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RA2 Soviet Mission 11 - Red Revolution Redux (vs Yuri faction) - unauthorised campaign map for Reloaded

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#1 Dark Prime

Dark Prime
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Posted 10 February 2013 - 12:46 AM

I mentioned recently that I was interested in seeing a redux of this level in the Reloaded campaigns with Yuri units so I thought I'd have a stab at it myself, and thought I'd share it if anyone was interested. It is far from complete and the triggers are crudely put together, but the thrust has been picking up.



- Purple Soviet faction surrounding Kremlin replaced by Yuri faction with exception of Soviet cloning vats, and nuclear reactors have been retained for balance.

- To start with only the first Soviet faction and the Yuri faction produce units. Once the first factories are taken out then the second Soviet base (with the Iron Curtain) will also produce units.

- On the medium and hard difficulties, Yuri will construct a Psychic Dominator after the player has built a Nuclear Missile Silo.

- On the hard difficulty, Yuri will construct a Genetic Mutator if the Iron Curtain is destroyed.



- Much of the Soviet production triggers for the Yuri faction still need to be replaced. This can be seen with the production of War Miners, Conscripts, Tesla Troopers and Rhino Tanks rather than the desired Yuri units (although brutes and viruses are working at a primitive level).

- The above problem in particular is aggravated by the construction of 1-2 Soviet barracks in front of the Kremlin, needs to be resolved.

- While the Kirovs are now affiliated with the second Soviet faction, they may require toning down for balance with the inclusion of the Psychic Dominator.

- (now I think about it, possibility of throwing Floating Discs into the mix?)

- Want to include the clip from YR Soviet Mission 7 for when the Genetic Mutator is built, to be construed as an "attached message" rather than a direct broadcast.

- Unsure about an audio or video clip to use for when the Psychic Dominator is built.

- Still need appropriate warning triggers etc. for when the Yuri superweapons are built.

- Pre-built SpySat for player for map preview purposes, will be removed if/once finalised.

- Want to include civilian-devouring Grinders.

- Soviet Cloning Vats ought to be replaced by Yuri Cloning Vats.

- Would be nice to have an updated Kremlin .shp for the loading screen (featuring Gatling Cannons and Psychic Sensors)

- Ultimately get the "complete Yuri experience in RA2" (apart from the unfeasible Boomer submarines of course), with the possibilties of this ever-getting better mod.


How to use:

- Bear in mind at this "beta" stage the implementation is crude and hopefully a more effcient way of loading it will come about.

- Extract the contents of the .rar folder (battlemd.ini, mapselmd.ini, missionmd.ini, sov11r.map) into the "mod" folder in C&C Reloaded. Activate and deactivate the mod as normal. This will supersede the standard Soviet mission 11, delete the .inis to revert the changes.

- Enjoy.

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#2 Black Rose

Black Rose

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Posted 24 February 2013 - 01:24 AM

Finaly, my dreams are coming true... Though I will wait for the final version rather than this...

Though this would be awesome as a complete replacement for the origional, thats if FS-21 agrees to it.


I'll be trcking this mod more closely now...

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