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Language modding

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Posted 28 March 2011 - 07:53 AM

Greetings modding brethren! I come now to ask for help in changing Universe at War's Language to french and spanish.

See, in the need of expanding the community for such a great game i´m trying to attract some of my friends to it. The thing is that while there exist official language patches for both french and spanish (these friends can´t read english)they don´t seem to work for patch 2 and 3. I already play with my own balance mod for the game (if anyone wants to try it, please be my guest =) ) under patch 3 and i would like very much for them to be able to play it as well in their own language.

I already have the different languague text files (.MEGs)that came with the official patches, so what i had in mind was just changing the file that indicates where the game will read the text from but i can´t seem to find it (i´m betting it is in the config.meg but i can´t seem to find the file). Please brethren aid me and you will surely win a place in Valhalla along with indisputable honor and wisdom! Any help will be truely appreciated!

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