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The game of bureaucracy

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Posted 11 March 2012 - 05:17 PM

So, since this is pretty local news that no english newspaper has taken interest in, but a very fascinating story about abuse of tax-payer money and ideology-before-law, I'd thought I'd try to explain it.

It is the tale of the rise and fall of SOS-Racism, a group that was seen as a positive anti-racism organization since 1985 up until the mid 00s. They organized school conferences where they talked about racism and handed out bumper-stickers and whatnot. They were a presence hen I was in school and I guess they did some good back then.

But in 2006, as one of the major newspapers in Norway started digging into their paperwork and leaders, they discovered that practically the entire leadership of this organization were from the communist-leninist-marxist group "Tjen Folket"/Serve the people(a group that goes for the "revolution for communism" ideology, about one step away from physical terrorism I'd say). And not only that, they claimed that the number of members SOS had were inflated, which is a bit of a legal problem since organizations get funding depending on the amount of members they have.

After a few more years of back-and-forth and the bureaucracy finally starting to investigate SOS-racism. In 2010 the government funding were withdrawn and the government now demands that they pay back the money(g-translated) that they've gotten on false premises, about two million dollars. They had to calculate the member numbers themselves by double-checking the names in three major cities, finding that over half of the members were not real and many of the real ones couldn't apply(1-year olds and the likes).

One of the former inner circle members of SOS racism/Tjen folket went public to a newspaper recently(g-translated), where he spoke specifically about what happened when the law came down upon them. The moment the judge demanded that they hand over their paperwork, they went into scorched earth mode, burning and destroying (forged) membership papers. They took out as much money as they could from organization accounts, filled up bags and briefcases and hid them where the government couldn't find it.

Right now, the public have, at best, given up on SOS-racism. Some of the TF communist leaders in SOS racism are rebooting a new organization called "New SOS Racism". But I have extreme doubts that this is nothing more than another attempt at starting the scam once more or to whitewash the money they've stolen from the government through donations.

But this isn't all, because today something even more fascinating has come up in the news: Norwegian Defense League, an extreme right-wing group closely related to English Defense League, was practically built from the ground up by the same communists leadership that control SOS racism, from "Tjen Folket".
Imagine, Anti-racists joining a extreme right-wing anti-Muslim group, creating and building a false enemy that would increase their membership numbers. NDL have commented that they've removed these inflitrators, but if that is the case the biggest irony is that "anti-racists" have created the very thing they're there to destroy. No light without darkness it would seem.

So, TLDR: Local anti-racism group created in 1985, hijacked late 90s by Communists/leninist/marxist revolutionary organization named "Tjen Folket"/serve the people. TF starts inflating the membership numbers of SOS racism to get more money from the government, having at a point 50 000 members in a nation of 5 million. "Pretty high number for such a specific non-political organization", the media and eventually the government thought , which then promptly started investigating around 2006. in 2010 the government demanded their money back for the last 5-6 years and all the paperwork for membership: SOS racism's(TF communist) leadership started burning documents and taking the money out of the banks in cash for a rainy day. Since then, the backlash and cleanup has been roilin along, discovering such horrors such as these communists actually sponsoring racist organizations such as NDL, so they'd have an enemy to give them more relevance.

Pretty nice conspiracy I'd say, and the main reason I'm sharing this is because it shows us what people can do within the rules if they feel their cause is "just". This is just some minor group of clever people knowing the tricks of the bureaucracy. Imagine all the corrupt things being done by other larger organizations around the world: Lobbyism for unnecessary tax loopholes, government support to oil-business in the US. All of these are typic examples of the manipulation we allow people to get away with.

"I give you private information on corporations for free and I'm a villain. Mark Zuckerberg gives your private information to corporations for money and he's 'Man of the Year.'" - Assange

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