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Duck & Cover!

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Posted 13 September 2011 - 08:42 PM

The US unit list is filling up quickly, all that is left now are the naval units. I've made a few changes tho, most notably two new supply/cargo units but more on that later.

Work on their buildings is steadily progressing, the power plant, barracks, factory & airfield are done. I prefer to post pics of them once they are all done tho so you'll have to wait a bit longer :p

Even tho technically buildings here are some new defensive buildings & a offensive one!

M51 75mm Skysweeper
Posted Image
The last towed anti-aircraft gun in service with the US army, it has a radar system, computer & auto-loader all in one carriage, making it the most accurate & fastest firing fixed AA gun in D-day.

T8 105mm
Posted Image
Designed at the end of WW2 to take on Germany's heaviest tanks. Experience had shown that more mobile tank destroyers like the M10 & M36 where more efficient tho, so towed anti-tank guns where phased out of service & the T8 stayed just a prototype.

M65 280mm
Posted Image
Designed to fire nuclear shells at long range, the M65 is arguably the most destructive artillery cannon ever made. In D-day it serves as America's post-war superweapon.

Now onto some new units...

Dodge 1 1/2
Posted Image
The standard cargo/transport truck of the US army during the 30's, in D-day its used as the pre-war supply vehicle.

M38 Wolfhound
Posted Image
Late-war medium armoured car designed to replace the M8 greyhound, very few were made before production was cancelled at the end of the war.

Posted Image
Pre-war experimental full tracked cargo vehicle, in D-day you can use it to repair other units.

Posted Image
Experimental demolitions tank armed with a 105mm howitzer & two 7.2 inch rocket launchers.

McDonnell Model 120
Posted Image

Posted Image
Prototype crane/cargo helicopter using tip-mounted pressure jets to rotate the blades. In D-day its used as the post-war supply vehicle.

A-17 Nomad
Posted Image
Pre-war ground attack plane used by many different countries, France ordered over 90 of them but fell before they arrived.

Posted Image
When built in 1934 the B-10 out performed everything else that had come before & is considered a mile stone in aviation history. The rapid advancement technology meant that by 40's tho it was woefully outclassed & took heavy losses to the Japanese Zeros.

B-18 Bolo
Posted Image
Designed to replace the B-10, it fared no better when most where destroyed on the ground in the opening stages of the pacific war.

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Posted 14 September 2011 - 01:25 AM

Great Job as always!
BTW how is the supply copter working? I tryed to make a jumpjet miner but it's not good.

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