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It Came From Red Alert! (ICFRA) Final Release

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Posted 01 August 2013 - 10:53 PM


I'm a bit late with this but I was sorting some stuff out on the mod's ModDB page and remembered I hadn't posted anywhere about the last release.

Last December I was talking to someone about the version of ICFRA I had on my HDD, which was quite different to the last release from 2007.  I decided it being sat there doing nothing was silly so I released it.

Here's the news post I put on ModDB:

After four beta releases (1, 2, 2.5 and 3) the number of reported bugs had flatlined, as such I was planning to release a final version called “Release Candidate 1". Unfortunately I had a PC issue which meant I lost all my installed programs, though I still had all my backed up data. There was a lot of awkward setting up involved in creating the mod and as my interest in modding C&C games was almost non-existent at that stage I kept putting off setting everything back up so only tiny bits of work got done.

It's now five years and a couple of PC reinstalls since the last release and I'm not really into modding anything any more - but I had this newer, unfinished version of ICFRA sitting around doing nothing which I thought was a bit silly. As such I've opted to rename all the "Release Candidate 1" references to "Pre-release Candidate 1" and release the mod as it is.

The download page is here on ModDB.  There is a change list in the description along with a copy of my to do list of things that were never completed.  One of the main changes is that the mod doesn't need any additional community patches any more, it'll run with vanilla Yuri's Revenge v1.001.

There won't be any further versions unless there's something gamebreaking in this one.

This mod originally started as a coding-only mod so that I could play something resembling Red Alert with the newer interface features like right click scrolling and turned into something way beyond that.  It's been consistently popular since the first version was released with a steady trickle of views and downloads even to this day.
I recommend Red Alert (and Tiberian Dawn) fans check out OpenRA at http://openra.res0l.net/.

Thank you all for the kind comments the mod has received over the years and I'm sorry I never managed to finish it, especially as it got so close to being totally done.

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That download link again:
Download Here

And here's the changelist:

-------------------------------No more NPatch!

I’ve completely removed the NPatch requirement that previous versions had so the mod now fully functions on a totally clean Yuri’s Revenge 1.001 install.  Because of technical differences in standard Yuri’s Revenge the following things have changed:

•    G.P.S. Satellite is no longer a super weapon - the Allied Tech. Centre functions like the RA2 Spysat Uplink instead,
•    The M.A.D. Tank affects an area 62% of the size it used to,
•    The Parabombs have been removed from Skirmish but are still coded into the game (in case someone wants to use them in a map),
•    The Soviet Spy Plane has been moved to the Radar Dome,
•    The multiplayer colours will look incorrect on the pre-game menu but are fine ingame,
•    Reverted to none-NPatch menu system,
•    Mobile Radar Jammer coding changed but still behaves the same.

The reasoning for this was that I don't feel I can rely on NPatch to be compatible with the mod in the future (things are sometimes broken by NPatch updates) and it's annoying to have to get people to download NPatch aswell.  I thought the above changes weren't worth the extra hassle and complications so I decided to make the mod work with normal RA2:YR, which is something people have requested I do in the past.  In the five years since I last worked on the project there appears to be some more community patches which complicates the situation even more and makes me think a patchless version of the mod was probably a good idea.

Pre-release Candidate 1 Change List (In addition to the "No more NPatch!" changes)

•    Flame Tower’s fireball reinserted.
•    Weapon range increases for V2, Tesla Tank, Tesla Coil, Shock Trooper as they were all firing short of their Red Alert ranges.
•    Volkov added (coded, not buildable).
•    Chitzkoi added (coded, not buildable).
•    Einstein added (coded, not buildable).
•    New AP and AT mine graphics.
•    Some buildings graphics have had small changes made while I was creating damaged versions.
•    Removed ugly texture from Iron Curtain animations.
•    Tesla Coil weapon now correctly fires in 3 bursts.
•    Re-enabled campaign menu and added UI art.
•    Some miscellaneous UI alterations.
•    Soviet Rifle Infantry’s text string corrected.
•    M.A.D. Tank has a visible explosion.
•    “Retro” and “Retro Contraction” removed, remappable graphics are now forced.
•    A number of small voxel detail fixes.
•    All voxels renormalized with latest auto-normals.
•    New map - The Hills Have Eyes Redux by Dutchgamer.
•    Altered Giant Ant spawning on Them! map.
•    First Allied campaign mission added.

-------------------------------What got left behind?
This is a copy of my to-do list that was meant to be completed before releasing the final version of the mod.
•    Investigate better Radar Jammer weapon settings
•    AI overhaul (if possible)
•    Terrain completion
•    Damage frames
•    Civilian personnel graphics
-    EINSTEIN sequence
•    Civilian building buildups
•    Soviet sidebar misalignments fix
•    Sidebar tab flashes
•    Verify V2 range
•    Ant buildings


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Posted 27 June 2024 - 10:52 AM

This may be a long shot after 10 years, but i thought i ask if i could have permission to port this over to openra or whatever else.

I dont have concrete plans, but if i got permission i would put it on the side and eventually get to do some portation.

Seems like so many great mods just catch dust now, i wouldnt mind putting my time into bringing back the good ol stuff.

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