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January 25: Welcome to the SVSH Forums!

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 07:31 PM

Welcome to the Star Villains and Space Heroes forums, kindly hosted by the Revora Creative Network!


It's looking pretty empty right now, but we're planning on populating the place with lots and lots of content to be.. awesome. I'm just putting the finishing touches on the website now, for example.


In the meantime, here's some quick information about the game. Also, feel free to check out our IndieDB page, which has some more screenshots from our alpha version. Expect more in the coming weeks.




SVSH is a game influenced by our team's love of science fiction in general and space combat games in particular. Both of us spent a lot of time playing older RTSes, sims and FPSes, from really old classics like Descent and TIE Fighter to more modern games like Supreme Commander. To that end, we've decided to draw together a lot of disparate elements to create a game that, first and foremost, we'd enjoy playing. We do rather hope other people will too.


At its core, SVSH is a 3rd person space combat sim, though with enough streamlining and simplification that it's easy to pick up and play. You, the player, take command of a single large capital vessel and engage in combat with similarly equipped enemy ships. It's up to you to use your ship's abilities to their fullest and defeat the enemy.




Combat takes place in full 3D space with realistic space physics - no drag unless you are in an atmosphere. This increases the complexity of the maneuvers you can pull off - imagine setting up an attack run past an asteroid outpost, firing your main engines and coasting by on inertia as you fire off your ship's arsenal. Trust us, it's damn fun. You also have access to advanced technology and abilities, such as point defence guns to shoot down missiles, electronic countermeasures to jam enemy locks, and special engine overloads to boost the power of your engines.




We aim to present a very large range of ships, from small frigates to large battleships and dreadnoughts, with lots of different types of weaponry (railguns, beam weapons, missiles, unguided rockets and more). We have a detailed original backstory with at least five (and probably more) unique factions, ranging from humans to aliens to artificial intelligences. Each faction has its own design philosophy, set of preferred weapons and strengths and weaknesses. Look for more information on these factions and their starships in the coming weeks!




Amazingly, Star Villains and Space Heroes has now been under development for about 2 years now, much of which was teaching ourselves Unity and experimenting with various systems and ideas. We've made great progress in the last year, and are ramping up work to deliver a playable demo reasonably soon. The demo will give you a taste of what the full game will be like, and should provide four missions with four playable ships.



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Posted 25 January 2013 - 10:34 PM

Welcome to Revora :p


I have to admit that this looks pretty awesome. I'm definitely looking forward to more updates and content!

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 10:38 PM



This should be on the main page...




As I said before, awesome stuff! We're glad to have you guys with us! :)

kudos to Pasidon for this awesome avvy and siggy!

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Posted 26 January 2013 - 05:48 AM

I must say, this looks incredibly professional, and definitely the project I most want to play on Revora.

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Posted 01 February 2013 - 11:54 PM

I love scifi, I love capital ships, I love war. All you are missing is a bun and some ketchup. Great work people...

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