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Sound interesting? Char's mod of awesomness

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#1 Char

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Posted 29 March 2011 - 09:33 AM

Greetings scarce UaW modding brethren! Today i bring you my personal mod (that me and about another 15 friends enjoy playing almost weekly in lan parties) to see if anyone is interested in using it, playing us and of course give us an opinion on things you´d like changed or added to it. This with the purpose of course, if you find it as enjoyable as we do, to create a gaming community around it (we play the mod over tunngle with great results).

This is not only a personal balance mod, but a mod that makes some game rules and perceptions very different than what they are in the original game. While there aren´t any new textures or units added, changes are deep enough for this to play very differently from the retail UaW. My friends and i have been balancing and playing this mod for over 4 months now, all three factions are much more unique (as if they weren´t unique enough before :)) we feel the game pretty balanced at the time but please, if you find that some changes would make the mod better please tell.

And with nothing more to add i give you the information on what the mod changes.

Char's Mod of Awesomness

Overall changes:

-Every unit in the game is somehow scaled differently. We hated the fact that each faction was made out of giants and so, now most infantry is scaled closely to normal humans. Some units are as tall as the humans in game and in comparison with cars and buildings (such as ohm robots and disciples) while some are scaled bigger in order to look towering and large in comparison to the other infantry (Blade troopers, grunts and Charos are huge but still smaller than before. In the same way Vehicles are scaled to human vehicle proportions and in the same way there are some that are huge (such as the peacebringer and of course, every walker unit out there).

-Following the same line of thinking as last point's, the range of zoom in game is now much greater (you can see very far away from the map and very close, very Supreme Commander like)in order to see the detail in all units. It also makes battles in our opinion look much more amazing.

-Most units pop cost was lowered, so that there may be bigger armies in the now bigger maps (because of the scaling)

#2 Char

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Posted 29 March 2011 - 09:46 AM

Novus changes:

-The Novus faction is more than ever the best at hit and run tactics as well as the one with the more numerous army (by far).

-Most unit costs where lessened. They where mostly weakened in some areas but are way stronger in others.

-The units that kept the same cost are way stronger than they where before (the amplifier and field inverter are both huge in size and in effectiveness).

-Ohm robots are now extremely cheap but very little and fragile. Still, they do in numbers much more damage than they did before and they take absolutely no pop cap (only unit in game).

-Blade troopers are huge infantry, fast at travelling but when attacking they take a very slow walking stance. While in the slow, terminator like, walking stance they are able to dodge a huge percentage of ranged fire. They are excelent at tearing basic infantry.

-Variants, antimatter tanks and dervishes fill the same roles as before, but they are much cheaper and are overall faster and better ranged.

-Amplifier is huge in size, but does truely massive damage.

-Field inverters are huge too, very powerfull but even more resistant. They also tend to never miss a shot.

-Vertigo may be the fastest unit in the game, its abilities are enhanced and it is more powerfull than before. It costs way more than in retail.

-Mirabel is very much like in retail, with the added bonus of having a much more devastating missile attack and way, way more range in his sniper fire (only in the special ability). It also costs more than in retail.

-Finally, the Founder´s abilities are now much stronger (he, together with a massive ohm army is almost unstopabble as he can transport them through huge range and then revive massive amounts of them) and he is smaller, stronger and more resistant to damage. He of course, costs way more than before.

-There are some more changes, (like superweapons being more beastly of course) but they are more subtle and will only be listed when asked.

Next: Masari.

#3 Char

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Posted 29 March 2011 - 10:07 AM

Masari changes:

The Masari are the all around, expensive but super strong units faction.

-Light/Dark bonuses are greatly increased.

-Pop cap in most infantry units was lowered, as was their size and health. They gained lots of bonuses, range and speed though.

-Disciples are smaller but their attack range is beastly, their splash damage is now much more amazing against infantry (and they retain their use against vehicles)They also along with the avengers can now stealth while in high grass, they become terryifing depending on the terrain because of this.

-Architects are faster in movement, as are seers. Seers are cheaper also, more fragile, take less pop and are way faster.

-Sentry´s and Figments are some of the fastest ground units in the game, and along with inquisitors are the basis of Masari´s hit and run attacks. Figment's special skills and Sentry´s passenger bonuses are increased also.

-The conqueror keeps its place in the new order as one of the biggest, strongest tanks out there. They are great along with disciples and Peacebringers at tearing down the new walkers.

-Inquisitor is now faster and can dodge most infantry ranged fire.

-Sky Lord is huge and more powerfull than before, but it is costly and somewhat slow.

-The Peacebringer is slower than before, it is also massive (think Warhammer's LandRaider massive) and extremely strong. It is also more durable than most heroes.

-Matter engines while just as efficient as before they are now way more devastating when exploding. Very bad for your base, but very good at stopping Walker´s legs.

-The oracle´s beam is now the best defense in the game, period (as if it wasn´t before...) and is so powerfull it may be the main Masari tool at defending their base from the new walkers.

-Zessus is now way faster and his skills are devastating (his teleport covers a huge range as does his explosion which is also way stronger, so strong it can take entire infantry divisions and damaged buildings with ease).

-Atlatea's skills work the same, but in a way bigger area. They also cool faster. She may as well be the most game changing hero in the Masari's army.

-Charos while completely useless against air units and walkers, is now by far the strongest melee fighter in the game. He has very high damage and his skills are way better, he is also smaller and more difficult to respond to (much better for a melee fighter). His greates attribute though is his defense, as he is, if not focused on by an entire enemy force, almost unstopabble.

Again, there are more changes but are more subtle and you can find them in game =)

Next: The Hierarchy.


#4 Char

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Posted 29 March 2011 - 10:52 AM

Hierarchy Changes:

The Hierarchy is now a faction with tremendous weaknesses and tremendous strenghts. They have the worse economy in game, and their walkers (units needed to accomplish anything in fights) are extremely, extremely expensive. Of course, they get by far the most threatening and massive units in the game.

-Their infantry is on the whole now somewhat cheap, while their buildings, walkers and heroes are extremely expensive.

-Their main base is now the most expensive thing in the game and is almost unpayable to build a second one. But then, it is now by much the most durable structure in the game and very difficult to take down by an early rush.

-Their Reaper Drones are now huge and slow, which makes resource gathering all the more difficult. They somewhat compensate this by being very durable.

-Grunts are very slow and as big as Charos, they are also more durable and their melee srenght and knockback is much augmented. They also take less pop.

-Lost ones are very fragile but very unexpensive. They are after the ohm robots the most amassable unit in the game. They take less pop.

-Mutant Slaves are more likely to happen, last a lot more alive and hit harder. Take no pop.

-Brutes are very slow, but nigh unkillable by normal infantry (if not in huge numbers) and terrifyingly strong. They are also as big as the Hulk.

-Phase Tanks are both faster and more durable, the same happens with the saucers.

-Defilers are extremely tall and are much more effective at killing infantry and making slaves. They are more expensive though.

-Nufai is much smaller, faster and deadlier. He is now very durable and his skills cool faster. He is more costly though.

-Orlok is the most durable hero in the game. His attack power is higher but still can´t be compared with his defense. He is huge and slower than he was before, he is also very expensive. Oh, by the way, his artillery strikes are now one of the most feared base killers in the game.

-Kamal Rex is the most expensive hero in the game, but also in our opinion the most powerfull. He can now only launch a ground psychic blast every 10 seconds, but it is a blast powerfull enough to down entire infantry divisions and two shot mirabel. His air psychic attack has more damage and knockback. Both of his skills cool faster than before and he is very durable. His true weakness is his now very slow movement speed and very slow attack speed. He can stop complete ranged forces but can lose against small melee ones.

-Habitat Walkers are now absolutely Massive. While they are much more expensive and the second slowest unit in the game by far (only behind the Assembly Walker) they compensate it with higher firepower and truely massive durability. They can also crush every unit in the game sans other Walkers. They are the main walker unit to use when playing Hierarchy because they are the cheapest (and more versatile). Their weakness comes like in all new walkers, in being so slow a good coordinated Masari or Novus force can see them and stop them before they close in to their bases. If they fail to stop the walker however, it´s game over.

-Science Walkers are thinner but taller than Habitats, they are way more expensive and not as durable. They compensate by having terribly powerfull special abilities and equipment. Science Walkers are also the fastest of the three Walkers (Still ultra super slow, but still.)

-Assembly Walkers are now the most expensive and strongest units in the game. They are also the slowest. They are the biggest of the walkers and the one´s with least mobility.

The are also more changes in this factions (such as a much increased penalty in speed when a Walker gets its legs destroyed) but they are much more subtle and you can all find them yourselves.

Alright! That´s pretty much it! Now let us now what you think :)

I´ll upload it in a public server for you to download if we get some feedback through here, saying you would like to try it =)

Also, please provide your comments and thoughts on the possible changes for the mod.


#5 Guest_Deakul_*

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Posted 18 September 2012 - 04:26 PM

I know that this is a total shot in the dark but could you upload this mod? If you still have it or even check this forum.

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 02:24 PM

Holy hell, upload this mod. It sounds awesome!

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