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Tactical Gameplay Overhaul Theory for Galactic Conquest

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#41 megabalta


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Posted 15 July 2014 - 05:39 PM

I've revisited the mixed companies idea (list lines=research steps, left row=empire, right row=alliance, single row=both)


Unit – garrison/transport point worth

1 squad=2 garrison points (gpt)

1 person/team(=2 persons)=1 garrison point (gpt)

transport vehicle - transport point (tpt)



LINE PLATOON /8 gpt/ (imperial army, stormtrooper corps, alliance secforce, alliance specforce)

1x command line squad (+1 lieutenant)

·          1 medic+8 blaster                                                                       1 medic+8 blaster

·          1 medic+7 blaster+1 light repeater                                             1 medic+7 blaster+1 plex

·          1 medic+6 blaster+1 light repeater+1 imp repeater                    1 medic+6 blaster+1light repeater+1 plex

3x line squad

·          9 blaster                                                                                      9 blaster

·          8 blaster+1 light repeater                                                            8 blaster+1 plex

·          7 blaster+1 light repeater+1 imp repeater                                   7 blaster+1light repeater+1 plex

ASSAULT PLATOON /16 gpt/ (imperial army, stormtrooper corps, alliance specforce)

1x command line squad

1x assault squad

·          7 blaster+2 light repeater

·          6 blaster+2 light repeater+1 concussion rifle

·          4 blaster+2 light repeater+1 concussion rifle+ 2 imp repeater

2x heavy weapons squad

·          2x mortar team+2x plex team+2x e-web team

SCOUT PLATOON /2+20 gpt/ (stormtrooper corps, alliance specforce)

1x scout squad

·          7 blaster+2 sniper

·          6 blaster+2 sniper+1 light repeater

·          6 scoped blaster+2 sniper+1 light repeater

1x lieutenant speeder bike

9x speeder bike

SPECIAL MISSION PLATOON /10 gpt/ (alliance specforce)

1x command line squad

·          lvl3 command line squad – various regiment

1x sharpshooter squad

·          4x sniper team – infiltrator regiment

1x heavy weapons squad

·          2x plex team – vanguard regiment

1x engineering squad

·          2x engineer team – various technician regiment




1x command repulsorlift vehicle

·          qh-7 cahriot                  heavy tracker

8x transport repulsorlift vehicle (2 tpt each)

·          APC                                      A-A5

2x heavy weapons repulsorlift vehicle (transport repulsorlift vehicle non transport heavy weapon variant)

1x support vehicle (transport repulsorlift vehicle support variant)


4x scout vehicle

·          ATST                                    -

1x heavy transport         2x heavy transport

·          ATAT                                    juggernaut




1x command repulsorlift vehicle (light repulsorlift vehicle command variant)

9x light repulsorlift vehicle (1 tpt each)

·          qh-7 cahriot                  arrow-23

1x light support vehicle (light repulsorlift vehicle support variant)




1x armored command vehicle

6x medium armored vehicle / 4x heavy armored vehicle

·          TX-130                              T1B

·          TX-130T                            T2B

·          2M-Saber                           -


·          -                                        freerunner


·          ATST                                    -


·          S-1 Firehawke                   T3B

·          1-H                                     T4B

2x support vehicle




8x light artillery / 4x medium artillery / 2x heavy artillery

·          ATAP                                   MAL


·          SPMA                                  MPTL


·          ATAA                                   -

2x mobile defense/support unit




4x airspeeder

·          talon                                   T-47


2x transport gunship (5 tpt each)

·          LAAT

·          MAAT

·          imperial dropship


1x aerial artillery repulsorlift vehicle

·          lancet                                heavy missile platform


Feel free to comment, post your ideas, or recommend missing vehicles (like support vehicle).

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#42 a.fake.name


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Posted 17 July 2014 - 05:43 AM

The Lancet is nice, but I'd much rather have combat transports instead.

DX series stormtrooper transports (model depending on upgrade level of the squad type) would be a decent big floating stick that could still be killed, prehaps have imp/reb elite units, once upgraded, get assault transports.

Actually, I don't think I've ever seen one of my lancets fire ingame, slight bit of AA damages them fast.

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#43 megabalta


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Posted 17 July 2014 - 08:14 AM

Think of aerial artillery as a RL spectre gunship, high up in the sky, circling above the map, heavy fire to single target area with a barrage ability.

I was thinking about converting the stormtrooper transport to a land assault transport/gunship, giving it wings, but abandoned the idea. Without wings I can't imagine it beeing maneuverable enough in atmoshpere.

#44 a.fake.name


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Posted 18 July 2014 - 04:32 AM

Think of aerial artillery as a RL spectre gunship, high up in the sky, circling above the map, heavy fire to single target area with a barrage ability.

I was thinking about converting the stormtrooper transport to a land assault transport/gunship, giving it wings, but abandoned the idea. Without wings I can't imagine it beeing maneuverable enough in atmoshpere.

The stormtrooper transport would be a floating big gun, but one that could be damaged reletively easily.

It's ion and proton armament however would make it quite effective against vehicles.

Playing PR when stoned is awesome


#45 megabalta


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Posted 13 August 2014 - 01:30 AM

Here's a sketch for corruption options, if the Alliance is to be changed to expansion faction.


Alliance Intelligence Agent /Defiler/

(represented by SpecOps Mission Group in ground battle missions)


spreads: Rebellion /Corruption/


Resistance /Racketeering/

Estabilishing an underground intelligence and support network on a planet.

requirements: agent, specforce line battalion, credits

benefits: reveal, salvaging, income

Sabotage /Intimidation/

Destroying a key facility to halt production of enemy war material.

requirements: agent, minor hero / starfighter hero squadron, credits, ground or space battle

unlocks: Resistance

benefits: disable planet speciality permanently

Capture /Kidnapping/

Capturing and interrogating a high level imperial officer to aquire tactical information.

requirements: agent, specforce infiltrator battalion, credits, ground battle

unlocks: Insurrection

benefits: reveal

Insurrection /Bribery/

Creating a diversion to occupy thus block all garrison units from entering battle.

requirements: Capture, agent, credits

unlocks: Revolution

benefits: reveal, no garrison units

Revolution /Corrupt militia/

Igniting an open revolution to free the planet from oppression.

requirements: Insurrection, agent, credits

benefits: use of indigneous rebel squads in ground battle, if rebellion is removed, planet is evacuated of enemy units, and all enemy facilities are removed  

Space denial /Piracy/

Employing hit-and-run tactics, convoy harassment and capturing enemy starships.

requirements: agent, starfighter hero squadron, specforce line battalion, credits, space battle

unlocks: Black market, Alliance

benefits: reveal, captured ships, income

Alliance /Slavery/

Enlisting the help of Allied Commands and recruiting indigneous units from the Sector Forces.

requirements: Space denial, agent, credits

benefits: unlocks buildable cheap/unique Sector Force and Navy units

Black Market

Buying space or ground units and advanced technology in underground operations.

requirements: Space denial, agent, credits

unlocks: unit upgrades

benefits: purchasable units


Imperial Intelligence Agent

(represented by Storm Commandos squad in ground battle missions) 

removes Rebellion (slower removel than in vanilla)


Empire starts with half of the planets, around 30% are neutral, 20% rebel. This means the Empire has to overwatch lots of planets with limited forces. Neutral planets are more like a no mans land for maneuvering fleets (with weak or nonexistent fleets), or obstacles if heavily armed.

Rebellion can only be spread on imperial worlds, so if the empire conquers more planets, rebellion has more space to spread. Previously neutral or rebel worlds occupied by the empire have more Rebellion options.

Rebel players objectives are to conquer certain key planets, or kill certain imperial heroes. Strategy involves maneuvering mobile, hard hitting fleets and ground forces to capture objectives, while willingly losing planets to the empires unstoppable main force. Sabotaging imperial planets and raiding research stations is recommended to hinder the advancement of imperial technology and unit building. Most of the income is generated from Resistance, Revolution and Space denial options.

Empire players objective is to capture all rebel planets. The strategy is to research/build advanced units, and search and destroy main rebel force with a large nearly unstoppable fleet, while conquering rebel worlds one by one, and protecting key planets in the mean time.

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#46 Iforgot

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Posted 21 August 2014 - 02:31 AM

I like that Idea a lot.  The empire always seems to start with too few planets.

#47 Aizen Teppa

Aizen Teppa
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Posted 22 August 2014 - 12:56 PM

Wrong (although there are some good points - black market/piracy). Sorry for being naysayer.


1. I don't want to see or hear Zann's Mustard Fart texture/sound ever again - that's for starters.  :p


2. There is one fundamental flaw in your thinking. Neutral & Imperial (Remnant) planets were not always friendly toward Rebels/NR. Many regions were openly hostile - either because of: huge government contact, Imperial patronage, overwhelmingly massive military presence - often yielding huge profits for citizens/ruling family, historical reasons (Mandalore springs to mind instantly), incompatibility in form of government (no 'self-respecting' despot would agree to function as member of Old/New Rebel Republic) or simply Sith devoted planet. Some regions/planets only tolerated/encouraged (Hutts) Rebel presence because of financial gains (bribes/slavery/bounties). So it's vast oversimplification what you proposing. Prefer current setup. Faction controls what it holds. Clean and simple. 


3. Corrupt Militia vel Revolution is biggest idiocy of all (not personally your fault of course but game developers). Bunch of revolutionaries liberating whole planet. Give me a break. It's not exactly Cuban Revolution or some banana republic. Limited area, limited population. How can you do that on planetary scale? You can't because at first sign of trouble Sith Empire will reduce planet surface or planet itself to ash. Period. Yet in Zann's world rag-tag bunch of infantry can liberate whole planet just because Empire doesn't allow corruption to spread there. Bonkers!


4. Sabotage is possible even now - Raid.


5. Furthermore it's not possible to simulate oppression in the game. As such both sides are equally oppressive. Rebels don't exactly bombard planets with candy bars, and theirs assassins not using warm chocolate as terror weapon.


It's obvious from the start that tight grip and heavy iron fisted brute approach is ultimately self-defeating. Palpatine was an idiot with delusions of grandeur.  And because of that he paid with his life. Any ruler should understand that violence is precision tool - laser scalpel not a broadsword. There is only one planet I use (occasionally for fun) super-laser on - N'Zoth - to show Yevetha how superior they really are... :evgr:


Hmm... Wait a sec. Perhaps (it just hit me) there is a way to simulate oppression,  just like any other bonuses, with negative value. Example Palpatine and Vader just out of hand require [-5], just like Grammel and other butchers. So on one side hero will provide some bonuses but at a price (e.g. more expensive units). This could work... Wonder what PR team thinks about it.


6. By turning Rebels into terrorists it should be balanced by giving Empire access to limited techs which were not extensively used (e.g. prototypes, Dark Empire toys). I like progressing through Era 1-5 from ICW/TR mod - although killing Imperial leader to progress should not be sooo easy (or cheap like in PR). Often I find myself at prolonging Era just for flavor sake so I won't gung-ho galaxy from 6 to 25 ABY in 5 weeks lol.




It's hard to compare Sith, ham-fisted retards like Zsinj/Harrsk/Teradoc or bandits like Zann run empire with for example multicultural vision of Thrawn & Fel.


And that's why I say: Long live the Empire..of the Hand (or Fel's take your pick).


* Probably longest reply in internet history. Jumping between work and forum for past 6 hours ha ha * Add reply. *

#48 megabalta


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Posted 24 August 2014 - 10:58 PM

Reply noted. However

1. Mustard gas is a basic particle effect, very easy to change. Zann/Corruption icons and background screens are easy to replace too, as are the sounds, or the music even. Actually, I've already started to remake the UI.


2. Different strokes to different folk. For me a guerilla rebellion is not another empire in red. Equal footing is pretty uncanon for me. Plus the main theme of this idea is to reform the gameplay. Of course not all corruption/rebellion opitons would be available on all planets. 


3. A revolution can be triggered even by a single man or small event, if the right socio-political situation is present. It is mostly executed by the masses, not a 20 man team. Removing corruption leading to abandoning the planet is a game design choice, not a political one I think. Plus I have no idea how to change it.


4. If you raid a planet, you can destroy buildings worth say 2000 credits at best (unless you can capture a planet with a platoon, which sounds stupid, hence should be pretty rare), and they can be rebuilt in a week. If you remove the ability to produce SDs cheaper/faster on Kuat, well put it together.


5. Oppression is simulated by the presence of rebellion options. This is no political game, it's a rts based on SW, so rebels are the good guys, imperials the bad guys. If it's a rebel minded world, or a previously neutral world taken by the empire, it will have more rebellion options telling you: these guys are under oppression. If it's Carida, well tough luck for you rebel scum. Of course you can always find some guys who hate the current system. Resistance option is all you'll have there.

Rebellion side is able to take neutral worlds, however it's not their main goal, rebel players do best to use their very limited resources against the empire. Imperials are discouraged to conquer everything because of the above said reasons. One of the main pillars of the idea is to make players keep neutral systems neutral instead of conquering everything in sight. It is so to give the rebellion space to hide and maneuver, and to avoid current repetitive the gameplay of conquering passive yellow worlds for 60 weeks.


6. Balance is made by the nature of sides. Empire is strong but big, ergo hard to defend, Alliance is swift and hidden, but weak in the open, so mostly it must run and hide. Mission objectives differ too for each side. The main goal is to improve replay value.

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#49 Hanti

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Posted 29 September 2014 - 05:19 PM

About companies idea: that is what I mostly do in mods (currently re-modeling ICW 21).
It seems that imperial squad was 8 troopers and independent plex or sniper squads are useless (too fragile).
Definitely YES for mixed squads.



When it was first formed during the rise of the Galactic Empire, Stormtrooper squads had 8 troopers, including a sergeant and a corporal, platoons had 32 troopers (four squads) and were led by a lieutenant and a sergeant-major, companies usually encompassed 128 troopers (four platoons)

#50 megabalta


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Posted 29 September 2014 - 05:35 PM

I've decided to go with a fixed 10 troopers per normal squadron due to xml limitations and balancing issues. Specialized fire teams are made of 2-5 troopers. You can check the plan here.

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