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Krayt Empire New Space Units

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Posted 25 January 2011 - 03:00 AM

It'd be a good idea for you all to get to know what the Legacy Era ships are, wouldn't it? So since I have shown the Alliance's I will show the Empire's.

First up are the fighters and bombers. To avoid an information overload, I will post other ships later.

Predator-class fighter

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: Manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems, the Predator is considered to be a successor to the older TIE/In starfighter, the Predator-class fighter is still highly maneuverable and heavily armed, but unlike most previous TIEs, it was is equipped with hyperdrives and a deflector shield generated through its blade-shaped wings.

Armament: 4 (Medium) Laser Cannons

Role: The Predator is basically an adavancement of the TIE Interceptor, and thus plays the same crucial role. It is the Empire's primary response to the Alliance's fighters such as the Crossfire, and though it may not always best the CF9 one-on-one, in groups they prove to be much deadlier and overwhelm opponents.

Neutralizer-class bomber

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Physical Characteristics: The Neutralizer is starfighter developed by Sienar Fleet Systems using the designs of the Predator-class fighter. It is a a multi-purpose bomber, and larger, bulkier, and less agile than the Predator. The bomber is equipped with a hyperdrive and navicomputer, and impressive shields, and is considerably nimble for a bomber.

Armament: 2 (Medium) Laser Cannons, 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers (10 Torpedoes each)

Role: The Neutralizer is a multi-purpose bomber, filling a diverse range of roles. Its primary purpose is strafing enemy ground emplacements and attacking large ships or stations in space. It is the Empire's primary bomber, though not as well armed or expensive as the Alliance's BB-2. It is faster though, and more maneuverable.

Fury-class Sith starfighter

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Physical Characteristics: Produced by the SoroSuub Corporation, its design is based on the Old Republic Cutlass-9 patrol fighter. They have two wings curving out from the main hull, and are powered by three ion drives. It is very fast, when traveling in both hyperspace and realspace.

Armament: 1 Dual Heavy Laser Cannon

Role: The Fury can be considered an advanced interceptor. It is more efficient than the Predator, with greater speed, offensive and defensive systems. They easily outmatch the Crossfire in combat, and are a challenge to the Jedi-flown TwinTails. They are usually piloted by Sith, which increases the craft's abilities.

Reaper-class Assault Fighter

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: The design of these starfighters is similar to both the Predator-class and the Nssis Clawcrafts. It has a central ball-shaped cockpit like nearly all TIE models, but with four crescent-shaped wings around it in a configuration similar to the X-Wing. These structues hold a host of other weapons. It is a highly advanced fighter, with a hyperdrive, shields, and impressive speed. It is one of the most expensive fighters the Empire uses.

Armament: 4 (Medium) Laser Cannons, 2 Light Ion Cannons, 2 Concussion Missile Launchers (7 Missiles each)

Role: The Reaper's main role is to intercept incoming enemy fighters, starting from a distance with its missiles. These highly advanced fighters are more expensive then most, if not all fighters used by the enemy, and can take down nearly all of the Alliance's fighters. They can be bested though when encountering Jedi-flown TwinTails; if the pilots of a X-83 is not force-sensitive then the Reaper could outmatch it.

Blitz-class Assault Bomber

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: The Blitz is a large bomber. It carries powerful missile launchers on either side of the cockpit, and beneath it is a bomb bay. It has heavy armor and shields, and is extremely dangerous. Torpedo launchers launch 11 each at a time, for a total of 22 torpedoes fired. The bomb bay drops a payload of 12 proton bombs. So it's more powerful than the Galactic Alliance's BB-2, and available at tech 4. It also has the full salvo ability to give eveyrthing it's got at once.

Armament: 2 Heavy laser cannons, 2 Heavy proton torpedo launchers, 1 Proton bomb bay

Role: The Blitz plays a crucial heavy bomber/gunship role for the Empire. It is more dangerous than the Alliance's BB-2. These craft can wreak havoc on unprotected frigates and are a major threat.

So those are the new fighters and bombers for the Krayt Empire.

Next come the frigates.

Apprehender-class Frigate

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: Unorthodox in shape, the Apprehendor is a very unusual design produced by Kuat Drive Yards. It is tall and narrow, with a thin command bridge located right at the back. This frigate has a respectable amount of weaponry and hull strength, though is not as tough as the Alliance's ShaShore. It has a number of weapon emplacements on either of its sloping sides, and can efficiently divert power to engines or shields. It also carries a small complement of fighters in its ventral/internal hangar, to take care of any fighters or bombers encountered.

Armament: 4 Enhanced Medium Turbolaser Batteries, 2 Medium Ion Cannon Batteries, 2 Point-defense Batteries, 2 Concussion Missile Launchers (60 missiles total), Tractor beam emitters

Role: The ship is mainly tasked with engaging, capturing and destroying smaller vessels such as corvettes and light frigates (hence its name). As such, it utilizes its tractor beams and weapons to capture weaker vessels, or its relatively high speed to escape stronger ones such as the Tri-Scythe Frigate. It is not deployed alone to worlds vulnerable to large attacks, but instead patrols in groups worlds susceptible to small-scale attacks.

Complement: 12 Predator-class Fighters, 4 Neutralizer-class Bombers

Ardent-class Fast Frigate

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Physical Characteristics: Also built and sold by KDY, the arrowhead-shaped vessels, these are larger and more powerful than the Apprehendor-class. They are designed for rapid responses and sacrifice both shielding and armor to increase their speeds and weaponry. In overall appearance, they are reminiscent of the century-old Acclamator-class. The frigate's weapons emplacements are reminiscent of past designs, with turbolaser batteries flanking the raised section on each side.

Armament: 2 Dual Heavy Turbolaser Turrets, 8 Dual Medium Turbolaser Turrets, 2 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, 4 Point-defense Batteries, Tractor Beam emitters

Role: The fast frigates are used as quick-strike vehicles. A common Imperial tactic is to send several Ardent-class frigates into enemy picket lines to exploit weaknesses and open gaps for other warships. Power would temporarily be transferred to the shields or engines when escaping the enemy line after breaking through, but they still suffer more damage than most ships in the fleet due to their aggressive tactics.

Complement: 18 Predator-class Fighters, 8 Neutralizer-class Bombers

Main Capital ships:

Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: The Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer is a warship design produced by Kuat Drive Yards, named in honor of former Imperial Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, and draws upon the distinctive and classic wedge-shape of earlier times. The Pellaeon-class is considered one of the most powerful warships in the galaxy and is noted as having unmatched weapon systems and starfighter components. With its sleek outline, it's presented as less of a target to potential enemies, while at the same time optimizing its shield protection. The forward-sloping superstructure also gives excellent vantage points for the Pellaeon's main gun batteries, more so than on the Star Destroyers of the previous centuries. The class has slightly more armament than the older Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, and possesses an interdiction field, capable of pulling ships out of hyperspace.

Armament: 4 Heavy Quad Turbolaser Turrets, 4 Ion Cannon Batteries, 3 Proton Torpedo Launchers (200 Torpedoes total), 11 Medium Turbolaser Turrets, Tractor beam emitter, Gravity well generator

Role: The Pellaeon is the preferred battleship of the Imperials, due to its highly advanced systems and capabilities. Many times they serve as command ships for fleets. They are the primary response to the Alliance's Scythe battlecruisers and other warships, using its wide slopes to focues firepower on one or several targets. It can take on nearly any other ship and come out victorious, and keep enemy vessels from escaping by using its interdiction field.

Complement: 48 Predator-class Fighters, 16 Neutralizer-class Bombers

Nemesis-class Star Dreadnaught

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Physical Characteristics: The shape of the Nemesis harkens back to that of Jerec's Super Star Destroyer Vengeance with its sword-like appearance. It slopes in a fashion similar to that of the Pellaeon, and has a bridge that looks nearly the same. It is more compact than the old Executor class, but cheaper to produce and more efficient. Its impressive shields, armor, and weaponry earn it the same fame and reputation the former Star Dreadnaughts achieved in previous wars, and strikes fear in the heart of the Alliance Remnant. Aside from boasting a powerful armament, it also carries a large amount of fighters and bombers. Like the Pellaeon it is capable of creating an interdiction field to keep the enemy constrained to realspace. This incredible package of a ship is the result of the refinement of Imperial technology over the years, and the crowning achievement of modern ship-building.

Armament: 14 Advanced Heavy Dual Turbolaser Batteries, 6 Advanced Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries, 4 Heavy Sonic Missile Launchers, Tractor beam emitter, Gravity well generator

Role: The Nemesis maintains the same basic role as preceding Super Star Destroyers. They often used as command ships and flagships in the Imperial Navy, and are many consider them to bealmost invincible in combat, although costly to operate. This slow moving vessel is used to pummel entire enemy fleets and leave nothing more than scrap behind; only when a large fleet or one which is comprised of the heaviest warships assaults it can it be defeated.Complement: 360 Predator-class Fighters, 120 Neutralizer-class Bombers, 75 Fury-class Sith starfighters, 90 Reaper-class Assault Fighters

There are other ships as well, they will be added to other threads.

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