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zero hour c&c generals enhanced

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#1 VectorIV

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 11:38 AM

After being gone for like two months or so, I've actually got a free time to do renders and stuff for this project. I did what I could for the meantime and it's not much.

Right now, I already have list of "what to do" written down so I should know what I'll be doing. However, the future updates might not be as frequent as before since I'm still bound to the university stuff. So basically, I've done with the prequel test stuff but I still don't know if I've actually made it or not until the end of December this year. If I've made it, I'll be able to work on the mod in full capacity as before. So, pray me for succeeding in entering a university, I'll appreciate it a lot.

Now, enough of that. Let's get to the main stream.
Posted Image

This is PLA "Hong" Dragon Tank. So familiar? Well, yes, it's fuck is. This is a model made by Creator and DCesarec currently use in Contra mod. But why is it here? That is easy, we've made a deal.

According to Wikipedia, "Hong" is a two-headed dragon in Chinese mythology regardless of the rainbow part.

Side: General Leang
Weapon: Dual Flame Throwers
Armour: Heavy & Fire-proof Plate
Speed: Medium
Upgrade: Black Napalm, Composite Armour
Ability: Blazing flame explosion when destroyed, create firestorm eventually when attacking in a group of more than 3 tanks.

Posted Image

This is PLA Armoured Gattling. Fires at its normal rate but has furthermore armour reinforcing and can be out run by its slow turning and pitching rate. Nevertheless, it's an excellent defense against frontal attacks, giving Tao ability to establish a safer base.

Side: General Tao
Weapon: Dual Gattling
Armour: Heavy Plate
Speed: Slow
Upgrade: Chain Gun, Radioactive AP Rounds
#Note: House colour parts are not rendered correctly.

Posted Image

This is PLA Imperator Tank. It has a modified overlord chassis and tracks. This gives it protection against light armour piecing weapons and allows it to travel in rough terrains such as rivers.

Side: General Fai
Capacity: 10 men
Weapon: Single Gattling
Armour: Heavy Plate
Speed: Slow
Upgrade: Nuclear Tanks, Flame Thrower, AP Rounds, Subliminal Messaging
Ability: Propaganda Tower, Hover Craft
#Note: House colour parts are not rendered correctly.

Posted Image

This is PLA Gattling Tank. Like other designs of the Gattling Tanks, it shares the same features and details apart from its little reinforced turret and its slow turning rate.

Side: General Tao
Weapon: Single Gattling
Armour: Medium Plate
Speed: Medium
Upgrade: Chain Gun, Radioactive AP Rounds, Nationalism
#Note: Details shall be added later. House colour parts are not rendered correctly.

Posted Image

This is PLA Ravager Tank. Basically, this tank is a mobile missiles launcher based on Battle Master's chassis. This gives it a maneuver speed and medium protection against minor attacks, increasing its battlefield survival rate. Also, this gives it the speed to mobile and fire at enemies, providing it with attack and move combat style, suits with the mobile force of tanks like General Kwai's.

Side: General Kawaii
Clip: 18 Missiles
Weapon: Tactical Missiles (Non-deploying)
Armour: Medium Plate
Speed: Medium
Upgrade: Nuclear Tanks, Nationalism, Black Napalm
#Note: Details shall be added later.

Posted Image

This is PLA Scud Storm. Like GLA's, it shares the same features and abilities, only its architecture that has been altered to suits Chinese art.

Side: General Leang
Clip: 9 Missiles
Weapon: Scud Missiles
Armour: Typical Scud Storm
#Note: Details shall be added later.

Posted Image

And, the last but not least. PLA Sovereign Tank. This is according to the concept art of the enormous experimental tank used by PLA elite divisions. More details shall be revealed later.

Concept Art By Harmonica~♫

Side: PLA Army
Capacity: ?
Size: As twice as an Overlord (Estimated)
Weapon: Unique Cannon, Gattling
Armour: Massive Plate
Speed: Very Slow
Upgrade: Nuclear Shells, Nuclear Tanks, Flame Thrower, Jamming Tower, Missiles Pot, AP Rounds, Subliminal Messaging
Ability: Propaganda Tower, Mine Clearing, Mobile Command Center & Factory
#Note: House colour parts are not rendered correctly.

Be aware that these are not entirely done yet, some are merely a completed unit. Things might change as the time flies but feel free to suggest or advice.

Thank you for reading if you actually have read the entire thing. It's very tiring to write stuff D:
In the end, I would like to thanks Creator big time for making these awesome models and stay tune for more updates in the future and see you later.

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#2 OmegaBolt


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Posted 17 November 2012 - 04:01 PM

They all look fantastic, especially the Hong Dragon IMO.

Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

#3 Vint

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 04:27 PM

Not to be rude but the China Scud Storm doesn't look anywhere near Chinese, the buildings around the edge pf the structure still have that 'Arabian' archicture style - basically it looks indentical to the GLA Scud Storm, just painted red. With the green cameo, I wouldn't even notice a difference at all.

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#4 Exclusive

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Posted 26 August 2015 - 06:22 AM

sorry for this question, maybe its kinda useless, but what are you doing that for - for fun, any hobby, or you going to mod your own game some day?

im interested in.


greets Ex




btw its wonderfull work you doing here ;)

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#5 Rustyjames50

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Posted 12 January 2017 - 09:02 PM

when will these updates take affect?  Your post was in 2012.  It is 2017 now.

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