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Posted 17 November 2011 - 01:41 PM

Time for something a bit different...

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The 7TP was a Polish light tank based on the Vickers 6ton, they made many improvements tho that turned it into one of the best light tanks in the world at the beginning of the war. Unfortunately tho they where heavy outnumbered during the German/Soviet invasion & most where destroyed. None survived the war but a replica using many original parts & ones from other Vickers type tanks was build by the Museum of the Polish Army.

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The Dutch army is often overlooked as they where not equipped with any tanks, they did however have several types of armoured cars. The M39 was the most modern of them, with sloped armour & a 37mm cannon it was comparable to a light tank of the time. When the Germans invaded tho most where still in the factory awaiting delivery. Afterwards the Germans used them against the Soviet Union where they lasted several years until all of them where destroyed. After the war the M39 was still considered to be quite modern & the Dutch government planed to restart production, but like many European countries they decided to use surplus american equipment instead.

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A Post-War design by Belgium using the Loyd Carrier modified with a 90mm cannon. My knowledge of the CATI90's development is very limited so no interesting story to write here...

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A tank called Bob... As war drew closer, New Zealand realized it may need to defend itself & so set too work at designing its own tank. Using the limited materials that where available they came up with a armored structure that could be quickly bolted onto an agricultural tractor. What seamed like a good idea at the time tho failed miserably, the tractors where only just able to carry the extra weight & the excessive noise/vibration made operating it difficult at best.

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