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Posted 16 March 2012 - 10:29 AM

Okay, it has been a while since I've posted anything, but that doesn't mean that the project is dead.

Not really much to report, The project still consists entirely of me. There are often updates on the lore of my finctional universe on the wiki over on www.destructivality.com.

I am still actively programming the engine for the game, Original plans were for release on the Nintendo DS, however, due to legal reasons pretty much guaranteeing that it could never be published, I've decided to abandon the console, and am now just programming it for PC, though keeping the low resolution sprite system, hopefully giving it a feel something more like Terraria, which seems to be a very playable game.
To progress into such a system, I've decided to take a bit of a shortcut, and use SFML as a graphics interface. Its simple, and fast, just as it says in the name, and it is also multiplatform, so although I am programming soley on windows, I'm going to stay away from Windows specific programming aids, like .net, to allow it to be portable onto other operating systems.

Current state of the game is unplayable, even the last compile of the DOS version has some errors that can cause a critical crash of the program, I am fairly sure this is caused by some kind of object pointers becoming corrupt, unfortunately, in the current environment, I don't have access to any debugging tools to try and solve the problem, all the more reason to pull my finger out and port it over to a windows platform now.
As for the state of the windows port, There isn't really anything you can attribute to the game yet, there's a few small components that will eventually be part of the game, but as stated earlier, the current project is writing some kind of interface to replace the non-existant DOS-CRT controls, which is progressing fairly well.

The final point I'd like to mention before I bring this to an end is Assistance. As stated I am working completely alone on this project, and am proud of just what I managed to make MS-DOS do working on my own, however, as a propper project, this is way too much for 1 person to handle. The main thing I am interested in at the moment is anyone who could work on the graphics side of things, in this case drawing sprites. There's not an aweful lot you can do with a graphics engine, when you don't have anything to display on the screen.

The game will be on an Isometric grid, so if anyone would be interested in drawing Isometric sprites for me, just drop me an E-Mail, and we can talk.
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