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Posted 22 August 2011 - 02:09 PM

Hmm... well, if we dont take any models directly from the game, then I think we will be ok.
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Posted 26 September 2011 - 02:48 AM

Judging by BoS' appearance in Fallout games it's safe to say that BoS are quite elitist and want to scavenge the remaining tech in the wasteland and keep it to themselves. they do not recruit outsiders to their ranks, do not share their knowledge with anyone but themselves. but the Enclave seems to be even more elitist than BoS, while BoS tolerates outsiders Enclave views them as pests to be exterminated when the right time comes, they posses much more complex and sophisticated tech than BoS and have fewer numbers. so I suggest the following :


#1 Fewer numbers means limited and expensive units. actually they have the FEWEST numbers so their units should be the MOST expensive and powerful units in the game.
#2 their buildings DO need power, but the enclave bases are quite complex that they have small reactors to generate the power they need. so they dont need power plants.
#3 also Enclave should have access to airfield and war factory as they have the knowledge to build aircrafts, tanks, turrets and robots. (makes sense, their numbers are so small they need to build machinery to help them.)
4# They should focus on the strength of their powerful infantry on the battlefield. (one enclave trooper can slaughter 3/4 NCR troopers.)
5# Their airforce is the most powerful airforce in the game.
6# One of the few factions to use automated defenses and (possibly) walls.
7# Not much reliance on stealth or covert ops.

Possible Units :
Handyman Robot (builder/Harvester, cannot attack)
Eyebot (basic scout, can attack)
Plasma Trooper (main infantry, slow but powerful attack good for attacking powerful infantries like supermutants. limited to 10) I'm sure theres a way to put a limit on infantries, like 10 on plasma troopers and 10 on heavy gunners. in normal generals there are limits to certain buildings and "hero" infantries.
Heavy Gunner (main support infanty, armed with gattling gun, good for killing hordes of weak infantries like NCR troopers. limited to 10)
Vertibird (Air unit capable of transporting 2 units, can be upgraded to either carry 5 units or equiped with rocket pods for hitting ground & air units. limited to 5)
Inferno Trooper (equiped with inferno power armor and flamethrower, excelent at destroying infantries, light vehicles and buildings.limited to 5)
Plasma Turret (primary defense building.)
Deathclaw (Powerful melee unit capable of ripping infantry and light armor to shreds, very fast and deadly efficent, limited to 5)
*hero unit* Frank Horrigam. (I don't need to tell you who this is do i? limited to 1.)
as you can see all human forces in Enclave are limited (deathclaws are also hard to train and they have limited stocks of those.) but on the other hand robots are plenty. this should give you the base idea of Enclave unit structure.


#1 After Enclave BoS should have the most powerful & expensive units.
#2 Unlike Enclave, BoS should have limited robotic units and unlimited meduim powered infantry. power armored units should still have a limit.
#3 They should have access to Airfield and Warfactory but their aircrafts and tanks are less powerful than Enclave.
#4 fewed Vertibirds than Enclave. the Vertibird limit for BoS should be 3.
#5 BoS excell at scavenging so their harvesters should gather resource faster. also they should be able to scavenge enemy buildings and vehicles. (gain resource from destroying buildings and vehicles)
#6 they have access to decent stealth units such as snipers.
#7 they need to build powerplants to power up their bases.
#8 they have a couple of underground and stealth bases.

BoS Units :
Scribe : (Builder/Harvester, Can Attack)
Scout : (Basic Infantry, Can be upgraded with recon armor to be stealthy while not moving)
Knight : (Power Armored Infantry equiped with Laser Rifle, limited to 8)
Paladin : (Advanced Power Armored Infantry equiped with heavy Laser Rifle, Limited to 3)
Rocketeer : (Power Armored infantry equiped with Rocket Launcher, limited to 5)
Sniper : (uses stealthboy to walk around invisible, can snipe enemies from afar. powerful against infantry. limited to 3) can one shot light armored infantry but they need to shoot power armored fellas 2 to 3 times to kill em.
Vertibird : (looted Vertibird, can carry 3 units and is equiped with a machine gun to attack ground and air units. limited to 3)

I suggest the following factions for future :

Master's Remnants : perhaps the name doesn't fit...but technically this should be some sort coalition between ghouls and some first and second generation mutants, an alliance of misfits that looks forward to have a future for it's own. Mutants have access to radiation based attacks and brutal melee units, no vehicles or airforce, but instead they got Behemoths, Centaurs and their Ghoul buddies.

NCR : NCR infantry in general are not good for direct assaults unless backed by their powerful artilery units, their infantry can build bunkers and trenches to garrision and defend a point. in later stages of battle they can bring in the famous rangers to battle, or use the deadly first recon to take out enemies from afar.

Caesar's legion : this group focuses on cheap and unlimited melee units backed by expensive but not so numerous ranged units. they have warfactories but no airfield, from warfactory they build basic vehicles such as attack motorcycles, but the main focus of warfactory is to build twisted armored infantry such as blacksmiths who are simply armored maniacs equiped with chainsaws.

#23 NuclearNinja

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Posted 20 December 2011 - 11:39 PM

if you made a limit on units and things too increase the limit.
then there should be no limit to the buildings that increases the unit-limit
if not... the idea of command and conquer would be ruined (i would say that limit on the units would ruin quite a bit of the fun if it wasnt possible to exspand it infinitly but thats just my opinion)

if every faction was limited the same way(if it isnt it would be way too unbalanced which you probably know;) then the best way to do it would to make it a choice if you want limited units or not(if you can and want to:p). like the "super" weapons in the unmodded verision

but i like the idea of a fallout cnc generels mod:D

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