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Ares 0.7 Released!

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Posted 04 July 2014 - 07:32 PM

Yes, the next version of Ares is now available in a stable and nicely packaged form thanks to our hero AlexB, including Windows 8 fixes (no, not fixing the operating system itself, that is beyond the project!), new modding abilities and a reworked manual. Get ready for the next wave of Ares powered mods!

Hello guys,

Today is Ares 0.7 release day! Ares 0.7 fixes a few memory issues that were affecting all operating systems, but that had a habit of crashing on Windows 8. They all have been fixed, so this Ares version is more stable than ever. Of course, there are also some new features, like the customizable score screen graphics and themes, and several old ones like the Drop Pod and Hunter Seeker super weapons. Another bunch of features is related to the Cyborg Reaper's Splits missile logic, which has been implemented in Ares, and which needed Ranged and ProjectileRange to be implemented as well. It's all there, and now it is possible to recreate the Cyborg Reaper's missiles in YR (not the net-thrower weapon, though).

There are lots of more small features, like better support to create landmines, prevent units from scattering when repaired by a warhead, treat civilian units as enemies, and custom airstrike voices. You'll find them in the documentation, which has a new What's New page where you can easily see what features were added recently. Even if it does not show bugfixes for the original game, there were some of them, too. The inefficient aircraft smoke lookup has been replaced by a new system with customizable smoke animations and probabilities. And of course, lots of internal Ares code was updated. The Migration Guide in the manual lists only one item, and this time you need to take no steps to upgrade.

Regarding the documentation: It is in a transitional state. The table of contents got longer and longer and items on the same topic were spread over the entire length. This will hopefully be sorted out soon. As of now, the search feature will no longer display formatting texts, but almost only the pure text you see on a page. This should make it easier to find the right page.

That's it for today. Happy Modding!

Website: http://ares.strategy-x.com/
Announcement: https://launchpad.ne...ouncement/12808
Download: https://launchpad.net/ares/+download
Documentation: http://ares-develope....com/Ares-docs/

Ares is an engine expansion project designed to improve the original game's performance and stability and provide extra utility for modders. Ares is an open source project and welcomes contributions from C++ developers and always requires more active testing! Head over to the forum on Project Perfect Mod to take part.

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