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Don't Starve Adventure Mode Guide

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 09:34 PM

Hey-hey internet.  So I want to make a really quick and simple guide for those of you struggling in Adventure mode in Don't Starve.  I beat it myself after many hours of failing, but eventually I worked out a guide that really minimizes your chances of failure.  Adventure mode will take a couple of hours to complete, and will be the most agonizing moment in your life.  But Pasidon here will help make it go as smooth as possible, and hopefully make this guide some-what entertaining to read.  But don't count on it, ya' chump.




Your goal is to beat Maxwell through a series of 5 challenges, which is basically just surviving and making portals.  If you play it like normal sandbox mode, then you're playing it wrong.  Playing it safe and spending metric crap loads of time in one space is a terrible set of ideas.  Your goal, in each world, is to get 4 portal pieces and assemble them at a 'wooden thing' in each world, while also adding your divining rod as the finishing touch (unlike sandbox mode where you do not need a divining rod).  You should be rushing to find each piece as soon as possible, ideally getting 2 pieces a day.  They will spawn randomly, but predictably.  


Each chapter will render a new world in a series of islands connected by narrow passages.  These passages are often filled with dangerous things.  Not always.  And each island should have a maximum of 2 items, which is rare.  They normally have 1 item / the portal frame on an island.  Always have your divining rod out and exploring the edges of islands.  If you detect something, go into the center a bit.  If you start loosing a signal, keep exploring the edges.  You will be able to tell if an item is on your island this way, and find new passages with a bit of repetition.  


If you die, you loose all your adventure mode progress and have to start again.  So if you spent hours in your adventure, then get used to being extremely angry and restarting.  Just make sure you don't have any valuable things you can throw / break near you when you play.  That is actual, serious advice.


There are buckets of things you need to keep in mind when in adventure mode.  I'll make a list of steps:


1. Choosing a Character


The ideal choice for adventure mode is Maxwell, the character you unlock by beating adventure mode.  He is ideal since sanity is never an issue for him, and every time he spawns in a world, he gets a fresh set of dark armor and a dark sword.  But since that's not an option for those of you trying to unlock him, I would recommend The Librarian, Wickerbottom.  She never needs to build an alchemy engine for necessary items, like the football helmet or golden tools.  Wolfgang is also a good choice since he can store more food and health, but those shouldn't be much of an issue anyway.  If you play it right.


2. Finding The Door


To enter adventure mode, you need to find Maxwell's Door.  Any sandbox mode map should have one, unless you're playing on an ultra outdated map.  Scrap that artifact and get a new map going.  If you can't make a divining rod to find it, then you may just need to search aimlessly for the door.  Going in it will not bring any items with you, or interrupt your sandbox progress.  If you die, you return to sandbox mode just where you left yourself.  


3. Getting a Good Footing


There are several challenges it can randomly throw you into.  No matter what it is, there are two objectives for you:


1. Pick up everything it gives you at the start.  Especially the divining rod.

2. Get resources, especially twigs, grass, logs, flint, and food. Carrots are the ideal food since they are plentiful and they don't spoil as quickly as berries or meat.  


These items will help you with making tools and fires for the night (cold).  Flint may be rare, so don't make any tools until you have too.  If it's not close to night and you have at least 2 flint and rocks are available, make a pickax first and get the flint you need from rocks.  If it's almost dark and you need logs, just make that axe as soon as possible.


THE RULE OF ALL RULES: Always have 2 logs + 3 grass.  Repeat that to yourself when you eat and sleep in real life.  2 logs.  3 grass.  If you don't have the resources to make a camp fire at any given time, then you're putting your entire progress at risk.  Torches are nice and all, but if it rains at night, they won't last long enough.  And they don't keep you warm, if you need a warm sort of feeling.  Willow can make fires at night, but at the sacrifice of lots of sanity.  Sanity is a bit too important for that too be happening.


4. Not Starving


Har har... staving.  The name of the game.  It may be important to not die doing so. Food is sometimes an issue, but it won't be your main issues if you play right.  Like I already said, carrots are the best food to stock up on.  Mandrakes should be saved if you find any.  They need to be a last resort food since they restore so much and never spoil.  Berries are nice, but they spoil quickly.  Pick them as you go and eat them before they go yellow.


Cooking is a very misunderstood mechanic in the game.  You do not need to cook food unless:


1. It's meat

2. It's spoiling

3. You want health


Cooking food only adds healing properties to the item, and turns back the clock on how much it has spoiled.  Unless.... it's meat.  Then it just makes it much better.  Crock pots aren't really a priority either, so I wouldn't bother making anything that permanent.


My biggest gift of advice are seeds.  Whenever you see seeds, get them and eat them.  They don't restore much, but you can last for days with just picking up seeds.  If your world has a high rate of seed drops, then you're in luck.  I can survive about 5 days in any adventure mode scenario just from seeds.


The best food I like to have are blue mushrooms.  They restore lots of health and hunger, at the cost of a bit of sanity.  But if you cook them, yo get lots of sanity back just at the cost of a bit of hunger and health.  Fun.


5. Not Going Nuts


Your chops will always be loosing sanity.  The best way to stop this is by piking flowers.  And making a garland isn't a terrible thing.  You should always have your football helmet on, but if you don't have one yet or you are just sitting around a fire doing jack crap, put your flower hat on to keep that sanity from draining.  And only sleep if you're dangerously low on sanity.  Sleeping is great for getting rid of the nigh and making your sanity have a neat boost, but at the sacrifice of loads of hunger.  


6. Building


... Is something you shouldn't be doing much of.  You just need to make a science machine, and if you're not the librarian, an alchemy engine for golden tools and the helmet.


7. Tools


The priories for making tools in any world are in this order:


1. Axe

2. Pickaxe

3. Logsuit

4. Hammer

4. Football helmet

5. Golden Tools

6. Spear


Golden tools aren't necessary, but they help clear out inventory space since you don't need t keep brick loads of flint and sticks.  A golden axe should last you for the entire 5 chapters


And once you learn all these recipes, they stay with you for the rest of your journey.  I would try and learn them all during chapter 1.  And a spear isn't very important because you shouldn't be fighting.  If danger is unavoidable, running is always a better option.  


And once you have all these recipes, you shouldn't need a pick axe anymore.  Sometimes rocks will be blocking your path, but you should be able to find flint and sticks easily just to get past the rock walls.


8. Inventory Master


You want to be an inventory master?  Then you need to make priorities.  In my opinion, making a backpack is never smart.  You should always keep your log suit on, even if you have a helmet.  And you have enough inventory to carry everything you need.  You should have these things, and hopefully only these things:


1. Axe

2. Logs

3. Grass

4. Spear

5. Pig Skins

6. Food

7. Portal Pieces

8. Armor

9. Divining Rod

10. At least one winter item

11. Shovel


I rarely had issues carrying things when I stuck to this list.  And a stack of pig skins is very necessary.  Your helmet will take a beating, and you will be needing t replace it.  If you have the recipe unlocked, then a single rope is all you need to make one if you keep your stack.  And you should never have any spare armor clogging up your inventory either.  If you find the eye bone, then by all means, get it.  Chester is good for that extra space, but never give him anything vital, like your logs, grass, pig skins or portal pieces.  If he dies in a sea of enemies, then you may have trouble getting them back.


I also keep a shovel for extra logs by digging up tree stumps, grave digging (if I need a gold tool since the pig king will take any junk you find in a grave for loads of golds), and mushrooms.  Blue mushrooms are hard to get since they only come out at night, but a dig can fix that,


When you reach the end of a chapter, you will be given 4 slots in your portal.  You may put 4 items in these slots to carry to the next world, not including the eye bone.  I recommend putting in your skins, a stack of unspoiled food (or food that won't spoil quickly), a golden axe (or a stack of gold), and a winter item, preferably a winter hat.  If you have a collection of mandrakes, then I would sacrifice your common food items and bring them.  They will be important, especially for the final chapter.


If you come across the portal frame before you have all the pieces, just drop what you have so far (piece wise) by it to save inventory space


9. Dangers


In adventure mode, there will be several dangers:  


1. In 'A Cold Reception', rains of frogs will come commonly, which is annoying as sin, but manageable.  And they give you free food, so 

2. In 'The King of Winter', you will likely have a giant moose on your tail in the first 10 days.He shouldn't be an issue if you're always on the move... which you should be.

3. Dog attacks may come.  I like to lead them into swamps to tentacles take care of them, or pig villages.  Just make sure you don't have to fight them if you don't have too.

4. Evil Pigs are pigs wearing leaves and idling around torches.  You cannot reason with them... just avoid them at all costs.  You can also burn down their wooden walls, which is fun / necessary at times.

5. Mob Nests are just narrow areas filled with a crap load of enemies.  They could be spider nests, tall birds, dogs, machines, tentacles, killer bee nests (the worst by far), or evil pigs.  These nests are often blocking your way to another island, so make sure you don't need to cross trough these nests more than once

6. Mechanical mobs such as clockwork knights and bishops will be scattered around in the most random places, with dark flowers near them (commonly).  If you do have to fight them, make sure you're not around the flowers. They will drain your sanity.  And when you reach a portal frame, it will be surrounded b two knights and 2 bishops. I recommend taking on one knight and avoiding drawing the attention of the others so you can sneak in and put the pieces in.  Run away if one of those dummies start to get clever and come after you.

7. Winters are usually short... unless you're playing 'King of the Winter'.  Keeping winter items is just in case you fall into that specific challenge, but you should be able to beat every chapter before winter becomes an issue.  'A Cold Reception' has a winter around day 5, but only lasts for a day or two.  

8.Sanity needs to be kept up, or shadows will attack you below 30 sanity.  You don't want that.  And it's annoying when your screen is going nuts and screeching at you.

9. Maxwell has also set tooth traps all around the chapters for you.  These are barely a danger, unless you're blind / uncoordinated / clumsier than sin. You'll see them.



10. Obelisks


This is a subject by itself since many people may encounter them and have no clue what the heck they are doing there.  They're a bit unfair since you will not figure them out unless you look online... it's the one thing I had to look up.  But yea, they will rarely block your way to another island, but be prepared if they do.  To make them get out of your way, you need to have a sanity below 50, which is sooo dangerous.  So there is a bit of strategy to this.  The easiest / safest way to drain your sanity is by eating green mushrooms.  You can also wander around in the dark if you can't find any, but green mushrooms are the bets option.  


Knowing what's Ahead


Reading this is such a good advantage since you know what to expect.  I went into this blind, and I regretted it since knowing what's ahead is vary vary important.  There will be 3 chapters you need to pay attention for


1. King of Winter


I only played this chapter once in all my time playing.  And I'm quite thankful for that,  In this chapter, winter never ends.  That's a gosh darn travesty since not only do you have to keep everything I already said in mind, but now you have to focus o now freezing to death.  In this challenge, it's great to have lots of logs, lots of grass, 2 winter items (preferably a winter hat and heat stone), and a pitch fork.  I found digging up terrain with the pitch fork and burning them is a great way to keep fires up without having to sacrifice useful resources.  And also, a big, dumb moose will make an apperence.  Just make sure he doesn't spawn anywhere important, like a bridge to an island or the portal frame.


2. Archipelago


 What an awful chapter... you will most likely have it as well.  In this, there are no bridges.  There will be a series of islands, like the other challenges, but with no bridges.  You have to use worm holes.  This is a problem since worm holes drain so much sanity.  Each worm hole will randomly spawn in the center of the islands, and each island could have multiple worm holes.  You may spend quite a bit of time here.  It usually takes me 10 game days to beat this chapter since there is so much exploring.  


There are several islands that will spawn very similar each time:

1. Starting Island- This will start with a nice grassy area with food and resources that you should gather.  It will also have a swamp around it that will probably have a wormhole or two inside, which is unlucky.  Don't go in that swamp unless you have to since swamps are dangerous as spit.


2. Grassland- This area will have a lot of beefalo, but they shouldn't be in fire butt mode during your visit.  At least, I've never seen them in mating season. And lots of grass / hopefully flowers.  


3. Rockland- This will normally have tall birds and rocks around.  Not much else... the only food you will find around are seeds dropped by birds.


4. Dog Land- There will most likely be a savana land with loads of dogs everywhere, as well as a forest biome with a spider nest or two.  So yea... you should be running.


5. Bee Land- Holy crap... this is the nightmare I have every time I start up adventure mode.  This is my least favorite island and the part that risks your entire mission the most. Bees!  Not the Bees!  Yea... killer bees will be unavoidable since you will most likely spawn right i the middle of them.  Before you move, pull out the old divining rod and see where you need to go.... if you need to go anywhere here.  It is usually to the west, if you haven't jacked up your camera.  In the west should be a forest biome (thank Christ) with a few spiders, and hopefully another wormhole.  And I have never seen another wormhole in the bee hell, outside the forest biome on this island, but if there is, God speed and bob-and-weave.  Hopefully you only have to run past the bees once.


6. Swamp Land- It's a typical swamp.  Tentacles and fish jerks trying to rustle you up.  Just get what you need here and get out, while getting a few blue mushrooms.  They are the best food source in this chapter.


With all this wormhole jumping, your sanity is going to take a real pinch to the elbows.  Make sure you keep picking flowers and jump only when you know you have too.  You should need to use every wormhole at least once.


3. Two Worlds


This chapter is just a treat.  It SHOULD be the 4th chapter (2nd to last), but I had a glitch where it gave it to me as the 3rd chapter.  That is the most horrible glitch in existence since you really, really, really, really want it before the final chapter.  


But yea, this chapter is pretty much a walk.  You start off in a grass biome (with a bit of forest) that has no danger at all, as it's littered in pigs, food, and good times.  Daytime is also longer than spit, which is actually sort of annoying, and I'll tell you why soon enough.


There is also a sick wormhole somewhere in this island.  There is no other way off the island.  This is the only place you will be seeing a sick wormhole, as far as I know.  When you sue it, the thing dies.  You'll be stranded wherever you land.  But don't fret; you can make it back to the paradise island.  Two more wormholes will spawn, one on your next island, and one back in pig paradise. 


But what is this second island?  Well, as you expected, it's quite hellish.  It's a giant swamp.  It has occasional biome changes, but they might make you wish for tentacles slapping your buns since they are filled with traps, monsters and other horrible things.  Maxwell's tooth traps may also be a factor, but who cares?  Just walk around them.  And if dogs attack you, then lead the dogs into the traps.  All the pieces should be in the swamps, as well as the portal. Night and noon will also lengthen when you're in the swamp, but revert back when you make it back to paradise.


Now it's time to prepare for your final chapter.  When you get your portal working, there is something very important you need to do back in paradise.  You need to capture light bugs and make a straw hat, while also collecting gold.  You're making a miner hat.  Also collect about a stack of 10 light bugs bugs for the road, as well as a stack of 10 gold pieces.  The short nights in the paradise are the reasons why night is a bit annoying.  If you have at least 5 mandrakes (there should be 2 in this chapter alone) that you gathered from your journey, then also keep them at hand.  If you don't, then I would recommend finding 40 carrots (a stack) and bringing them.  When you leave through the portal, bring your hat, your gold, fireflies, and food.


NOTE: I sometimes get this chapter with no flint drops.  If this is the case, you'll have to be clever.  Hopefully you can make gold tools and not have to rely on flint.  


4. Darkness


"Phhh.... this is so easy.  How can it get any worse?"  Shut up.... you knew this was coming.  This is always the final chapter (hopefully), and it is what it is... eternal darkness.  No afternoon... no mornings... just darkness.  I didn't use any guides and was very surprised to find this challenge was very hard without preparation... read the last chapter's guide for preparation tips.  


If you prepared how I told you to prepare in the last chapter, then you shouldn't have a problem.  Well... as far as problems go in this game.  At the start, you are given lots of camp fires and lots of supplies, including blueprints for crap I can't remember, like the miner's hat.  Not important since you should have that recipe already unlocked.  One miner's hat isn't enough, and that's why you brought the flies and gold.  In a chest, it should give you what you need to make a log suit.  Do that first.  Then find more grass and make another straw hat to get a backup miner's hat.  If one goes out, use the next and make a new one.  Luckily, you get the straw hats back when they go out.  You also start with a backpack with stuff, but I would take what you need and leave the bag.  You need to have that log suit on.


Luckily again, this isn't just throwing you in the dark with no help.  You will find Maxwell's Lights around, which light up permanently, when you're around them.  I like take my hats off when I'm in these lights to save hat juice.  But, if you're as fortunate as me on finding the pieces (it should be a standard layout, other than the darkness), then this chapter shouldn't take you more than 4 game days.  When I beat it, I actually found it to be smooth when the miner hats and carrot stacks.  I never had an issue with fighting, or dangerous situations.  Just be careful and don't run into the portal frame and get shot up by clockwork bishops.  Dying in this chapter is the worst gut wrenching feeling in the world.  I died in this chapter because I thought dark armor was smart to bring, but sanity is VERY important in this chapter, since you will be loosing it at an alarming rate in the first place.  Never worry about dark armor, dark swords, or any other mystical nonsense.


Willow may also seem like a good option for this map, since she makes fires in the dark.  Not really... your sanity will take such a nose-dive that you won't survive long with shadows attacking you in the dark.


And after you beat that chapter, there is another.  Don't wig out... it's a matter of walking in a straight line from there.  If you mess that up, then I dunno how you survived up to this point.  In both the game and real life.  But you encounter Maxwell and have probably the most glorious end game you will ever have.  Beating adventure mode is probably the most gratifying thing in the universe.


5. 'The Game is Afoot' & 'A cold reception'


These two chapters are relatively straight forward, and you will likely get them.  'A cold reception' is just a heap of bad weather and frog rains, and 'the game is afoot' is just the same thing, without the constant bad weather or frog rains, yet dog attacks will be frequent.  These won't be an issue for you, if you take took my advice.  Just keep moving, don't fight anything, and carrots are yummy... those are the basics, along with notes such as "always stay on the shores" since you need to find the land bridges as soon as possible.



Alright, if you read this far, without skipping ahead, then congrats, You know everything you need to know to beat Maxwell's dumb face in.  Unless I forgot something... which I don't think I did.  Gee-wiz... I typed way more than I expected.  But there is so much you need to know.  There really isn't an easier way than this... I've played adventure mode many times, and I now can go as far as to say it's easy.  I can do a speed run in about 2 hours to beat the whole thing, so hopefully it won't take you much longer.  Good luck, and don't die.  Just anticipate to be ungodly furious with this experience.


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