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LWR Features and systems

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Posted 12 June 2013 - 09:13 PM

LWR adds many new features and systems to the game that add more strategy options to the game.

Utilising these features could give you the edge in a battle.


Expanding CPL, Watchtower and Improved outpost features.


These 3 features can greatly reward players who take map control and play more aggressively.

By taking new bases in LWR you can raise your Command Point limit allowing you to field larger armies.


Outposts have been greatly improved they now have 3 defence foundations (4 for Gondor with the Havens upgrade), siege can only be built from outposts (except for Mordor's Lesser Siegeworks available after purchasing the Dark Machinations spell) Outposts also count towards Expanding CPL.


Watchtowers have 2 purposes first is to provide a defensive and observation structure at critical points on a map the second is that they provide resource buffs for nearby Economy plot based resource structures.


Improved Structures and Siege.

Structures are now stronger and more resistant to damage from regular sources, heroes and siege still do normal damage against them tough.

Structures generally fit into 3 health brackets

  1. External structures - eg Lumber Mills = 7500
  2. Regular structures - 10000
  3. Citadels - 15000

Siege weapons and units like Eagles, Ents and Fellbeasts have had their anti-structure damage increased to compensate.

Equipping a unit with Fire Arrows or Forged Blades also increases damage against structures.

Some units are also strong against structures like Axemen, Dunland Wildmen and upgraded Battle trolls.


Larger hordes.

Larger hordes generally increase the odds of a horde surviving a fight.

Most hordes gain an extra 5 units.


Improved Heroes

Heroes have improved armour in LWR making them a lot more resistant to damage from regular units.

Generally you'll want a hero to fight a hero although some elite units are also good anti hero options like Trolls.

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