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Enclave Unit List

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Posted 04 November 2011 - 12:59 PM



The Command Center
The main building, which loss it is equivalent to loss. Provides a radar and use of general special forces. Makes novices who build all other buildings.

Tesla Generator.
Provides base with energy. Can be improved for increase in target capacity.

Supply warehouse
"Mr. Handy ", engaged in gathering of supplies makes robots. Also with its help it is possible to send the robot with supplies to the ally.

Makes all kinds of infantry of the Enclave.

Helicopter platform
The basic industrial building of the Enclave. Can be improved in two variants:
- Vehicles manufacture;
- (Т2)Aircraft production;

Opens access to Т2 and to the new weapon. Improves to the Center of orbital communication - opens Т3 and establishes access to space means of the Enclave.

The building which is responsible for creation and start of the superweapon of the Enclave - the FEV Virus Bomb.

Defensive structures:
Turret Mk.2
It is armed by two machine guns by default. Can be improved to two miniguns or plasma guns.

Propaganda tower
High tower with a flag of the USA and a set of the megaphones broadcasting inspiring propagation.

Tesla Tower
The defensive works burning enemies by electric categories.

Infantry (it is created in barracks):

The flying robot armed with the low-power laser. On the single doesn't represent danger, it is intended for investigation and support.

The basic striking power of the Enclave. He is dressed in the Facilitated Power Armor and he is armed by a plasma rifle from Vest-tec.
Improvements (the Laboratory is required):
- A multiplasma rifle;
- The facilitated armor "Tesla";

The version of the fighter with the heavy weapon from the Enclave. More slowly than the Guardsman also is is worse protected, but armed with machinegun, effective for restraint of enemy infantry.
Improvements (the Laboratory is required):
-Rocket launcher;

The skilled officer of the Enclave armed with a plasma pistol, gives a bonus to the nearest armies, forcing them to battle more furiously.
Improvements (the Laboratory is required):
- A pulse pistol;
- Plasma grenades;
Shock Trooper
Expensive and powerful soldier in the Tesla Power Armor of the Enclave. It is armed by a heavy pulse rifle, effective against vehicles on a near distance. Its own protective field rejects rockets and power shots from the enemy weapon, but isn't capable to prevent bullets.
Improvements (the Laboratory is required):
- The improved reactor;

Hellfire Trooper
The infantryman of a special force. The fire-resistant power armor does its impregnable for fire while it is armed by a flame thrower.
Improvements (the Laboratory is required):
- Heavy incenerator;

Governmental agent
Elite fighter of the Enclave - the present giant in the power reservation, armed with a unique automatic plasma gun and a huge knife. Unlike Brotherhood's Commabdo he is intended for direct attacks, it is very hardy and can sustain severe wounds. Doesn't love mutants.

Special infantry:
Scientist (created in the Command Center):
The technicians performing all work. It is dressed in a protective suit, невооружён. Builds all buildings, repairs technics.

Soldier of Alpha squad (caused by means of general force):
The elite fighter of the Enclave, is dressed in Power Armor Mk.2 and armed with a turboplasma rifle.

The machine gunner of Alpha squad(caused by means of general force):
The elite fighter of the Enclave, is dressed in Power Armor Mk.2 and armed with minigun.

Vehicles(created on a helicopter platform):

The basic car of the Enclave. It is intended for investigation, by default it is not armed.
Improvements (the Laboratory is required):
- light machine gun;
- The nitroaccelerator;

The open fighting vehicle, differs good passableness. Transports two persons.
Improvements (the Laboratory is required):

Security robot
The walking robot of military model. It is well armor, armed with minigun.
Improvements (the Laboratory is required):
- The improved armor;
- Rocket launcher;
- A plasma gun;

Half-track APC
The car of the Enclave for a transfer of fighters. Contains 6 persons, it is armed by a machine gun.
Improvements (the Laboratory is required):
-The medical complete set;
-4-barrels machine gun;

"Sheridan" tank
The avialanding tank used by the Enclave as the basic fighting tank. Arms - cannon and a machine gun.
Improvements (the Laboratory is required):
- Smoke grenades;
- The plasma cannon;
- The improved armor;

The special vehicles:
Mr. Handy (created in the Supply Warehouse):
The robot used for delivery of supplies. Non-armed.

"Locust" tank(caused by means of general force):
The easy tank, dropped from air. Survivability and fire power doesn't differ.

The anti-tank cannon (caused by means of general force)::
Calculation 60мм tools for protection against the enemy vehicles
Crwler(caused by means of general force):
Superheavy fighting vehicle. It is armed by four machine-gun tourist's fur-trees and artillery целеуказателем. Can create Infernal Infantrymen at itself onboard. An epic unit.

Aircraft (it is created on a helicopter platform):

Vertibird Mk.2
Heavy model of vertibird for a transfer of 8 persons. It is armed by a machine gun.

Fighting vertibird
Vertibird of the first model, doesn't transport an army, but it is armed with rocket launcher.

Air cruiser
The huge sizes a flying platform of the Enclave. It is armed by artillery, an epic unit.

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#2 A Patient Person

A Patient Person
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Posted 25 November 2011 - 07:17 AM

1. Hellfire soldiers- Could be infantry-based artillery? Best of course for anti-infantry.

2. Eyebots also should have suicidal tendencies.

3. Early Enclave soldiers should mainly be equipped with Laser weaponry.

4. Primary builder units might be "mutant" slaves.

5. Government Agent? Frank Horrigan perhaps?

6. Alpha squad? Maybe Sigma squad from the Mobile Base?

7. Security Robot = Sentry Bot?

8. If Capture-able neutral buildings are involved, Could the scientists be the only ones(or among the only ones) able to capture them?

9. Could the "Sheridan" be(at later levels) be basically the same as a Chimera?

10. Another Idea for a Super Weapon: Satellite Up-link, which allows the use of Orbital Bombardment.

Thank you,
A Patient Person.

#3 Antibot_One

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Posted 17 December 2011 - 05:37 PM

1. Yes.
2. Maybe.
3. Maybe, but I aspire to make fractions unlike against each other.
4. Hmm... no, but you can mutants as "Unity" faction.
5. Yes.
6. No, it's another squad.
7. Yes, but it another model from Fallout 2.
8. Hm...
9. No, it's real airborne tank from real US Army.
10. It's be an way of attack from Crawler.

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