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Imperia Mod: News and Updates

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#1 EmperorNiko

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Posted 29 December 2011 - 05:23 PM

For a few reasons the mod has been slow.

1. My mom died 12/19/2010
2. My dad died 06/02/2011
3. my aunt is very sick and i've been taking car of her kids
4. my older step-sister is homeschooling my and i need to makeup for years of not doing it before and take tests before august 1st.
5. I live with my older step-brother surrounded by xbox and internet, both are bad distractions to me.
6. I've taken to reading and writing Fanfiction (Code Geass: The Cursed Immortal at Fanfiction.net)

So for my update i will explain the generations to you all.

Imperia Empire
The Imperia Navy is best at its overwhelming firepower and ships size. They lack well armed fighters but make up with great AA cover.

1st Generation - Imperia
With the use of tech from the Imperia/Drexia Alliance the Imperia Empire uses its huge supply of resources to build the biggest and baddest vessels possible.

2nd Generation - Imperia
With the defeat of the Dark Unity the Empire began an energy arms race with Earth resulting in shielding and energy weapons to be standard on newer Naval units.

3rd Generation - Imperia
With Sith tech and dark matter tech a Full spectrum of arms become available. Lasers, shields, mecha and super weapons. All hail Imperia!

Earth Alliance
The Allied Navy is famous for its defensive capabilities and carrier force. They are the best defenders.

1st Generation - Earth
With the late discovery of light-speed the Alliance focused on its defense by building carriers and fighter forces.

2nd Generation - Earth
In an arms race with the Empire, Allied forces gained beam weapons and larger vessels.

3rd Generation - Earth
With years of conflict comes great advances. Small and Fast warships as well as new light-speed capable fighters, even EMP's.

Dark Unity
The Unity is the only changing force. it is different in every generation.

1st Generation - Knights of Armageddon
Lord Eclipse and his clone army use's overwhelming numbers to fight the two super powers. (Spam Frigates)

2nd Generation - Sith Rebellion
While researching Drexian ruins Prince Phozonis leader of the Imperial Knights discovers an abandoned Sith Temple. While learning about the force he is corrupted and turns the knights into a sith army. they use the sith warships present under the base and Princess Emeralda joins as well bringing the Imperial Assassins with her.

3rd Generation - The Ends
With the true lords of darkness united together The Ends use the largest and most powerful forces in the galaxy. Beams, Lasers, Plasma, Nukes, Superlasers, Stealth, the End is near.

Well that's all for now i guess, i hope i can have this mod atleast at the beta stage by this tame next year but its hard to skin the units to look good. if i dont get a skinner im going to make the model and leave a plain color for the entire ship.

PS: If anyone doesn't like the name Imperia Empire then come up with a name then. i am willing to change it if i hear a good name. so here's the brief past.

in the start the WW3 Nikolas Thomas and his brother Keven lost their family in a nuclear strike the had hit their house. Keven survived and left but Niko was really alive as well but his soul was removed by a demon cause he could absorb the powers of demons killed near him.
after taking over and sealing the demon world Nikolas married a demon hunter and later left when he felt his body was actually alive.
HE was captured caused when he entered his body he lost his powers.
Nikolas was tortured and subjected to experiments by the American Coalition and after regaining his powers and escaping he joined his brother Master as a Assassin of terrorists. he ended up making the groups join him and led the world into WW4 from his capital Tokyo, Japan as his first group was the Yakuza.
for years he and the Peace alliance which was formed to defeat his vast empire which controlled 1/3rd of the earth.
After Master got involved and formed the Commando's, the empire was beaten back to Tokyo which the day of the invasion, rose and became the Imperia Space Colony.
Emperor Nikolas stole a light-speed device Master built and took to the stars where he aided the Drexian Empire (Half-Dragon/Half-Human people) end a century long war and they joined the Empire.

The Demon part was a Warcraft 3 mod i was going to make and the WW4 was a C&C Generals one i was going to make.

So if you cam think of a name then come on and tell me and if i like it then i will change it.
I need it to go with
I-N as in Imperial (Name) Navy like the IJN or USS (United States Ship)

And for a bit of eye candy

X-117-A Destiny
Drexian Interceptor
Ship-Based CIWS
Earth Alliance 1st Generation multi-capable Fighter

Thank You All
Emperor Nikolas Xi Imperia

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#2 Digz


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Posted 01 January 2012 - 05:49 PM

Hey Niko, really really sorry to hear about the loss of your parents in such a short space of time, it must not have been easy.

Just wanted to say though that the mod is looking great and the screenies you posted up on ModDB are looking fabulous as ever! I know you're busy and real life is way more important but keep up the good work! It's looking to be a really strong mod and I think the name is fine, no need to change it :)

I also really like the ideas of the generations, it's a nice touch!

#3 EmperorNiko

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Posted 03 January 2012 - 02:09 AM

Thanks. the generation will be three GC's that each have 5 tech levels. they are meant to be many years apart. but thanks the complement is very much appreciated.

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