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#1321 MoutezZ

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Posted 11 June 2023 - 01:31 PM

2.0 releases comm2p.exe, which is a big improve. And all folders has been reset in order to delete duplicated files and unify chinese version with our version.

Is the last Mod 2.5 contain all the missions from the first mod to the last one ?

#1322 extrano1955


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Posted 12 June 2023 - 12:46 PM


#1323 MoutezZ

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Posted 29 June 2023 - 01:37 PM


So exciting... thx.

#1324 FVMF

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Posted 02 July 2023 - 06:30 PM

I have downloaded and installed Destination Paris following the steps detailed in the description of this video. I'm playing the [BEL] missions running Comm2P.exe and here are some things I'm running into (seem to be bugs):
1. In mission [BEL 01], when an enemy notices a tied up enemy, he runs towards him and unties him. I was able to knock down the enemy that came to the rescue, but I could not knock down the enemy that was untied anymore. That enemy seemed to be completely unaffected by knock down afterwards. This happened with multiple enemies, so I had to resort to actually killing the untied enemies. In mission [BEL 03] this issue was not present.
2. In mission [BEL 01], the pack of cigarettes seemed to disappear after being noticed by two different enemies. 
3. In mission [BEL 02], when destroying the patrol boat with a grenade, the red line indicating that a commando has been spotted is still shown.   
4. I cannot get the Marine to dive in the [BEL] missions. Even in missions [BEL 02] and [BEL 03], where the Marine actually has the diving gear, I cannot get him to dive. Not by pressing the key B, not by using the interface. Wearing the diving gear does not seem to make a difference, the Marine still swims regularly like the other commandos. I can imagine that because there were no underwater parts in BEL, it is also not programmed in these missions. However, this makes the unique skill of the Marine totally obsolete in [BEL] missions (probably also [BTCOD] missions). 
5. In mission [BEL 04], the Driver cannot drive the car that comes the right side of the map for some reason. Also the stationary car next to the train tracks is inaccessible, no commando can enter it and the Driver cannot drive it.
6. In mission [BEL 05], the first objective (blowing up the radar) is checked off at the beginning of the mission. Furthermore, the cablecar works funky. Properly entering it requires specific placement of the character to enter. Also, the object itself seems to ignored in pathfinding. When the cablecar is in the way of one of the two commandos, they stop when they hit the cablecar.  
7. I cannot rotate the screen in [BEL] missions. This might have been programmed like this on purpose, seeing that rotating the screen was not possible in the original BEL.
8. Blockages are not projected properly in the line of sight of enemies. For example, in mission [BEL 4] the enemies to the top left of the grey tank-like vehicle cannot see through the vehicle, but their line of sight indicate that they can see it. I've encountered many of these situations in the four missions I have played so far. 
9. I cannot finish [BEL 20]. All the objectives are checked, but when I drive the tank to the road that is indicated as the escape road (the left road), the mission does not end. All tanks have been destroyed, both V2 rockets and the HQ is blown to smithereens. Quite an unsatisfying end to the [BEL] missions. 
Things I have encountered not specifically in [BEL] missions:
1. When pressing any of the function keys in the range F2 - F4, I cannot get the screen to only show one window afterwards. According to https://commandoshq....2dp_hotkeys.php, F2 should show the default window, but that does not work for me. F2 shows 2 windows, F3 shows 3 windows and F4 shows 4 windows. F5 highlights the commandos in green and F6 toggles the display of number of enemies left and number of enemies defeated (killed or tied up).
2. When using the Green Beret's Decoy, enemies will get 'locked' towards the position of the Decoy. When speaking to one of the locked enemies with the Spy and then stop speaking to them, they resume their normal behavior again. Alarms also reset this locked behavior. After finishing all the [BEL] missions, I am grateful for this behavior, because it helped me in quite a few missions!
3. Seemingly randomly, the portraits of the commandos on the top left corner disappear. 
4. The text of the mission briefings are either Chinese characters, or gibberish. I've selected the English version in when installing 2.0 and in every update step though. 
5. When taking ammo from the weapons of an enemy, the last bullet cannot be taken out for most guns (the machinegun being an exception)

Other than that, I'm having a blast with all these missions! Must have been a lot of work to put this together.

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