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Posted 25 December 2011 - 10:32 AM




(Images will be added soon.

Harlindon the southern part of the Elven realm of Lindon.
Lindon was the home of many Elves at the beginning of the Second Age where the Elven survivors of the War of the Silmarils dwelled who did not
with to pass over the Sea.
The realm was ruled by High King Gil Galad until his passing during the War of the Last Alliance when he died at the hand of Sauron.
Since Gil Galad's demise the realm slowly became less populated as some Elves went into other areas and most went over the sea to Valinor.
Harlindon still retains some it's Elvish qualities a land of great beauty that still harbours some Elves in small settlements.

This map is located near the shoreline amongst the Pine forest and hilly lands.
The forest has a large presence on the map with it's Pine Trees and lush undergrowth of Ferns and Shrubs.
On the shore can be heard the sound of waves and seagulls.


This map is a 5 player map with players starting out with Camps.
Located in the middle is a single Outpost with each player evenly distanced from it.
The Outpost is the focal point of the map as the player who takes it gains an advantage over the opponents but it comes at a cost as the player
must defend it against 4 other players.
Some players may opt to ignore the outpost and use the landscape and the Forest to take control of the map and create Ambushes.
This map combines stunning scenery with intense warfare.


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