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Incorporate "BFME2 Widescreen Fix" into RJ RotWK?

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#1 RamGuy

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 04:45 PM

It's open and free for anyone to use in their existing modifications and let's be honest no one really plays around with something 4:3 or lower than 1920x1080 resolution these days and frankly Battle for Middle Earth II utilize higher-resolution 16:9 and 16:10 monitors very poorly! And RJ-RotWK doesn't do anything to improve upon this but if you could simply tailor the Widescreen Fix modification files located at: http://www.widescree...th_2_Camera_Fix you would improve upon this greatly!

It surely isn't as good as if Electronic Arts would have done something about this issue to begin with but for me using a 2560x1440 16:9 display the differences are nothing shorter than outstanding.
I could always just tailor the files from the Widescreen mod into the RJ-RotWK mod myself but that breaks the possibility for online play with others unless I distribute my own modified RJ-RotWK mod to everyone I know.

#2 Anri1

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Posted 05 May 2011 - 11:03 AM

You know,there is a simple *.ini file in \My documents\Application Data\My Rise of the witch-king files\ folder and it solves the problem of low resolution complitely. Just tipe your resolution in this *.ini file and here you go, you've got 1920x1080 or what ever you want ;)

Nothimg to mod here I guess.

Note: The folder is hidden so you have to turn off "hide hidden files" option.

Hope someone will read this post eventually... :lol:

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