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Fail to save game, check disc space, ctd

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Posted 26 June 2011 - 03:16 AM

Spino, so my problems with ur mod seem to keep disapearing from here. where do u want to get the problems with ur mod? i have another one.

and anyone that can tell me the ONLY things needed to run in the background in XP.... I'd love to know so i can turn the fucking shit off!!!! I really hate all the crap that runs in the background.

Problem: finally got all of BSG worlds conquered and now your mod "will NOT save once again!!!! please fix.

also, problem when installing your mod. i follow ur readme.. i delete old versions of the mod in the mod folder. i let the damn mod folder stay there. then i extract using the newest damn winrar there is. i extract the mod into your FOC main folder. so when it gets done extracting, seeing as there is already a folder called MOD in the main foc folder. the effing extraction should asak me if i want to "yes to all" and your MOD DOESN"T EVER DO THAT!

I"m sorry for the caps but i've been trying to see why your awesome mod that i so want to play a lot wont fucking do what it should DO!!!

If you have a "bug" location. i'd like to know where i send these to.

also when ur mod is running it says in task manager under processes that it's trying to use 400,000K of memory?????

I've also d/led ur mod from the following mirrors:
firefront worldwide
moddb #16, 19 and #20 so far. each time i've followed your install instructions.

my cpu is a AMD 965 P4 black. max XP ram, video card is radeon 4850. your mod lags bad when i atk a spacestation or a TOS bsg sgip ( the TOS are really cool).

if you move this please tell me where ur moving it too so i can send any more that i find to ur bug place. i also play RotM and alliance 4.1 and Legacy. Only your mod has any lags or "fails to save games", which your mod still fails to save games. even if i delete all other games it still can't save a game after a few hours of play and i try to save the mod after every damn planet is conquered.

also find encluded 2 "_Except" files from the past 2 days of mod playing.

thanks replies can go to mikey1871@gmail

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