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The next Command & Conquer game as seen in Gamescom

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 05:11 AM

Hey guys. I'm back with more news on the next C&C game. Actually, I've wrote a full article (this time at Project Perfect Mod) describing how the game did look like when I played it, when I was in Cologne.


The content of the article ranges from a Free to Play model, Frostbite, game modes, factions, generals, starting units, user interface, Starcraft 2 influence, resources, scouting, AI and much more. I avoided to post entire tech tree, prices (in credits, CPs or VPs of things), among other things that might be too much volatile at this stage of the development of the game.

Although I am very grateful to EA for the amazing experience that I had in Cologne, Germany, at Gamescom, I tried to write an article that takes into account the advantages and disadvantages of the design choices made for the game from my perspective, as a casual gamer, which may match many of those who will read this article.


Here's a snippet:



The way scouting in the new game works is also being studied by Victory Games developers and the path they've chosen seems to make the game slightly more predictable than previous Command & Conquer games. There is no shroud, only fog of war. The map is revealed by default and the radar works during the whole battle, regardless if you have power or not. By default, you are able to view the position and the kind of building that your enemy places in the map, until it buids a Command Center. Once the enemy builds it, you won't see its new buildings unless it is an AI player (I still don't know if the AI issue is done in purpose or if it is a bug, although I did complain about it when I had the opportunity to do it). Their idea is to either announce that your enemy will rush you or prevent the cheese, since Command Center takes a while to build and it is expensive. The Command Center always has a Generals Power (in this game none of them costs money, so it follows the old Generals rather than C&C3) that can be used to scout, reveal stealth units, etc. So, you don't really need to send many infantries to scout the enemy base, since you can use the generals powers and sent infantry straight to the places where you know your enemy will expand to (it's all displayed in the map). You also know exactly where to expand and you don't need to scout to figure it out. The map has no tech buildings yet, although Victory Games developers are considering the possibility of bringing them back. What matters in the maps are the resource centers and the oil wells.



Read the article at Project Perfect Mod and have fun.

Project Perfect Mod

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