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Posted 10 November 2012 - 03:57 PM

Announcing Cosmicon a new community event for Arkenstone.

Cosmicon is a weekly in game meet up with the focus on cosmetics.
Players meeting up at Cosmicon can show off their favourite outfits, ask for advice on cosmetics, buy or sell cosmetics, buy or sell dyes and sharing cosmetics for slotting into Cosmetic slots or Wardrobe.
Held once a week on Sundays at 11:30am Server time in varying locations.

This could be your chance as getting your hands on a rare piece or getting ideas for your outfits or maybe even making a little coin.

For this event a special channel has been created "cosmicon" (to join the channel type /joinchannel cosmicon).
Announcements and discussion will be covered here but the event its self will be advertised over regional channels and glff.
On off times this channel can also be used for discussing Cosmetics.

Basic Rules and Practices:
To keep things interesting and safe for participants some basic rules and practices have been implemented.

The biggest part of Cosmicon is sharing cosmetics to slot into Wardrobes/Cosmetic slots.
When you want to Lend out outfits link the items into the channel and make sure you say they are for sharing.
Players will then ask to borrow and you trade them they slot them into their Cosmetic slot/Wardrobe and return them once done.

Rule 1:
If you borrow an item you must return it to the owner if you don't you'll be "blacklisted" from the event.

Rule 2:
When borrowing Bind on Equip Armour you are not allowed to Bind the Item so BOE items can only be added to the Wardrobe.

When posting items make sure you say what they are for at the start of the post.
This is avoid to confusion.
Ie "For Sharing: [Gwir-Palvais]"'

Make sure you have enough space before you start make sure you free up as much space as possible you never know how many new items you may get.

If there are any items you are after post them here to improve your chances of them being brought to the next meet.

For any more questions ask here or in the Cosmicon or Glff channels and check in here or Cosmicon/Glff channels for the week's location.

Next Week:

Thorin's Hall Forges next to the Vault.
Sunday 11/11/12 11:30am Server time (To find out servertime type in /servertime)

See you then.

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