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Mental Omega News Bulletin #7 (5/01/2015)

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Posted 04 January 2015 - 02:11 PM

Happy 2015! The end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 has seen a rise in the amount of players on the Mental Omega multiplayer servers. Have you been enjoying it?

All services available for the players have been provided by CnCNet, which is rapidly becoming the #1 choice for classic Command & Conquer multiplayer gaming. After the upgrade to CnCNet5, efficient online gameplay is available for Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun with Yuri's Revenge support to come. When the time is right, Mental Omega will rely on CnCNet5 as well, providing you with more stable multiplayer, additional game customization options and more.


As of January 4th 21:20 (CET), CnCNet's player peak rose to 512, which is a very impressive number if you ask me. For more information on CnCNet and how to play the classic Command & Conquer games online, visit their new shiny website. You can also follow CnCNet on Facebook and Twitter. The first three C&C titles are available for free so the only thing stopping you from playing online is a few clicks.

In other news, we are looking for voice actors again! There'll be new units in the next release which will require new voice overs. If you are interested, send a voice demo to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com


Now, let's show you some things we've been working on recently.


At the end of Act One, the powers have shifted. The European Alliance has fortified itself in Great Britain, the Russians emerged victorious over their foes and control most of the continent, the Chinese struggle to hold power in the Far East and the army of the United States is but a shadow of its former self after the devastating attack on Chicago. The question remains: where's Yuri? He's still out there. He's preparing for.. 

Operation: The Conqueror


 2 years after the Russian victory over the Chinese rebellion and fall of the Euro Alliance forces in the mainland continent, Yuri returns and reveals Russia's lies that kept everyone in check for so long. When the dust settles down, the enemies of Russia realize the king is no more and once again the world plunges into chaos.

In 'The Conqueror' Yuri's forces reveal themselves to the world and conquer the city of Moscow. While the original mission from 2.0 that this one's loosely based on did not include the part in which Shadow Tanks sabotage Moscow's power sources, this one will. We've remade the map of Moscow from scratch with the use of expanded snow terrain to resemble the capital city closer than the map from Red Alert 2. The Red Square is not just a tiny building, but a properly structured field that includes the GUM and Lenin's Mausoleum, the artwork for which was created by Nooze.

'The Conqueror' is chronologically the first mission of 'Act Two' and is the first of many events which will later be referred to as The Mental Omega War. Act Two will consist of 36 new missions.


Map Preview #19: (2) Frontier Duelists (urban; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #20: (6) Battlebase Hexis (snow; standard map pool) by Toveena
Map Preview #21: (6) Misery Malice (desert; standard map pool) by Toveena

Toveena once again proves his skills in Red Alert 2 skirmish map design and expands the Mental Omega map pool with these three additions. '(2) Frontier Duelists' is a simple but unique map which gives an opportunity for fast open gameplay while demanding control of important expansion points. Capturing the Base Expansion Post near the gems and placing your first Ore Refinery there might just be the move that will give you the advantage. The water breakers placed around the island limit movement of amphibious & hover units while making aircraft more important.

'(6) Battlebase Hexis' is another map which relies on the urban expansion of snow terrain and it's a remake of the Red Alert 3 Uprising map. While this one doesn't have the special futuristic features of the original, the layout was closely recreated to resemble it in detail with the snow urban cliffs. '(6) Misery Malice' is the expansion of the fan favorite 'Twisted Malice/Double Malice' maps, adding two players to the top. Each of the confronting players from the left and right side can fight for a unique healing structure.


Speaking of 'Operation: No Dilemma', here's how the original mission went in version 2.0 from 2005.


If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to mental.omega.apyr@gmail.com
Right now we're in need of additional Voxel Artists, 3D Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
Single contributions are welcome. 


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