shoot anything running.
Charge1: Stop ruining my works!
Charge2: Going to catch you with my power lifters!
Charge3: For the Emperor!
Ability1: Just wait a moment so I can catch you!
Ability2: Here goes nothing!
Ability3: Prepare to be divided by zero!
Ability4: Cover! I need cover!
Ability5: Get away from me!
Repair1: Replenishing durability to maximum, sir.
Repair2: Ever thought how unsuitable this lifter actually is for repairs, sir?
Repair3: I see dead pixel. Must fix it.
Combat1: Struggling with pest, sir!
Combat2: Leave me here if you wish but failing to protect support units is your fault, not mine!
Combat3: Why do I always draw only negative attention?
Under_Fire1: Curse their shooting! I just fixed this one!
Under_Fire2: Sir! Enemies! Help! Please!
Under_Fire3: Are we losing so badly that even I need to take part in the fighting?
Damage1: Lifter crippled, sir!
Damage2: Your support unit is nearly destroyed, sir!
Damage3: Reporting about trouble, sir! Engine damaged, sir!
Death1: Did you just.. thank me, sir? *moment of silence before explosion* [voice filled rising joy]
Death2: Engine down! I'm doomed! No~
Death3: Too many.. mines.. to waste... *heavy explosion*
Death4: Sir... remember.. all of.. us aren't... convicts.


Notes: The penal legions are ‘scum of the earth’ type characters. They have no concept of honor and only fight due to the consequences if they do not. They are recruited from a variety of backgrounds, and include murderers, psychopaths and deserters, who are put on the field due to some unique talent or uncanny instinct. They include some of the most vicious and brutal killers in the galaxy. Despite this, they are always thrown in to the thick of the fighting and given the toughest assignments, as they are considered expendable. There are uncountable ways to portray these guys, but I imagine them being, tough, independent, and cynical: They would sneer at words such as ‘sir’. For reference, try characters such as the character of Ron Pearlman in Alien 4.
Unit_Complete1: At last, fresh air
Unit_Complete2: Let’s get this over with
Unit_Complete3: You must be desperate to send for us
Unit_Complete4: Penal Legion deployed
Unit_Complete5: We‘re here, do we get our weapons now?
Unit_Complete6: Looks like we’re back in business boys
Unit_Complete7: Penal Legion on the field
Selection1: Your orders sir?
Selection2: Yeah?
Selection3: What now?
Selection4: We’re as ready as we’ll ever be
Selection5: Sir?
Selection6: Got a job for us?
Selection7: Ready to go
Move1: Moving out
Move2: Right
Move3: Whatever you say
Move4: Anywhere’s better than a firing squad
Move5: Yeah, yeah, we’re going
Move6: Already?
Move7: Yes sir
Attack1: Hell yeah!
Attack2: Try this for size!
Attack3: The big ones mine
Attack4: Take them out boys
Attack5: About time we saw some action
Attack6: Aaah, fresh meat!
Attack7: Oh-ho, we got em now
Capture1: What’s with this thing anyway?
Capture2: Always down to us
Capture3: Who brought the flag again?
Capped1: Well, I guess we did it
Capped2: Secured, how about a breather?
Capped3: Almost too easy
Load_Transport1: All aboard
Load_Transport2: Time to put our feet up
Unload_Transport1: Disembarking
Unload_Transport2: Just as we were getting comfy
Morale_Break1: Every man for himself!
Morale_Break2: I aint dying for you!
Morale_Break3: Let’s get outa here!
Morale_Restored1: Looks like we survived…again
Morale_Restored2: Ha, they’ll have to try harder than that
Morale_Restored3: We're ready for another try
Charge1: You’d better hope they kill us!
Charge2: Rarrrgggghhh!
Charge3: Let’s get em lads!
Charge4: (manic laugh) I love the smell of blood in the morning
Jump_Teleport1: Well that’s a first
Jump_Teleport2: Let’s not try that again
Deepstrike1: Ha-ha-ha, INCOMING!
Deepstrike2: I don’t have a head for heights…
Ability1: eight inches of steel and they’ll die like any other
Ability2: Just like what we used to do, back in the day…
Ability3: They’ll be dead before they know it
Ability4: It’ll take more than that to stop us
Ability5: They won’t do for us yet
Ability1: eight inches of steel and they’ll die like any other
Ability2: Just like what we used to do, back in the day…
Ability3: They’ll be dead before they know it
Ability4: It’ll take more than that to stop us
Ability5: They won’t do for us yet
Combat1: Rip ‘em open!
Combat2: Killing never gets old!
Combat3: Hah, how do you like that?
Under_Fire1: Hit the dirt!
Under_Fire2: They’ve seen us
Under_Fire3: Something you forgot to mention?
Damage1: That’s gonna leave a mark
Damage2: Where’s our medics?
Damage3: (warning tone) if they think that’ll stop us…
Death1: Argh
Death2: I never liked him anyway
Death3: Man down!
Death4: Damn, he owed me two credits

Legionnaires Sergeant (Penal Custodian)
Notes: The Penal Custodian has the charming task on leading the Penal Legion into battle and keeping them in order. Thankfully he has little to fear as all Penal Legionnaires are fitted with an explosive collar that he can trigger at the push of button. He will be a hard-bitten character, who doesn’t stand for any nonsense. His character would reflect this, being blunt, sharp and to the point. Of course, he can fight when he has to. No doubt he would have little compassion for the men he leads, but knows how to motivate them and also their uses.
Unit_Complete1: I’m your new custodian, a man you’re going to hate!
Unit_Complete2: I’m here to lead this rabble
Unit_Complete3: The emperor may yet grant these men redemption, but rest assured I won’t
Unit_Complete4: I’ve never seen such a disgraceful shower
Unit_Complete5: There’ll be no holding back on my watch
Unit_Complete6: Looks like we’re back in business boys
Unit_Complete7: Penal Legion on the field
Selection1: At your command
Selection2: Shall I get started sir?
Selection3: Say the word, and they’ll be there
Selection4: We’re as ready as we’ll ever be
Selection5: Sir?
Selection6: Got a job for us?
Selection7: Ready to go
Move1: you heard what the officer said
Move2: we’re moving out, now!
Move3: Move it, or else
Move4: Anywhere’s better than a firing squad
Move5: Yeah, yeah, we’re going
Move6: Already?
Move7: Yes sir
Attack1: I’ll kill the first man to hold back!
Attack2: Onwards! For glory and redemption!
Attack3: I reckon they can handle it
Attack4: Take them out boys
Attack5: About time we saw some action
Attack6: Aaah, fresh meat!
Attack7: Oh-ho, we got em now
Capture1: What’s with this thing anyway?
Capture2: Always down to us
Capture3: Who brought the flag again?
Capped1: Well, I guess we did it
Capped2: Secured, how about a breather?
Capped3: Almost too easy
Load_Transport1: All aboard
Load_Transport2: Time to put our feet up
Unload_Transport1: Disembarking
Unload_Transport2: Just as we were getting comfy
Morale_Break1: Every man for himself!
Morale_Break2: I aint dying for you!
Morale_Break3: Let’s get outa here!
Morale_Restored1: Looks like we survived…again
Morale_Restored2: Ha, they’ll have to try harder than that
Morale_Restored3: We're ready for another try
Charge1: You’d better hope they kill us!
Charge2: Rarrrgggghhh!
Charge3: Let’s get em lads!
Charge4: (manic laugh) I love the smell of blood in the morning
Jump_Teleport1: Well that’s a first
Jump_Teleport2: Let’s not try that again
Deepstrike1: Ha-ha-ha, INCOMING!
Deepstrike2: I don’t have a head for heights…
Ability1: eight inches of steel and they’ll die like any other
Ability2: Just like what we used to do, back in the day…
Ability3: They’ll be dead before they know it
Ability4: It’ll take more than that to stop us
Ability5: They won’t do for us yet
Ability1: eight inches of steel and they’ll die like any other
Ability2: Just like what we used to do, back in the day…
Ability3: They’ll be dead before they know it
Ability4: It’ll take more than that to stop us
Ability5: They won’t do for us yet
Combat1: Rip ‘em open!
Combat2: Killing never gets old!
Combat3: Hah, how do you like that?
Under_Fire1: Hit the dirt!
Under_Fire2: They’ve seen us
Under_Fire3: Something you forgot to mention?
Damage1: That’s gonna leave a mark
Damage2: Where’s our medics?
Damage3: (warning tone) if they think that’ll stop us…
Death1: Aarrgh
Death2: No… not…now
Death3: Man down!
Death4: Damn, he owed me two credits

Infantry Platoon
Notes: The Last Chancers infantry platoon consists of the scum of the imperium. These criminals have convicted the worst crimes imaginable and are given a chance. Some truly are repentant, some are just looking forward to satisfying their bloodlust. All of them will probably die soon. However, their dirty skills picked up as criminals will definitely serve them in battle. They are no regular guardsmen, they are savages and beasts. There's no discipline, only madness, rage, and....a glimmer of hope (to some). Oh, and there may be plenty of swearing. The misspellings are intentional, please pronounce as such. They’d sound pretty nasty and not very enthusiastic about what they are doing. Try to sound spiteful and aggressive. You could look at characters from movies like ‘The Dirty Dozen’: plenty of attitude.
Unit_Complete1: You wanted scum like us?
Unit_Complete2: Please, send us to the front!
Unit_Complete3: We're ready to redeem ourselves!
Unit_Complete4: (sarcasm) What a twisted stroke of fate......what is it?
Unit_Complete5: Oh great, we won't last an hour out here.
Unit_Complete6: (Tired, accepting voice) Penal legionnaires...ready to die.
Unit_Complete7: (Enthusiastic voice) The Emperor smiles on us today!
Unit_Complete8: Where the hell are we now?
Unit_Complete9: 13th Legion, here to clean up your mess
Unit_Complete10: Infantry reporting in
Unit_Complete11: (Guardsman/officers voice) deploying the 13th
Unit_Complete12: Looks like hell. Guess we won’t be coming back.
Unit_Complete13: Where the Colonel leads, we follow
Unit_Complete14: Reporting as ordered.
Selection1: Out with yo orders...... (grudgingly) sir.
Selection2: Marchin' through minefields, distracting tanks...what's the job?
Selection3: Oi, when we gon' get our helms......sir?
Selection4: The -expletive- you want? Fockin' tight collars....
Selection5: (mad laugh) So I kicked that guy on the head until... (calms down) oh we have orders.
Selection6: Down with the Emperor's enemies!
Selection7: Sup? Psssh.
Selection8: (sigh) Wha’d’ya want this time
Selection9: Ready as we’ll ever be
Selection10: What is it?
Selection11: Aye?
Selection12: You got a job for us then?
Selection13: Boss?
Selection14: Yes?!
Move1: Pah, probably another trap.
Move2: Haven't we gone there already?
Move3: Yeah yeah, moving...ugh.
Move4: C'mon, let's move, we'll die either way.
Move5: I know it I know it....redemption lies that way!
Move6: -spits- -mumbles expletive-
Move7: I'm MOVING, SAH.
Move8: Suppose we’ve got no choice
Move9: Come lads, the leashes (commissars) aren’t far off
Move10: Ok, we hear you
Move11: Time for one last smoke?
Move12: Not my place to argue
Move13: I’m not so sure about this…
Move14: Whatever you say
Attack2: We're fighting those things with dis here shit gun?
Attack3: C'mon you runts, we get to kill something.
Attack4: (ecstatic) Haaa...yahaaha...enemies!? Ooooh, ENEMIES!
Attack6: Get 'em! KILL KILL!
Attack7: I call first dibs on spoils!
Attack8: Don’t give them a chance to fire
Attack9: They won’t do for us sir
Attack10: Here we go
Attack11: Lets show ‘em what we’ve got
Attack12: Take ‘em down
Attack13: Open fire!
Attack14: Give ‘em hell
Capture1: What's the point of cap'n that thing?
Capture2: Who has the flag?
Capture4: Since when did we have a flag?
Capture5: I hope this thing is worth it
Capture6: (exhale strongly, out of breath) we got it sir
Capped1: Its yours now.
Capped2: Who's still breathin'? HA.
Capped3: We got lucky.
Capped4: It’s ours
Capped5: This was what you wanted right?
Capped6: Well, looks like we’re still alive
Load_Transport1: We spearin' an assault again?
Load_Transport2: Where we goin'?
Load_Transport3: A bit of armour…finally
Load_Transport4: Might as well get comfy
Unload_Transport1: This way!
Unload_Transport2: You up front, hurry up!
Unload_Transport3: Aw, already?
Unload_Transport4: Rides over
Morale_Break1: Dere's no redemption in dying without killin'!
Morale_Break2: Aaaahhh!
Morale_Break4: To hell with this!
Morale_Break5: Not Good!
Morale_Break6: That’s it, we’re out
Morale_Restored1: My pants smell like piss...ah fock.
Morale_Restored2: Still got my arms.
Morale_Restored3: Let's get back to the fight.
Morale_Restored4: We stay together or die!
Morale_Restored5: Never thought we’d make it
Morale_Restored6: It’s back out there or a bullet apiece.
Charge1: Pah! Slow as sludge.
Charge2: C'mere you!
Charge3: I'll slice and dice you to bits!
Charge4: Someone back me up!
Charge5: This is it lads!
Charge6: Show what we’re made of!
Charge7: Get stuck in boys!
Charge8: Shank ‘em!
Jump_Teleport1: How do you work this....oh.
Jump_Teleport2: RIGHT, GOING!!!
Jump_Teleport3: Ah hell no! Hang on!
Jump_Teleport4: Here we go!
Deepstrike1: May our deaths be quick....
Deepstrike2: UNLEASH HELL!
Deepstrike3: Legionnaires inbound
Deepstrike4: Heads up!
Ability1: Eat this, you grox-f*ckers!
Ability2: A little present for you!
Ability6: Quick! Grenades!
Ability7: Good Throw!
Ability8: Nail those guys!
Ability9: Get your heads down
Ability10: Hang in there lads
Combat1: Argh...lucky blow.
Combat2: -expletive-
Combat3: All disgrace must be reversed!
Combat4: Oh no ya don’t!
Combat5: Thought you had me there
Combat6: Yeah, you’d better die!
Under_Fire1: SHIT! They're firing!
Under_Fire2: SHOOT 'EM BACK! C'MON
Under_Fire3: You wanna piece of this!?
Under_Fire4: I didn’t join up for this!
Under_Fire5: Cover!!!
Under_Fire6: We’re rumbled
Damage1: Argh!
Damage2: Useless armor...ugh.
Damage3: Oof!
Damage4: Don’t suppose there’s a medic to hand?
Damage5: That could be my ticket out…
Damage6: Hurts like hell sir
Death1: Am I being....pardoned?
Death2: -whimper-
Death3: That's...one big hole.
Death4: Aahh....
Death5: Looks like he found redemption (sarcasm)
Death6: Nasty way to go
Death7: Never liked him much anyway

Infantry Platoon Sergeant
Notes: The squads of a penal legion aren't led by actual military sergeants, but penal custodians. These hard, brutal men act as prison wardens in the field, keeping the scum of the Imperium in order with threats of death (such as detonating the collars on the penal legionnaires). They can care less about these criminals, especially when its their own life (they're not the ones committing crimes!) they're throwing on the line as they accompany the penal legion squads into some of the worst combat zones ever. For the lines where he's addressing the commander, he should sound respectful like any IG sergeant. They’d sound pretty nasty and not very enthusiastic about what they are doing. Try to sound spiteful and aggressive. You could look at characters from movies like ‘The Dirty Dozen’: plenty of attitude.
Unit_Complete1: (angry shouting) Alright, fall in you maggots!
Unit_Complete2: (extremely threatening) Don't even think about fragging me. Leave that to the Catachans. [pronounced "Cat-a-kans"]
Unit_Complete3: C'mon! Get up, you dogs!
Unit_Complete4: Undercity scum, remember me as your leader!
Unit_Complete5: I've arrived to watch this squad, sir.
Unit_Complete6: Yes sir, I will make sure these hiver trash will do their part.
Unit_Complete7: You want pardons!? Well FOLLOW ALL MY ORDERS FROM HERE ON OUT!
Unit_Complete8: Fall in you lot
Unit_Complete9: From now on, I’m in charge
Unit_Complete10: You won’t have any more problems from this lot sir
Unit_Complete11: Let’s get down to business
Unit_Complete12: Ready to lead
Unit_Complete13: Squad.. you will follow ME now!
Unit_Complete14: Sergeant taking command
Selection1: You lowlifes seeking redemption? ON ME!
Selection2: Everyone stand to....lest I blow your heads open.
Selection3: I have a squad of meat shields at the ready, sir.
Selection4: The -expletive- you want? Fockin' tight collars....
Selection5: (mad laugh) So I kicked that guy on the head until... (calms down) oh we have orders.
Selection6: Down with the Emperor's enemies!
Selection7: Sup? Psssh.
Selection8: I’m listening
Selection9: You can trust me sir
Selection10: Nothings a problem for the Emperors finest (sarcastic)
Selection11: Aye?
Selection12: You got a job for us then?
Selection13: Boss?
Selection14: Yes?!
Move1: My finger's on THE button. MOVE.
Move2: Aren't you scum used to running from the law? FASTER!
Move3: I'll whip the ones in the back! DOUBLE TIME.
Move4: C'mon, let's move, we'll die either way.
Move5: I know it I know it....redemption lies that way!
Move6: -spits- -mumbles expletive-
Move7: I'm MOVING, SAH.
Move8: Get moving, at the double
Move9: Stay in formation
Move10: Check your ammo, you’re gonna need it
Move11: Time for one last smoke?
Move12: Not my place to argue
Move13: I’m not so sure about this…
Move14: Whatever you say
Attack2: Killing in the name of the Emperor is NO CRIME!
Attack3: I'll give whoever kills the most less lashings! GO!
Attack4: (ecstatic) Haaa...yahaaha...enemies!? Ooooh, ENEMIES!
Attack6: Get 'em! KILL KILL!
Attack7: I call first dibs on spoils!
Attack8: Opening fire
Attack9: We’ll deal with them sir
Attack10: A drink for whoever nails the big one
Attack11: Lets show ‘em what we’ve got
Attack12: Take ‘em down
Attack13: Open fire!
Attack14: Give ‘em hell
Capture1: What's the point of cap'n that thing?
Capture2: Who has the flag?
Capture4: Since when did we have a flag?
Capture5: I hope this thing is worth it
Capture6: (exhale strongly, out of breath) we got it sir
Capped1: Its yours now.
Capped2: Who's still breathin'? HA.
Capped3: We got lucky.
Capped4: It’s ours
Capped5: This was what you wanted right?
Capped6: Well, looks like we’re still alive
Load_Transport1: We spearin' an assault again?
Load_Transport2: Where we goin'?
Load_Transport3: A bit of armour…finally
Load_Transport4: Might as well get comfy
Unload_Transport1: This way!
Unload_Transport2: You up front, hurry up!
Unload_Transport3: Aw, already?
Unload_Transport4: Rides over
Morale_Break1: Dere's no redemption in dying without killin'!
Morale_Break2: Aaaahhh!
Morale_Break4: To hell with this!
Morale_Break5: Not Good!
Morale_Break6: That’s it, we’re out
Morale_Restored1: My pants smell like piss...ah fock.
Morale_Restored2: Still got my arms.
Morale_Restored3: Let's get back to the fight.
Morale_Restored4: We stay together or die!
Morale_Restored5: Never thought we’d make it
Morale_Restored6: It’s back out there or a bullet apiece.
Charge1: Pah! Slow as sludge.
Charge2: C'mere you!
Charge3: I'll slice and dice you to bits!
Charge4: Someone back me up!
Charge5: This is it lads!
Charge6: Show what we’re made of!
Charge7: Get stuck in boys!
Charge8: Shank ‘em! (Not sure about this one, omit it if you see fit)
Jump_Teleport1: How do you work this....oh.
Jump_Teleport2: RIGHT, GOING!!!
Jump_Teleport3: Ah hell no! Hang on!
Jump_Teleport4: Here we go!
Deepstrike1: May our deaths be quick....
Deepstrike2: UNLEASH HELL!
Deepstrike3: Legionnaires inbound
Deepstrike4: Heads up!
Ability1: Eat this, you grox-f*ckers!
Ability2: A little present for you!
Ability6: Quick! Grenades!
Ability7: Good Throw!
Ability8: Nail those guys!
Ability9: Get your heads down
Ability10: Hang in there lads
Combat1: Argh...lucky blow.
Combat2: -expletive-
Combat3: All disgrace must be reversed!
Combat4: Oh no ya don’t!
Combat5: Thought you had me there
Combat6: Yeah, you’d better die!
Under_Fire1: SHIT! They're firing!
Under_Fire2: SHOOT 'EM BACK! C'MON
Under_Fire3: You wanna piece of this!?
Under_Fire4: I didn’t join up for this!
Under_Fire5: Cover!!!
Under_Fire6: We’re rumbled
Damage1: Argh!
Damage2: Useless armor...ugh.
Damage3: Oof!
Damage4: Don’t suppose there’s a medic to hand?
Damage5: That could be my ticket out…
Damage6: Hurts like hell sir
Death1: Urgh....I'm not supposed to die here...
Death2: Who...who shot me?
Death3: GAH!
Death4: Aahh....
Death5: The sarge bought it! (Spoken by the standard squad members)
Death6: The chiefs down (Spoken by the standard squad members)
Death7: Never liked him much anyway (Spoken by the standard squad members)

Sniper Team
Notes: A penal legion sniper would most likely have been an ex-sniper in one of the many Imperial Guard regiments; your common murderer/criminal would most likely be put on the frontline. These snipers are probably convicted for cowardice or some other major infraction in their regiment (such as breaking into the armory or killing a comrade by "misfiring/aiming in the wrong direction"). Either way, they should sound cold and rather emotionless, a bit more professional and trained than the others, but there's still something...."wrong/unhinged" about them. Maybe make them mumble to themselves before some of the lines, its your choice, voice actor. These guys need to sound pretty mean, but not brutish. ‘Cold-Blooded’ would be a typical way to describe them. Soft voice, but dangerous. They are still Penal Legion of course, so more attitude than a regular soldier.
Unit_Complete1: Sniper team...is ready to hunt....
Unit_Complete2: The hunters are here....
Unit_Complete3: You asked for a sniper team, commander?
Unit_Complete4: Sniper squad on the field.
Unit_Complete5: Our weapons will find them like the Emperor finds our sins.
Unit_Complete6: We know our mission.
Unit_Complete7: We've prayed for this day. The day to squeeze the trigger.
Unit_Complete8: Sniper Team deployed
Unit_Complete9: Someone giving you some grief?
Unit_Complete10: The hunting season’s come early
Unit_Complete11: No one is safe from our sights
Unit_Complete12: One las-shot in the right place could be all you need
Unit_Complete13: We cross two lines…horizontal and vertical
Selection1: -whispering to rifle- Here my sweet....find them...find them for me.
Selection2: We are rock. We are stone.
Selection3: What is our quarry?
Selection4: Show us where to go....and we will do the rest, sir.
Selection5: -mumble mumble- (surprised) What!? (relaxes) Oh...Commander?
Selection6: Hunters. The commander speaks.
Selection7: Do we have a target?
Selection8: On your mark
Selection9: Marksmen ready
Selection10: Just give us a target
Selection11: What’s the sit-rep?
Selection12: Ready to give covering fire
Selection13: Reach out…and blow someone’s head off
Selection14: Snipers ready to engage
Move1: Shhhh....I hear their voices.
Move2: Trekking quietly.....
Move3: Displacing.
Move4: -mumbles prayer- Emperor have mercy...let Him guide us to his open palms.....-mumble mumble-
Move5: Move order confirmed....
Move6: Try not to get spotted.
Move7: Heheheh....Going.
Move8: Taking up firing position
Move9: Move out
Move10: Better keep a low profile
Move11: We ought to keep our distance
Move12: Lets move
Move13: Patience, sir patience
Move14: Sneaking around, it was, and is, our business
Attack1: Death is my servant. Death is my servant. Death is my servant. (Yes, repeat these three lines monotonously.)
Attack2: Eat my sins, and give me my redemption.
Attack3: Yes...sir...we will enjoy killing them...heheh....
Attack4: I'll take the biggest one.
Attack5: Mark your targets.....go.
Attack6: (-whispering to rifle-)You see them, precious? Bite them. Bite them hard.
Attack7: Hunting...the game of champions....
Attack8: Weapons free
Attack9: Engaging hostiles
Attack10: Goodnight sonny
Attack11: Targets in range
Attack12: Target acquired
Attack13: Look who’s come out to play…
Attack14: Understood, target will be eliminated
Capture1: Taking strategic point.
Capture2: We have it marked.
Capture3: I don't need a scope to see that.
Capture4: Right, you’ll send reinforcements?
Capped1: It is ours...preparing a firing formation.
Capped2: We have it...preparing to repel attackers.
Capped3: What's next?
Capped4: Yeah, we’ve got it
Capped5: Position Secured
Load_Transport1: Move, driver.....
Load_Transport2: I would rather be outdoors...
Load_Transport3: Lets take a breather, while we’ve got the chance
Load_Transport4: Be nice to put our feet up
Unload_Transport1: Finally, a clear view....from which to aim...
Unload_Transport2: Exiting transport...finally.
Unload_Transport3: Thanks for the ride
Unload_Transport4: This calls for stealth
Morale_Break1: The prey is the predator!?
Morale_Break2: We are compromised!
Morale_Break3: I can't fire fast enough!
Morale_Break4: We need to pull out, now!
Morale_Break5: We need immediate evac!
Morale_Break6: Charlie Foxtrot! I’m off
Morale_Restored1: Back to the hunt....
Morale_Restored2: Ohoho....this game is most exciting now.....
Morale_Restored3: Requesting permission.....for revenge.
Morale_Restored4: Guess someone out there likes us
Morale_Restored5: We’re ready for another try
Charge1: Do not underestimate me!
Charge2: I close in for your kill!
Charge3: Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!
Charge4: I will not fail again!
Charge5: You’re making a big mistake here
Charge6: Command, are you sure about this?
Charge7: We aren’t cut out for this
Jump_Teleport1: They can't catch me.
Jump_Teleport2: Jump now!
Deepstrike1: Settling into position.
Deepstrike2: Ah....a favorable vantage point.
Deepstrike3: Grav-drop inbound
Ability1: You...are marked for death.
Ability2: I will make you suffer....
Ability3: Death....approaches.
Ability4: I will suppress them.
Ability5: Use smoke! Cover our escape!
Ability6: Tango down
Ability7: Be-autiful (elongate vowel)
Ability8: Don’t try to run, you’ll just die tired
Ability9: Infiltrating position
Ability10: And now, we wait
Combat1: You are vulnerable....
Combat2: Have at me!
Combat3: In your death I find peace!
Combat4: We need to break off
Combat5: Get!...Back!...Now!
Under_Fire1: They have seen us!
Under_Fire2: Ah....we have been found.
Under_Fire3: Heheheh...its getting exciting!
Under_Fire4: We’re spotted! Go Loud!
Under_Fire5: Command, we have engaged
Under_Fire6: Escalating to firefight, we’d better withdraw
Damage1: Hurk......
Damage2: This wound will not dissuade me.
Damage3: What's a game without some blood?
Damage4: We’re pinned down
Damage5: Taking fire, we need extracting
Death1: I lost...the game....
Death2: No....!
Death3: -gasp-
Death4: -choking sound-
Death5: Aargh

Heavy Weapons Squad
Notes: Unlike the cold, mentally disturbed sniper teams, these men are wild, uncontrolled, and violent just like the heavy weapons they wield. Convicted for disregarding the safety of their comrades whilst using these heavy weapons, they were not executed for their abilities to use their heavy weapons are quite valuable. Redemption is second to them. They just want to SHOOT THOSE GUNS, AARRGGGGH!
Unit_Complete1: Penal Legion Heavy Weapons, REPORTING!
Unit_Complete2: Heavy Weapons Squad, here to die! HAHA!
Unit_Complete3: This weapon box’s fully stuffed…SIR!
Unit_Complete4: On the field! Where to next!?
Unit_Complete5: Sir! Heavy weapons on the field!
Unit_Complete6: Boss! Big-gun-team is here!
Unit_Complete7: Penal Big Guns Squad deployed!
Selection1: Where’s the killing field!?
Selection2: You hear the sounds of the firing too?
Selection3: SIR! WHEN CAN I DEPLOY!?
Selection4: Itchin’ to use all the ammo….sir.
Selection5: Just tell me where to set this up!
Selection6: Clinkity-clank, clinkity-clank!
Selection7: By the Emperor, give me their coordinates already!
Move1: Ooph! Time to put my back to work!
Move2: So this is why we gotta pump iron….
Move3: Hoo! Haa! Moving out!
Move4: I’m going!
Move5: We’ll get there…..SIR.
Move6: There better be fresh meat to shoot when I get there.
Move7: Time to stretch these legs!
Attack2: I’ve been cooped up too long! DIE!
Attack3: Unleash the rage!
Attack4: Get ‘em!
Attack5: This party has just begun!
Attack6: The shots are like music to my ears!
Attack7: You’re in my kill zone now!
Capture1: Alright, I’ll get it.
Capture2: I see it, moving up!
Capture3: Shouldn’t I be killing instead!?
Capped1: Got it!
Capped2: Back into the killing, I see.
Capped3: SIR! I GOT IT.
Load_Transport1: Hurry your ass up!
Load_Transport2: Step on it!
Unload_Transport1: That took too long!
Unload_Transport2: I should’ve been driving!
Morale_Break1: W-wait! You’re all supposed to die!
Morale_Break2: SIR! This ain’t fun no more!
Morale_Break3: I’m HAULING MY ASS OUT NOW!
Morale_Restored1: That was rough play. I like it.
Morale_Restored2: Urge to avenge….RISING.
Morale_Restored3: Don’t need to tell me. I’m going back for more!
Charge1: I’m in the middle of it all!
Charge2: Eat steel!
Charge3: I’m comin’ for ya!
Charge4: Yaaaaaaargh!
Jump_Teleport1: How do these work?
Jump_Teleport2: I LIKE THIS SPEED!
Deepstrike1: Can I shoot ‘em on the way down!?
Deepstrike2: WHEEEEE!
Ability1: Putting her on overload! DIIIIIE!
Ability4: I’ll try not to hit you, MOVE DAMMIT!
Combat1: Didn’t realize I can use a knife, eh!?
Combat2: These muscle ain’t for looks, chum!
Combat3: Oi, I need backup!
Under_Fire1: I’m louder than that!
Under_Fire2: They’re shootin’ at me!
Under_Fire3: I’m getting shot up here!
Damage1: Pah! The other cons (convicts) hit worse!
Damage2: I took a hit, DAMN!
Damage3: You’re in my sig—OW!
Death1: Where’s my hand? Ow…
Death2: Aaaargh!
Death3: OW!
Death4: Ugggh…fracking…Emperor…

Demolitions Team
Notes: You thought the heavy weapons team was nuts? These guys would make you feel like they’re worshiping Khorne with their explosive tempers. They’re also partially deaf, which makes them shout even louder. Some of them may have been bank robbers, their skills in handling explosives being particularly useful in blasting metal vaults. Redemption is most likely not on the top of their priorities.
Unit_Complete1: Demo Team, ready to make BLOOD rain from the SKY.
Unit_Complete2: We blast it all in the name of the Emperor!
Unit_Complete3: Demo team OUT ON THE FIELD.
Unit_Complete4: The Emperor has given us BOOM BOXES.
Unit_Complete5: Penal Legion Demo Team, ready!
Unit_Complete6: Demolitions Team, READY!
Unit_Complete7: Explosives specialists…READY!
Selection1: Penal demo team, READY FOR THE BOOM.
Selection2: WHAT WAS THAT SIR?
Selection3: Explosives PRIMED!
Selection4: What’s the mark this time?
Selection5: Sir! Give us something to explode!
Selection6: Ticky, tocky, Emperor’s Clocky~ (sing-song manner)
Selection7: I wish our lasguns could make them explode.
Move1: I’m a walking bomb! HAHAHA!
Move2: -maniacal laughter-
Move3: Ooooh, what’s over here? EH?
Move4: It’s TOO QUIET.
Move5: I lost a bomb. Anyone have it? HEHEHEHEH.
Move6: Fragile cargo on the move!
Move7: I’ll try not to blow anything up on my way there, heehee.
Attack1: I’ll run straight into them!
Attack2: Suicide CHARGE!
Attack3: Get those grenades out boys!
Attack4: Destroy! Destroy! DESTROOOOYY!
Attack5: Time for battle! RAAAAH!
Attack6: Give the order to set the bomb! SIR!
Attack7: Make ‘em blow into a shower of gore!
Capture1: Ooh, is that a target?
Capture2: Don’t you have the regular legionnaires for that?
Capture3: Alright ALRIGHT!!!
Capped1: Can I booby trap this?
Capped2: Oh ooh, sir, can I put a bomb here?
Capped3: Now do you have something louder for me to do? Sir.
Load_Transport1: Ooh..fuel tank….
Load_Transport2: Can I borrow some fuel? Hawhawhaw…
Unload_Transport1: Hope I didn’t leave anything in there, heheheh..
Unload_Transport2: Thanks for the fuel, driver!
Morale_Break1: Gah! I’ll…take all of them with me!
Morale_Break2: This one’s a dud!?
Morale_Break3: -maniacal giggle-
Morale_Restored1: RAAAH! I want payback…IN BLOOD!
Morale_Restored2: I thirst for their LIMBS! (I know it doesn’t make sense, but since when did madmen make sense?)
Morale_Restored3: MUST…EXPLODE!
Charge1: I’m holding a BOMB!
Charge2: You afraid of a little thunder, children!?
Charge4: You’ll be regretting this day!
Jump_Teleport1: Let’s drop a few bombs on our way in!
Jump_Teleport2: It will be a pleasant BOOM!
Deepstrike2: It’ll blow right before I hit it!
Ability1: Metal boxes? BLAST IT ALL!
Ability2: We’ll make it rain limbs.
Ability3: It’s ticking, it’s ticking!
Ability4: If they follow us they’re gonna go BOOM!
Ability5: Here’s a mine for yous!
Combat1: You kill me, you go BOOM!
Combat2: I’ll take you with me!
Combat3: Try not to hit the booooomb!~ (taunting manner)
Under_Fire1: Taking fire!
Under_Fire2: They’re gonna hit the explosives!
Under_Fire3: Take cover and get ‘em!
Damage1: Agh!
Damage2: Ugh!
Damage3: Hurts like FLAK!
Death1: Huuuraaaaggggh!
Death2: Boom! He…heheh….
Death3: -groan-
Death4: AUGH

Hardened Veterans
Notes: At first glance, these men may look like the other convicts. Unshaven, rough, dirty, and smelling like blood and sweat. However, on closer inspection, they are quiet. Subdued, even, oblivious to the world. They rarely speak much, only to acknowledge orders or to repeat them just to inform their commander that they are in fact, listening. They sound emotionless while in this state. However, when given the order to kill, they seem to become alive, like monsters and daemons. The desire to kill is unnaturally strong… and they are experts at their job. The ease of which they revert back and forth from a crazed battle state to a normal state is very unnerving.
Unit_Complete1: Penal veterans deployed.
Unit_Complete2: Sir, penal veterans deployed.
Unit_Complete3: Penal legion veterans deployed.
Unit_Complete4: Veterans on the field.
Unit_Complete5: Veterans deployed.
Unit_Complete6: Veteran legionnaires ready.
Unit_Complete7: Veterans, ready for redemption. (perhaps a slight tinge of emotion here)
Selection1: Yes. (They’re not even responding as a question, they’re just saying the word.)
Selection2: Sir.
Selection3: Commander.
Selection4: Orders.
Selection5: Ready.
Selection6: Listening.
Selection7: Receiving.
Move1: Moving.
Move2: Going.
Move3: Displacing.
Move4: Yes.
Move5: Received.
Move6: Relocating.
Move7: Following.
Attack1: (increasing volume) Kill? Kill…! KILL!
Attack2: Haa…haaaa.. (think cadian imperial guard psyker’s voice)ATTAAACCCK!
Attack3: Make..them..BLEED!
Attack5: Heheheh….we awaken..to THE SLAUGHTER!
Attack6: Shall I coddle you while I slit..heheh…your throat?
Attack7: The hunts begin!
Capture1: Capturing.
Capture2: Taking.
Capture3: Understood.
Capped1: Captured.
Capped2: Taken.
Capped3: Completed.
Load_Transport1: Loading.
Load_Transport2: Entering.
Unload_Transport1: Unloading.
Unload_Transport2: Exiting.
Morale_Break1: This…this…!!!??? (Further words cannot be spoken, as this is a mental state that is rarely entered. Fear.)
Morale_Break2: Out…!! AWAY!
Morale_Break3: (teeth gnashing) What…….to DO!? KILL!? RUN!?
Morale_Restored1: Back.
Morale_Restored2: Redemption.
Morale_Restored3: Revenge.
Charge2: (snarls)
Charge3: (feral cry)
Charge4: (creepy chant) DEATH! DEATH! DEATH!
Jump_Teleport1: Jumping.
Jump_Teleport2: Teleporting.
Deepstrike1: Ambushing.
Deepstrike2: Deep striking.
Ability1: Blow..all..TO BITS!
Ability2: Let this…kill you..softly!!
Ability3: Die…like all my previous VICTIMS!
Ability4: You cannot see us!...Heeheeheee
Ability5: This is getting interesting!
Combat1: DEATH.
Combat2: KILL. KILL. KILL.
Under_Fire1: return..…RETURN FIRE!
Under_Fire2: Under…..fire…Heheheh…KILL!
Under_Fire3: They shoot…..their…DEATH!
Damage1: Graaaaauuuuuugh!
Damage2: NOTHING!
Damage3: Destroy…them…ALL!
Death1: Emperor…
Death2: What…?
Death3: Lost..
Death4: Aaggh.

Hardened Veterans Sergeant
Notes: At first glance, these men may look like the other convicts. Unshaven, rough, dirty, and smelling like blood and sweat. However, on closer inspection, they are quiet. Subdued, even, oblivious to the world. They rarely speak much, only to acknowledge orders or to repeat them just to inform their commander that they are in fact, listening. They sound emotionless while in this state. However, when given the order to kill, they seem to become alive, like monsters and daemons. The desire to kill is unnaturally strong… and they are experts at their job. The ease of which they revert back and forth from a crazed battle state to a normal state is very unnerving. The acting sergeant will sound deep, colder, but with a commanding voice.
Additional Notes: The Hardened Veterans sergeant is a warden that has managed to survive countless battles and is quite a warrior in his own right. He knows both sides of combat, fighting with both imperial training and the savage, "dirty" moves of the criminal. His role in the squad is mostly as a shepherd/beastmaster of sorts. He directs the veterans to the enemies of mankind, and gives them the order to kill. When he gives his orders, it's in single syllables. He only needs that much. He's slightly more respectful of the penal legionnaires compared to the less-experienced wardens of the regular platoon squads. Recall that the Hardened Veterans are so conditioned by battle that they only need to hear certain command words before springing into action.
Unit_Complete1: Sergeant here.
Unit_Complete2: I have answered.
Unit_Complete3: Now in command.
Unit_Complete4: Veterans.. report to me.
Unit_Complete5: On my watch.
Unit_Complete6: Inspecting these.. misfits!
Unit_Complete7: Time to earn your redemption.
Unit_Complete8: They call me the beast master.
Unit_Complete9: Listen.
Unit_Complete10: Veteran warden reporting.
Unit_Complete11: Master warden reporting to the field.
Unit_Complete12: Ready to be your lance, sir.
Unit_Complete13: Is there an assault to be made -slight pause- SIR?
Selection1: Here. (They’re not even responding as a question, they’re just saying the word.)
Selection2: Of course.
Selection3: Veterans.
Selection4: Orders.
Selection5: Ready.
Selection6: Listening.
Selection7: Receiving.
Selection8: Who do you want dead? Painfully.
Selection9: Legionnaires, ATTENTION.
Selection10: Ready for the butcher's work.
Move1: Understood.
Move2: There.
Move3: Forward.
Move4: Yes.
Move5: Received.
Move6: Relocating.
Move7: Following.
Move8: Follow.
Move9: March.
Attack2: Into them!
Attack3: Make..them..PAY!
Attack5: Heheheh….we awaken..to THE SLAUGHTER!
Attack6: Shall I coddle you while I slit..heheh…your throat?
Attack7: The hunts begin!
Attack8: Order is KILL.
Attack9: There, is REDEMPTION.
Attack10: Unleash HELL!
Capture1: Capturing.
Capture2: Taking.
Capture3: Understood.
Capped1: Captured.
Capped2: Taken.
Capped3: Completed.
Load_Transport1: Loading.
Load_Transport2: Entering.
Unload_Transport1: Unloading.
Unload_Transport2: Exiting.
Morale_Break1: This…this…!!!??? (Further words cannot be spoken, as this is a mental state that is rarely entered. Fear.)
Morale_Break2: Out…!! AWAY!
Morale_Break3: (teeth gnashing) What…….to DO!? KILL!? RUN!?
Morale_Restored1: Back.
Morale_Restored2: Redemption.
Morale_Restored3: Revenge.
Charge2: (snarls)
Charge3: (feral cry)
Charge4: (creepy chant) DEATH! DEATH! DEATH!
Jump_Teleport1: Jumping.
Jump_Teleport2: Teleporting.
Deepstrike1: Ambushing.
Deepstrike2: Deep striking.
Ability1: Blow..all..TO BITS!
Ability2: Let this…kill you..softly!!
Ability3: Die…like all my previous VICTIMS!
Ability4: You cannot see us!...Heeheeheee
Ability5: This is getting interesting!
Combat1: DEATH.
Combat2: KILL. KILL. KILL.
Under_Fire1: return..…RETURN FIRE!
Under_Fire2: Under…..fire…Heheheh…KILL!
Under_Fire3: They shoot…..their…DEATH!
Damage1: Graaaaauuuuuugh!
Damage2: NOTHING!
Damage3: Destroy…them…ALL!
Death1: Noooo…
Death2: [coughing up blood.. choking]
Death3: Goner..
Death4: Aaggh.
Death5: To the right hand of the Emperor...I go...
Death6: Unstoppable...rage....


Junior Officer
Notes: Although he is young and a bit green, he knows he is facing some of the worst scum Imperium has to offer, so there should be some sharpness in his voice, edge to it. He is the boss and he needs to show it and sound like it. He should sound like some upstart young medieval nobleman.
Unit_Complete1: Junior officer, reporting for duty sir.
Unit_Complete2: What have I done to deserve to lead you scum?
Unit_Complete3: May the Emperor have mercy on you, I will not.
Unit_Complete4: I know how to get them in line my lord.
Unit_Complete5: From this day on, you are mine to make or to brake.
Unit_Complete6: In line dogs, in line, Emperor damn you!
Unit_Complete7: Sir, I am ready to lead and succeed!
Selection1: Yes sir?
Selection2: Yours to command sir.
Selection3: Ready to do your will.
Selection4: These dogs will listen sir, don’t you worry.
Selection5: Squad ready for action sir.
Selection6: How can this scum serve the Emperor sir?
Selection7: Last Chancers, eager for their last chance.
Move1: Get moving worms!
Move2: Troopers, move out on the double.
Move3: You have one chance, now its time to use it.
Move4: Chancers, you know the drill.
Move5: Ladies, get those fancy legs moving
Move6: Another shitty assignment, I suppose.
Move7: This keeps getting better and better.
Attack1: Chancers, give them hell!!!
Attack2: Rise to the challenge you bastards!
Attack3: Enemy is this way sons of a grox!
Attack4: Pin them down!
Attack5: Chancers, engage these bastards!
Attack6: Serve your Emperor and you may die well!
Attack7: Attack and leave none alive!!!
Capture1: Oh, it will be yours, worry not.
Capture2: Understood sir. Good as done.
Capture3: Take it damn you, take it for the Emperor!
Capped1: I told you sir it will be yours.
Capped2: Now, that wasn’t that hard, was it.
Capped3: You got a flag up, what do you want, freaking medals!
Join1: Oh, this will be nice.
Join2: Please, try not making me angry, you won’t like me angry.
Join3: Your one last chance is here.
Detach1: May the Emperor have mercy on you sorry lot.
Detach2: Thank Emperor on small mercies.
Load_Transport1: What? We miss on the charms of marching? (sarcastic)
Load_Transport2: You must be joking, they have an APC for us?
Unload_Transport1: Too good to last.
Unload_Transport2: Get out you worms, get out and stay sharp.
Morale_Break1: Oh by the Emperor, we’re done for!
Morale_Break2: By the Throne, we can not hold!
Morale_Break3: Frag this, leg it!
Morale_Restored1: This way you dogs, this way!!!
Morale_Restored2: Hold your posts, or they will be your graves!
Morale_Restored3: If the Colonel finds you you’ll beg for the front lines.
Charge1: Last Chancers, fix bayonets and stand to charge!!!
Charge2: This is your Last Chance, to live or die!
Charge3: For the sake of our asses, I hope Emperor is watching.
Jump_Teleport1: I have a bad feeling about this.
Jump_Teleport2: This thing does WHAT to our bodies? (panic-anger)
Deepstrike1: If Elysians can do it, so can you! [pronounced "El-i-si-ans"]
Deepstrike2: There is no point in screaming. No one can hear you.
Ability1: Oh, now, they sure won’t like this. (sarcastic)
Ability2: Bleed you bastards, bleed!
Ability3: By the Emperor, this thing is good.
Ability4: Form up and rally to me!
Ability5: You listen what I say, and you may just live.
Combat1: You run, you die…now fight you dogs!
Combat2: Push them back damn you!
Combat3: Chancers! If you want to live, they must die!
Under_Fire1: Inform the Colonel we’re in deep frag here.
Under_Fire2: Get low, hug some cover, bastards are sniping at us.
Under_Fire3: Where the hell is that weapons squad.
Damage1: By Emperors tits man, get down!!!
Damage2: Some damned support would be nice.
Damage3: Command, we’re under fire here.
Death1: Last Chancers, you had your chance.
Death2: Darghhhhh…
Death3: Finally, by the Emperor…
Death4: Didn’t think it will end like this…

Notes: His job is keep soldiers fighting. In case of legionaries, that is way more important than keeping them alive, thought. Tired and a bit resigned voice of a man who is kinda getting a bit sick and tired of patching up and sawing together bunch of conscripts and low-lifers, although he is also one of them. He has seen more than his share of death and majority of it under his own hands. Dark and gloomy a bit, something like that doc from Battlestar Galactica.
Unit_Complete1: So, whose leg needs to be amputated?
Unit_Complete2: Don't whine - my gear weights as much as yours and your batteries aren't made from glass.
Unit_Complete3: As I can't be everywhere, what is my top priority, sir?
Unit_Complete4: Painkillers, combat drugs... I think I have all I need.
Unit_Complete5: Sir. I'm bit worried... I have given suits more for poisoning than healing.
Unit_Complete6: What? I'm expected to deal with those legionaries as well?
Unit_Complete7: Ah. Legionaries. What a perfect subject for medical experiences...
Unit_Complete8: Well, here we go again.
Unit_Complete9: Another day, another slaughterhouse.
Unit_Complete10: Medic reporting for duty, undertaker more likely.
Unit_Complete11: Right sir. I’m ready.
Unit_Complete12: Just make sure there is enough pieces brought back so I can patch you up.
Unit_Complete13: Believe me son, no one will miss you.
Unit_Complete14: I’m here to put you back together, if there is anything to be put together.
Selection1: You need something? Then you came to the right man.
Selection2: I don't patch them, sir, it would take too much time.
Selection3: If they are about to die within the hour anyhow, why try to spare them if they could spend that time fighting?
Selection4: With the right mixtures, they don't even notice if they get wounded.
Selection5: Unlike my time, legionaries are expendable.
Selection6: Is this urgent, sir?
Selection7: Don't worry sir. Even your bad tooth would be higher priority than the life of any of those criminals, sir.
Selection8: I suppose they are in pieces?
Selection9: Yes, what can I do for you sir.
Selection10: How many this time?
Selection11: I see Colonel had another of his bright ideas.
Selection12: It would be regarded a miracle by Imperial medical science if you saved man cut in four.
Selection13: I hate when they start crying for their mommies.
Selection14: God-Emperor, I could have been a gangster.
Move1: Understood, sir!
Move2: Is transportation too much to ask?
Move3: Try to hang there, medic is on the way!
Move4: And no, I'm not smuggling drugs. It is my official job.
Move5: Didn't think their candies would wear out this fast..
Move6: Going to check if they have taken their medicines...
Move7: Sir, I smell trouble in this direction.
Move8: Medic on the way, stop your whining.
Move9: Fell me if I don’t need a medic myself soon enough.
Move10: Ah, charms of my duty, operation on an open battlefield.
Move11: Smell of blood and shit, just the thing to get your day started.
Move12: I used to dream of a house and family…I don’t dream anymore.
Move13: Where the hell is this forward recon post?
Move14: I used to wash away the horror with booze…I ran out of booze long time ago.
Attack1: No candies for you!!
Attack2: To cure the disease you have to kill the patient.
Attack3: Dealing with the cancer plaguing the Imperium!
Attack4: I know many ways to kill a patient. Shot to the head is mercy.
Attack5: Deceive not thy physician, confessor, nor lawyer.
Attack6: Your life-expectation is short!
Attack7: Going against the Emperor highly increases the chance of premature death.
Attack8: You wanna piece of me scum?!!!
Attack9: I will cut your eyes out dog!!!
Attack10: Cut them to pieces, like they cut us!
Attack11: One scalpel in the eye, coming right up.
Attack12: Kill them like dogs!!!
Attack13: God-Emperor himself won’t be able to patch them up after this.
Attack14: Leave non alive you worthless scum!
Capture1: Just stashing some of my... goods for later use.
Capture2: Understood, sir. I will check that spot.
Capture3: I shall run my tests, sir.
Capture4: Get at it, the sooner the better.
Capture5: You must be joking. We’ll be sitting ducks out there.
Capture6: And how does this fall into my duty.
Capped1: No organism harmful for health are detected, sir. Area is safe to camp on.
Capped2: You can now send resupplies to this location, sir?
Capped3: Sir, would you be so kind to ensure that this location will not fall to the enemy?
Capped4: There, its yours, you satisfied.
Capped5: Now, can I get back to the wounded.
Capped6: Well, by the Emperors balls, we did it.
Join1: I have some really rare goods for you...
Join2: Feeling weak? Well, I have something for that...
Join3: What? I can assure you that you can't become addicted, not from dozes of this size... [Said with tone who knows giving them lethal overdose]
Join4: Clear the way, medic coming through.
Join5: You try not to die and I will se what I can do.
Join6: Charming, front line duty.
Detach1: Curses! I will run out of instruments with this haste, sir! Forced to forsake those inside of care isn't fun for any of us...
Detach2: Fine. He couldn't have made it anyhow, I guess.
Detach3: Oh, what now?
Detach4: This cant be good in any way.
Load_Transport1: Ah, at least! Some rest from the walking...
Load_Transport2: Wise choice, sir. Nobody wants a doctor being tired when one comes to operate them.
Load_Transport3: Well, I’ll be damned, Colonel got us a ride.
Load_Transport4: Get in retards, it won’t wait forever.
Unload_Transport1: That made Edvard. [just a silly saying]
Unload_Transport2: If you can, don't leave anything, just in case.
Unload_Transport3: Well, to good to last any longer.
Unload_Transport4: I guess this is end of the line.
Morale_Break1: I can't handle that! I can't!
Morale_Break2: Save yourself as I'm not doing to do that!
Morale_Break3: I...! I need to... Umm. Resupply!
Morale_Break4: God-Emperor, I don’t want to die!
Morale_Break5: Well fuck, I didn’t think it will end like this!
Morale_Break6: Retreat, we must retreat!!! (panic)
Morale_Restored1: May I note that I wasn't running away sir. I was just running towards in the other direction.
Morale_Restored2: I need my supplies to perform my duty, sir. I was doing my best to get resupply.
Morale_Restored3: *deep breath* Did we lose them?
Morale_Restored4: Oh, Lord this was close.
Morale_Restored5: One day Colonel will see us all dead, but not today.
Morale_Restored6: Sweet Emperor, I though my ass is gone for good.
Charge1: Afraid of needles?
Charge2: Wrong direction, wrong direction! [bit panicked tone]
Charge3: Trip them!
Charge4: Forward you misfits, forward.
Charge5: I always did love charges, so many other targets besides me.
Charge6: Great, it’s a charge. (sarcasm)
Jump_Teleport1: Are you sure this doesn't cause mutations, sir?
Jump_Teleport2: Beats the walking, at least.
Jump_Teleport3: Now, this is the way to travel.
Jump_Teleport4: And I thought my job was not that exciting.
Deepstrike1: Medic is on the waaaaaayyyyy~
Deepstrike2: I should have taken my anti-sickness dose before this... [weak tone]
Deepstrike3: Are we supposed to survive this?
Deepstrike4: Can I state my objections on safety of this kind of transportation?
Ability1: Heal this...
Ability2: Take a good breath...
Ability3: I count three and you should start feeling it...
Ability4: Dose right to vein... and pain is gone? Good.
Ability5: After this stuff you will not feel anything.
Ability6: Fear the medic fools!
Ability7: Is this going to work?
Ability8: You know, I was never properly trained for this kind of thing.
Ability9: This should make you almost as new.
Ability10: Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.
Combat1: Enemy is upon us! Help!
Combat2: I'm not a dentist but I guess a shovel is good enough to deal your flawed bite!
Combat3: Sir! I'm running out of combat drugs if this fight keeps going much longer!
Combat4: Where in the hell is our support.
Combat5: Don’t ask stupid questions boy, fight!
Combat6: Now, this is just not fair.
Under_Fire1: You fools! Ever heard the rule about shooting medics?! *short break* Curses., it was for the messengers.
Under_Fire2: Curses! Sir! Enemy is aware of my presence and clearly pointing it out with their barrels!
Under_Fire3: Sir, could you kindly silence those guns or at least the legionaries to take the bullets?
Under_Fire4: Some fire freaking support would be welcomed.
Under_Fire5: Do you see me carrying a gun?!
Under_Fire6: Yeah right, big red cross like a bloody target on my back.
Damage1: Arrghh! Forced to taste my own medicine! Ahh.. much better.
Damage2: Doctor! We need a doctor here! Wait.. I'm a doctor.
Damage3: Praise the Emperor that I have painkillers with me!
Damage4: Oh crap, there goes my kit.
Damage5: Get your head down, I can’t sew that back on, you fool.
Damage6: Report it in, we have boogies in the sector.
Death1: Curses... Wrong.. do...se.
Death2: Arm! Where is my arm! My... arm... [Tone getting weaker due quick bloodloss]
Death3: Is that a taste of... iron...? *short break* Curses... [muttering to oneself]
Death4: Sir... All appointment... are canceled...
Death5: This is not what I had on mind.
Death6: It hurts bad man…
Death7: I cant feel my legs, or my arms…
Death8: Help others and you help yourself, yeah right…

Flag Bearer
Notes: Veteran granted one of most honourable duties, carrying the company's flag.
Unit_Complete1: Raising the flag, sir!
Unit_Complete2: Lets hope they aren't a fan of Flag-capturing.
Unit_Complete3: Thank you, sir!
Unit_Complete4: This honour... comes with the weight of a pole.
Unit_Complete5: This is more than I ever dreamed.
Unit_Complete6: Umm. Sir, are we about to crush them or preparing for the last stand?
Unit_Complete7: All stains are cleaned, sir!
Selection1: Protecting the flag with your own life is the greatest deed one can perform...
Selection2: ...and if you can tell the tale afterwards, you aren't doing the job right.
Selection3: You can trust me to stand in the line, even alone if needed.
Selection4: I wish my mom could see me now.
Selection5: Curious, what is the origin of our colours?
Selection6: Wait!? Snipers?! Nobody told anything about snipers!
Selection7: Unless dying for the flag wouldn't be such an honour, nobody would be doing it.
Move1: Looking forward to that!
Move2: Sir, yes. sir!
Move3: So be it. Flag will be there!
Move4: Nothing can stop me for reaching there.
Move5: Even to hell and back if I must, sir!
Move6: Flag will wave where it is needed the most, sir!
Move7: As you command, sir!
Attack1: Soften them up and prepare to strike!
Attack2: Men! Witness their mistake and learn!
Attack3: Make sure that one round of shots is enough for them!
Attack4: I will make sure they don't get out of this!
Attack5: Stop them before it is too late!
Attack6: Make sure they don't reach our lines!
Attack7: Spare no-one!
Capture1: Forming next rallying point, sir.
Capture2: This is a great spot, sir, it just needs some clearing.
Capture3: Any idea how hard it is to plant the flag, even for a symbolic moment, in this terrain?
Capped1: Umm thank you, sir, but don't praise me. The flag was actually just leaning there for the moment I was eating my rations.
Capped2: There will be no mistake who owns this location!
Capped3: Flag has raised, sir.
Join1: If there is anyone here who isn't ready to die to protect this flag, you are dismissed. Commissars will deal further protocols.
Join2: To make it clear, you either die protecting the flag or you face instant execute due to treason against the Imperium. Any questions?
Join3: Listen up! Protecting the flag is the greatest honour you will ever receive. It will be likely to be your last honour as well.
Detach1: Watch your mouth! You are lucky I'm not a commissar!
Detach2: Understood, sir, but who protects the flag until then?
Load_Transport1: Understood.
Load_Transport2: Driver, take me to the front.
Unload_Transport1: I'm out, sir.
Unload_Transport2: Where do you want me exactly, sir?
Morale_Break1: Save the flag!
Morale_Break2: Flag shall not fall in their hands!
Morale_Break3: Hold them back! I will secure the flag!
Morale_Restored1: Close one...
Morale_Restored2: Rough but at least the flag is saved.
Morale_Restored3: That was humiliating.
Charge1: Break their lines!
Charge2: In the Emperor's name, follow the flag to glory!
Charge3: Charge!
Jump_Teleport1: Flag will soon stand anywhere you want it.
Jump_Teleport2: As you say, sir.
Deepstrike1: Falling like a star, with the dust and flag rising out of it.. That is a dramatic entrance for my liking.
Deepstrike2: Ughhh... Sometimes poles are plain troublesome..
Ability1: Strike them down! They are no match for us!
Ability2: This is your moment of glory!
Ability3: Fight shoulder to shoulder, back to back and make sure that the last to fall is our flag!
Ability4: Turn your back and I shall shoot the first man leaving his post without permission!
Ability5: Nobody is leaving! If this will be our last stand, so it be!
Combat1: Form the ring! Protect the flag!
Combat2: Hands off from my flag!
Combat3: I would appreciate support, sir. Pole isn't the first choice of weapons.
Under_Fire1: How dare they shoot holes in our flag?!
Under_Fire2: Come closer if you dare!
Under_Fire3: This flag will not fall for their puny shooting...
Damage1: Support me... so I can stand up and show them... that our flag is yet to fall!
Damage2: Keep fighting! *cough cough* Flag is only blooded... *cough* not fallen.
Damage3: Help! I can't keep them from dishonoring our flag much longer!
Death1: Weird. I know I'm dying but the only thing I can feel is... taste of pancakes.
Death2: Can't... *cough cough* let banner... *cough* fall..
Death3: Ring! Form a ring! Protect the flag! Prot-
Death4: I have.. failed... Flag... has fallen.

Notes: Your typical zealot, one who has surrendered his soul and body long ago to the Imperial Creed and truths that it holds.
Unit_Complete1: Faith and only faith will redeem you!
Unit_Complete2: Speak up my sons and Emperor will listen.
Unit_Complete3: Let me illuminate your dark existence.
Unit_Complete4: Only true sinner recognizes true value of faith.
Unit_Complete5: Cast away your doubts, Emperor is ALL.
Unit_Complete6: Destroy infidels so their souls may know justice.
Unit_Complete7: Emperor will judge your souls, one way or the other.
Selection1: Yes Lord, what is your bidding?
Selection2: I understand Lord, it will be done.
Selection3: Faith will lead them Lord, don’t you worry about it.
Selection4: Emperor works in his own ways Colonel.
Selection5: No warrior of the Emperor is beyond salvation, but salvation is never one-sided.
Selection6: Rest assured warriors, God-Emperor watches over you!
Selection7: When the darkness is at its highest, THEN you faith must be strongest!!!
Move1: We move in way Emperor sees fit.
Move2: Where do you need me Lord?
Move3: To spread word of the Emperor is to live by his creed.
Move4: He shines our way.
Move5: Trust in the Emperor, and he will deliver your path to salvation.
Move6: Walk in the darkness and fear not, for you do Emperors bidding.
Move7: Emperor alone knows where are we going.
Attack1: They are affront to the Almighty Emperor!!!
Attack2: Slay the Heretic and feel no pity!!!
Attack3: Kill the Xeno where he stands for he deserves nothing else!
Attack4: Warriors of Mankind, war is your religion!!!
Attack5: Their existence is at an end!!!
Attack6: To let them live is to blasphemy against Emperor himself!
Attack7: End their existence for it is wretched and without faith.
Capture1: Our faith will keep it strong.
Capture2: Emperor provides for those who are faithful.
Capture3: It shall be a beacon of Emperor’s divinity.
Capped1: Glory to the Almighty Emperor that watches over us all!
Capped2: By the Throne above, we are in control.
Capped3: It is ours now and forever.
Join1: I shall inspire your spirit and steel your soul.
Join2: This War is Eternal and this war is Holy!!!
Join3: Embark upon a Crusade that will claim your bodies but cleanse your souls!
Detach1: Although I leave, faith shall remain with you.
Detach2: As long as you have faith, Emperor is with you.
Load_Transport1: We shall move with haste to do Emperors bidding.
Load_Transport2: Our transportation awaits to deliver us to our destiny.
Unload_Transport1: Our faith shall be tested here.
Unload_Transport2: We are at an end of one road and beginning of another.
Morale_Break1: My Lord, have I not served you faithfully.
Morale_Break2: My faith has been in vain!
Morale_Break3: Why have you left me Lord!!??!!
Morale_Restored1: I can feel blessings of the Throne return!
Morale_Restored2: If you believe you can not fail!!!
Morale_Restored3: They will not find our Faith wanting!
Charge1: Armor of Contempt will suffice, you need nothing more!!!
Charge2: Faith in your souls will guide your blades!!!
Charge3: Stand tall and believe in victory that is our destiny!
Jump_Teleport1: Emperor preserve me, what is this magic?
Jump_Teleport2: Are you sure about this Lord?
Deepstrike1: Oh, sweet Emperor, I live to do your bidding.
Deepstrike2: Work of the Imperator shall be done, no matter how.
Ability1: Feel the Wrath of Immortal Emperor!
Ability2: Your souls will burn in fires of His making!
Ability3: Nothing can save your worthless lives from gaze of the Emperor.
Ability4: Fear not and stand strong, brothers in faith!
Ability5: As long as we stay true, Emperor will provide.
Combat1: No mercy for those that renounce Divine Emperor!
Combat2: Redemption is written in blood of the enemy!!!
Combat3: Throne of Terra shall see us triumphant!!!
Under_Fire1: Enemy reveal themselves.
Under_Fire2: Our foes gather in the darkness.
Under_Fire3: Deeds of the enemy sentence them to death.
Damage1: Faithful are under attack!
Damage2: Fear not for our faith is strong!
Damage3: I will prevail for Emperor is with me!
Death1: Divine Emperor, your servant everlasting…
Death2: We die, but faith lives on forever…
Death3: This is just passing of the flesh my son…
Death4: At last, I shall stand at the Emperors side…

Afriel Strain Trooper
Notes: Result of shadowy experience to genetically create perfect soldier. While having superior qualities, they seems to cause animosity among other troops and possessing extremely bad luck.
Unit_Complete1: Read or Die? Actually that would be a pretty motivating name for a grenade-manual...
Unit_Complete2: I don't belong here! I was falsely accused!
Unit_Complete3: You just don't want me off the battlefields, do you?
Unit_Complete4: Szeesh! Since when are slowly queuing people sentenced to penal legions?
Unit_Complete5: Here we go again... *sigh* Good morning, sir.
Unit_Complete6: Kill one, and you are murderer; Do it with grace, and the Imperium will supply you with further slaying...
Unit_Complete7: You must believe me, sir, I shot them just because they tried to kill me first.
Selection1: Damn that "Stay a while and listen."! Should have guessed ignoring it would have me end up carving my curiosity! [mimicking Baldur's Gate's innkeeper's tone]
Selection2: I have a bad feeling about this, sir.
Selection3: Hey! Hands off from my personal gear!
Selection4: Watch your fingers! My bombs are not for you!
Selection5: I don't want to sound crude, sir, but...
Selection6: Szeech, sir, stop poking me.
Selection7: Things going according a plan, sir. Still alive.
Move1: Right on the track, sir.
Move2: Right away, sir!
Move3: Already running, sir!
Move4: This should be like a jog in the park!
Move5: So, no risk of ambushes at all? Thank you for the warning, sir!
Move6: I really need a hot bath once this is over... [muttered]
Move7: Getting new boots at the dawn of battle... Like serving in the penal legion wouldn't be punishment enough?
Attack1: Hahaa!
Attack2: They are going down like a stone!
Attack3: Food for the wrinkler!
Attack4: Cook them, boys!
Attack5: They will get to their ears... if they even have any.
Attack6: Their time is up!
Attack7: Seems that Pointer of Pain has selected its next victim!
Capture1: Curses! Rock in a boot... Wait a minute...
Capture2: I do understand the importance of that location, sir, but... Fine, sir.
Capture3: Stash to be plundered? You got it, sir!
Capped1: Sir... I guess I got your vegetables. [sounds seriously disappointed]
Capped2: Szeesh, sir, easy a bit. Situation is under control..
Capped3: *deep sigh* Yet another location captured, sir.
Join1: Castling.
Join2: Hey, watch your guns! We are on the same side here! [angry tone]
Join3: Oh great... what you are doing here?
Detach1: What?! It is not my fault if they get annoyed for nothing!
Detach2: Thank you, sir. I was about to lose my temper.
Load_Transport1: Borrowing a lift if you don't mind...
Load_Transport2: Hey! Wait for me!
Unload_Transport1: Curses... still on battlefield.
Unload_Transport2: Keep the engines going, boy, just in case.
Morale_Break1: Hold them - I will fetch help!
Morale_Break2: Curses! I'm out of there!
Morale_Break3: Too young to die!
Morale_Restored1: Aargh! This crap will get me killed!
Morale_Restored2: Umm. Nothing to see here!
Morale_Restored3: Seriously, sir, why is withdrawing treated as a negative manner?
Charge1: One Bloody Mary coming!
Charge2: Flee or die!
Charge3: For the Emperor!
Jump_Teleport1: Preparing for the twisting!
Jump_Teleport2: *sigh* That thing makes me feel sick.
Deepstrike1: Brace for impact!
Deepstrike2: *cough, cough, cough*
Ability1: Hah! Making them taste their own medicine!
Ability2: One well placed shot with extra charge should be enough to trigger their gear before they get a chance to use them!
Ability3: Aiming at me, eh? Well, keep following... Focus on me and ignore your friend who is about to walk between us... [muttering, thinking aloud tone]
Ability4: Hitting the ground, sir!
Ability5: I knew that cardboard box would prove useful!
Combat1: Hold them off so far, sir!
Combat2: Aargh! They are still hitting me again, sir!
Combat3: This evading gets in to my nerves, sir.
Under_Fire1: They are trying to suppress us, sir!
Under_Fire2: Enemy is returning fire!
Under_Fire3: Enemy has an aim on us, sir.
Damage1: I fear I just twisted my ankle, sir.
Damage2: Aaaargghh! My back!
Damage3: Seriously... how can that small wound bleed this much? [mixture surprised and unbelievable tone]
Death1: Umm, sir... Since when do we have sticky grenades? [Quite worried tone]
Death2: Sir.. This is my doom... No strength to move... *short pause* ...and my nose itching. [first part with given up -tone, last part as truly annoyed]
Death3: Ha! That didn't even... scratch... me... Damned. [Voice getting weak]
Death4: Wait! Where is my krak's cotte- *explosion*

Notes: Commissars are ruthless, effective men who do their job without hesitation. Hard like a rock, unmovable and unemotional, killer that plays by the rules. Cold, dead voice, except when he is charging or inspiring. Amongst legion of killers, idiots, psychopaths, convicts, he is one man that has no quilt at all. Intimidating enough even for hardcore scum of the Imperium and Imperial Guard.
Unit_Complete1: Attention! Inspection!
Unit_Complete2: Requesting Mission status, sir.
Unit_Complete3: Enforcing the discipline.
Unit_Complete4: Legionnaires... No wonder you needed extra aid down here, sir.
Unit_Complete5: Hopefully those sub-humans won't spread their taint all over the place already...
Unit_Complete6: Living for the example, executing for the order, and dying for the Emperor.
Unit_Complete7: Reporting in, sir.
Unit_Complete8: Yes sir, they will serve Emperor, or they will die.
Unit_Complete9: Dogs, I hope you understand that once in Penal Legion, your life is not yours anymore.
Unit_Complete10: I will execute you all as soon as this campaign is over.
Unit_Complete11: Good Emperor, you are sorry excuse for a Penal Legion.
Unit_Complete12: Oh, c’mon dogs, my trigger finger is itching.
Unit_Complete13: I am here, and I will teach you about discipline.
Unit_Complete14: Yes sir, worry not, nothing like a dead man to snap them back to reality.
Selection1: I guess most of those legionnaires are alive only because their execution would be waste of bolts.
Selection2: Bullet for a thought.
Selection3: It is not the legionnaires who I an concerned, sir, they are already convinced.
Selection4: I wish we would still have access to 2nd edition hand flamers.
Selection5: I sometimes miss my cadet years... Training squads had something.
Selection6: Sir, I'm afraid that we lack suitable troops for a quick breakthrough.
Selection7: Curses! Taint of those legionaries hides the taint of the rest.
Selection8: Commissar reporting for duty.
Selection9: And what do we have here, scum that seems to think is above the rules.
Selection10: No sir, they will not forget this lesson.
Selection11: What seems to be the problem.
Selection12: This better be good, I am a busy man.
Selection13: You are wasting time of a Imperial Commissar, so this better be worth it.
Selection14: Lord, edicts of the Emperor will be respected or punishment will be enacted.
Move1: Moving to the position. Your turn.
Move2: Threatened, eh?
Move3: Check? Lets see.. Ah! Moving!
Move4: With exceptional haste, sir!
Move5: Order received, sir.
Move6: Interesting move... Didn't expect that one.
Move7: Ready for the following move, sir.
Move8: Out of my way you cowering dogs.
Move9: This way lies service to God-Emperor, that way lies bullet in the head!
Move10: Faster you imbeciles or you will be worm food.
Move11: To serve the Emperor is to have enemies, to serve him not, is to BE AN ENEMY.
Move12: I want you to understand this, and understand it good. Your life is mine until you die vermin.
Move13: Don’t make me regret for not shooting you on sight.
Move14: They say you are tough bastards…we will see that.
Attack1: They will die...
Attack2: Victory is written with their blood.
Attack3: Be nice and don't force me to waste extra bullets on you!
Attack4: Soften them up for a charge!
Attack5: Understood, sir. Those will be... eliminated.
Attack6: Threats will be dealt.
Attack7: Remember! The only way for you to live is to kill them!
Attack8: Take them down, fast and hard.
Attack9: Emperor forgives those who die in His name!!!
Attack10: Their blood is your way out of this hell!
Attack11: Kill them and redeem yourself in eyes of your Lord!!!
Attack12: Pain and suffering of the enemy earn you freedom!!!
Attack13: You may rise only if they fall!!!
Attack14: Do not hesitate, enemy will not and neither will I.
Capture1: Attention! If I get disrupted, I'll keep you responsible for failing your duty.
Capture2: Hmm. Seems like securing this location would be vital for the match.
Capture3: We will capture it, sir!
Capture4: Take it you dogs; it’s worth more than each and every one of you.
Capture5: Take it, not for yourselves but for the Immortal Emperor.
Capture6: Capture it and deny it to the enemy.
Capped1: Checkmate!
Capped2: We are making progress, sir.
Capped3: Gaining more foothold, sir.
Capped4: Good job misfits, there is still chance for you…chance in hell.
Capped5: You took it; you will keep it for His most glorious Majesty.
Capped6: One more point in Imperial hands.
Join1: ...and remember, if we don't progress as planned, I will see you guilty for cowardice.
Join2: Accidents don't just happen, they are a result of being sloppy; and being sloppy means that you aren't doing your best which is failing in duty. And we all know that is treason against the Emperor. Am I clear?
Join3: I believe you already know what happens if you fail the orders you have so I don't need to repeat them.
Join4: You know who I am, you know what I can do. That’s enough.
Join5: You have your duty, do it, and spare my ammunition.
Join6: May Emperor help you if you get in my crosshair.
Detach1: Do your duty in my absence as I don't wish to return and remind you.
Detach2: Leaving pawns behind, sir.
Detach3: Until next execution girls.
Detach4: I will still be near enough to spill your brain, keep that in mind.
Load_Transport1: I will get there as quickly I can.
Load_Transport2: Rapid re-deployment? Understood, sir. I do my best.
Load_Transport3: In you go, and thanks the stars above for this small favor.
Load_Transport4: Emperor smiles upon us all, even scum it seams.
Unload_Transport1: There is no time to waste!
Unload_Transport2: I'm here, sir. What next?
Unload_Transport3: Out you dirty dogs, out and earn your redemption.
Unload_Transport4: Move, move!!!You are useless in here.
Morale_Break1: Pray that was an order to perform a quick withdraw.
Morale_Break2: Fall back! Fall back!
Morale_Break3: Report overwhelming enemy presence!
Morale_Break4: Emperor damn you all!!!
Morale_Break5: This will not be the end of meeee!!!
Morale_Break6: Last Chancers…no wonder we’re knee deep in shit.
Morale_Restored1: Enemy advance halted.
Morale_Restored2: Hold the line!
Morale_Restored3: Restoring the order, sir.
Morale_Restored4: Get some bloody backbone you cowards and return fire!!!
Morale_Restored5: Well it seems that you all have earned a pair of balls for not crying to hard.
Morale_Restored6: Form a line and retaliate, Warp take your imbecilic souls!!!
Charge1: Trample their lines!
Charge2: Push them back!
Charge3: Let non survive!
Charge5: Stop not until they lay dead and dying at your feet!!!
Charge6: DOGS!!!This is your moment!!!
Jump_Teleport1: Getting on-board.
Jump_Teleport2: Requesting time to clean up. Can't act as an example or upkeep discipline with stubble.
Jump_Teleport3: Let’s get this show under way.
Jump_Teleport4: And what happened to all Valkyrie Dropships? (voice needs to be of a man uncomfortable using this method of travel)
Deepstrike1: Back in the game.
Deepstrike2: Contact re-established, sir.
Deepstrike3: Plunge you bastards, plunge into Hell!!!
Deepstrike4: Do this fast or you will be spread over area of several square kilometers.
Ability1: Do your job - I'll distract them!
Ability2: I give you thirty seconds to do your magic.
Ability3: I shall draw their attention, sir!
Ability4: Anyone else with alternative opinions?
Ability5: I hope I make myself clear enough or do I need to repeat?
Ability6: No enemy can hide from the Wrath of the Emperor.
Ability7: Your death is will of the Emperor, scum.
Ability8: Keep your curses and gods, Emperor will judge you soon enough.
Ability9: Emperor protects those who trust in Him and in themselves.
Ability10: There is no place for fear here, only faith and duty.
Combat1: Still in the sword-point, sir!
Combat2: Experiencing stronger resistance than expected, sir!
Combat3: Enemy is stubbornly holding their ground, sir.
Combat4: We will prevail and we will do it here!
Combat5: Fight, fight…like dogs that you are!!!
Combat6: Let them fall before us!!!
Under_Fire1: Enemy seems to have enough firepower to go after individual targets, sir.
Under_Fire2: Reporting enemy shooting, sir.
Under_Fire3: Enemy is getting a bit too close with their accuracy, sir.
Under_Fire4: Enemy fire coming down, twelve o’clock.
Under_Fire5: It’s raining bullets and bolts today!
Under_Fire6: Blood of the Emperor, it’s a whole regiment up there.
Damage1: Damned! I'm bleeding!
Damage2: Beaten but undefeated, sir.
Damage3: I won't die until the last drop falls~! [sang with tune of Sonata Arctica's Last Drop Falls]
Damage4: Taking fire and in need of assistance, immediately.
Damage5: We need reinforcements, NOW!!!
Damage6: Hug the ground, bastards are all over!
Death1: Sir I fear I have... bleed one drop too much...
Death2: Heh... You have... barely repelled a wave... mere herald of upcoming surge! [initially sarcastic tone turning to zealous threat]
Death3: *painful cry and groan cut short*
Death4: Can't... breath...
Death5: Forward, one more charge!!!
Death6: Emperor, forgive me…
Death7: Duty is my faith…
Death8: Death, my friend, I have been expecting you…

Demolitions Expert (Oynas Trost)
Notes: Former agent of Officio Sabotorum; Explosives and poisons first and last; direct contact is synonym failed operation.
Unit_Complete1: So we meet again.
Unit_Complete2: No, sir, there will be no more accidents this time, I promise.
Unit_Complete3: I never thought I would be happy to see you, sir. I was right.
Unit_Complete4: And I thought I already got away from this all.
Unit_Complete5: Situation doesn't look too good. No wonder you wanted me back.
Unit_Complete6: Spit it - what do you want this time?
Unit_Complete7: We know each other, sir, so you can skip the introduction and get to the point.
Selection1: So, what have you been up to this time?
Selection2: When you hear me counting to three, you had better be already running.
Selection3: Each structure has a weak point. Me.
Selection4: Stop reminding me about that poison-accident, will you?
Selection5: As I said, It was an accident!
Selection6: You don't want me to blow our cover, do you?
Selection7: One... two... five!
Move1: If you want me to stay unseen, tell the rest to stay at home.
Move2: Yeah, yeah, I will be there.
Move3: Should I run?
Move4: Lets check what we can do...
Move5: Just taking the shortcut, sir.
Move6: Better to get the job done quick.
Move7: That's all? Shouldn't we be pulling out some serious stunts like last time?
Attack1: Lets hope you enjoy my fireworks.
Attack2: Like a fishing...
Attack3: Turning their holes into the bigger one, sir.
Attack4: Watch them fly!
Attack5: Another obstacles on the way to be erased?
Attack6: I still prefer staying unseen. Much more familiar.
Attack7: Delay the blast or not to delay, that is the question...
Capture1: I will clear that area from... problems.
Capture2: Deactivating... that should be easy.
Capture3: Trapped, eh?
Capped1: Area cleared.
Capped2: No more nasty surprises!
Capped3: That was easy. Way too easy...
Join1: Remember, not a single lho-stick when I'm around. [pronounced "low stick"]
Join2: For your own safety, let me keep my own space.
Join3: Going with them? You must be kidding me, sir.
Detach1: You are just about to give me my real mission, aren't you?
Detach2: Can we now get down to the real business?
Load_Transport1: I hope you have some supplies there waiting for me.
Load_Transport2: How can this be 'low profile'?
Unload_Transport1: Heh. I would be careful when stepping in there.
Unload_Transport2: I could turn that one into one big moving satchel charge if you want..
Morale_Break1: Three!
Morale_Break2: I have failed...
Morale_Break3: This will look bad if those don't go off soon... [muttering tone]
Morale_Restored1: Back in the day, this operation would have been counted as failed already.
Morale_Restored2: I must have become a bit rusty.
Morale_Restored3: Sir, I want to report some second-grade equipment. Those almost cost me my life.
Charge1: You really want me killed?
Charge2: You better have a good plan to support this, sir.
Charge3: Was this planned for me to take part in the "most hazardous action" competition or something?
Jump_Teleport1: This is more my style.
Jump_Teleport2: Warp. Twisted.. but effective
Deepstrike1: Curses! This is off the spot, isn't it?
Deepstrike2: Almost like riding on the blast wave!
Ability1: Lets see what they say once I press the button.
Ability2: That will not cause any trouble once I'm done.
Ability3: Setting up a surprise, sir...
Ability4: Let them come...
Ability5: Pursuing me would be a mistake although it would save them from more of the same in the future.
Combat1: I need to disengage!
Combat2: Sir, may I remind you that I'm not used to a fair fight!
Combat3: You are better to send someone else to deal with them in melee, sir, as I won't hold them for long!
Under_Fire1: Thank you. Getting shot is just what I needed. [sarcastic tone]
Under_Fire2: Didn't I tell you not to mind me?
Under_Fire3: I can't work in all this shooting, sir.
Damage1: They almost got me, sir!
Damage2: Sir, I'm a dead man if this bleeding won't stop.
Damage3: I'm in deep trouble, sir!
Death1: *psychotic laughter* *explosion*
Death2: Heh... Dying like this... How anti-climatic...
Death3: Don't worry about me, sir... I still have... one surprise left for them.
Death4: Don't press that but-! *explosion*

Command Squad Leader
Notes: The Master Warden/Director manages all the other wardens out on the field. He’s been through a lot of violence and comes off as quite cold and callous. He’s willing to throw as many men as it takes to get the objective done, and this may even include other lesser wardens.
Unit_Complete1: I am the director. Orders?
Unit_Complete2: Master Warden on the field, what are your orders?
Unit_Complete3: Master Warden deployed.
Unit_Complete4: Director deployed.
Unit_Complete5: The power of countless lives are ready to do your bidding.
Unit_Complete6: Master Warden ready for orders.
Unit_Complete7: I am ready to lead.
Selection1: There is no shortage of scum in the Imperium.
Selection2: A man who has nothing can still offer his life.
Selection3: What is the objective? How many (men) do you need?
Selection4: Quantity is a quality unto itself.
Selection5: One death is an occurrence. A million deaths is a statistic.
Selection6: Losses are acceptable, failure not.
Selection7: Only through victory may redemption be brought to the legionnaires.
Move1: Squad, to me!
Move2: Squad, move out!
Move3: Command squad deploying.
Move4: Orders received, follow me!
Move5: If you do not keep pace with me, I’ll have you clear minefields!
Move6: Command squad, displace!
Move7: Forward!
Attack1: You want redemption? KILL THEM!
Attack2: Command squad, assault formation!
Attack3: All legionnaires, form lines and advance!
Attack4: Drown them with blood, cover them with bodies!
Attack5: Their ammunition are limited, but we are without number.
Attack6: Make then pay with their lives!
Attack7: At the ready….CHARGE!
Capture1: As many men as it takes, get it!
Capture2: Capture order received, going.
Capture3: Moving to the point.
Capped1: The point is ours!
Capped2: This point was worth the cheap price.
Capped3: Point taken.
Join1: You will shield me with your bodies.
Join2: Penal squad, follow your orders and do the Emperor’s work.
Join3: Attaching to squad.
Detach1: Penal squad, continue your orders until death.
Detach2: Yes, detaching now.
Load_Transport1: Embarking on transport.
Load_Transport2: Driver, move to this location.
Unload_Transport1: Exiting transport.
Unload_Transport2: Back on foot.
Morale_Break1: I must withdraw, the rest of you, cover me!
Morale_Break2: Tactical retreat!
Morale_Break3: Command squad, provide covering fire and withdraw!
Morale_Restored1: Command squad, regroup and advance!
Morale_Restored2: I believe it is safe to advance once more.
Morale_Restored3: Redeem yourselves for this competence!
Charge1: For redemption!
Charge2: For the Imperium and the Emperor!
Charge3: Ignore all danger! CHARGE!
Jump_Teleport1: Rapid deployment initiated.
Jump_Teleport2: Rapid relocating.
Deepstrike1: Rapid deployment initiated.
Deepstrike2: Rapid relocating.
Ability1: Did you expect me to fight incompetently? HA!
Ability2: -evil manner- I shall show you what I learned as Master Warden.
Ability3: Die. Now.
Ability4: Rally now or lose redemption forever!
Ability5: Flee and I’ll detonate your collars!
Combat1: Huuraaaaagh!
Combat2: A few simple tricks is all I need!
Combat3: Bah! You are unworthy of facing me!
Under_Fire1: Squad, shield me!
Under_Fire2: Return fire!
Under_Fire3: Where are the legionnaires?!
Damage1: Body armor is still intact…
Damage2: Huurrrk!
Damage3: They cannot prevail!
Death1: Who will…take my place?
Death2: Emperor forgive me….
Death3: Squad….avenge meeeee….urgh.
Death4: ARGH

Lieutenant Kage
Notes: Serial killer, murderer and most likely finest example of psychopath. Has earned his freedom at least once yet got back once returning old habits. Kage is sentenced to 13th legion at least twice for murder. He is a walking killing machine and an expert for staying alive.
Unit_Complete1: Hmph. Back here once again...
Unit_Complete2: Tell Schaeffer that I'm back to do his dirty work...
Unit_Complete3: Did you miss me?
Unit_Complete4: So, what is the colonel up to this time?
Unit_Complete5: Hey, should I gear myself for assassination or maybe for sabotage?
Unit_Complete6: I guess I'm not dead yet...
Unit_Complete7: Curse you, Schaeffer! How did you manage to catch me this time?
Selection1: When I say I need something, you are better to give it to me or I"ll take it from your dead body.
Selection2: Joking aside. Decide, it is probably Shiv, not me, who has murdered most while off-duty.
Selection3: Maybe I shot her, maybe strangled... Sorry, can't recall everyone.
Selection4: Bloody shower curtains...? Ah, now I remember her.
Selection5: Cheer up! If I wouldn't had stabbed her, you would have been bored to death.
Selection6: Heroes are just murderers with permission to kill.
Selection7: No touching! I could have stabbed you in return. ...and maybe I still will.
Move1: What? Isn't our mission important enough to provide us transportation?
Move2: Fine fine... [annoyed tone]
Move3: This better be important.
Move4: Just looking around, nothing else...
Move5: Good that we both agree about this.
Move6: Splendid!
Move7: Aye, sir!
Attack1: Die! Die or die trying!
Attack2: Listen to them, wounded and dying, what beautiful sound they make.
Attack3: Ready to look at the bright side of death? ['ready' all in tone of Monty Python's "Looking for bright side of life"]
Attack4: With pleasure..
Attack5: Do you want them dead or just dying?
Attack6: Silence of Sentries.
Attack7: This will end messy.
Capture1: I hope you know what you are doing...
Capture2: Sabotaging!
Capture3: This isn't my real mission, is it?
Capped1: Well, sir, enemy will not move past this point without taking a break..
Capped2: *deep sigh* Can I go now?
Capped3: Less kneeling, more killing!
Join1: Do you know how easily the neck can break? No? Well, I can show you...
Join2: Colonel, do you truly think these... men are enough?
Join3: Thief, coward, cheater... where are the real killers?
Detach1: One moment more and I would make them stay silent permanently.
Detach2: Poor lads... they will all die.
Load_Transport1: Now we are getting to the real point.
Load_Transport2: As I thought, the real job is just about to begin.
Unload_Transport1: Why does our ride always end up unpleasantly?
Unload_Transport2: I really hope we got far enough.
Morale_Break1: Emperor needs me alive!
Morale_Break2: Dying like that would be just stupid.
Morale_Break3: I know when it is a good time to run... and it is now!
Morale_Restored1: Curses! Now we need to start this from the beginning..
Morale_Restored2: That didn't worked... time for plan B.
Morale_Restored3: Fleeing far enough to get away but short enough not to be executed is a form of art.
Charge1: Now I get you!
Charge2: For the Emperor!
Charge3: Run and I stab you in the back!
Jump_Teleport1: Ach! Lets go then.
Jump_Teleport2: I hate this.
Deepstrike1: One shot... better to hit the spot.
Deepstrike2: No time for sightseeing.
Ability1: You must die because I'm to survive.
Ability2: Humor me and die!
Ability3: Hurry, hurry, hurry! [Mad deep tone with grin in tone; meant for enemy fleeing in panic]
Ability4: I'm not going to fall that easily!
Ability5: Getting dirty!
Combat1: Ha! At least! They are putting up a fight!
Combat2: You can always turn your backs if you don't want to be stabbed in the face!
Combat3: Die! Your place is among the dead!
Under_Fire1: Curses! Who told them that I'm here?
Under_Fire2: Curses! How those damned should-already-be-dead-enemies are still able to shoot!?
Under_Fire3: Suppressed!
Damage1: Bleed, bleeding, bleed, bleed!
Damage2: Good hit.. Too bad I have to kill you for that!
Damage3: Ouch! *sound of spitting* And that is as far as your luck can ever take you!
Death1: Finally... my redemption is granted... for sure.
Death2: What would kill the evil... except evil itself? *laugh that ends up coughing* ..not good. [started with tone of irony, after couching tone is really worried]
Death3: Tell... tell him his plan failed...
Death4: Struggling... with daemon... within...

Colonel Schaeffer
Notes: Commander of 13th penal legion, (in)famous for offering criminals 'last chance' to redeem by sending them to suicide missions. Has Inquisition's FULL support. Cold, calculated voice, never but never out of control, hard as rock and stern. Colonel should sound like, well this will maybe sound a bit strange, but like Batman =D. I mean you know how Bats like, cold, when he speaks all other shut up and even though he never yells, his normal voice is sufficient enough to get the message through.
Unit_Complete1: I told you that I don't die that easily.
Unit_Complete2: It takes more than that to kill me.
Unit_Complete3: Body reconstruction finished.
Unit_Complete4: That was nothing. Being crushed by a tank was much worse.
Unit_Complete5: Death will not stop me from finishing my duties.
Unit_Complete6: I have lived and died more than you ever will.
Unit_Complete7: So... What have I missed?
Unit_Complete8: You are just my kind of scum.
Unit_Complete9: Emperor help you if you go against me.
Unit_Complete10: This looks like right mission for the Chancers.
Unit_Complete11: I will give you one Last Chance, and nothing more.
Unit_Complete12: Disobey me, and I will kill you myself.
Unit_Complete13: Even Emperor sometimes smiles upon the wicked.
Unit_Complete14: Chancers, you belong to me and the Emperor. Your flesh is mine, your souls are His.
Selection1: They all are expected to die and they know it.
Selection2: I have the worst of the Imperium at my disposal..
Selection3: Most cunning, merciless and cold-blooded opportunists..
Selection4: Men and women without conscience or ability to regret..
Selection5: And yet their will to live drives them..
Selection6: They are sent to perform the impossible and they do it in hopes of redemption.
Selection7: The enemy has no idea what they are facing. And I wouldn't want to be in their place.
Selection8: I understand sir. It will be done.
Selection9: You know my record, you know I have not failed yet.
Selection10: How may I serve the Emperor?
Selection11: Conserve your troops Lord, my Chancers will make it happen.
Selection12: I serve the Emperor, and this scum will serve him too.
Selection13: You are here because you were weak, and they tell me I can rectify that.
Selection14: You leave my Chancers with a pardon or in a body bag.
Move1: Thrust forward!
Move2: Follow me!
Move3: Follow my lead!
Move4: After me!
Move5: I really need new boots..
Move6: Going to check that myself.
Move7: Keep moving...
Move8: No APC for you worms…you crawl to the front.
Move9: Get moving and try to act like soldiers.
Move10: Emperor have mercy on the fool who thinks of arguing with my orders.
Move11: Move idiots, before you become dead idiots.
Move12: Approaching point 334, should be on target in ETA 15 minutes.
Move13: I have heard Tyranid Warriors moving quieter than you imbeciles. [pronounced "Tear-ra-nid"]
Move14: Follow me and do shut up.
Attack1: Those half-qualified sentries are nothing for me.
Attack2: They shall perish like burning paper-dolls.
Attack3: I don't care who they are - they have gone against the Emperor thus they shall perish.
Attack4: *sigh* Already here?
Attack5: Those should be just a minor delay.
Attack6: Bad choice to show up here...
Attack7: They won't stand a chance...
Attack8: Redeem yourself now for there might not be another chance.
Attack9: Now Chancers, for Emperor and your miserable lives.
Attack10: You kill them or they kill you, it’s that simple.
Attack11: Return fire, so they at least now that you exist.
Attack12: Your souls are worth more than your flesh, so your deaths are acceptable.
Attack13: Flank them and flush them out, if you know what I’m talking about.
Attack14: You will all die in the Emperors name, if they don’t die first.
Capture1: Hmph. Guess this could serve our purpose.
Capture2: Hold! This is important!
Capture3: Pray the Emperor that this doesn't turn out as a waste of time...
Capture4: Get it up and do it fast.
Capture5: Take it now and hold it with your lives.
Capture6: Emperor watches and so do I.
Capped1: Finally! Pray the Emperor that this is enough to turn the tide...
Capped2: Ha! There it goes!
Capped3: Move on! We have already wasted enough time here...
Capped4: Good work scum, you even might survive this.
Capped5: Excellent. HQ point is under our control.
Capped6: Get up retards, this was just the beginning.
Join1: Attention! I'm Colonel Schaeffer and I'm here personally to keep an eye on you.
Join2: Listen up! You have now three options: perform miracles, die trying or be executed due to lack of attempt.
Join3: Status report!
Join4: Well, aren’t you luckiest squad there is. (heavy sarcasm)
Join5: You are under my command now, do try your best.
Join6: Have no illusions about this. You are mine to make or to break.
Detach1: Remember, fate of this system hangs upon success of your mission.
Detach2: This is your chance to prove your worth. Don't fail me as failing me you fail the Emperor!
Detach3: I know that your sorrow can not be told in words.
Detach4: Do not fuck up, I will be watching.
Load_Transport1: No time to waste!
Load_Transport2: We need to be there! Now!
Load_Transport3: Get in fuckups, this APC has more worthy soldiers to carry than you.
Load_Transport4: Move in and don’t get used to it.
Unload_Transport1: Barely in time!
Unload_Transport2: Get ready! The real show is just about to begin!
Unload_Transport3: Get out girls, happy times are over.
Unload_Transport4: Chancers, disembark and take positions.
Morale_Break1: Get out of here! Now!
Morale_Break2: Fall back, fall back!
Morale_Break3: Retreat and regroup!
Morale_Break4: Emperor above, I have failed.
Morale_Break5: There is no place at the Emperors side for the likes of me.
Morale_Break6: I have grown arrogant and now, I pay for my folly.
Morale_Restored1: Finally lost them!
Morale_Restored2: You need to time your actions more accurately if you are going to survive!
Morale_Restored3: You fools! You had your orders and ruining the mission isn't one of them!
Morale_Restored4: Emperor watches over us.
Morale_Restored5: By the Throne, there is hope still.
Morale_Restored6: Emperors work awaits and we shall see it done.
Charge1: For the Emperor!
Charge2: Run or die!
Charge3: Time to prove yourself!
Charge4: Now Chancers, now is time for killing.
Charge5: Strike you dogs, and do Emperors bidding.
Charge6: Tear them apart and do it in His most Holy name.
Jump_Teleport1: I should be there already!
Jump_Teleport2: Get me into my position!
Jump_Teleport3: Get ready, were landing right in the middle of it.
Jump_Teleport4: Chancers, this is your one way ticket to hell.
Deepstrike1: Operation starts now!
Deepstrike2: Get ready! This will turn ugly... now!
Deepstrike3: Get ready, were on in ten.
Deepstrike4: Oh, I wonder how will you live through this? (mockery and sarcasm)
Ability1: Do I have to do everything by myself?
Ability2: I forgot to produce my pistol but here is my rapier~ [sung with tune of Whiskey in the Jar]
Ability3: Any last words?
Ability4: Attention! Anyone who leaves their spot will be executed on sight!
Ability5: Keep fighting! Your duty isn't done yet!
Ability6: You worthless scum, only your death will have some value.
Ability7: I serve the Emperor and in His name I take your lives.
Ability8: They will rue the day when they laid their eyes upon us.
Ability9: While you are with me failure is not an option.
Ability10: Trust in the Emperor and He will provide.
Combat1: You don't have a chance against me!
Combat2: I give people their last chance... and this is yours! Run while you still can!
Combat3: I have faced beings more cruel than you and triumphed over them!
Combat4: Kill them where they stand!!!
Combat5: Take no prisoners, show no mercy!
Combat6: For Throne of Terra they all die!
Under_Fire1: Send troops in! This is an order!
Under_Fire2: Now is a good moment to do something about your redeeming!
Under_Fire3: Volunteers to take down the enemy firebase?
Under_Fire4: Stay down and out of sight.
Under_Fire5: HQ, heavy enemy presence at point 265
Under_Fire6: Get your asses around them and take them out.
Damage1: You have to do better than that to stop me!
Damage2: That is just a flesh wound!
Damage3: You are going to pay from that!
Damage4: Under fire and getting a bit angry.
Damage5: Team 2, take out that fire position.
Damage6: Taking heavy fire.
Death1: *deep breath* Can't... drop... *deep breath* not yet...
Death2: Ha! Losing a limb hasn't killed me before! Take me to HQ... now!
Death3: *cough* I died... *cough cough* once... more..
Death4: Pass me that lho-stick, will you... *deep breath* That is an order. [pretty weak but friendly tone] [pronounced "low stick"]
Death5: I die now and my mission is complete.
Death6: Fight on…
Death7: I wander will they patch me up again?
Death8: No retreat damn you…


Note: Sentinels are walkers used to scouting and reconnaissance by Imperial Forces. Even heavier sentinels are light to compared dreadnoughts.
Unit_Complete1: Going after some escapees or maybe some real action this time?
Unit_Complete2: Let them run... Let them hide... We will catch them, sir, we will catch them for sure.
Unit_Complete3: I am now authorized to use physical force? Thank you, sir!
Unit_Complete4: For who are we preparing this surprise welcome party, sir?
Unit_Complete5: Real AT-quality would be nice, no modifications needed regardless the location.
Unit_Complete6: Your chicken walker's cockpit is now in operative condition, sir.
Unit_Complete7: No lifter duties this time? Thank you, sir!
Selection1: New targets available, sir?
Selection2: 902-DE? Pardon me, sir, but what's that supposed to mean?
Selection3: Don't worry sir. I'm not falling for that 'knock the hatchet trick', sir.
Selection4: I signed up to command for some serious metal gear with warheads and all I got is this lousy sentinel.
Selection5: This is annoying, sir. Not only do I look out for enemies but I'm herding those legionnaires as well.
Selection6: Strict orders will kill benefits of surprise, sir.
Selection7: Tell me where I may strike and it is good as done, sir.
Move1: At least some action!
Move2: Immediately, sir!
Move3: With utmost haste, sir!
Move4: But did I just come from there? Oh well, order is order.
Move5: Engine to maximum speed!
Move6: A side topic, sir. Why are we using smoking engines in scout vehicles while those power armours can utilize a smokeless energy source?
Move7: Thank you sir! Anywhere but here is perfectly fine to me!
Attack1: Prey located.
Attack2: Trying just to leaf-blow some trashes away, sir.
Attack3: Hahaha! Die! Vaporize! Burn! Die some more!
Attack4: I'm going to get you, fool! You and your little cowardly boss!
Attack5: Nobody is calling me that!
Attack6: Putting those little princesses back to sleep, sir, permanently.
Attack7: Not letting them escape, sir!
Charge1: Dancing on their toes!
Charge2: Lets see who is big now!
Charge3: I planned simply to walk over them, sir.
Ability1: I'm going to make them an offer they can't refuse, sir.
Ability2: There is nothing around here who could stop me for getting them, sir.
Ability3: Now you may wonder if I'm out of ammo or not... Well... I, D, F, A!
Ability4: Time for the chicken dance!
Ability5: Get cover, get cover... Trying but it isn't that easy with a walker!
Combat1: Go away, make my day!
Combat2: So unfair! We need sentinels that can kick like that blond, sun-glassed red-shirt!
Combat3: Kicking odd-balls, sir. Friendly company would be pleasant, sir.
Death1: They got my legs! They got my legs!
Death2: Hahaha! Die! Vam- *explosion*
Death3: I'm done, sir, I'm dooooooon- *saying turns to scream of falling person*
Death4: Goodbye, sir. I fear they g- *explosion*

Notes: Armoured Personnel Carrier with good mobility and reasonable firepower. There should be two voice actors in this one: One for "Command-boy", formal commander of tank with all the lines with "sir" while much more independent, strong-willed woman (with possible criminal background) as a driver, having all lines without "sir"
Unit_Complete1: Sir, your ride has arrived.
Unit_Complete2: Oh, don't worry boss, it took a whole armoured platoon to catch me in the first place.
Unit_Complete3: Not a Valkyrie but close enough for me..
Unit_Complete4: Chimera ready, boss! So what is needed to be smuggled... I mean relocated?
Unit_Complete5: I got chimera! Now lets get out of... here. *pause* This isn't going to end well, is it? [First eager and full of energy for successful escape, then realizes situation and ending up with tone when one realizes big mistake]
Unit_Complete6: I'm not driving anywhere, boss, until I can be sure that I don't get any dust man duties.
Unit_Complete7: Your requested chimera is here, sir.
Selection1: No collar allowed! I'm not going to clean up the mess they make!
Selection2: If I want my trunk to be messed up, I don't need those rats to do that!
Selection3: May I remind you, sir, that this one used to be a mobile command center, not prison train.
Selection4: Chauffeur for lords themselves... *sound of spitting* Baby-sitting bunch of inept liars and cowards more likely.
Selection5: I'm going to need a drink.
Selection6: My driver is driving me crazy, sir.
Selection7: Hey, command-boy, tell the boss that the chimera for legionaries is just a waste of time!
Move1: Driving like crazy, boss!
Move2: If you wanted a peaceful tour in the country-side, you got in with the wrong driver, boss!
Move3: Here we go, boss!
Move4: Sir, I would appreciate if next time I could get a driver that would wait for my orders...
Move5: Trying to close the distance, sir.
Move6: I fear this vehicle is out of my command, sir!
Move7: Yes, sir, I'll do my best to get there, sir.
Attack1: Getting to a good position and opening fire, sir!
Attack2: Barrels hot, boys!
Attack3: Trying to pin them down, sir!
Attack4: Round on my tap, boys!
Attack5: Curse you all! I didn't gave order to sho- Oh, so it was you, sir. Sorry, sir.
Attack6: Understood, Sir. May I still note that I command an APC and not a Russ, sir?
Attack7: Boys... remember get bigger guns next time as this may take a while...
Charge1: Don't worry, boss, they'll give a road or become part of it!
Charge2: Ooops! [Made sound truly intended 'accident']
Charge3: For the sake of the Emperor, no! sir! My driver is mad!
Ability1: Let me show you how to shoot...
Ability2: Hey command-boy! Be useful for once and shoot with that other gun!
Ability3: Sir... I really don't know if I should be proud or afraid of my crew.
Ability4: Watch your seats, boys!
Ability5: Boss, I think we have better stuff to do than being target practice...
Combat1: Sir! Help! They are ribbing our tank to pieces! [panicked tone]
Combat2: I don't care what the boss said, I'm not staying here and take that beating!
Combat3: Do I need to fix the whole engine before I can stop being a pinata?! [Angry and frustrated]
Death1: You know, Command-boy, you will be toast if you stay...
Death2: Sir! Help! I don't want to die! [panicked, tearful cry]
Death3: Final stop! Get out! Now!
Death4: Bad news, sir. My crew turned out as esca- *sound of strong explosion*

Notes: Fast light tank with literally potent firepower.
Unit_Complete1: Flaming mere walls? Ha! Amateurs!
Unit_Complete2: Sir, leave the flaming for the experts.
Unit_Complete3: I hope this time we got the right filling... Even though that soup served up a good distraction.
Unit_Complete4: Cool. Didn't know that these tanks came with an "In Flames" manual. Too bad the first part of the topic is too burnt to read.
Unit_Complete5: So, who was complaining about cold food?
Unit_Complete6: Sir, can you next time tell those half-robots of Mars to stay away from our modifications so we can take part in the battle in a timely order?
Unit_Complete7: Those techpriests aren't anything but trouble... No, sir! I told them that the hellhound is ready to serve, sir!
Selection1: *deep sigh* It is "hellhound", not "help found".
Selection2: Shall we try to light their spirits, sir?
Selection3: What are these trolls, sir? *pause* I don't know either, sir, but this manual says that flames will negate their regeneration.
Selection4: Squigs, sir. *pause* Understood, sir. No feeding the trolls, sir.
Selection5: Sir, if we hear the legionaries complaining again about the cold, are we allowed to share some warmth among them?
Selection6: Let them come in droves, sir, we can handle them for sure.
Selection7: If those legionaries shall be truly forgiven, the Emperor will protect them from his purifying flames as well.
Move1: And... action!
Move2: Yes, sir. Of course sir.
Move3: I will be disappointed if we don't manage to light even a small fire on this trip.
Move4: Full speed ahead! No reason to let them shiver in the cold!
Move5: Sorry sir. I was pretty sure we was already there, sir.
Move6: No offense, sir, but I have a bad feeling about this direction.
Move7: Just burn anything that may look like a spot for an ambush.
Attack1: Feeling the temperature rising? No? Well let me help...
Attack2: Burn that filth off this planet!
Attack3: Just keep flaming - they will choke to death if nothing else.
Attack4: Coat them with promethium!
Attack5: Paint them with bright and heat!
Attack6: Light them like torches!
Attack7: Make them pray for a quick death... and cry in pain.
Charge1: Keep driving, keep burning!
Charge2: Those fools will not stop us!
Charge3: I told you what to do so get on with it!
Ability1: Trick F-451! Make them burn like paper!
Ability2: It is a good time to test our new modifications!
Ability3: Open the taps! Double feed! Make the world burn!
Ability4: Fire support, eh? Heh. Lets see what we can do.
Ability5: Sir, do you prefer smoke wall launched by grenades or burning environment?
Combat1: Aaarrgh! My precious modifications!
Combat2: Hey! No damaging Imperium's property!
Combat3: Sir! We are under an assault right here... They are too close to burn!
Death1: So... how do we deal with the low-pressure of promethium-tanks? *moment of silence and burst of flame*
Death2: Our tank..! Our tank is on fire! *panicked tone*
Death3: *serious radio noise* Sir. We lost the contact to hellhound. [speaker is different from rest of the scrips]
Death4: Pray the Emp- *explosion*

Notes: Griffon tank with heavy mortar. Seen as relics due lacking punch of other artillery pieces and has no bonuses in contrast.
Unit_Complete1: I'm impressed, sir. Didn't know that there are still operating Griffons left.
Unit_Complete2: Your close-range artillery without option to fire directly... is ready, sir. [truly uninspired tone]
Unit_Complete3: Griffon..? Ah, of course! I forgot that we fight with the legionaries, not real troops!
Unit_Complete4: Clever choice, sir. With aid of the legionaries, we can actually use Griffons effectively... I hope.
Unit_Complete5: Smoke, illuminating, burning, exploding... All kind of shells ready, sir!
Unit_Complete6: Well, sir, this is why requesting "just any artillery and fast" is generally a bad idea.
Unit_Complete7: I thought you were joking... But no, we truly got a Griffon to operate with.
Selection1: What kind of shells do you need, sir?
Selection2: You don't want to be a gunner during a rainy day, sir. Platform gets flooded, sir.
Selection3: Great. I think you just broke our comm-link. [when-nothing-could-be-worse-already tone]
Selection4: I know lho-sticks are bad for your health but may I note that I'm a gunner in a griffon as well? [pronounced "low-sticks"]
Selection5: I'm going to eat my lunch before we get cold.
Selection6: Weird. I'm currently enjoying this vehicle.
Selection7: Forget basilisks and Russes! Real aces win with anything at their hands!
Move1: Relocating.
Move2: Getting in range.
Move3: Looking for solid cover, sir.
Move4: Staying alive.
Move5: Can you repeat those coordinates, sir?
Move6: We aren't staying here for a moment longer!
Move7: Just get out of our way!
Attack1: Lets see how well they catch this!
Attack2: Everything that goes up, comes down... and goes boom!
Attack3: Over the hills we fire away! [in tune of Over the hills and far away]
Attack4: Cover them with splinters!
Attack5: At my mark!
Attack6: It is going to be a bad day for them. Raining shells and all.
Attack7: Lho-break is over! Open fire! [pronounced "Low-break"]
Charge1: Aaaarrgh! This isn't following my commands!
Charge2: Taking a more linear approach, sir!
Charge3: They don't dare stop us! Least they want our stored shells going off right in their faces!
Ability1: Dug in, eh? Let them taste our siege shells...
Ability2: Listen up, crew! Time to prove our worth!
Ability3: You better get your aim right! Missing isn't an option!
Ability4: Deliver the Emperor's light to guide the faithful and blind the rest!
Ability5: Ha! Smoke grenades are for kids!
Combat1: Damn legionaries! Can't rely on them at all!
Combat2: Hahaha! Did you see that! Ohhheh. Sorry for yelling at you for not fixing those ladders earlier...
Combat3: Boys... I hate to tell but we are in deeeeep trouble.
Death1: Lets go! Looting this piece of crap metal kills them more than we surely could!
Death2: We're a wreck, sir. No, sir. It went as I warned you, sir. Thank you sir. [truly unamused]
Death3: Wait! Previous shell is stu- ! [panicked shout cut short due explosion]
Death4: *deep sigh* There we go.

Notes: Long-range mobile artillery piece. Regular IG armoured company support for Penal Legions (or penal legion is just meat-shields for these fellows).
Unit_Complete1: Basilisk ready to serve the Emperor, sir.
Unit_Complete2: So, who are we killing today? Xenos, heretics, traitors or criminals?
Unit_Complete3: This is going to be a field trip, sir.
Unit_Complete4: Legionaries you said? This is going to be fun... [tone of evil mastermind]
Unit_Complete5: So, this time we have real cannon fodder? Emperor bless you, sir! [tone of pure happiness]
Unit_Complete6: Cheer up! This time you won't feel sorry if your shots fly a bit too short.
Unit_Complete7: Your artillery has just arrived, sir.
Selection1: No sir, I'm completely fine with their presence. We just ignore our worry for friendly fire.
Selection2: Shut up! If they find out what you planned, someone will surely come after as!
Selection3: Best spot for shell is where the battle is hottest as the enemy cannot duck for cover.
Selection4: Friendly fire? You must be kidding, sir! They aren't friends of anyone.
Selection5: Simply hitting anything at the front lines is doing a service for the Emperor.
Selection6: Why should we be worried about the fate of those murderers, sir?
Selection7: We don't shoot them, sir.. we shoot short of them to drive them forward!
Move1: Relocating to a more suitable location.
Move2: Safer spot there I hope.
Move3: Yes sir. As you say sir.
Move4: We need to re-calibrate our aim anyhow.
Move5: Sir, is enemy activity on our route expected?
Move6: Easy now! I'm sure we can get there without bigger troubles.
Move7: Lets see... We should get there shortly.
Attack1: Open fire... now!
Attack2: Forty seven... Twenty eight... bit more... Now! Fire!
Attack3: Land it a bit shorter this time...
Attack4: Lets see how hot this beauty's tube can get...
Attack5: Deliver them some ground-breaking news...
Attack6: Make them cover in their holes!
Attack7: We start the bombardment at the given location immediately, sir!
Charge1: Try to take at least some of them with us!
Charge2: Hahaha! Feeling lucky?!
Charge3: Wait! Where is he dri- Oh no! Can't watch!
Ability1: It is our duty to fill the sky with shells and make ground shake!
Ability2: Rain death upon those who have fallen from the Emperor's grace!
Ability3: Men! Once again it is time to prove artillery's superiority over all others on the battlefield!
Ability4: Smoke launcher! Use those freaking launchers!
Ability5: Pop the smoke! Lets hope it is enough to avoid most of whats coming...
Combat1: They are trying to get up here!
Combat2: Sir! Requesting reinforcements! Enemy is opening us like a can!
Combat3: This can't be! How did those legionaries manage to escape their duty as our meat shield!?
Death1: Shell stuck in pipe! Get off befo- *explosion* [panicked tone]
Death2: That was the last drop! Forsake this hole-cheese! [Bit frustrated tone]
Death3: Incomi- *sound of loud explosion*
Death4: Bad news, sir. Our artillery piece was just destroyed, sir.

Notes: Heavily armed flying vehicle generally performing in roles of aerial support. (FEMALE VOICE)
Unit_Complete1: Taking off, sir!
Unit_Complete2: Greetings mister gunner. Your friend couldn't come but don't worry, you are in good hands. Just don't try anything stupid. [Suggestive woman voice]
Unit_Complete3: Vulture ready for action, sir!
Unit_Complete4: We will bring death from above, sir!
Unit_Complete5: Vulture ready, sir. We will keep eye on those criminals from the heights.
Unit_Complete6: Sir, your aerial cavalry has arrived.
Unit_Complete7: Gunship at your command, sir!
Selection1: Umm. Nothing sir.. Everything is fine!
Selection2: What can I do for you, sir?
Selection3: I can't decide which is better - our firepower or ability to pick off enemies from their weakest direction.
Selection4: Umm. Are you sure that was coming from our vox?
Selection5: Don't worry, sir! We are still within set operational capacity, sir!
Selection6: Sorry sir, we don't have extra seats. Why do you ask?
Selection7: Change of priorities or additional orders, sir?
Move1: Engaging After-burning Vector-Turbojet!
Move2: As you command...
Move3: Fine, fine, just don't make this crash, alright.
Move4: Hey! Don't do such sudden changes! ... please? [first mixture of angry and fear, while please is really weak and pardoning]
Move5: Say... max speed or combat?
Move6: Please... just tell me how fast a ride you want.. [suggestive female voice]
Move7: Understood, sir, even we can waste our potential speed that way, sir.
Attack1: Take them down! Take them down before they take us!!
Attack2: That should be easy!
Attack3: Lets see if they like our point of view! Let the guns speak!
Attack4: Don't worry, sir, we have plenty of firepower left!
Attack5: Death from Above!
Attack6: I wonder if we should go for the kill... or overkill.
Attack7: There will be no mercy for enemies of the Emperor!
Charge1: Hahaha! [Giggling, even bit psychotic woman's laugh]
Charge2: We will crash, we will crash! ..or do we? [First almost panicked tone, then question expressed with tone that could grin]
Charge3: I wish you'd really know what you are doing! [bit worried tone]
Ability1: Full-board! Fire!
Ability2: All the guns! At my command! Fire!
Ability3: I will cover that exposed sweet spot with pleasure!
Ability4: Performing evading maneuvers, sir!
Ability5: Not sure I can keep their aim off but trying!
Combat1: They are trying to bring us to the ground!
Combat2: Curses! This is getting too rough!
Combat3: We are going to need some repairs after this is over...
Death1: Sir. We have a problem. We are running out of height.
Death2: Thank you for being such a good boy. I would give you a kiss but have to go. Bye! [Suggestive woman voice. She is leaving the plane midair thus sounds related to that in background should be nice]
Death3: Open it! No. No! No!!! It can't be stuck! Not now! [raising panic]
Death4: We are going down! We are going to die! We are g- [panicked tone at point of crying]

Leman Russ Battle Tank
Notes: Solid, heavily armed and armoured tank that is expected to deal any threat with right armaments.
Unit_Complete1: Hello, sir! They say that you have a situation going on here.
Unit_Complete2: Praise the Emperor! We were allowed to keep our own markings!
Unit_Complete3: We are send here... to aid those pests and fools?
Unit_Complete4: Don't be so disappointed, captain, at least we can drive straight through where we want.
Unit_Complete5: We are ready to start the beating.
Unit_Complete6: You should be more exact next time, sir. 'Any tank' is just too vague a description for order.
Unit_Complete7: I hope we can trust those grease monkeys... I heard they have served in the legion as well.
Selection1: Hey! Remember.. keep the engines running!
Selection2: We are wasting our time here...
Selection3: Seriously, sir, why do we need to look after those rotten meat sacks?
Selection4: Give man some freedoms, and he'll stay happy for a moment; give man a bullet and he will never be sad again.
Selection5: We didn't come here to judge anyone - everyone here before us were already sentenced to death anyhow.
Selection6: Sir, what is the first thing that comes to mind when I say... churning?
Selection7: I really wish I would have remembered to take my travel-vox with me...
Move1: All the time, all the time...
Move2: *yawn* I guess I could take a nap while this turtle tries to reach that far...
Move3: We are moving. We are actually moving! Ha! Who said that this beast would get stuck easily?
Move4: Sir, I'm afraid that getting there will take some time.
Move5: We? Circling? ... Haha! That was actually good! You almost got me!
Move6: Don't worry sir, anything that crosses our path shall be crushed - literally.
Move7: Driver! Take the new course!
Attack1: Let them taste our arsenal...
Attack2: Poor fools... there is nothing that our guns couldn't deal.
Attack3: No, sir! Can't hear you over the guns, sir!
Attack4: Witnessing- *radio noise* -my presence- *radio noise* -all pipes glowing!
Attack5: You know... I don't really care how you kill them - I just want them dead.
Attack6: I hope you wanted them "dead", sir, as "alive" isn't really an option anymore.
Attack7: Don't worry, sir, we aren't going to leave trash behind once we are done.
Charge1: You see an enemy... I see a pancake.
Charge2: Have you ever wondered what kind of sound bone makes when it gets pulverized?
Charge3: Enemy? What enemy?
Ability1: 3... 2... 1... All guns, open fire!
Ability2: Sir... can you promise us fresh supplies if we can put up a serious fireshow?
Ability3: Making sure there isn't anything left but empty craters!
Ability4: Pray the Emperor that our plasteel will hold!
Ability5: Thank you, sir! Those legionaries are actually pretty good distraction, sir!
Combat1: Sir! Enemy is scratching our paintings!
Combat2: We have serious troubles here even without friendly fire, sir!
Combat3: We are going to need repairs once this is over, sir!
Death1: *sound of two-part explosion*
Death2: We are losing! Hatchet gave in! Emperor sav- [panicked tone that is cut short]
Death3: *cough cough cough* Sir... *cough* Russ... burns..!
Death4: Hahaha! They are trying to destroy us with those toy gu- *sound of explosion*


HQ Building – Field HQ
HQ Addon/Upgrade1 [Command HQ]
HQ Addon/Upgrade2 [Master Warden’s Quarters]
Selection1: Some sort of regular building sound similar to that of the Cadian Imperial Guard HQ, or the Steel Legion’s.

Barracks - Muster Hall, Penal Pen (yes, they’re animals)
Selection1: Sound of a laspistol firing, followed by a unison of soldiers responding at attention

Armoury - Tactica Medicamentum (medicine, aka COMBAT DRUGS)
Wargear Research Upgrade1 : Special Weapons, unlocks flamers, grenade launchers…
Wargear Research Upgrade2 : Heavy Weapons, unlocks lascannons, autocannons, heavy bolters…
Infantry Accuracy Research Upgrade1 : Adrenaline Dispensers
Infantry Accuracy Research Upgrade2 : Frenzon Dispensers
Infantry Health Research Upgrade1 : ‘Slaught Dispensers
Infantry Health Research Upgrade2 : Gamma AE: Type Rage
Commander Health Research Upgrade1 : Body Armor Upgrade
Commander Health Research Upgrade2 : Advanced Body Armor
Selection1: Bubbles, the sound of liquids being processed.

Tech Building (Tier2) – Wardens’ Quarters – unlock the usage of Wardens? May want to combine this building with the Armoury
Commander Feature Upgrade1 : Conviction (aura to surrounding troops in the belief that he will lead them to redemption?)
Commander Feature Upgrade2 : To Redemption! (add more aura bonuses? I’m not quite sure)
Selection1: Holy scripture being spoken, followed by the sounds of footsteps

Vehicle Building (Tier2) – Tactica Mechanica
Vehicle Research Upgrade: Hull Upgrade – boosts armor?
Tier3-4 Research Upgrade: Last Chance
Selection1: The sound of engines powering up.

Advanced Tech Building (Tier3) – Connectus Astronomican (temporary fancy name, not sure what it does)
Selection1: Possibly a choir, as that is how the Astronomican is supposed to sound. Singing in glory to the Emperor.

Listening Post
Listening Post Addon1: Fortified Listening Post
Listening Post Addon2: Turreted Listening Post
Requisition Research Upgrade1: Human Resources
Requisition Research Upgrade2: Full Deployment
Selection1: Use a similar sound to the Cadian sound, but maybe altered in pitch?

Power Generator
Power Research Upgrade1: Disable Safety Protocols
Power Research Upgrade2: Full Drain
Selection1: If I could, I want actual manpower used to create power. But since that’s not feasible, and that the Penal Legionnaires get the run-down equipment, perhaps they can have a sputtering plasma generator sound.

Slag Generator
Selection1: Sputtering generator sounds

Heavy Bolter Turret
Turret Addon1: Missile Addon
Selection1: Rundown turret, instead of sounding “smooth” like the IG, maybe this one can sputter also.

Selection1: Again, they can beep like the regular Imperial mines, but these are old and probably have uneven beeping sounds.


I hate to inform you, sir, but ruinous powers are already here.
Chant your prayers and hope that is enough as Chaos is here to corrupt and you aren't the purest even to begin with!
(somewhat panicky, perhaps short of breath) Emperor help us, my nightmares have come to get me…AAH!
The true enemy of the Emperor is here, kill ‘em for redemption!
Well, this does not bode well for us.
Ah, c’mon, you Golden crapper, this is just not fair.

Dark Eldar
Sending legionaries towards those slavering pointy-ears?! Great. Just great. We are so doomed.
Men meant to die send to face those who torture to death for pleasure... Sir, I really wish you gave us working weapons as otherwise this is a mere blasphemous trade-deal!
Eldar spike heads! Let’s charge ‘em!
I’ve seen worse-dressed from the hellhole that spawned me!
They do not fight fair, neither will we.
Dark witches…thank you Emperor, really, thank you.

Alarm! Alarm! Eldar spotted! Get hydras ready - they can fill the sky with their vehicles at any moment!
Sir! We got company! Those Eldar came out of nowhere!
Candy-colored scum, I eat sweets like you for breakfast!
Let’s see how your blood tastes like, heheheheheh….
They bleed, therefore they can die.
Colonel doesn’t care for their rituals and things, he just wants them dead.

Imperial Guard
Sir. Traitors presence confirmed.
Boys... We are in trouble now. Boss told us to keep everyone - even those PDF-forces - away from here. Prepare for friendly fire!
Traitorous scum! I shall redeem you with DEATH!
Under attack by Imperial Guard….they will regret this day!
This should be piece of cake.
I would say this will be man on man fight, just, I cant see any men on the other side.

What the- Sir! Enemies! Out of nowhere! Metallic and glowing! Aaargh!
Sir. We have a problem. Serious problem! Seemingly invulnerable metallic beasts are marching our way.
Get the Enginseer! What are these!?
Don’t servitors have meat on them!?
The head you idiot, shoot it in the head.
Flamers, meltas, plasmas, anything you got, bring it up the line.

Sir! We have run into those cursed greenskins!
You were right, sir, orks are already here. They should be quickly dealt.
Greenskins! We’ll drown them in blood, both ours and theirs!
Smells even worse than da cell.
Now, this will be proper fight.
Greenskins, they do die, but not fast enough.

Sisters of Battle
Oh crap! For those girls we are nothing but trash to be cleansed with fire!
Curse you! We are in trouble now, thank you! Hitting those girls - even just in metaphoric sense - is a serious offense against them!
Oooh…pretty women…can we keep their bodies when we’re done?
Under attack…by WOMEN! HA!
Are they trying the “hard to get” routine with us?
Attention all troops, we have a raging menstrual on the loose! (joking tone)

Space Marines
Remember the jump pack incident? I fear those fellows haven't forgot it yet...
Let me guess... We are supposed to keep those Space Marines away as well? Aww man, we are so gonna die...
The Emperor’s finest have come to redeem us!
My redemption will be by my own hands, not yours!
Don't believe everything they say about those space marines... it was the convicted who first donned power armour and made them famous.
So unfair! We used to be armed with power armour well before it became a trademark of those glory boys!
Do not speak until spoken to, but damn well start shooting first.
For the love of the Emperor, do we look like unit able to fight Astartes. [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]
Don’t worry; we are not supposed to survive this.

Sir, we received message from Tau forces. Something about justice and glowing cutting edge. Any idea what that could mean?
Tau presence confirmed! *sigh* And what timing... I just had nightmares about kroot in a stealth suit...
Midgets on the battlefield! Stomp ‘em!
The Greater Good is my redemption! DIE!
Little blue freaks, you can almost break them with your bare hands.
Greater Good, blah, blah…you wont be that eager when I stick my lasgun up your arse.

Black Templars
Brace yourselves! Zealots in power armours are here to grand us our promised redemption!
What bad have we done to draw wrath of those templars upon us..? Oh, right. Some of us haven't yet been forgiven in eyes of the Emperor. [question left in the air for a short moment, then really unamused tone]
Who the hell are… oh, THOSE Black Templars.
Look at them, they look like Death itself and you say this will be well.

Blood Angels
*deep sigh* Did we run right into the middle of those bloody angel's anger management camp when they were just about to make progress or something to earn their wrath?
Sir... Couldn't we just leave? I mean, Blood Angels are already here to deal with any troublemakers around... Wait, doesn't that includes us as well? [rising panic for last part]
Oh, mother of the Emperor, crimson hounds are here.
Sanquinius brood will leave us dead and bone-white on this crap of a world. [pronounced "Sang-win-ee-us"]

Blood Ravens
The blood shall flow, and ravens are here to pick out our eyes. And they won't wait up in the skies until we are all dead. Repen- *sound of las shot* Thank you. [barely heard "Shut up... Will you shut up?!" in back ground before the shot, 'thank you' is said with different voice than rest of the main speech]
Sir. Some traitors have drawn the wrath of the Blood Raven upon as. They were executed but I fear the situation is already getting out of hand.
I’ve heard of Blood Ravens, strange lot, they say.
Fire back damn it, time for talk is over.

Crimson Fists
Crimson Fists? Here? Fine, who of you this time is guilty of annoying yet another space marine chapter? [First surprised, then truly annoyed]
What are those Xeno-hunters doing here? Or can't those red-handed marines see the difference between human and ork?
Oh, these are the poor buggers that lost their homeworld.
Here they come, HERE THEY COME sweet Emperor.

Dark Angels
Pray the Emperor and hope that those crazy angels don't find us guilty of their madness!
Ruined green giants hiding below thick robes, sir.
They are so silent, it can’t be good.
Sons of the Lion…but they can still die.

Fallen Angels
Sir... We see marines that seem to be Dark Angels yet they aren't.
Prepare for battle! I fear we are in contact with renegades!
I don’t like this, not one bit. Astartes are here.
They have no insignia, what Chapter are these guys from?

Imperial Fists
Sir... I have good and bad news. Good news is that we don't really need to dig in. Bad news is that Imperial Fists are about to erase anything already fortified.
Sir. The 'enemy' that has taken root over our objective turns out to be the Imperium's finest siege specialists... [Extremely worried tone]
Golden sons of Dorn…you still think we have chance of winning this?
Fists of Emperor don’t hide in the dark.

Iron Hands
Oh great! I knew marines have lots of implants but those fellows look more like machines!
Iron Hands, sir. They got really annoyed when some idiot asked if we needed to call a medic or contact a techpriest in case any of them started to leak.
Sir, all comms traffic is down, we are blind and Iron Hands are ranging down on us.
Stand to misfits, your doom smiles upon you.

Legion of the Damned
Whoah! Can they... they can't... but... they must be... Sir! Sir! Eye-contact with Phantom Chapters!
And I thought our legion would be the damned one...
These guys are a Loyalist Chapter, right?
By the Emperor, in what kind of Hell have we fallen to?

Raven Guard
Sir... Is there any reason why Raven Guard is here and why it is opening fire on us?
This can't get any better... Mark my words - soon it will be raining raven-black drop pods!
Black wings shadow out the sun. Ravens are here.
Corax spawn judges us not worthy, but they will learn it the hard way.

Red Scorpions
Anything I should know about those Red Scorpions, sir? *short pause* This can't end well...
Thank you so much... Did you really have to raise your gun against those phopic marines who don't trust even Steel Legions in the first place? [really annoyed tone]
Good Emperor, the fucked-up zealots stand against us!
Red Scorpions are engaging, those idiots are really engaging.

To the hot topic, sir... We contacted green Astarixes with literally lots of firepower.
I agreed to join penal legion to fight enemies of the Imperium for my salvation, sir, not to be a test subject for Salamanders' flamers!
Dragons are here sir. What are your orders?
You want us to engage Space Marines…repeat that order HQ.

Space Wolves/13th Company
Watchs out! Space Walrusses are coming right for us!
Sightings of giant wolves, sir. Winter is coming.
Troop activity confirmed, and by the Emperor, I don't even know if we should be more afraid of their power armour or the fact that their fur seems to grow through it! (third line option, if possible. Couldn't pick two from those)
Tell them we surrender, for the love of the Emperor, we are loyal!!!
Emperor has a ironical sense of humor, cause I never did like wolves.

What are those heroes of the tyranid wars doing here? [pronounced "Tear-ra-nid"]
Ultramarines? Here? With a limit of one thousand, how can they be seemingly everywhere?
Oh, we are dead for sure, it’s the bloody Ultramarines!!!
Warrior Kings of Ultramar...this is not happening, this is not happening.

White Scars
I thought I heard the roar of engines... Sir, I fear we are on the migratory path of the White Scars.
We should have checked out the city plan before setting up our camp, sir, as those biker-freaks have decide their highway is going to run straight over our spot.
Khans riders are approaching our forward posts sir?
White Scars are targeting our positions sir.

Alpha Legion
I fear those cultists we dealt with before weren't just "heretics"... They were spies for the of Traitor Legion!
Sir! Contact with that sneaky traitor legion with the ironically twisted name!
Inform the HQ, we are not alone here, Alpha Legion will be keeping us company.
God-damn traitors, they had to, simply had to, betray the Emperor and put us in this crap of a situation.

Black Legion
Hardened yourself as those are Horus' bastards and only one side will walk away alive.
Black legion?! Extra rations given for each head from those grand-traitors!
Black Legion, this isn’t even funny…
Torturers of Cadia avert their gaze elsewhere now.

Death Guard
What is that foul stench? It's like.. Traitor Marines! Call the alarm!
Traitors are men with rotten hearts... But what do we call those who are rotten inside out? Traitors is just too kind for them...
What the hell is that smell... and what the hell are those things?!
Death Guard are massing for attack, injections and re-breathers at once.

Emperor's Children
Emperor's Children? Ha! Fulgrim's bastards would be more fitting!
Traitor marines killing in the Emperor's name? They would have needed commissars in their ranks even more than us.
Can anyone else hear that, Emperors Children call out to us?
Fulgrim's accursed spawn bears down on us!

Iron Warriors
Curses! We need back up and fast! If those power armoured moles get their holes ready, we won't dig them out...
Sending us out to test traitors' defences even though you know they have no flaws... You are a cruel man, sir, crueler than I ever thought.
Iron within, Iron without my ass…all weapons open up!!!
Dear Emperor, thank you for finding yet another situation where I have less than zero chance of survival.

Night Lords
Night Lords?! I feared we were hunting shadows, sir... yet, in the end, we were the prey.
Damned brigands! Wearing power armour and yet they have tricked commissars to do most of their dirty work!
What was that, what was that? What is that in the night.
Damn it all, nothing that big should be able to move that silently.

Red Corsairs
Trying to opposite us? Blackheart should be pleased - no more delays for slaughtering! [Red Corsairs threat heard through the vox and radio noise]
Trap is sprung, sir! Red Corsairs are here to raid "The Settlement".
Another traitor and another Basilisk shell to take care of him.
Where the hell did Red Corsairs came from?

Thousand Sons
Bad news, sir, we were too late. Whatever those cultits managed to do, this place is now filled with Thousand Sons.
Umm, sir, requesting a quick briefing on how to deal with Rubric Marines, sir.
Sorcery, Emperor damned sorcery…this must be Thousand Sons.
Traitors, now and ever, every one of these accursed Thousand Sons!

World Eaters
Bad news, sir. Looks like berserkers and the rest of the World Eaters have come here since the Chaos Gate stopped functioning properly.
Commander wants us to teach those millenia old war hounds how to play and stay dead. Oh, and my allergy for chain-axes doesn't release you from this duty, either.
This will be bloody, just the way these animals like it.
World Eaters…merciful Emperor, let us die quick or win this.

Word Bearers
Finding the corrupting sources of false belief was easy enough, sir, but I fear that dealing with the traitor legion will be far more challenging.
Finally! Time to teach those traitor marines that bearing empty words weights nothing!
Word Bearers you say, well they won’t bear them for long.
Chaos Marines, Word Bearers Legion, clashing with our vanguard sir.

Curses! Those jungle-boys are already here... lets hope they didn't bring their pet-monsters with them.
Ha! This will be easy! Those traitors don't even own flak armours!
Jungle Fighters, strange, they don’t seem like themselves.
Catachan boys…hmm, this should be eventful. [pronounced "Kat-a-can"]

Death Korps of Kreig
Bad news, sir. Either those traitors use some combat drugs or are protected from something nasty we are breathing...
Presence of unknown forces confirmed. Dust covered heavy trench coats, spiked helmets, gas-masks. No insignia to be seen.
This guys give me the creeps, no sane man can be this silent.
So these are Death Korps…to many skulls if you ask me. [pronounced "Core"]

Sir. Sir! What is going on?! I swear those "rebels" are drop troops.. yet how's that possible if Imperium is dominating the skies?! [Really worried]
Aaarrgh! You cursed idiot! Must you let them spot you?! We are toast if they get any of those stolen valkyries in the air!
Um, sir, there is all regiment of Guardsmen…falling from the sky sir.
Elysians will be on top of us any moment now, and I do mean literally. [pronounced "El-si-ans"]

Last Chancer's/13th Penal Legion
Kill the rebel scum! [Star Wars imitation]
Good news, sir. We found those deserters.
Are these our boys? Then why aren’t they responding to our hails?
Great, more traitors to the Emperor, just what we needed.

Curse those Mordian snobs! Do they think it is their noble right to grant legionaries their redemption before the Emperor's will?!
Those parade-boys declared that they are more willing to fight against scum like us than accept our aid against the real enemies of Imperium.
Fancy boys, aren’t they, these Mordians.
Mordians battle formations are reported by our scouts, sir.

Red-coats!? How do they have the nerve to come here to claim territory after they declined to aid us when we fought for it?
Sir... Commander of the Praetorian Guards wants us to hand in all former Praetorian deserters now under your command. He states that the penal legion isn't part of their tradition. How do we copy? [pronounced "Pray-tor-i-an"]
These guys are worse than Mordians, Emperor help me.
Praetorians… these are Praetorians, well, I did expect more armor.

Steel Legions
Sir. The Commander of the Steel legions send a message: he demands the use of all our supplies. What shall we do?
Sir! Mechanized column advancing towards our location! Majority with Chimera chassis!
Now this is what I’m talking about, real soldiers, tested in Armageddon itself.
Steel Legion will crush over us if we don’t act first.

Sir! I think we ran into some sort of bandits!
We are under attack from some sneaky mummies!
Ah, the noble desert rats, with guns and all. (jokester voice)
They say Tallarans know of honor, but they also say Tallarans know of trickery also. [pronounced "Tal-lar-ans"]

Tanith First & Only (Gaunt's Ghosts)
Aaaaargh! Shadows! Ghost! They are all around us!
Slaughter those tainted rats! And don't let them escape as fleeing and hiding is what they do best!
Gaunt’s Ghosts you say…I already like this lot.
You know what the stories tell, these guys are like Ghosts.

Alright... Getting a cup of hot chocolate was a pleasant idea but why nobody warned us that those stubborn fur-balls were guarding it!?
Ice Warriors? Here? Beg Emperor's Mercy and pray it is enough, as otherwise there will be no ground to bury all the dead!
How large did you say Valhallan regiments are? [pronounced "Val-hal-ans"]
Dear Emperor, these Valhallans are growing out of nowhere.

So they are from beyond the Eye of Terror, eh? Don't worry, sir, we will send them back where they came from!
Sir! Trap! Firstborns! We were searching for a worthy spot for loooo-kout when they opened fire without warning! [short hesitation when about to say "loot"]
Honorable and proud Vostroyans… this should be easy. [pronounced "Vos-troy-ans"]
Vostroyans leave no survivors you idiots, shoot them now!!!

Clowns? We followed the path of macabre and horror and at the end of it.. we find clowns... [Disbelief crying out from the tone]
Sir... why such ridiculous outfit as a jester can fill man with such deep terror?
Are these clowns supposed to intimidate us, no seriously…?
You know, I have never seen a rainbow explode. (joking)

Inquisition Daemonhunters
Pray the Emperor that those men are traitors or otherwise there is no place for us among the living!
Dammit! Did you have to pick up that foul shard? Look what you have done! Now even the Inquisition is after us!
Daemonhunters will make this situation complicated, mark my words.
Well, if they are here, then there must be some deamons around too.

Guys... I fear we are stuck in the middle of an inquisitional power struggle...
Are Inquisition running out of work? Why they are coming after us?
These guys hunt heretics…what do you mean “we are the only humans here”.
I have a very deep and very bad feeling about this situation.

You know, anyone who claims that big is beautiful isn't thinking about bugs...
If there is one thing that those bugs have taught us it's that they will not be contained. They break free, expand to new territories, and crash through barriers... painfully. [Variant of Dr. Malcom's line from Jurassic Park]
Oh dear God, this will be like Deliverance all over!
When you say “Bugs are here”, what kind of bugs are we exactly talking about?

Sir... How do we fight against beings that don't even exist?
Well, sir, I'm here because of those and I will damn well recognize a daemon when I see one.
Help! Nightmares! They are coming to rip me apart! Aaaargh!
Sweet Emperor, where the hell are those Grey Knights, we have a bloody Daemon here.
You know that’s a Daemon, it cant be nothing else.
Inform the Colonel, we have a warp spawn on our hands.

For Emperor's sake, what is that thing? [tone of disbelief, bit fear and worry but mostly disbelief]
Wow. That must be the second largest frog I have ever seen. [just pointing out aloud, with bit respect but no serious interest]
I think I just wet myself... [muttering with mixture of horror and awe]
By the Throne above, look at the size of that thing.
We could use a super-heavy here…by the way, I think only super-heavy would work here.
How the hell did auspex miss something that big?!

Join us! ...and find your redemption in death! [initially Chaos cultist imitation from Chaos Gate, then with more common tone]
It is a trap! [Admiral Ackbar's imitation]
Wrong password! Open fire!
Who's there? [Can't recall from what game that was: Behind Enemy Lines maybe? Anyhow, German soldier when nearly spotting one of the saboteurs.]
Sorry to disappoint you, sir, but legionaries are good at sneaking only when it leads them away from trouble.
Can't believe that those fools thought the right password would grand them easy entrance to our base!
It is good day for them to die!
Sir, may I suggest you let those cut-throats do what they do best?
Bad guys spotted, waiting for further commands.
Enemy contact, leave the first encounter to us. (eager, sadistic)
Not one of our own units.
Emperor help us, whatever these things are, they are not our boys.
Sir, enemy units detected, can we introduce ourselves?
These fuck ups are good, but not that good.
Slit their neck, fast and quiet, no one will miss these wretches.
Inform the Colonel that the first of enemy vanguards are on the move.

Praise the Emperor for game mechanism, as it allows us to actually destroy those tanks with our lasguns!
I really wish that those collars would be more potent, sir, as it would give more discipline... and actually something to those approaching tanks to worry about.
Curse this! We will run out of bodies before there is enough corpses to bury under those tanks!
Enemy personnel and armor advancing, emphasis on ARMOR, ENEMY ARMOR.
Unidentified armor spotted, friendly confirmation requested.
These cubes on tracks are not our own, for sure.


The Last Chancers/assorted Penal Legions are quite possibly the unluckiest sons-of-bitches in the whole Imperium. It’s pretty easy to land yourself in one since capital offenses in the Imperium are nearly innumerable, ranging from forgetting to return a library book to murder to arson to being a mutant.

Penal legions are usually untrained, given some clothes, a unit insignia tattooed to the shaven head, some old weapons, a collar that explodes inward for execution purposes, and lots of drugs to compensate for their lack of training. If a regular guardsman is charged for offenses, he/she will most likely land a place in the penal legion heavy weapons teams and/or vehicle driving due to training. The regular scum can serve as regular infantry.
While untrained, looking at the 5th edition IG codex does provide some special rules for the legionnaires. They can be excellent knife fighters/gunslingers, often landing more hits (from fighting dirty) and shooting faster (from being on edge, having lots of killing experience prior to their career change) than the regular guardsman. Individually, they are stronger than the regular guardsman. Overall, they are still undisciplined. The only thing that gives them the will to fight is that they will be offered a chance of redemption if they die, and this is only in extraordinary case. Not all of them will look forward to death however, and plenty will try to escape.

SO, how does a regular penal legionnaire compare to the standard Cadian guardsman in DOW?
- Less health initially, until they are pumped to the brim with drugs.
- Less morale initially, as the idea of “redemption” hasn’t gotten into their heads yet. An upgrade can fix this, along with drugs and unlocking the Wardens.
- Better accuracy, especially on the move. Better melee capabilities, but that doesn’t mean they can win.
- Cheap. Less money spent on training, armament, logistics, etc. The weak will die and it doesn’t matter. There is no shortage of criminals in the imperium.

Overall, the Penal Legions will play like any other Imperial Guard regiment, albeit overall they would be cheaper and have slightly lower stats overall (maybe fixed with upgrades?) They’ll receive the old/battered/malfunctioning weapons/vehicles/equipment. However, their commanders should be better armed/armored than those of the other IG regiments, as they’ll have to be on their toes from mutinous legionnaires as well as the enemies of the Imperium. Mid-game, the Penal Commanders should also have auras that offer bonuses to their soldiers, as it symbolizes that they’re there to bring every person to redemption. Penal Priests would probably further boost morale.

According to fluff, the penal legions/Last Chancers are usually attached to other IG regiments. Their job is to test defenses, go for suicide missions, buy time for the actual soldiers, etc Late-game, you’ll start seeing some really drug-pumped, redemption-eager legionnaires as well as the monstrous veteran squads, survivors of suicide missions (and they KNOW how to deal with suicide missions quite well) . So, early game they’ll be quite weak, but late-game their morale should be very high as well as their resilience (thank drugs and their commanders). This makes the Last Chancers/Penal legions a infantry-oriented force compared to that of the other IG forces who revolve around vehicles and tanks. It’s not that the vehicles of the Penal Legions are bad, they’re just inferior and usually given to actual IG regiments (Penal legionnaires can just swarm the enemy)

To keep things simple, the Penal Legion would probably only use requisition and power like most of the other Imperial races. However, since they are so infantry-meatshield heavy, they probably will need a lot of requisition. Their overall playstyle would be swarm-the-enemy-to-hell with lots of cheap, basic infantry units that become harder and harder to break as the upgrades pile on. Otherwise I suppose with the legionnaires it’s gonna have to be attack, attack, and attack. They need to take points to satisfy the ever-growing demand for requisition.


Repentant TechPriest
The repentant techpriest is probably more motivated than the regular techpriest, thus giving him more health and more morale. He can still repair just as quickly, making him a rather able front-line repair unit.

Sentinel Power Lifter
The sentinel powerlifter would probably be even more durable than the techpriest due to having vehicle armor, but it may be slower. It is unclear whether or not it would be equipped with a melee weapon, but for sure it would not be able to repair/build as quickly as a techpriest.
If the Penal Legion are to be given both techpriests and powerlifters, then perhaps the powerlifters could be for pure construction duties, whereas the techpriests can be used as durable repair units for the front line, an absolute necessity for the rather worn-out/rusty vehicles assigned to the penal legion.


The legionnaires are the bottom of the totem pole in all of the Imperial Guard hierarchy. They have a better rate of fire, accuracy and melee attack compared to normal guardsmen but they don’t have the proper training, discipline, and flak jackets. Initially, they will be very weak health-wise but offensively more capable. However, as the battle rolls on you can assume that the non-redemption-seeking legionnaires have already been killed off and the remaining ones are pumped up with drugs. Their role is to test defenses and launch human wave attacks, so they should have barely any special weapons and a huge squad number.

Legionnaires Sergeant (Penal Custodian)
The penal custodian, on the other hand, is not part of the prisoner squad. He is an actual officer of the Guard, and will probably be identical to a regular IG squad sergeant, albeit perhaps with slightly more melee stats due to regular beatings of legionnaires trying to escape. Otherwise, nothing too special.

Infantry Platoon
The infantry platoon would consist of former Guardsmen with some training as well as legionnaires who seem to have survived enough combat to accrue some fighting experience. Their equipment and role would pretty much be identical to a regular guardsmen squad. They should probably have higher morale and health than regular legionnaires, yet they still have the bloodthirstiness of their convict days. Grenade launchers, flamers, and possibly plasma rifles would be usable by these guys.

Infantry Platoon Sergeant
The Penal Custodian (or Warden) who has survived (they usually do) engagements will be given the position of leading these penal infantry platoons. They instill discipline and try to model their men after actual IG regiments, but at the same time they may have picked up a few dirty fighting tricks, or perhaps a few gunslinging techniques from their subordinates, giving them somewhat higher combat stats compared to regular Guard sergeants.

Sniper Team
Former Guard snipers, these men are utterly cold, calculating, and believe redemption comes in a quick bullet delivered to the skulls of their enemies. Like Space Marine scout snipers, they should be able to infiltrate and be able to take out enemy heavy infantry with ease. In a pinch, they should also be able to deal major damage to enemy commanders. If possible, they can also act as detectors.

Heavy Weapons Squad
Former IG heavy weapons teams convicted for friendly fire (not that hard with heavy bolters, really), these guys should really be wild in their usage of their weapons. They’re probably not as disciplined, firing farther than what their training had told them to do. Compared to the other Guard, they should have more range (for firing too early), but less accuracy (for firing beyond the maximum recommended range of their weapons). This can be annoying for the enemy if you have sniper teams/legionnaires positioned ahead who can spot for the heavy weapons.

Demolitions Team
Former IG heavy demolitions teams, they would probably show little regard for protocol. As a result, their explosives would be huge and they may take longer to set up compared to the norm. The only disadvantage is that they would need displace farther from their explosives before the explosions, but if you’re a commander who doesn’t care about his troops (and really, who cares about the penal legions?), feel free to detonate quickly. They may or may not be able to infiltrate, probably have standard fighting abilities. Their main job is to take out big, hard structures, or lay traps. This allows for some special fighting styles for the Penal Legion which may seem to deviate to Catachan levels. You can also lure enemies to traps with expendable Legionnaires/Penal legion Platoons. Heck, if you have enough requisition and power, even the poor Demolitions Team itself can be bait.

Hardened Veterans
Survivors of countless suicide missions, these elite infantry are absolute beasts in combat. They may not have the elite training regimen of the stormtroopers/kasrkin, but they make up for it with experience. They are honed killing machines, perhaps moreso in melee where their survival instincts kick up where needed and they can overpower lesser foes with ease. This does not make them dedicated melee, but they should be able to maul regular Marines/Necron Warriors/etc. Given how long they’ve survived, they might also have some nice equipment either looted/stolen/given to them. Special weapons are a must, and power weapons may even exist with them.

Hardened Veterans Sergeant
The Hardened Warden/Custodian would be one who has utter control of his men. Whether it be using redemption as a brainwashing tool or some sort of drug, either way he has access to some of the top equipment that Guard officers can be equipped with. Hellpistols, plasma pistols, power fists, lightning claws would be usable. He should also have better combat stats compared to other similar-ranking officers, since he would have learned quite a bit from his subordinates, whether he cares to admit it.

Afriel Strain Trooper
While it would be unusual that a squad of Afriel Strain Troopers would be found in a Penal Legion (usually they would just be convicted individuals), it could be possible that they’re test subjects. Anyways, they would certainly be much more effective than standard guardsmen in all stats, however they would share the same equipment as the regular platoon members would have, perhaps better since if they’re merely attached to the penal legion then those sponsoring their presence would probably put forth funding to give them better equipment, but this is merely a suggestion. I’m not sure how their inherent “bad luck” would be coded. On tabletop it merely makes every enemy unit target the Afriel Strain Troopers. This either guarantees an early demise or if they’re in cover/shielded/buffed then perhaps they can act as meatshields. Either way, your call.


Junior Officer
A junior officer would probably be similar to the Hardened Warden in terms of combat ability, but perhaps they have a higher ability to lead (hence being junior officers, not just a veteran sergeant.) They would probably already have access to top-tier equipment before the sergeants get them. They should provide morale/health bonuses, or perhaps attack/defense bonuses, or any combination thereof so symbolize them putting their leadership skills to use as well as redemption brainwashing and/or drugs.

The medic would probably act as a regular healer, with identical stats to a penal infantry platoon member. However…he’s probably convicted for doing things medics shouldn’t do on their own, such as administering combat drugs without permission or overdosing on other things. As the saying goes, “Too much that heals, can kill.” He can perhaps administer some combat drugs in addition to the ones provided from researched upgrades that will boost health/keep soldiers from dying (Word of the Emperor style) to other squads at the cost of doing damage when the effects wear off. Or perhaps he can toss poison vials at enemies, which may decrease stats somehow or just do damage. He’s not your regular medic. He might’ve been a mad doctor anyways.

Flag Bearer
The flag bearer would probably be a legionnaire who has been confirmed to be truly sincere in redemption and would be very willing to follow orders to the death. He may or may not be able to fight whilst carrying that flag, but his presence would inspire his fellows more than an actual officer. After all, it’s more easily to be convinced by your own peers than by a higher authority. Anyways, he should be able to take more hits than the others, perhaps at a level between a Hardened Veteran and a regular infantry member. He can attach in place of an officer.

The priest would be a combination of the flag bearer’s inspiration and the junior officer’s stat-boosting capabilities. Perhaps an “Average” of both roles. It is unknown if the priest is also a convicted criminal, or merely just a rather crazy priest who also believes in bringing these men to the Emperor’s hand. Either way, he’ll raise morale a lot, perhaps even lock it with special abilities. He may also be a very dangerous melee combatant, especially with that eviscerator of his (which may also have a flamer included due to recklessness/upgrades)

The commissar of a penal legion would probably act just like the Cadian one: Execute the cowards to make everyone else fight harder. This exemplifies the infantry-oriented strategies of the Last Chancers, where their vehicles are more of a support. Very useful when attached to a cheap legionnaire squad, as those require nothing to be replaced.

Demolitions Expert (Oynas Trost)
Oynas Trost hails from the Officio Sabotorum, which trains its agents in stealth and explosives of all kinds. His usefulness lies not in his regular attacks (he may have a lasgun, or he can be more useful with a self-altered grenade launcher). He should have the abilities of the Demolitions Team, except even better. His explosives can be anything, from poison, bunker busters, molotovs, anti-tank, anti-infantry, melta, whatever. Even better, make them able to be fired from his weapon so he doesn’t need to get into the thick of it. For a truly heroic unit, give him infiltrate so he can rain death from anywhere.

Command Squad Leader
The command squad leader would be the top warden around. Unlike the regular Guard leaders, who lead by example (usually) and see their men as fellow comrades to fight with, this guy sees his men as utterly expendable. While he is a good fighter, he himself won’t have that many bonuses (if at all) to provide for fellow soldiers. He could act as anti-Commander, putting junior officers and priests in his squad would make him a good combat unit, although they probably can’t take much damage since they’re still regular humans, albeit well-equipped. With medics and flagbearers, he can stay behind all his other squads and passively boost their fighting ability and regeneration.

Lieutenant Kage
There isn’t much info to be found of Kage, besides that he follows Schaeffer around despite having already survived more than one suicide mission. Models depict him as having a melee weapon and a bolt pistol. Otherwise, not much to go on. This gives modders quite a lot of freedom to decide his role to fill in gaps in the Penal Legion. Perhaps he can turn any squad he is attached to into a group of suicidal, fanatical soldiers, although that would be more of Schaeffer’s abilities. Perhaps he’s a very good combat individual. With meltas. Or some other gimmicky trait.

Colonel Schaeffer
Ah, the Schaeffer. Surprisingly, his role seems to be more like a Commissar, but he inspires through persuasion that he WILL bring redemption to ALL of his men. His presence alone should already raise morale through the roof. He can probably dispense redemption, that is, kill off single infantry units with a pardoning of their crimes which will have the same effect as a Commissar’s execute, although with much better effects. He should also be one of the best combatants in the Penal Legion. Being 300+ years old and heavily augmented by the Mechanicus should make him very, very tough to kill.

A note on the vehicles of the Penal Legion: They’re probably old, outdated, worn-out, poorly-maintained, have problematic machine spirit. They’re inferior to that of the other guard regiments, period. As a result, they should have somewhat (but not too much, or else they’d be useless) lower stats, perhaps in HP, speed, armor rating, accuracy, rate of fire, lack of weapon upgrades….etc. Just to make things seem “ghetto”, perhaps texture artists can graffiti up the hulls?

I’d also like to introduce some garrison options that will make the Last Chancer vehicles to be even more useful…perhaps using the Steel Legion Commissar + Russ code. ie. A demolitions team enters a Leman Russ/Artillery unit, those vehicles suddenly get boosted shellpower…or special firing options. (Poison, extreme high explosive, incendiary rounds…) OR a flagbearer enters a chimera, will that chimera display a flag, and then it’d give everyone around it a morale boost?

Probably open-topped, a little slower than the Cadian’s, but still fulfills the role of a fast attack scout and decapper. Probably unable to upgrade to a lascannon, because that stuff is expensive. We’ll have to settle for that puny multilaser, or maybe a heavy flamer.

The chimera would probably be standard for an infantry-centric army such as the penal legion. Even legionnaires need to get somewhere fast so they can die. And these chimeras will do just that. They probably don’t even have heavy bolters or twin-linked heavy flamers. Just a standard multilaser on that rusty metal box which may very well turn into a rusty metal coffin itself.

The hellhound, a favorite of convicted pyromaniacs. Perhaps it’ll have a higher damage output than a regular Guard hellhound since the safety protocols are most likely disregarded. It’ll also have lower HP compared to that of the other Guard hellhounds for the very same reason. And it’s old.

The griffon is an antique amongst the guard. It’s got a bigger minimum range compared to the basilisk, thunderer, etc, and it packs a smaller payload. The only good thing about it is that it’s got a rather decent rate of fire and pretty nice accuracy. It won’t explode enemy vehicles, but it sure will annoy most enemy infantry.

The basilisk, on the other hand, is one of the best artillery units for the Guard. Able to fire at most ranges (it can both direct and indirect fire), with a very long range and decent explosions, it’ll outclass the Griffon later on. Compared to other guard regiments’ basilisks, it’s probably more inaccurate due to a lack of discipline of the crew, but perhaps it can enter a frenzy where the crew reloads faster from drugs/adrenaline/whatever.

The Vulture is the single most adaptable gunship in the Imperial arsenal. It can be fitted with lascannons, autocannons, missiles, rocket pods, heavy bombs, multilasers….etc. However, we’re talking about the Last Chancers/Penal Legions here. They won’t get the fancy stuff. Sorry to say that. Perhaps they’ll get the bare minimum, such as multilasers and rocket pods. Nope, not even the homing missiles that follow enemies. Just rockets that…don’t follow and explode wherever the pilot is pointing at. Sorry. =(

Leman Russ Battle Tank
Ah, the Leman Russ, the trademark Guard tank. Except in Penal Legion hands. It won’t get much in weapon sponson upgrades (stubbers instead of bolters? maybe it’ll only get sponson multilasers, sheesh), and it might even get a weaker hull. Still, with a crazy crew, there will be some unorthodox fighting methods. Maybe these folks will put spears/tridents/pointy objects at the front. I’ll introduce some useful abilities:
Tank Charge/Shock: The Leman Russ charges forward, impaling whoever is unfortunate enough to stand in the way. However, this will put the tank in harm’s way and you might lose the tank since all enemies are now firing on it.
Pop Smoke: The Russ fires smoke around it using special guns on the hull or with its cannon. It delivers some cover bonus.

Tier4 Uber: Doomhammer
Has transport capability... it could instant-spawn legionnaires to act as meatshields.
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