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Restricting Structures and Starbases on Planets

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Posted 24 July 2011 - 07:52 PM

I'm trying to restrict the building of structures to certain planets. For example, I might want the Empire to only be able to build AT-AT's on Coruscant and Byss. I tried adding "<Required_Planets>" to the appropriate vehicle factory but this did not work. <Required_Planets> is only used in game for the construction of Capital Ships.

Also, I tried under Galactic Conquest using the "<Special_Case_Production>" line that the Cantina and Hutt Palace uses. Still no luck!

I also wanted the Empire to only be able to build StarBases on Core Planets. I used the <Required_Planets> line but that did not work, either.

EDIT: Problem solved by using the <Required_Planets> line, it just wasn't saving properly.

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