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#1 The Splat

The Splat
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Posted 25 August 2014 - 04:56 AM

If you have a thought about the game or wish to comment post in this general banter thread.
Making this mod is a time consuming task and one which is fitted around other projects and life.

This thread exists as a way for you the mod player to shape the future of the mod posts made early on are much more likely to be useful
then say posts made when there is a working release.


  • When will a Release be available to play ?

When im ready to release the beta which at the rate I am going at will be roughly 2016

  • What System will be needed to play this mod ?

The same system that's capable of running the game Tiberian Wars

  • How large will the final modification be ? 

The final modification will be fairly LARGE , its ground texture pack which is almost finished is 109 MB , the models ,their textures, sounds ,videos and music all have yet to be completed (although I have finished the menu music )
expect this mod to be about 4-5 gigabytes roughly though it may blow out or shrink depending on enthusiasm and optimisation.
     •Why mod tiberian wars when its the wrong time period ?


No Object ,Unit or command button will be left unturned that means you effectively are looking at a new game rather then Mod.

However as its a modification it falls under a less violent legal category leaving its developer more free to focuss on making the game rather then chase a billion consent notices and licensed fees to be paid for use of various file formats ,ides and other amazingly complicated and expensive things that would need to be paid if this game was standalone... also im more aware how to mod this game .


  • Will this game ever be released Stand Alone ?

No as that would require licenses and all other manner of things including more specialised knowledge that this crew don't have and never plan on getting.

Submission of ideas here indicates that you grant this mod license to use your idea within the mod Sail 7 seas and will not seek compensation for it other then in the credits page listed within this forum granting us the rights to modify your idea to suit the modification.

Posts found to be derogatory will be removed and administrators will be given the evidence so keep it friendly and we will not have a problem.

#2 AggressivePanda

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Posted 25 August 2014 - 07:50 PM

This looks quite interesting

#3 Mathijs


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Posted 25 August 2014 - 09:32 PM

This sounds really cool. When can we expect some visual teasers?

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