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[WIP] Yuri's Avenge

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#1 Black Temple Gaurdian

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Posted 28 April 2013 - 09:02 PM

Oh to go back to my childhood. Seeing this place so empty... I can't describe how disheartening it is. But regardless, I will stand strong against the ravages of time.


Yuri's Avenge(ment) will be a simple-ish mod (at least (hopefully) from a coding prospective) that I will be working on when I really should be revising for Uni exams. It started out as a simple modification to split the Allies up into two subfactions, one which focused on brute force and the other stealth.


Since then the mod's (concept's) expanded to splitting out both Yuri and the Soviets into two technologically different subfactions and a plot line has somewhat evolved.




The war was over, the Allies victorious. A brief peace encompassed the Earth as the peace treaty kept the Soviets at bay. Then things began to change. Forces from space started to invade, forces loyal to the captured Yuri. This is turn sparked resistance within the remaining planet-bound Yuri forces. Being attacked on two fronts, the Allies could do little more than watch as the Soviets used the invasion to amass its forces for a third  attempt at world conquest. But the Allies had not done nothing during the peace. Under the codename "Guardians" heavier versions of their units were developed and deployed, aiming to keep the peace and protect their borders. Meanwhile S.I.R., Strategic Intelligence and Recon, was set up to keep track of the Soviets utilizing quick and discrete forces.




So that's all for now. I have plans for units, defenses, etc. but I'll update the thread with them once I've coded them.

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 11:23 PM

Well, goodluck with it.


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