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Posted 06 February 2012 - 12:56 PM

Here will be be all the FAQ's:

Q1) Will this mod have any new factions in the coming releases?
A1) No, at this stage we are currently enhancing the original factions, although there will be sub-factions.

Q2) How will FB2G balance Bfme?
A2) We shall balance the game by:
-Making structures stronger
-Units and heroes will have less health
-Normal arrows will not effect structures, only fire.
-Heavy armor, forged blades, poison, silverthorn and fire shall all be balanced and be made more realistic.

Q3) Will there be new maps in this mod?
A3) Yes, we have a mapper and soon another.

Q4) Is this mod part of the RC because of Ridder Geel being a helper?
A4) The mod has no real partnership with the RC mod but we will donate certain things as gratitude for the help.

Q5) What is this whole new Bandit System about?
A5) The Bandit sytem is a new Script for maps which has it's own AI. The AI will have Bandits pillaging Structures and killing any player and they will not be taimable.

Q6) Will the Ring Hero still be usable?
A6) Yes but each faction shall now have their own unique Ring Hero.

Q7) Will the CaH be changed?
A7) In due time, we are hoping to add new classes and sub-classes as well as new sub-objects and powers.

Q8) Why is the mod done faction by faction?
A8) So we can keep it neat and tidy to work on.

Q9) When will a BETA be released?
A9) We are not totally sure but hopefully soon.

Q10) Is it true that the Wild Faction is almost complete?
A10) Kinda, it is almost at the finishing touches.

Please, if you have any Facts, Answers or Questions, post them here :)

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