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about heroes abilities and strengths ( related to the hobbit movies too)

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Posted 12 October 2014 - 01:06 PM

Gandalf: will he get new abilities in the final release ? spells that he used in desolation of smaug. spell that when gandalf strikes hes staff into ground it reveals nearby enemies that are hidden and flash  that transports gandalf away as seen in the movie. and some fire related spells ( gandalf has the ring of fire. Narya)


Galadriel: Why is she so weak and cheap? she should cost at least 5000 and add some water based spells because after all she is very strong and she has nenya ( ring of water and adamant). only sauron himself is stronger than Galadriel.


Celeborn and Elrond: first from where is this tornado spell ? it isnt in the movies ? and did Celeborn fight at all in any of the movies ?


New heroes like Tauriel and dwarf heroes and radagast from the hobbit movies will we see them in SEE ?. 

new elven and dwarf units

of course the final hobbit movies comes at december there might be new ideas for spells and characters.

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