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Shockwave Mod Mashup

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Posted 06 October 2014 - 02:23 AM

This being my first post on Revora, im just going to put it here


After getting The_Hunters permission to use Shockwave, i'm currently in the process of getting permission/ trying to find creators of mods if you know were to find them, let me know.

I also need people that can create a new building ( US and Chinese version with a GLA version to allow a balance), the Air Base. the air base can hold 12 planes and helicopters, requires a purchased GP at rank 3, and costs 3000 to build, helicopters built at the air base have to re-arm there like a normal plane. there will be a Chinese version that does/requires the same thing. in order to balance, the GLA will be getting a 8 plane Airstrip that costs 2250 and requires a level 3 GP purchase, the Airstrip cannot build helicopters, but it provides good close air support/ bomber aircraft, its fighters are limited to using machine guns to take down enemy aircraft (cause unless they somehow steal a shipment of Sidewinder heat seeking missiles, thats all they got)

I'm also going to replace the tornado bomber with the F-14, the f-14 will cost a level 1 GP purchase and 1300 to build, you can decide whether to arm the plane with 2 cluster bombs (with a 3 second delay between the bomb drops), or 4 air-air missiles ( same idea as the firehawk in C&C 3 )

if you want more mods to be mashed up in this, let me know where to find the creators so i can ask there permission, if you want to help with creating the mod, just let me know via PM, if you have ideas that you want to be put in, feel free to ask 

"Air superiority is the key to any modern war, but its the grunts on the ground that unlock the door to peace"- Oldschool22 

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