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_Misc Chapter *FINAL* Voice Lists

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Posted 17 February 2012 - 03:40 PM

Spoken as if a suffering/thankless but diabolical evil fiend.
Unit_Complete1: The Darkness calls!
Unit_Complete2: Another chance for glory!
Unit_Complete3: We are honored to be called!
Unit_Complete4: We live for Chaos!
Unit_Complete5: Master, we are yours!
Unit_Complete6: (Cackles Maniacally)
Unit_Complete7: We are here, and we are forfeit...
Selection1: Anything for Chaos!
Selection2: We strive for your favor, Dark Ones!
Selection3: We strive for your favor, Masta!
Selection4: Th-the voices, THEY’RE BACK! Oh joy!
Selection5: Death... would not be service enough...
Selection6: Madness guides us!
Move1: Faster, men, FASTA!
Move2: To the will of Chaos!
Move3: Glory is not a destination!
Move4: Damnation is our path...
Move5: Chaos treads here now!
Move6: The Dark Ones call us!
Move7: A new direction from glorious Chaos!!!
Attack1: Mortal strength is NOTHING to the glories of CHAOS!
Attack2: The gods will enjoy their gifts!
Attack3: No ascension without slaughter!
Attack4: No glory without bloodshed!
Attack5: Death to the unfaithful!
Attack6: They'll soil themselves with fear!
Build1: Labors of love for the Dark Gods!
Build2: Glorious testaments of corruption!
Build3: Our hands are your tool, masta...
Build4: We shall create a sanctum of destruction!
Build5: ...work HARDER! We'll never achieve glory this way!
Build6: No stone is too hard for the masons of Chaos!
Build7: ...it needs more skulls... yes... more skulls...
Capture1: We will capture it, but Chaos claims it!
Capture2: A holy rite, to spread glorious Chaos!
Capture3: The flags of desecration will wave here!
Capped1: Today, a point. Tomorrow, the galaxy!!! (cackles maniacally)
Capped2: Glory! The beautiful taint of Chaos spreads!
Capped3: A kingdom for your fancies, oh Master...
Lay_Mines1: Dormant fire for our foes! (chuckles, before breaking into cackling.)
Lay_Mines2: With this, their last steps shall reign in agony!
Lay_Mines3: The unforeseen will raise terror upon their souls!
Load_Transport1: All the faster to glory!
Load_Transport2: We're unwavering on foot, but we're unwavering and fast now!
Unload_Transport1: No machine restrains us from Chaos!
Unload_Transport2: The time is here! New rites of glory!!!
Morale_Break2: (Nervously) B-but I am a Loyalist! F-for the Emperor... guys!
Morale_Break3: I am forfeit...
Morale_Restored1: The damned are never truly forsaken!
Morale_Restored2: KIDDING! (Cackles maniacally)
Charge2: NO, I'LL CLAIM GLORY!!!
Repair1: Yes, let's make it SHINE AGAIN!
Repair2: Even damnation demands upkeep!
Repair3: Nothing shall break us this time!
Repair4: Mending so as new once more.
Repair5: Well then.. something to restore I see.
Repair6: With a little help. it shall serve Chaos a-new.
Jump_Teleport1: Across the void I streak!
Jump_Teleport2: Through darkened passages..
Deepstrike1: Down.. right down among those fools!
Deepstrike2: The skies crack open with my return!
Combat1: GRAAAHHH!!!
Combat6: *maniacal laughter*
Ability1: GLORY TO CHAOS!!!!
Ability2: POWER.. IT… CONSUMES ME…!!!
Ability3: The Taint! It.. BURNS!!!
Ability4: You cannot escape these.. darker powers!!
Ability5: Death to you all!
Under_Fire1: The bullets, they hurt!
Under_Fire2: Those cocky foes are firing!
Under_Fire3: They're shooting!
Damage1: Urrrrggh...
Damage3: P-PAIN!
Death1: I join you now...
Death2: My apotheosis to darkness begins...
Death3: Chaos... is so... peaceful.
Death4: B-but... I wasn't done...!
Death5: GGAarrrgghhhh!
Death6: Aarrgghhhh!
Death7: *various other death cries or moans*

Chaos Terminators (Undivided)
Voice as a professional EVIL warrior full of pride-arrogance.
Unit_Complete1: Terminators here to annihilate!
Unit_Complete2: We here to beat those fools!
Unit_Complete3: Death to the false Emperor!
Unit_Complete4: The best warriors of the legion are here!
Unit_Complete5: We come to seek glory through death and blood!
Unit_Complete6: We are chosen. We are the best!
Unit_Complete7: Chosen terminators, ready to strike!
Unit_Complete8: Terminators ready!
Unit_Complete9: We await the gods' commands.
Unit_Complete10: The Chosen of the Gods are prepared!
Selection1: Speak!
Selection2: Need us? (in a sarcastic way)
Selection3: Don't waste our time!
Selection4: What's the plan? (serious)
Selection5: They can't stand before us!
Selection6: Those damn loyalists... (wandering)
Selection7: We eager for glory!
Selection8: We are ready.
Selection9: Where may we slaughter?
Selection10: When will the battle begin?
Selection11: You dare speak to me?
Selection12: I have earned my rank.
Move1: Moving
Move2: Go to the coordinates
Move3: We will be there
Move4: We go
Move5: Move squad!
Move6: We will find them
Move7: Why can't we warp jump there? (murmuring)
Move8: None may confront the will of Chaos!
Move9: Unto the true house of worship!
Move10: In the name of Chaos!
Attack1: They already dead!
Attack2: Die, you weaklings!!
Attack3: Terminate them!! (Its kind a half joke, )
Attack4: They are no match for us!
Attack5: No one remain alive
Attack6: Eat this!!
Attack7: Sustain fire!!
Attack8: Let us see how well your god protects you!
Attack9: We shall enlighten the foolish ones!
Attack10: Die!
Attack11: Feel the wrath of Chaos!
Capture1: Beginning override!
Capture2: Neutralizing enemy intel
Capture3: Take it in the name of the Gods!
Capped1: It is taken! Let's hope the fools can keep it.
Capped2: Ours has risen high!
Capped3: For the Legion of Chaos!
Load_Transport1: Boarding transport!
Load_Transport2: Take us to the battle front!
Load_Transport3: Into the garrison!
Unload_Transport1: Now! Tear them apart!
Unload_Transport2: Arrived and ready!'
Unload_Transport3: Move to position
Morale_Break1: Impossible!!
Morale_Break2: How can this be!?
Morale_Break3: We must not let them claim our sacred armor!
Morale_Break4: This cannot be the will of the Gods!
Morale_Restored1: You need more than that!
Morale_Restored2: You must be hurry to die!! (with anger)
Morale_Restored3: None can stop us!
Morale_Restored4: Turn and fight!
Charge1: Taste our wrath!!
Charge2: Fall!! FALL!!! (blood thirsty shout)
Charge3: Crush them all!
Charge4: *murderous roar*
Charge5: For Chaos!
Charge6: None can stop the chosen of the gods!
Jump_Teleport1: Warp jump initiate
Jump_Teleport2: Forces of chaos, carry us!
Jump_Teleport3: Let us see how they combat this!
Deepstrike1: Into them!
Deepstrike2: We hit them hard!
Deepstrike3: Warp field stabilized
Ability1: Burn in the Fires of the Maelstrom!
Ability2: Pay the price for your blind loyalties!
Ability3: Vengeance will be ours!
Ability4: Nothing is impossible for Chaos!
Ability5: The Power.. it.. invigorates!! [voice as if feeling a surge of immense power]
Combat1: Yes!! That's what I live for!!
Combat2: Blood! Death! Glory!! (shouting)
Combat3: We are the nightmare!
Under_Fire1: Don't make me laugh
Under_Fire2: We are invincible!
Under_Fire3: Useless against us!
Under_Fire4: Incoming fire!
Under_Fire5: Our armor cannot be penetrated!
Damage1: You will pay for this!!
Damage2: You need more then this!
Damage3: How dare you!!
Damage4: Gah! They're weapons tear into us!
Damage5: The fools dare mare my armor!?!
Death1: You can't.. beat.. us.. (all death script voice -> struggling as he dying, except the murderous roar)
Death2: Damn that false emperor! (no matter who beat chaos, they always blame others...)
Death3: This is your fault!! Argh.. (your fault as their commander)
Death4: *a murderous roar, as he dying*
Death5: What? How can this be?
Death6: As Chaos wills!
Death7: GGAarrrgghhhh!
Death8: Aarrgghhhh!

Chaos Terminators (Undivided) Sergeant
Stoic, gruff, and arrogant veteran who shows little emotion until he gets to hit something. Contemptuous of his enemies, ten thousand years of battle have left him able to feel little else than anger.
Unit_Complete1: I have seen powers you could not imagine.
Unit_Complete2: My ascension is at hand.
Unit_Complete3: The only thing more formidable than my armour is my fury.
Unit_Complete4: I will cast down their idols, and raise my own.
Unit_Complete5: Show me your enemies, oh Dark Gods. Show me that I may sacrifice them on your altars.
Unit_Complete6: We will destroy our enemies, and I... I will become a God.
Unit_Complete7: Another world to crush beneath my heel.
Selection1: I grow bored.
Selection2: I hunger for the sweet taste of battle.
Selection3: Come, I tire of this. Let us find something to kill.
Selection4: I am the face that haunts the nightmares of this place.
Selection5: Give them to me, and I will break them.
Selection6: Anarchy will reign here.
Selection7: When the warp takes this planet I shall claim it as my own.
Selection8: I long for a worthy challenge.
Selection9: Now is the time for war!
Move1: Slaanesh, grant me your alacrity. [pronounced "Slaa-nesh"]
Move2: I am destined to fight, not scurry about like some rat!
Move3: If there are fresh sacrifices to be made there, I will go.
Move4: All of this shall be my domain in time.
Move5: A small part of a greater plan.
Move6: Forward, for Chaos.
Move7: We will corrupt this place with our very presence.
Move8: Chaos marches onward.
Move9: A crusade of my own.
Move10: Where are my next victims? Show ME!!
Attack1: I feel nothing but hatred.
Attack2: More bodies for the pyre. [pronounced "pie-er"]
Attack3: Ah, fresh victims.
Attack4: Let me see what strength your false gods grant you.
Attack5: This world will burn.
Attack6: Maybe you will sate my thirst... I doubt it.
Attack7: I will destroy you, and tear down your so-called gods.
Attack8: The warp is hungry for your souls.
Attack9: Their death shall be a monument to my prowess.
Capture1: For the glory of the Dark Gods!
Capture2: They have spoken to me. We will take this place.
Capture3: Take all they hold dear.
Capped1: Tzeentch's plans are in motion. [pronounced "Zeen-ch's"]
Capped2: Raise a monument to the Ruinous Powers at this spot.
Capped3: Secure it and move on. I hunger for more kills.
Capped4: Another conquered prize for Chaos!
Load_Transport1: You will carry me.
Load_Transport2: Get me to where the blood must flow.
Unload_Transport1: The time for the slaughter is nigh.
Unload_Transport2: Now is my time!
Morale_Break1: Curses... retreat!
Morale_Break2: When I return, it will be with a legion of daemons at my back!
Morale_Break3: Ten thousand years! I am not ready to throw that away yet.
Morale_Restored1: Forgive me, of Lords of Ruin!
Morale_Restored2: I will atone for this, I promise you.
Morale_Restored3: Once more to the butcher's block.
Charge1: Khorne himself will bless this slaughter! [pronounced "Corn"]
Charge2: For Chaos, Undivided!
Charge3: I will make puppets of your corpses!
Charge4: The strength of the Dark Gods is behind me.
Charge5: Kneel or be butchered!
Charge6: Bow to your new Master, fools!
Jump_Teleport1: Come. Let us take them by surprise.
Jump_Teleport2: Only the Dark Gods know our destination.
Deepstrike1: We have traveled through the daemonic realms.
Deepstrike2: From blackening skies will you hear our impending roar!
Ability1: The Lord of Skulls will smile on me today.
Ability2: The Prince of Pleasure smiles upon me. I shall savour this.
Ability3: The ruinous powers are united through me!
Ability4: Lord of Decay, preserve these souls with your bounty.
Ability5: The Changer of Ways has already warned me of your misguided efforts.
Combat1: Come, test yourself against the might of Chaos.
Combat2: I have crushed a hundred other worlds, as I will crush this one.
Combat3: Your head will make a fine trophy!
Combat4: Die, you fool.
Combat5: You cannot stand before Chaos' eternal might.
Combat6: The power of the warp compels me!
Under_Fire1: Pitiful.
Under_Fire2: You think this can deter me?
Under_Fire3: Nurgle sustains me. [pronounced "Nur-ghoul"]
Under_Fire4: Try harder, worm!
Damage1: If you think I will repent, you are mistaken.
Damage2: I have suffered a thousand wounds more grievous than this one.
Damage3: Yes, kill me; I will return... anew.
Death1: My death is temporary. Your doom is eternal.
Death2: We are all... pawns.
Death3: This body dies... this soul...
Death4: I die free of the shackles that were cast upon me.
Death5: GGAarrrgghhhh!
Death6: Aarrgghhhh!
Death7: *various other death cries and moans*


Fulgrim (Emperors Children)
Notes: Booming primarch voice, but smooth with a bit of serpent-like hissing. In the background are various types of music playing simultaneously, making a disturbing noise effect. Daemon-primarchs are daemon-prince/greater daemon size so there are no join/detach/load/unload. Suggest offensive ability: Slanneshi Frenzy (very short period where Fulgrim instantly synch kills every non-command infantry he melee attacks). Suggest defensive ability: Life Sensate (sudden, quick partial healing)
Unit_Complete1: I have claimed this mortal shell as my own!
Unit_Complete2: These cries of horror are of great comfort to me!
Unit_Complete3: Only through me will you achieve perfection!
Unit_Complete4: We meet again…!
Unit_Complete5: This world … is most pleasing!
Unit_Complete6: Even death is exhilarating!
Unit_Complete7: There are no limits to pleasure!
Selection1: This language is… insufficient!
Selection2: The old Fulgrim was weak!
Selection3: Embrace the madness!
Selection4: Chaos whispers the truth into my ears!
Selection5: Slaanesh! (perverse emphasis on this line, as if taking unnatural pleasure in the very word) [pronounced "Slaa-nesh"]
Selection6: So… beautiful!
Selection7: Ah yes!
Move1: Serve the Dark Prince!
Move2: This body is most pleasing to me!
Move3: Let vanity and ambition guide you!
Move4: Without sensation there is no life!
Move5: Such agony and pleasure!
Move6: A wondrous feeling!
Move7: I weep for such beauty!
Attack1: I am the strength behind the betrayal!
Attack2: Such anguish… delicious!
Attack3: How… amusing!
Attack4: Embrace the pain!
Attack5: Suffer a fate beyond death!
Attack6: The screams will be as music!
Attack7: Hahahahaha!
Capture1: It will be a temple to excess!
Capture2: We will raise the banners of decadence!
Capture3: Arise, fane of depravity!
Capped1: Let each place sing of the phoenix!
Capped2: The price of isolation!
Capped3: To the victor… the spoils!
Join1: Such sensations await us!
Join2: *cackle* You wish to be Phoenix Guard?!
Join3: Come, we will feel as we’ve never felt before!
Detach1: Now... go away!
Detach2: I need you... not!
Load_Transport1: A chamber of sensation!
Load_Transport2: There will be more pain soon!
Unload_Transport1: As I live and feel!
Unload_Transport2: To bathe in air and light... wondrous pain!
Morale_Break1: The sensations of pain and death are too much!
Morale_Break2: Quiver with the loss!
Morale_Break3: Terrifying is it not?! Good!
Morale_Restored1: There is no greater magnificence than me!
Morale_Restored2: I will never fall silent!
Morale_Restored3: Perfect! Perfect!
Charge1: No power can unmake me!
Charge2: What? So few warriors?!
Charge3: What sweet music war makes!
Jump_Teleport1: The warp will scream for me!
Jump_Teleport2: The souls of ecstasy are a million melodies!
Deepstrike1: *sound of crackling warp energies with softer background of strange twisted music*
Deepstrike2: * sound of crackling warp energies with different softer background of strange twisted music*
Ability1: Such concoctions will be rendered from your bones!
Ability2: I will taste your essence as you are devoured by the warp!
Ability3: New and wondrous drugs will be make from your flesh!
Ability4: Pain only makes me stronger!
Ability5: I savor the pain!
Combat1: How does it feel?!
Combat2: So… beautiful!
Combat3: Glorious sensation!
Under_Fire1: These guns will soon be shrieks of agony!
Under_Fire2: Ah! Brothers with bloody hands!
Under_Fire3: It’s beautiful!
Damage1: You are ruining everything!
Damage2: The pain! Is magnificent!
Damage3: The flesh lives so that it can feel!
Death1: Mortal men could not stand this!
Death2: The siren calls from beyond!
Death3: Such an exquisite sensation!
Death4: *mad daemonic laughter*

Mortarion (Death Guard)
Notes: Booming, but with a sickly continuous rasping quality through his brassy mouth piece. Like a cross between Zeus and the grim reaper. A distinct humming can be heard in the background, like the drone of many horse flies. In the artwork, Daemon-Primarch Mortarion’s face and mouth have been reduced to bare skull, so the voice wheezing through the vox on his armor is powered by his warp presence alone. Suggest offensive ability: “Walking Dead” (squad of Plaguebearers created at targeted location). Suggest defensive ability: “Plaguelands” (area surrounding Mortarion enveloped by poison clouds, clouds follow him if he moves)
Unit_Complete1: From the plague planet, I have come!
Unit_Complete2: Behold I, the walker in the darkness!
Unit_Complete3: Look upon me, and know your master!
Unit_Complete4: The god of plagues dispatched me here!
Unit_Complete5: The rewards of the Death God are many!
Unit_Complete6: Nurgle blesses all with second life! [pronounced "Ner-ghoul"]
Unit_Complete7: Know no father save Nurgle!
Selection1: From flesh and bone is ailment born!
Selection2: Nurgle is your master now!
Selection3: Life is a drought of poison!
Selection4: I trust you will choose your words well!
Selection5: Who will test me?!
Selection6: Such weak poison!
Selection7: Glory be to the secret dead!
Move1: My plague fleets have come!
Move2: For Chaos, I will claim the freshly dead!
Move3: In time, all will be dust and corruption!
Move4: They will never see the sky again!
Move5: The earth will weep and the clouds will rain death!
Move6: Rally to me, my sons of Death!
Move7: By virus and venom, my will will be done!
Attack1: So many slaves!
Attack2: I shall thresh souls from the miserable flesh!
Attack3: Death to the False Emperor!
Attack4: We will impress on them their lowly statutory!
Attack5: Their flesh will feed the plague god!
Attack6: Then I shall erase them!
Attack7: Such as these are unworthy of my reaper!
Capture1: Let us have unity in plague god’s service!
Capture2: We are of one mind!
Capture3: It shall be mine!
Capped1: It is right for Gods to rule over slaves!
Capped2: Do not be troubled at the coming of contagion!
Capped3: There is no indignity
Join1: We shall be endless suffering... endless war
Join2: My sons...
Join3: We shall be the punishment... the scourge
Detach1: What price we will pay
Detach2: So... impatient
Load_Transport1: There will be more
Load_Transport2: That will house me
Unload_Transport1: Unleash the plague
Unload_Transport2: From this point... all will perish
Morale_Break1: Carry this burden with me, my sons!
Morale_Break2: From aches and decay, watch and learn!
Morale_Break3: I am graced with pain!
Morale_Restored1: Fall… and rise again!
Morale_Restored2: Abandon vanity and despair, as your body takes new form!
Morale_Restored3: Is not dead a thing of beauty?!
Charge1: On your knees!
Charge2: Who dares oppose me?!
Charge3: Cower, betrayers!
Jump_Teleport1: Where there is life, there shall be death!
Jump_Teleport2: Hope is fallacy!
Deepstrike1: Who has summoned me?!
Deepstrike2: I come with the blessing of the plague God!
Ability1: Walk! My children!
Ability2: Let undeath be manifested on this world!
Ability3: Ah! Such joy in the children of Nurgle!
Ability4: A rare and fine vintage!
Ability5: It burns, does it not?!
Combat1: Death is so… fragrant!
Combat2: All will be consumed by plague!
Combat3: Do you fear death?!
Under_Fire1: Is this all that there is to face?!
Under_Fire2: So! More betrayers!
Under_Fire3: Defiance is foolish… as it is futile!
Damage1: Rejoice! You will live again in service to the Plague God!
Damage2: In death, I am become invincible!
Damage3: All will fall… And all will rise!
Death1: It is too late… for me!
Death2: Life… is vanity!
Death3: Until the next battlefield!
Death4: My unbroken blades…!

Lorgar (Word Bearers)
Notes: Booming, like a wrathful god. There should be a little bit of distortion, his voice booming with the power of the warp. This is after the heresy and after Lorgar becomes a Daemon-Primarch but before he permanently locked himself away in meditation on Sicarius. On his HH card, he’s got some big boney horns but his face/mouth still looks very human shaped. He mediates a lot and has an otherworldly quality. Suggest offensive ability “Burning Faith” (Knocks a squad/commander back, and sets them on warp fire). Suggest defensive ability be “Demi- Ascension” (turns targeted WB commander into a short lived daemon prince).
Unit_Complete1: Who awakens me from my meditation?!
Unit_Complete2: In my meditation, I fly with the kathartes! [Pronounced "ka-that-tase"]
Unit_Complete3: You disturb my meditations?
Unit_Complete4: As ever, it seems my meditations end in war!
Unit_Complete5: I have seen this war in my meditations!
Unit_Complete6: You dare wake me from my meditations?!
Unit_Complete7: Who awakens me?!
Selection1: The mysteries of faith are known to me!
Selection2: Heed the Word!
Selection3: Be illuminated by the power of Chaos!
Selection4: The Chaos Gods have spoken to me!
Selection5: This insult will not go unanswered
Selection6: What intrusion is this?
Selection7: Have faith, my sons!
Move1: All I have ever wanted was the truth!
Move2: My father’s kingdom will yet fall!
Move3: Learn from the Old Ways!
Move4: I have seen the madness in men’s souls!
Move5: Find your power in the Never-born!
Move6: Holy union of humanity and Chaos!
Move7: Fear not the daemon!
Attack1: The ignorant and the weak must be dragged into the light!
Attack2: No matter the cost!
Attack3: It matters not how many bleed and cry out!
Attack4: Let Chaos Incarnate be unleashed!
Attack5: Witness before me, the very heart of heresy!
Attack6: Bless the Pantheon of Sacred Chaos!
Attack7: Rage without focus is no weapon at all
Capture1: It… will be mine!
Capture2: There is no corner of the galaxy that will not know the touch of Chaos!
Capture3: My icon will fly from that strategic location!
Capped1: On this spot, daemons will walk and the warp will rend the very air!
Capped2: The Gods of Chaos look with favor upon this blessed land!
Capped3: Even the gods know this place!
Join1: Do not look upon Chaos with mortal eyes!
Join2: Each of you shall be a revenant of Chaos!
Join3: Some shall be immortal and some shall be martyrs!
Detach1: In Chaos, my sons, you will find endless possibility!
Detach2: The future holds many changes, my sons!
Load_Transport1: Prepare my transport!
Load_Transport2: That will do!
Unload_Transport1: Faith is my weapon in the fist of Chaos!
Unload_Transport2: Once more, the light of Chaos will shine forth!
Morale_Break1: Die joyous that you have served the gods of the true faith!
Morale_Break2: The wrath of the dark gods will be great!
Morale_Break3: He who fails the gods of the warp will be consumed in agony!
Morale_Restored1: Gods are watching us from the Realm of Chaos!
Morale_Restored2: Your blasphemy… has cost us quite enough!
Morale_Restored3: The effluent of death carries the word of sacred Chaos!
Charge1: Even gods may die!
Charge2: All the strength in the flesh! And the taste of the blood on my tongue!
Charge3: Your path to salvation begins now!
Jump_Teleport1: In faith in the dark gods, my will is granted!
Jump_Teleport2: My every wish is heard by the ever vigilant powers of chaos!
Deepstrike1: Love the whip of Chaos, that sends you where you must go!
Deepstrike2: In this, I am reconsecrated to the true gods of the warp!
Ability1: When flesh and spirit meet, divinity!
Ability2: Glory and sacrifice are one and the same!
Ability3: Burn in the fires of faith!
Ability4: When you ascend, you will be the chosen children of the gods!
Ability5: Arise, grand vizier of Chaos!
Combat1: Blasphemy!
Combat2: You violate the purity of the gods’ Primordial Truth!
Combat3: You will be judged by thirsting gods!
Under_Fire1: Who dares defy me?!
Under_Fire2: Be witnesses to the glory of Chaos!
Under_Fire3: Who dares defy the truth
Damage1: Enough!
Damage2: I will smite you for this offense!
Damage3: I will forgive no offense, forget no heresy against Chaos!
Death1: Upon death, the unshackled soul drifts into the infinite!
Death2: The thirsting gods are not satisfied!
Death3: Those who displease the dark gods, suffer!
Death4: The favored of the chaos gods, know true immortality!

Konrad Curze / Night Haunter (Night Lords)
Notes: Curze lines are smooth and somewhat sinister like the king of the mafioso. The Night Haunter lines are a ragged and little bit crazed version of the regular Curze lines. If he doesn’t have jump packs, his jump animation should be a kroot-style long leap. When his morale breaks, which should happen much more easily than with other commanders, he takes more damage but also gets buffs on his melee attack, bit more anti-morale damage and speed. No daemonic voice effect. Suggest offensive ability: “Hunt of the Wicked” (breaks his own morale, which enhances his melee attack, little bit anti-morale attack and speed). Suggest defensive ability “Blood Condor”: creates a bloody totem thing from the corpse bits that erodes morale around it. The Blood Condor should look like those chaos corrupted corpses on the stick
Unit_Complete1: Where before there had been light, now there is only darkness
Unit_Complete2: The flavors of betrayal are many and terrible
Unit_Complete3: It will come to pass, the death of a burning world watched by a great eye! (night haunter voice)
Unit_Complete4: Obedience will come from the fear of punishment
Unit_Complete5: The dark beyond breeds corruption and betrayal among my sons! (night haunter voice)
Unit_Complete6: The time has come to forge our own path,
Unit_Complete7: The False Emperor waited decades to cast me aside… his mistake! (night haunter voice)
Selection1: My sons!
Selection2: I have seen the bitter galaxy in flames!(night haunter voice)
Selection3: Do not be naïve
Selection4: Mortal nature is fickle and weak
Selection5: Without fear, mortals revert to their basest instincts
Selection6: Evil is necessary
Selection7: Fear will bring order
Move1: Move in the shadows!
Move2: I dreamed… of a golden eagle cast from the heavens (night haunter voice)
Move3: Mercy is for the weak and foolish
Move4: Fear of reprisals will keep the mortals in check
Move5: All empires are forged in blood
Move6: In my brother Horus, we will have rule of law
Move7: Our way is not the way of the Imperium
Attack1: Astares will fight to the death beneath a red-lit sky! (night haunter voice) [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]
Attack2: Punish the guilty
Attack3: With fear, restore order
Attack4: The mortals must pay the penalty for their crime
Attack5: Kill those that resist and the others will learn
Attack6: My sons, we bring the night
Attack7: The path of dissent will be punished with extreme prejudice
Capture1: The mortals will see, and they will fear
Capture2: With terror, I will have order
Capture3: The fools thing they could keep me out?! (night haunter voice)
Capped1: Let all see this… and fear
Capped2: Cower, mortals, at the sign of your master
Capped3: All will know who has been here
Join1: Stand, my sons, in midnight clad
Join2: Be true to what you are… I will tolerate nothing else
Join3: My sons… we bring the night
Detach1: In purity, know yourself
Detach2: The daemons of Horus, is not our way
Load_Transport1: Better to go unseen
Load_Transport2: My transport!
Unload_Transport1: Tremble! I have come! (night haunter voice)
Unload_Transport2: Who?! Who defies me?! (night haunter voice)
Morale_Break1: Weakness… no weakness! (night haunter voice)
Morale_Break2: Curse you! Curse you all! (night haunter voice)
Morale_Break3: Embrace... the madness (night haunter voice)
Morale_Restored1: I... was not myself
Morale_Restored2: Only mortals know fear
Morale_Restored3: They know... their lesson
Charge1: No one is coming… You are going to die alone here!
Charge2: There is no escape… no running… no hiding!
Charge3: Come, justice is here for you!
Jump_Teleport1: I am death! (hissed)
Jump_Teleport2: I can feel the terror! (terror)
Deepstrike1: I will take to the battlefield... myself
Deepstrike2: I come... in midnight clad
Ability1: I will end the False Emperor’s folly! (night haunter voice)
Ability2: Fear through focus!
Ability3: To oppose me is to die
Ability4: By my works, my subjects will know me
Ability5: They will fear, just to know that I come for them
Combat1: Weak fools! (night haunter voice)
Combat2: Death haunts the darkness… And he knows your names!
Combat3: *sinister laughter, laughing with the joy of the hunt*
Under_Fire1: Foolish, mortal!
Under_Fire2: Time to pay, mortals!
Under_Fire3: Take was a mistake, mortals!
Damage1: This … impurity will not stand! (hissed)
Damage2: I... am death incarnate! (night haunter voice)
Damage3: Your corpse will be a lesson to your compatriots! (hissed)
Death1: Ahhhh, no! (night haunter voice)
Death2: No... more... mercy (hissed)
Death3: Fool... I know my destiny
Death4: There are things more horrible than death

Horus (Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus)
Notes: Evil and overpowering, as befitting the 40k universe’s original prince of darkness. Like an evil version of the Emperor. I imagine this is Horus at his ultimate point of corruption, all red lit face in monstrous black gothic armor, Talon of Horus in one hand and power mace in the other as he fights his way to Terra. Suggest offensive ability: Spear Tip (drops a drop pod on targeted location, destroying whatever it hits and releasing a squad of something, probably marines). Suggest defensive ability: Champion of Chaos (temporarily gains daemon armor and buffs)
Unit_Complete1: We are now so much more!
Unit_Complete2: The Emperor cannot see the shape of the future!
Unit_Complete3: The Imperium is sick, and the Emperor is the cause!
Unit_Complete4: Terra will be mine!
Unit_Complete5: Isstvan was just the beginning! [pronounced "Ist-van"]
Unit_Complete6: The next I hear of this will be that we have destroyed all before us!
Unit_Complete7: Rally, Sons of Horus and embrace the power of Chaos!
Selection1: My brave warriors!
Selection2: The loyalists are finished!
Selection3: Do you not feel the embrace of the warp?!
Selection4: What is it, my son?
Selection5: It had better be good news
Selection6: We have tarried too long
Selection7: Do not disturb me needlessly
Move1: Even the gods will worship me!
Move2: I did not ask for flattery! (snarled)
Move3: There will be no fortune of war I do not foresee
Move4: Perhaps... you are right
Move5: Let the galaxy burn!
Move6: Life and death are mine to dispense!
Move7: This is war. This is cruelty and death
Attack1: The galaxy itself is the prize
Attack2: Terra… will be mine!
Attack3: I never lose!
Attack4: Full assault on the worms!
Attack5: *cold laugh* So, we have seen no shortage of wonders!
Attack6: I am the Warmaster and I do not back down from battle!
Attack7: All surface units attack!
Capture1: There is no failing!
Capture2: *cold laugh* Have no fear of that!
Capture3: I will rectify that defiance!
Capped1: The road to my domination is open!
Capped2: Billions will die, before this galaxy is mine!
Capped3: Terra... belongs to *me*!
Join1: Come my sons, we go to shatter the enemy line!
Join2: My victory is at hand!
Join3: We meet again, my sons!
Detach1: These worms may yet be a danger
Detach2: I do not explain myself
Load_Transport1: We will attack the head!
Load_Transport2: Those who oppose me are marked for death!
Unload_Transport1: Kill them, kill them all!
Unload_Transport2: Battle, a sight for sore eyes!
Morale_Break1: Fool, do you even understand what I am trying to do here?!
Morale_Break2: Heads will roll for this!
Morale_Break3: My ascension is at hand!
Morale_Restored1: You dare return to me in failure?! (bellowed)
Morale_Restored2: I will not allow the Emperor to break us! (bellowed)
Morale_Restored3: This world will be mine! Every fortress! Every citadel! (bellowed)
Charge1: Run, if you dare!
Charge2: I will have your heads!
Charge3: Chaos will eat your soul!
Jump_Teleport1: Let hell itself be unleashed!
Jump_Teleport2: With power such as this, I go where I wish!
Deepstrike1: Tear the throat from the enemy!
Deepstrike2: Crush the head, and the body dies!
Ability1: Spear Tip to my location
Ability2: Lead squad execute attack
Ability3: Wipe it off the face of the planet
Ability4: What is this if not the power of a god?!
Ability5: I know chaos, and I am its master!
Combat1: Weaklings!
Combat2: Embrace your damnation!
Combat3: Die, worms!
Under_Fire1: A poor effort, worms!
Under_Fire2: Fools, you challenge a god!
Under_Fire3: You dare defy me?!
Damage1: The Daemons of hell will take you all, in my name!
Damage2: Kill for the living! Kill for the dead!
Damage3: All cowards are unworthy of life!
Death1: I know death and it cannot harm me!
Death2: In Chaos, I cannot be struck down!
Death3: I will not stop until Terra burns!
Death4: This setback will not hold me long!

Perturabo (Iron Warriors)
Notes: Very deep and graveling, with a booming and promethean quality. He should be very slow moving, closer to a Squiggoth than Bloodthirster. He has a wrist mounted twin linked Heavy Bolter on his left hand for ranged attack, in the manner of a grey knight. He attacks in melee by alternatively using his snarling daemon hammer, stomping with his foot, and slamming down his offhand. Suggest offensive ability: Storm Fury (he rockets into the air in an arc with smoky boosters on the bottom of his feet, his gauntlets suddenly burn with smoky industrial daemon fire, and he slams into the targeted area, scattering and doing huge damage to squad/commander in a radius around him… like an Earthshaker shell). Suggest offensive ability: Magnetism (he becomes immobile and spreads his arms, while bolts of lightning run over him. Targeted enemy vehicle lifts into the arms, spins around like a CSM armory under construction, taking damage until it is destroyed or Perturabo killed). Suggest defensive ability: Ironquake (He slams his daemon hammer against the ground, stunning infantry and vehicle alike in a radius around him)
Unit_Complete1: No more meaningless ritual, no more subservience!
Unit_Complete2: In unholy iron, I am immortal!
Unit_Complete3: He who is not master is a slave!
Unit_Complete4: Who enters my realm of bitterness?!
Unit_Complete5: Who wakes me, from my revelries?!
Unit_Complete6: Who summons me from my fortress world?!
Unit_Complete7: Who takes me from my contemplations?!
Selection1: Who disturbs me?!
Selection2: Genocide is sweet!
Selection3: You dare address *me*?!
Selection4: Speak, Iron Warrior!
Selection5: All is hateful iron!
Selection6: Iron within!
Selection7: I live!
Move1: The False Emperor will pay in full!
Move2: I do not ache for Olympia!
Move3: Loyalty is a weakness!
Move4: Chaos Undivided serves *me*!
Move5: The old ways have come again!
Move6: Chaos beholds me, and it trembles!
Move7: Your lives are fleeting, iron is eternal!
Attack1: These bodies will fuel furnaces in the warp!
Attack2: I have crushed more worthy foes than these!
Attack3: These worms have their fate sealed!
Attack4: If they will not be my slave, they will die!
Attack5: Those who survive, will serve us as slave!
Attack6: They send such cannon fodder against *me*?!
Attack7: They will learn their place when Chaos Gods consume their souls!
Capture1: You ask this of your Primarch?! [pronounced "Prime-ark"]
Capture2: I will see your mettle before you call yourself Olympian!
Capture3: One world at a time, the False Imperium will fall!
Capped1: Funeral pyres will mark the coming of my Legion!
Capped2: The fall of this False Imperium is inevitable!
Capped3: The False Emperor will weep from beyond the grave to see me burn this galaxy!
Join1: My sons… we are iron within, and iron without!
Join2: Show your strength, massacre the weak!
Join3: Prove worthy of this honor, or you will die!
Detach1: Go forth and crush your enemies!
Detach2: Forge your own empires of iron and suffering!
Load_Transport1: Ready my siege-breaker!
Load_Transport2: This machine daemon will do!
Unload_Transport1: Terra will burn in blood and iron!
Unload_Transport2: No wall can bar my way!
Morale_Break1: You would shame me? For that you will die!
Morale_Break2: The mortals earn themselves a short lived victory!
Morale_Break3: My presence in this world grows thin!
Morale_Restored1: My legion is slave to no one! No one!
Morale_Restored2: I will not be betrayed again!
Morale_Restored3: By my blood, this galaxy will *not* forget Olympia!
Charge1: I will break your bones and drag you back to Medrengard! [pronounced "Meh-dren-guard"]
Charge2: Perish like all your miserable kind!
Charge3: I will spare none of you!
Jump_Teleport1: The warp obeys *my* command!
Jump_Teleport2: I have only to wish it!
Deepstrike1: *sound of twisting heavy metal girders and crackling warp power, as if reality is bending out of shape*
Deepstrike2: *different sound of twisting heavy metal girders and crackling warp power, as if reality is bending out of shape*
Ability1: [offensive, anti-infantry] Die like all your weakling kind!
Ability2: [offensive, anti-infantry] Nothing can protect you from me!
Ability3: [offensive, anti-infantry] Despair, frail mortals!
Ability4: [offensive, anti-vehicle] The iron serves me… not you!
Ability5: [offensive, anti-vehicle] Daemon in the machine, obey your master!
Ability6: [offensive, anti-vehicle] The metal itself serves *me*!
Ability7: [defensive] Tremble, mortal weaklings, at your own frailty!
Ability8: [defensive] Learn to fear, you weakling children of mortality!
Combat1: I will break you upon the iron wheel!
Combat2: Your metal is weak!
Combat3: Death will be a mercy for you!
Under_Fire1: You tempt my wrath?!
Under_Fire2: So little resistance!
Under_Fire3: Let the galaxy bleed hot iron!
Damage1: Meet your pathetic end!
Damage2: The weak fail so the strong rise!
Damage3: You condemn yourself, worm!
Death1: I will return and *seek* my revenge!
Death2: This mortal world will face my bloody vengeance!
Death3: Whether now or in a thousand years, I will return!
Death4: A time of suffering and fire has only begun!

Chaos Dreadnought
All spoken in an insane evil voice.
Unit_Complete1: I have awoken!
Unit_Complete2: Death is no barrier for a warrior of the Gods!
Unit_Complete3: I am ready to slaughter again!
Unit_Complete4: Raaargh! GAAAAH! (insane yelling)
Unit_Complete5: The eternal warrior has come.
Unit_Complete6: Another battlefield to champion?
Unit_Complete7: I have risen to fight your battles.
Selection1: By the will of the gods!
Selection2: To me warriors of Chaos!
Selection3: I will maim the fools!
Selection4: Let me rest!
Selection5: Free me from this prison!
Selection6: Do we fight alongside the Warmaster again?
Selection7: Where was this challenge I was promised?
Move1: Chaos commands us!
Move2: (angry mumbling)
Move3: To our Primarch! HAHAH! [pronounced "Prime-ark"]
Move4: With.. Purpose..
Move5: Death awaits!
Move6: Tremble in my wake!
Move7: Unstoppable fury.
Move8: Desolation follows.
Move9: War unending.
Attack1: For the Warmaster!
Attack2: Death to the betrayer of the Great Crusade!
Attack3: These are no enemies!
Attack4: Bah. Only mortals.
Attack5: RAAAARGH! GARRRNAAHH! (Angry yelling)
Attack6: Your executioner beckons!
Attack7: Behold your great endings!
Attack8: Insignificant filth!
Charge1: CHAOS!!!!
Charge2: Exterminate the Righteous!
Charge3: Demand Annihilation!
Charge4: Victory over the False Emperor!
Ability1:  Witness your great finality!
Ability2:  Bleed Victory from these enemies!
Ability3:  Total.. POWER!!!!
Ability4:  Vengeance!!!
Ability5:  Agony Unbounded!!
Combat1: Death Claw!
Combat2: See your entrails strewn across these lands!
Combat3: Accursed Mortal!
Combat4: DIE ! ! ! ! ! [draw this out a little]
Combat5: I cannot be bested!
Combat6: Corpse God Lackeys!
Combat7: Fall asunder to my might, worm!
Combat8: Trample.. DEVOUR!!
Combat9: The weak shall only inherit my unceasing wrath!
Combat10: GARRRNAAHH! (hideous yelling)
Death1: Finally I have earned my rest.
Death2: The Gods shall take my soul!
Death3: I welcome.. oblivion..
Death4: Arrrrgh! (angry yell)
Contemptor Dreadnought
Notes: Similar to other dreadnoughts, Contemptors contain severely injured space marines. It keeps them alive as much as it aids them in battle. They are mechanical, cold, calculating and merciless. Chaos Contemptors are cruel, sadistic, like a robotic surgeon, ending life after life.
Unit_Complete1: Atomantic fields online, servos online. I am ready. [pronounced "AH-tow-man-tick"]
Unit_Complete2: I have fought beside gods and primarchs, do not presume I will serve you. [pronounced "PRY-marks"]
Unit_Complete3: My respite is over, now I *must* kill
Unit_Complete4: I have come forth from the years of darkness and I will walk once again.
Unit_Complete5: We march again, mere puppets of the dark gods of Chaos.
Unit_Complete6: Now I am here amongst you, who can stand against me?
Unit_Complete7: My will and fist are iron, my steel body is ready. Commence the slaughter.
Selection1: You are no Primarch, but you will suffice. [pronounced "PRY-mark"]
Selection2: I will listen to your... suggestion.
Selection3: Do not attempt to give me commands. You will regret it.
Selection4: I pity your frail living flesh.
Selection5: I am the greatest champion of the Legions.
Selection6: Bow before me when you approach, mortal.
Selection7: I've seen more than you could possibly imagine.
Move1: I will never tire.
Move2: So be it.
Move3: I go.
Move4: Confirmed.
Move5: Acknowledged.
Move6: If it must be done...
Move7: I shall salt the ground with my passing.
Attack1: With contempt...
Attack2: Target in range: Firing.
Attack3: Convergence, nominal. Range, nominal. Attacking.
Attack4: Vectors calculated, compensating for evasion pattern...
Attack5: Structural weakness located. Exploiting.
Attack6: Target algorithm established, engaging.
Attack7: Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. (monotone delivery)
Charge1: Now I will finish them.
Charge2: Insects, they will be crushed.
Charge3: You will die by my iron hand.
Ability1: Area denial confirmed. Executing.
Ability2: Missiles locked. Launching...
Ability3: Activating special weapon.
Ability4: Deploying smokescreen.
Ability5: Damage detected. Auto-repair subroutines initiated...
Combat1: Atomantic fields holding integrity. [pronounced "AH-tow-man-tick"]
Combat2: Caution: return fire detected.
Combat3: My shell is being damaged.
Death1: You cannot stop... me...
Death2: Very well.. I will take you with me.
Death3: Warning: structural integrity failing...
Death4: Impossible...
Contemptor Dreadnought (World Eaters)
Notes: Similar to other dreadnoughts, Contemptors contain severely injured space marines. It keeps them alive as much as it aids them in battle. They are mechanical, cold, calculating and merciless. World Eaters Contemptor Dread is blood-thirsty, almost insane, and wants to rush the battlefield in utter blood-lust for combat!
Unit_Complete1: For Khorne I live! And you are in my way! [pronounced "Corn"]
Unit_Complete2: Ten Thousand Millennium and I awake to.. this???!?
Unit_Complete3: I thirst for combat after so long a slumber.
Unit_Complete4: Ancient of the Skull Throne... ready to SMASH!
Unit_Complete5: Gore Child.. my long service is yours once more!
Unit_Complete6: Relic Dreadnought of Khorne is summoned to serve the Chaos Gods!
Unit_Complete7: The Blood Throne's primal sarcophagus demands sacrifices!!
Selection1: Build his Throne up with the bodies of his victims!
Selection2: Eater of Worlds.. I have seen much of that in my time!
Selection3: My destiny.. My Vengeance!
Selection4: Death to the infernal Corpse Emperor and his pathetic lackeys!
Selection5: My service is to the God of Skulls and Blood.. not YOU!
Selection6: Where is this Bloody Massacre I was promised?!?!
Selection7: Gahh! Give me SKULLS.. SKULLS!!!!
Move1: You dare command me to go there?!?!?
Move2: But.. there is no combat for me there!!?!?
Move3: Where is my Kill in this.. place?!?
Move4: Calamity and Death follow in my wake!
Move5: My hunger for blood seeks no bounds!
Move6: There.. there must be something wrong?!?!?! [spoken fast as if utterly desperate to find something] WHERE ARE THEIR SKULLS?!?! [spoken as if freaking out]
Move7: You try my patience with this.. walking!
Attack1: You wish THAT to be destroyed? HA!
Attack2: A terrific demise! So long have I yearned for this!
Attack4: I.. AM.. DESTRUCTION!!
Attack5: Slaughter! A millennium of Slaughter!
Attack6: Brutal Death awaits you at my hands!
Attack7: Die DIE DIE!!!! [say FAST and with near insanity!]
Charge1: Come here.. I wish a new trophy!
Charge2: Adorn yourself on the Altar of the Gore King!
Charge3: YES! Willing sacrifices to mark my armour!
Ability1: CHAOS!!! BLOOD!!!
Ability3: MAIM!!! KILL!!! BURN!!!
Combat1: HAHAHAHAH! [near insanity laughter]
Combat2: Glorious Entrails.. everywhere!!
Combat3: Look.. another victim for the Blood God!
Death1: GAHHHH!!
Death2: Khorne will have this revenge!
Death3: You cannot stop... me...
Death4: Avenge the Blood Throne!
Contemptor Dreadnought (Death Guard)
Notes: Similar to other dreadnoughts, Contemptors contain severely injured space marines. It keeps them alive as much as it aids them in battle. They are mechanical, cold, calculating and merciless. Death Guard Contemptor Dread is gross, diseased, infected, and wishes to spread its plague-ridden bulk over all. Voice should reflect this.
Unit_Complete1: Ancient Vessel of Nurgle hears you. [pronounced "Nur-ghoul"]
Unit_Complete2: The Great Plague Hulk of Old serves the immediate cause.
Unit_Complete3: Relic Dreadnought of our Grand Father rumbles to the field of war.
Unit_Complete4: Veteran Walker of the Death Guard.. use my experience wisely.
Unit_Complete5: Our ancestors and the Plague God have blessed you this day with the gifts I provide.
Unit_Complete6: A Thousand decaying life times this diseased-infested bulk brings to your service.
Unit_Complete7: Favoured of mighty Mortarion.. his benefactor of many battles comes to aid you. [pronounced "More-tar-e-an"]
Selection1: I have extensive knowledge of how to spread.. the taint..
Selection2: For millenia, I have seen countless battlefields like this fall to Nurgle. So.. glorious..
Selection3: Grand Father is so very kind as I remember.
Selection4: Yes.. Deity of Death?
Selection5: What ails you? Much I suspect! [slight pause] Good..
Selection6: Like olden times, the Scourge has not changed much.
Selection7: Black Hearted Guardian.. waiting..
Move1: The afflictions never cease.. they merely.. travel.
Move2: Guide my wisdom so I may spread his aliments throughout these lands!
Move3: I.. will obey...
Move4: The Pox expands beyond our reach!
Move5: Nothing remains in our wake.
Move6: This path feels the gruesome pain of our turmoil.  
Move7: A blackened swarm is coming..
Attack1: Fester and Infect!
Attack2: Inflict and Corrupt!
Attack3: You will feel much better with the contagion in you!
Attack4: The God of Sickness is a generous one!
Attack5: Praise Nurgle!
Attack6: Wither and Fade!
Attack7: Into the Pit your remains shall find!
Charge1: Throw these mortals into the cess pool!
Charge2: More bodies there to contaminate!
Charge3: You will mix well in the Vats!
Ability1: Pox Strike!
Ability2: Succumb to torment!
Ability3: Dark Assault!
Ability4: Blessings of the Great Corrupter!  
Ability5: The Lord of Rot guides us this hour!
Combat1: Liquified Meat!
Combat2: Open Wounds and Soars!
Combat3: Inject Poisons!
Death1: A long.. rest..
Death2: Nur..ghoul..
Death3: Rotten.. insides..
Death4: Decay... Die...
Contemptor Dreadnought (Emperors Children)
Notes: Similar to other dreadnoughts, Contemptors contain severely injured space marines. It keeps them alive as much as it aids them in battle. They are mechanical, cold, calculating and merciless BUT an Emperors Children Contemptor Dread is arrogant, pompous, sexual, and deviant. Voice should reflect a Pleasure-Prince-like evil but still be deep and ancient sounding.
Unit_Complete1: Servant of the Dark Prince, your beloved ancient dreadnought serves you this day!
Unit_Complete2: Oh Slaanesh?!?! An old friend is battlefield ready! I could use some action! [pronounced "Slaa-nesh"]
Unit_Complete3: A thousand wonderous sensations greet this long forgotten warrior!
Unit_Complete4: From the annals of history I return to fight for you, gracious one!
Unit_Complete5: Millenniums have skipped by and now finally you call me!?!? How.. saucy...
Unit_Complete6: Veteran Walker arrives to great fanfare and much jubilation!
Unit_Complete7: Summoned from my deep rest.. what does Slaanesh ask of me?
Selection1: I have thirsted far too long for this chance!
Selection2: Did you miss me after so long a slumber?
Selection3: Where is my old dear friend, Fulgrim, these days? [pronounced "Full-grim"]
Selection4: My Liege.. command this chaos sarcophagus!
Selection5: Move me.. I crave and pine for it!
Selection6: I froth over with.. anticipation!
Selection7: You wish an audience with me? Hurry then!
Selection8: Do not mourn for me.. this legged casket suits me well do you not think?
Selection9: Dubious Pleasures and Pain! For Ten Thousand Years I still yearn for it!
Move1: What tempting adventures lurk over here?
Move2: Oh? I do like casual walks.. can we hold hands?
Move3: Ahh.. to feel the ground beneath my feet once a long time ago..
Move4: Are we.. pleasure hunting yet?
Move5: All of this will be yours to claim for the Dark Prince!
Move6: Ecstasy awaits!
Move7: Thrill me.. PLEASE!!!
Attack1: You see your death at my hands, weak one?
Attack2: Oh sweet delicious ecstasy of destruction!
Attack3: Prince of Excess be praised.. time to smash!
Attack4: To hear the sweet songs of battle once more!
Attack5: Oh! I do like this one! Pulverizing time! HAHAHAH! [insane laughter]
Attack6: Relish this moment.. it is your LAST!
Attack7: Feel the great throbbing of your pathetic demise!
Ability1: Bliss Strike!
Ability2: Bring the Party!
Ability3: Might of Slaanesh!
Ability4: SO... MUCH.. DARK.. PLEASURE!!
Combat1: Oh how I have waited for this moment!
Combat2: A trophy to adorn my bits!
Combat3: Come here.. I want to plaster your entrails all over me!
Combat4: Scream! It so greatly pleases me!
Combat5: Its been so very long since I could feel.. but this won't hurt too much!
Death1: Oh the.. impudence!!
Death2: Gahh! I will not be forever silenced!
Death3: Perfect.. agony...
Death4: Back to sleep now!
Death5: Emptiness! Cold.. dark... emptiness!
Death6: No! No No No No NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!
Contemptor Dreadnought (Thousand Sons)
Notes: Similar to other dreadnoughts, Contemptors contain severely injured space marines. It keeps them alive as much as it aids them in battle. They are mechanical, cold, calculating and merciless. Thousand Sons Contemptor Dread is monotonous while using a whispering wrath-like voice.
Unit_Complete1: Contemptor Dreadnought of Tzeentch awakens! [pronounced "Zeen-ch"]
Unit_Complete2: Ancient Sarcophagi serves the Legion this day!
Unit_Complete3: My vessel is yours to do as you wish, Master!
Unit_Complete4: These elder remains obey you.. my lord!
Unit_Complete5: Relic Walker of the Thousand Sons.. [slight pause] What is thy bidding?
Unit_Complete6: Out of the Maelstrom I arise here once more to fight for Chaos!
Unit_Complete7: Aged and Entombed.. I fight for the Lord of Change!
Selection1: Command your servant! I am yours from olden times...
Selection2: What is the Great Mutator's will?
Selection3: The Old Ones have fallen.. I am all that remains of their progeny.
Selection4: Tzeentch is the only way forward, for without change we can only fall behind.
Selection5: I.. remember.. such a long time ago.
Selection6: Your restless champion awaits your wisdom!  
Selection7: I give this body to the Architect of Fate.
Selection8: Command this venerable shell!
Selection9: The Great Schemer is..  ever watchful..
Move1: Make way for his authority!
Move2: As you wish it!
Move3: My body moves there..
Move4: All hail the heralds of change!
Move5: The Lord of Fate commands..
Move6: I.. understand...
Move7: Of course I will go as asked!
Attack1: You are.. Dust!
Attack2: For our betrayed Primarch! [pronounced "PRY-mark"]
Attack3: For Ahriman! For the Thousand Sons' Legion! [pronounced "Ah-ree-mahn"]
Attack4: Be scattered like the many before you!
Attack5: Your fate is sealed!
Attack6: His resolve will be done!
Attack7: Your life path.. it ends!
Charge1: Vengeance is ours!
Charge2: You will not be saved this day! My wrath will cast out your light!
Charge3: Violence.. for the sake of change!
Ability1: In the Red Primarch we trust!
Ability2: Legion is Forever!
Ability4: Great Tzeentch guides my mind and body!
Ability5: The Tide of Fate changes!
Combat1: Tremble before the Might of Tzeentch!
Combat2: Your destiny is at an end!
Combat3: Why do you dare resist?
Death1: Magnus..... [dragged out a little]
Death2: This tomb.. falters..
Death3: I shall.. return...
Death4: This will not.. silence us...
Death5: You cannot imagine.. what you have done..
Notes: Powerful, Authoritative voice. Has a slightly clearer vox channel since tech was better in 30k. It should make a heavy grinding sound of treads as it moves
Unit_Complete1: Sanctioned of the Primarch Perturabo [pronounced "Prime-ark Per-turb-ah-bow"]
Unit_Complete2: The Martian Mechanicum has worked this wonder
Unit_Complete3: Now, there is nowhere the alien can hide
Unit_Complete4: Siege engine of enlightenment
Unit_Complete5: Unstoppable mankind, united and strong
Unit_Complete6: One humanity, one Imperium, one Emperor
Unit_Complete7: Typhon siege breaker has arrived
Selection1: Reading you loud and clear
Selection2: Typhon heavy siege tank
Selection3: Dreadhammer cannon online
Selection4: Super heavy
Selection5: Fortress breaker
Selection6: Armor of Terra
Selection7: Imperial Space Marines
Move1: Unstoppable
Move2: Death to the xenos
Move3: For the Great Crusade
Move4: By any means necessary
Move5: For unity, for the Emperor
Move6: Never more oppression
Move7: For the Legion
Attack1: Fortresses fall
Attack2: Never again will mankind be slaves
Attack3: The skies fall on the enemy
Attack4: Loading Dread-hammer shells
Attack5: Siege armor attacking
Attack6: We go head to head
Attack7: Terminating all opposition
Charge1: This world falls
Charge2: Shattering resistance
Charge3: Spearhead
Ability1: [offensive ability] Commence reclamation
Ability2: [offensive ability] Pure to the task
Ability3: [offensive ability] Colossus Imperator [pronounced "Em-purr-ah-tor"]
Ability4: [defensive ability] Defensive station to ultralith status
Ability5: [defensive ability] Bringing defensive systems online
Combat1: Submit to the Emperor
Combat2: Victory is ours
Combat3: Humanity is eternal
Death1: *vehicle explosion*


Land Raider Terminus Ultra
A specialized titan destroyer tank variant of the famous Land Raider. While designed by the Ultramarines, it is not impossible to fall on Chaos hands or being reverse-engineered by Dark Mechanicus Tech Priests. This is the case with this one. The tank commander in my opinion should be a slaaneshi worshiper, due to the excessive firepower his tank packs and because the Emperor's Children are the anti-thesis to the Ultramarines. Should sound over-enthused and cocky.  Or if you want a different approach, like its fellow laser super tank, the Omega Cannon from the Zero Hour mod, Contra (minus the heavy American accent). https://zerohourcontra.fandom.com/wiki/Omega_Cannon
Unit_Complete1: The Forge of Hera serves Chaos now!
Unit_Complete2: Warp batteries ready as always.
Unit_Complete3: Behold, the mighty Terminus Ultra! Slayer of of the enemies of the righteous!
Unit_Complete4: Land Rapier deployed sir!
Unit_Complete5: Lascannons charged, and calibrated. (In more sensual way. )
Unit_Complete6: The Lord Commander called for a Titan Destroyer. We did not have any, so we came.
Unit_Complete6b: The Warmaster called for a Titan Destroyer. We did not have any, so we came.
Unit_Complete6c: The Chapter Master called for a Titan Destroyer. We did not have any, so we came. [For the Fallen Angels.]
Unit_Complete7: That was a hell of a recharge.
Selection1: Yeah my man?
Selection2: There is no such thing as overkill. Until we bring out the Havok missiles at least.
Selection3: Just look at this thing!
Selection4: Excessive? You forgot whom I worship?
Selection5: The biggest flashlight in the armoury.
Selection6: Big problems? Big guns!
Selection7: Even the mighty Falchion the Iron Warriors boast about is laughable by comparison. [pronounced "Fal-chee-on"]
Selection8: We call it the Land Rapier for a good reason!
Selection9: Lasers make superior weapons indeed!
Move1: The Codex Astartes approves of this decision! (Said in an ironic tone. ) [pronounced "Ass-tar-tehs"]
Move2: Courage and Honour Space Marine! Hehehe.
Move3: Alright, let's move this thing.
Move4: Hang tight gunner. This is going to get BUMPY!
Move5: Fear Guilliman! For your own creation shall be your undoing! [pronounced "Gilly-man"]
Move6: The Terminus Ultra is here to save the day!
Move7: Going for a sightseeing?
Move8: We shall glass any opposition!
Move9: Just count them! EIGHT lascannons man. What else can a Space Marine ask for?
Attack1: The glow! The wonderful glow! Can't you see it?
Attack2: Yes, look directly into the light!
Attack3: PEW PEW PEW!
Attack5: Calibrated for maximum pleasure.
Attack5b: Calibrated for maximum pleasure. For mine that is.
Attack6: Nice. A good target practice for my laser swords!
Attack7: VAPORIZE!
Attack8: Their armour is a joke!
Charge1: Death to the Corpse Emperor!!! Death to the pathetic lackeys of the Imperium!!! [all said as if shouting]
Charge2: Grind them beneath our Treads!
Charge4: Here comes another fine ornament for our hull!
Charge5: Divide and Conquer!
Ability1: Smoke Screen!  [Smoke Screen]
Ability2: Shield our guys from our light. [Smoke Screen]
Ability3: Let's make some atmosphere, shall we? [Smoke Screen]
Ability4: Hey you! WAKE UP! YOU ARE GETTING SHOT AT! [Machine Spirit]
Ability5: Awake you stupid piece of metal or I will make you meet the rest of your android buddies! (Reference to the Men of Iron. ) [Machine Spirit]
Ability6: Divert power to the AI. We do not have to die here. [Machine Spirit]
Ability7: Let Heavy Ordnance Fly! [Havok Missile Launcher]
Ability8: Pummel their Armour into Slag! [Havok Missile Launcher]
Ability9: RANGE KILL! [Havok Missile Launcher]
Combat1: Glorious! Youuuu Die!!! [sound a little fanatical]
Combat2: Fools! Witness a most fitting end!
Combat3: FIRE AT WILL!
Combat8: They encircle.. WE OBLITERATE!!
Combat9: [maniacal Laughing]
Combat10: [more maniacal Laughing]
Combat11: [even more maniacal Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive evil yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat13: [another aggressive evil yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat14: [various other aggressive evil yells and battle cries]
Death1: OH NO!
Death2: The batteries are going to explo. . . (static)
Death3: My beauty! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!
Death4: Curse you barbarian!
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]

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