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Some Mordor bugs

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Posted 30 December 2013 - 03:48 AM

I played a really long game of Mirkwood, just to test out some stuff.


I was Mordor, had a Gondor ally, and it was against a Gondor computer, both of them on hard.


First of all, when I the citadel to my first base was destroyed, I was unable to rebuild my citadel. I could press the button, and I would pay the 900 resources, but nothing would happen. All I could do was keep pressing the button and lose resources. So I just destroyed the base and replaced it.


Second, I used the Dark Tower and made 2 fellbeast nazgul, and had 3 (b/c of the free one). After a really long time, 30-60 minutes, I was able to build 2 more fell beast nazgul, and ended up having 5 fell beast nazgul by the end of the game.


As well, I noticed some weird things with the Dwarven units. Many of the times I ordered my Dwarven archers to attack, they simply would not attack unless I moved them closer. 


By the way, this is most complete mod, as in comparable to a full release of a game, that I have ever played. I really appreciate that effort that went into applying a full faction, including the voice overs, and the changes that went into fixing the flaws that were in the game already (siege spam, archer spam). Considering that you are adding in a campaign as well is just ridiculous, and really shows the dedication that you are putting into the mod. Where can I get them BANNERS! 

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