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Morgul Sorcery and dying wallhub

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#1 faithy14

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Posted 14 September 2011 - 12:42 PM

As I wrote in topic title morgul sorcery dont work in right way. When I build walls first and than I make upgrade Morgul sorcery it is not used. Fortress has it but walls not, only if I build new one, which are builded after buying upgrade morgul sorcery. Do you know what is with that. And other problem is, that when the wallhub is destroyd it is not fall down only disapear. Is it possible that animation od dying is not active or something that. Thank you for your advice, I realy hope you will Help me. Have a nice day modders. :)

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#2 OperationRenegade

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Posted 10 February 2012 - 04:29 AM

Are you modding or playing a mod.
I have no clue about coding morgul sorcery for use with walls. I believe RJ & other mod authors managed to get morgul socery to effect the walls, maybe you can ask them for the code or research code used in other wall uogrades present in the game However, I do know about your problem with structures death animation. It is far easier to just used the code which mentions destructiondelay (crumbles & Decays/ collapses) then making a new death animation, it is present in most structures in the ini file, towards the end of the objecta codes.
Also if your having troubles with the walls building up animation (usually it will show it damaged state instead), you must specify all of the basic models/ animations at the top of the object's code, i.e if you want no build up model put down: None & if u want the standard model of the dol guldur wall model use for example: dolgulwall.

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