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Faction Upgrade System

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 01:43 AM

Coming in an upcoming patch is the new Faction Upgrade system.

The Faction Upgrade system (I sometimes call it the Great Keep Upgrade system or GKU ) is a set of upgrades that will be available from the citadel.

It will upgrade various things for your faction buildings, heroes or unlock units.


Each faction will have a different set of upgrades but share some core upgrades as well.


Universal Faction Upgrades.

Every faction (except Lorien for the 2 tower upgrades) will have access to these upgrades.


Great Keep Upgrade - Upgrades citadels into Great Keeps which gives them more health and acts as a prereq for Keep Defence and Keep Housing upgrade.

2500 - Tower Fire Arrows (the upgrade is getting moved to the Citadel for all factions)

1000 - Murder Holes - Removes the minimum firing range for towers and improves their armour and range (I'll be adding a minimum firing range for them with this system)

1000 - Keep Defence - Unlocks the Great Keep's "Keep Power"

2000 - Keep Housing - Increases the CPL (counts towards the Expanding CPL counter)



Keep Powers are a unique ability that each citadel gets somewhat like the Fortress powers in BFME2.

(I'll reveal more on them later)



  • Armour of the Citadel - Upgrades Boromir to use Heavy Armour increasing his armour and health.
  • Siege craft - Improves the Trebuchets with better armour, accuracy and removes allied splash damage.
  • Counterweights - Improves Trebuchet range


  • Horselord Glory - Upgrades Theoden and Eomer giving them more health, armour and damage (including extra against enemy Kings)
  • Lord of the Westfold - Unlocks Erkenbrand (his unlock is being moved from Westfold spell to this new upgrade)
  • Rohirrim Training - all cavalry gain an auto heal when not in combat also upgrades Eastfold Yeomen adding auto heal, upgrading armour and adding a knockback to their Take Aim skill.



  • Siege craft - Improves the range, armour and damage of Catapults, removes friendly fire from Catapults and improves the terror radius for Human Heads, improves armour for Rams and Siege tower.
  • Soldiers of Lugburz - Unlocks the Lugburz Soldiers from the Orc Pit.
  • Morgul Blades - Upgrades the attack of the Witch King and Nazgul to do additional damage (the non flying ones)
  • Call of the Nazgul - Unlocks a Nazgul.


  • Deep Ore Mining
  • Uruk Workers
  • Fuel the Fires
  • Eyes of the Guard - Improves the Line of Sight of all Isengard's structures.
  • Siege Craft Isengard - Improves Ballista range, damage and improves damage against structures.

(Isengard's excavation will be removed and it's upgrades moved to the Citadel)




  • Galadhrim Captain Armour - Upgrades the armour and health for Haldir.
  • Galadhrim Guard Armour - Upgrades the armour and health for Orophin and Rumil
  • Treebeard - Adds Treebeard to the Ent Moot
  • Haste of the Ents - Upgrades Ent build speed and move speed.


  • Armour of Lindon - Upgrades Gildor's armour
  • Armour of Gondolin - Upgrades Glorfindel's armour
  • Armour of Imladris - Upgrades the armour for Elladan and Elrohir
  • TBA


More info to come.

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 11:07 PM

good i like this good job

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