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I'll Shoot you in the Face with a Bazooka!

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 08:03 AM

I was called so many names in the past because I showed conservative views on such things as fiscally conservative and I'm for smaller government and such. Yet I'm socially liberal.


I believe in gay rights, and gay marriage. I believe in legalization of weed. Not that I smoke, it's just people should not be thrown in jail for years because they grow something that can grow naturally. What government has the right to declare that any singIe plant that GOD allowed to grow is illegaI? I simply don't believe it's my business or the government to involve ourselves into something we have no business being in.


Let's take abortion for example:  I am personally against aborting fetuses. BUT if I was in the same boat as some young women, I would have to do what I think is best. That might be an abortion at that time. That is why I vote present (like Obama) as apposed to choosing a side. Who is qualified to determine when a fetus becomes a human? Scien(TITS)? Well they can keep a baby alive from 5 months in the womb. But a lot of laws allow a 5 month old fetus/baby to be aborted. (Go find your own sources, I'm too lazy)


So how does a civilized society decide when a baby/fetus is a viable human being. Once again I vote present. If conservatives keep harping on issues like abortion, they will be left behind on the more important issues that they should be focusing on like on such things as government fiscal conservatism. And another question to ask, I'm not against birth control but why should I have to pay tax dollars to pay for someone else's $9 perscription/monthly of birth control pills?


I don't believe that was in the Constitution.  I believe that is just some madeup nonsense since the founding fathers did their part in creating the world changing document.


So we have science vs religion vs politics. It's like watching the final scene of Animal Farm by Orsen Wells, it's hard to tell the difference between the "Pigs and Humans" and the "scien(TITS), the politicians, and of course religion."


All of these people proclaim to have knowledge that normal people cannot prove and, have no access to, because their (holy books) only speaks to some (only them). Scien(TITS), politics, and religion only want to continue to control; government/public funding (so they can keep their jobs) and ultimately seem to be able to control your life. One part at a time...if we can't trust the village, and we can't trust the shamen, and we can't trust the government, and we certainly can't trust our neighbors.


So who can we trust anymore?


(By the way, I'm a white male American married to an immigrant black African women. Does that make me a racsist?) And I did write this all by myself like the big boys do.

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 10:11 AM

The topic name and the actual topic make sense together.  Almost.


Nehh... I surprisingly don't care if people do drugs, liquidize babies, or oppress rights.  As long as I have my computer, games, internet, and wilderness homestead.  Nothing else really matters, to be honest. 


#3 Hostile


    Benefitting Humanity Simply by Showing Up!

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 09:26 PM

Let me equate my existance this way:


When I die I will be buried in the ground; end of sentence, there is no afterlife.


Is there a GOD?; I believe so though (IT) may be something beyond our ability to ever understand. I don't believe in organized religion, we all know it's made up BS.


People who have tunnel like visions of death and seeing the afterworld is simply the bodies way of shutting down for good and then coming back to life. "OMG I saw my dead relatives leading me into heaven." You saw what you wanted to see! You know like having a dream where you actually know you are in a dream.


There so many amounts of BS throughout humanity's existance that it's hard to clarify. I'll list some things that are bad for you and you decide if I'm right?


Religion (first form of controling the populous)

Politics (new and improved form of controling the populous)

Science (I loved the idea until it shook hands with politics)


Food (Obesity vs. famine, 1 is too much, 10 is not enough.)


Alcohol (see Food)

Sex (see Food)

Credit (see Food)

Accumilation of Wealth (see Food)


Let us also look to mankinds (womankinds) insatiable desire to control others. First question is why? Is there some sort of narcissistic attribute to the personality type that would like to control other people? Of course. Why do we keep electing narcissistic people to run our governments despite whatever idiology they represent? Are we insanely sheeple?


I'll stop here for now to let you all process what I've posted up till this point.

#4 duke_Qa


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Posted 14 November 2013 - 09:42 PM

So beyond having a bit of a qualm about abortions you keep a relatively non-hypocritical attitude to life. Normally American conservatives don't want government until someone does something they don't like, THEN they cry for anti-abortionists, anti-drugs, border patrols, gerrymandering and so on and so forth.


Anarchistic is probably a better word, although that depends on your definition of fiscally conservative and power structures in the corporate world.

"I give you private information on corporations for free and I'm a villain. Mark Zuckerberg gives your private information to corporations for money and he's 'Man of the Year.'" - Assange

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