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YR: Changing of the Guard [Working Title]

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Posted 22 May 2012 - 01:20 PM

Hello again!

I might be remembered as the creator of this: http://forums.revora...-cyberian-dawn/ mod, which was.... apparently not ...very popular with you folks, a couple of years ago. I asked for the old thread to be unlocked, but my request went unheard. Therefore, I'm presenting my work in a new, seperate thread. I would think this is somewhat justified by the thorough changes the concept went through since then, making it essentially a new mod.
  • The "Brotherhood" side - the islamic faction - was removed. Artwork for a side with an arabic theme - mostly regarding buildings - is difficult to come by and I hit the limits of publicly-available assets fast. While the side IS scheduled to be added at some point, for now it is on ice. Instead, I introduced :
  • The Asian Alliance as a seperate side. This side is built around various technologies from Yuri's side, sometimes adapted to a new use. I also adapted several GDI technology themes for them, as the methods to generate those were still present in the RA2/YR code, but mostly unused by the existing sides.
  • The concept of larger-scale 'nations' within each side was kept; for the Allies, the constituent nations are currently the United States and the European Union; for the Soviets, the Russian Federation and Latin Confederation; for the Asian Alliance, the Chinese Empire and Japanese Empire. Korea is scheduled to be included in some way.
  • Moreover, I have done much to differentiate the various nations beyond the presence of a simple country-specific unit. For example:
    • Basic Allies get the Guard, which is essentially armed riot police à la Peacekeeper. However, the Americans get the GI instead, with its HMG and deploy function.
    • Basic Allies get the IFV, while the Americans can build the Humvee instead.
    • Basic Allies get the Chinook (unarmed), but the Europeans get the NightHawk instead.
    • Basic Soviets get the Conscript, while the Russians get the Red Guard, which is a stat-wise clone of the GI.
    • A Red Alert-era-ish Tesla Tank was made buildable to all soviet sides, but the Russians get their unique version instead.
    • Basic Soviets have access to the Tank Hunter (an RPG trooper), but the Latin Confederation builds the Grenadier instead, which is more effective against buildings and infantry, at the expense of anti-tank capacity.
  • Upgrades: Several units that may seem redundant are actually upgrades of another unit type. By researching various technologies, the player will be able to update certain types of units into more advanced types for the same role (or sometimes, a broader role).
  • Various new units and buildings were added to the existing sides, such as the Missilier, Prism Trooper (a classic), Agent, Aurora Bomber (including the full functionality of fast attack, slow return, as in Generals - this unit was mostly added so that the code exploit of recreating it wouldn't be unused), Apache, Comache, Chrono Tank, Abrams Tank, Paladin Tank, Flamethrower, Katyusha (a lighter soviet artillery unit), etc etc
  • Some pre-existing units were changed for artistic or balancing reasons, for example the V3 Launcher became the Scud Launcher (another classic), with a shiny new graphic, but beyond that, a new missile behaviour, making it less effective in certain roles, while more deadly in others.
  • Various units that I found ill-fitting were removed, such as the Sniper, Terrorist and Demolition Truck; in due time, these will reappear as Brotherhood units, if possible. The Guardian GI was also removed to make way for the more specialized Missilier, as I felt the GGI's anti-infantry capacity slightly unbalanced. The Rhino Tank was removed and its role split into two seperate tanks with different specializations. With the new sources of income for players, it seemed Rhino Tank rushes were just too potent.
This is a summary of a work-in-progress, so of course the changes are patchy and sketchy for now - there is much to be done still, and perhaps some things to undo, if they show any faults in future testing.

Attached is a showcase of Asian Alliance units so far.


From left to right:
Zhuge Nu (a gattling tank), Shrine (the remains of a fallen soldier controlling a war mech), Qilin Tank, Hwacha (a MLRS), Hurricane (a lighter MLRS, of which the Hwacha is the upgrade version), Lynx Tank (basic MBT), Nuke Cannon ('hero' unit of which only 4 may be built in total during any battle), Troop Crawler (infantry transport).
Second row:
Hacker, Alita (hero infantry, a battle android girl), Firelancer (thermal ray infantry), Ashigaru, Shinobi (stealthed)
Next to it a piece of Asian Alliance "Great Wall"

And another one:


Showcase of Asian Alliance buildings and airforce: Tech Center and Airpad, the aircraft are Dragonfly (which never lands, instead circling an area, trailing toxic fumes behind itself to contaminate infantry below), Firefly (a rocket engine kamikaze plane), and finally two variants of the Eagle, the basic AA fighter/bomber. Not shown is the Yukikaze, a Japanese country special, because I was playing as China at the time. The big tank next to the buildings is "Takeshi's Chariot", another heroic unit with high prerequisites.
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#2 Graion Dilach

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Posted 23 May 2012 - 12:59 PM

Try to edit the voxels to have one schemed, to fit into each other.

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Posted 23 May 2012 - 03:07 PM

I admitt the Lynx stands out somewhat.
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Posted 24 May 2012 - 02:09 AM

Sounds very interesting!
Are you going to work on custom voxels?

kudos to Pasidon for this awesome avvy and siggy!

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Posted 24 May 2012 - 12:58 PM

I am not a great voxeler, I found the chinese modding community offers many voxels that are rarely used in western mods, so I will mainly supply myself with voxels from there. However, I will also do edits to pre-existing voxels where needed. Of course, maybe if my mod turns out to be convincing, a skilled voxeler might take interest in working with me, but I am not expecting that.

In other news, this is one of the more original Alliance technologies:
Posted Image
The Repair Drone Swarm superweapon. Accessible from the Alliance War Factory, it calls a swarm of Repair Drones, which seek for damaged vehicles, to which they then tend. The drones permanently attach themselves to their respective vehicles and will follow them around and continue to repair damage done to them, until the vehicle is destroyed (which causes them to leave the map) or they themselves are shot down. Repair Drones can attach themselves to a vehicle even if that vehicle already has a drone of its own attached.

Anyways, Drones. They are one of the Alliance's favourite tools and are used to attain nominally equal footing with the Soviets in respect to quantity of armored units, or equality to the Allied quality of armored units - however one wants to put it. Though some drones can be built and employed solitarily, the main area of use is to attach them to vehicle squadrons. The drones will assisst their master vehicle in a varity of ways, depending on the type of drone used (much like in Generals, however with some limitation regarding targeting). Some drones will simply assisst their master vehicle with added firepower or complimentary specialization (for example, a Missile Drone attached to a Gattling Tank would add anti-tank capability to the tank, and vice versa for a Minigun Drone on a Lynx Tank). However, there are also more elaborate drones that project energy fields which dampen the impact of enemy fire to their master vehicles, detect cloaked enemy units or intercept incoming missiles.

Note: Drones _are_ actually attached to their parent vehicle. They cannot be manually controlled and will largely behave like the drones in Generals, not like spawned aircraft in ordinary YR, if you were thinking that. However, the targetting system is really held over from the spawning system, meaning drones cannot target anything else than the main tank with their normal weapons.

Edited by NCoder, 25 May 2012 - 01:11 AM.

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Posted 29 October 2012 - 04:15 PM

Alliance Heroes:

Alita (Japan)
Alita is a prototype battle android employed by the Japanese and modelled after allied hero Tanya. She is armed with a gauss pistol and her mechanical body give her perfect target tracking and reflexes. She was programmed specifically with the desire to beat her organic "precursor". Alita is capable of sniping the occupants of civilian structures with her weapon.

Paradigm (China)
Paradigm is the codename (or online nickname) of a chinese superhacker. Paradigm is a "Slicer", a mutant with a special aptitude to psychically interface with digital systems and technology and control machines as if a part of his own body. Originally a shunned youth using his abilities to wreak havoc on the world wide web in various hacker attacks from his basement, after one of his attacks led to the death of a person, he was tracked down and his special gift was discovered by the Chinese government, who enhanced and trained him as a special operative. Paradigm soon became the pride of the Chinese hacker squads. In battle, he appears wearing a modifieable mechanical exoskeleton, tight-fitted like a bodysuit, which includes various devices which he controls with his mind and neural implants. Among these is a monitor of his vital signs, connected to an explosive charge and a phase array integrated in his suit. Should Paradigm ever be killed in battle, the charge will instantly detonate. At the same time, the area will be flooded with the broadcast of an imprint of his mind, instantly taking permanent control of all enemy robotics caught in the blast.
  • Before anyone brings this up anyways, I admitt adopting this character from a relatively minor character in the Marvel universe, cut to fit the setting of RA2/YR.

??? (Korea)
Uncertain so far.
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Posted 10 November 2012 - 02:52 AM

Aaah yes, I see you've also posted this in PPM as well. Might want to make a smaller Voxel for the Repair Drones... just wondering if you can share how you made the repair drone? "hack"

Also since its gonna be a small unit it'll be much easier to do. And maybe make it a Chopper-Style instead of that Hover Repair Drone Design from the WW Concept?

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