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03 September 2007 - 03:08 PM

Ok, now brace yourself's modle no. DPA-X(can't think of a number sorry lol)Mirage Dual.

The Mirage Dual would be mostley for a ground type invasion or close combat in space unlike the original dual this one has the ability to fly in earth atmophere with it's wings, The wings can shoot out of 4 sockets,
2 at the top, and 2 in the middle. The top two hold too very powerful missiles and on the sides can shoot curved lazers. Buy the hips of the MD(thats mirage dual short) can pull out a longsword lazer and whip with a lazer coil wraped around it's self. It's is primaly equiped with the original dual gun, and in between the wings of course is the sheild.

The reason it is called mirage for a good reason. It has an upgraded invisiblity cloak like the Dlitz in GS. It can walk in sand easily and is able to hover on water but the best part it the mirages Hihg trust low sound igniters they are located in the feet and they allow the MD to walk on things such as sand but not make loud nioses or leaving any trace of it being there ere go no foot prints of treds or even rippls in the water. But of course if you shot the lags off it really isn't very good. Sorry, But if you could please give some feedback on these gundams i would opreciate it. Please, thanks

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03 September 2007 - 02:37 PM

When you say exspensive, how much we talking cause i want to know, please??

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21 July 2007 - 12:33 AM

Ok. Hear guys since this is talking to long im going to give it too you all straight.(No that wasn't a gay joke!)
[size=7][u]Scimatics on the Charge Buster.

Original Cannons: 350mm gun launcher, mounted behind right arm, can be combined with 94mm high-energy rifle, hand-carried in use; 94mm high-energy rifle, mounted behind left arm, can be combined with 350mm gun launcher.

New Abillities. Close combat has been upgraded, Gunlauncher is now equiped with beam dagger attachments on each side use for whip and grapple. High energy Beam rifle on the outside of the rifle has a beam blade and can deflect weak lazer type ammo back to the opponent.
When connceted in this state it is called the Charge High Pulse Rifle Cannon A mix of green and yellow matter and energy almost 1.5 stronger than without and but has the same revoery time as the original cannons (So it's still slow) When shifted to the other configuration, the gun launcher will sporead twice the the width and height of original s(Slightly slow though) after the bleam daggers on the sides of the gun will stay acctive(unlike the rifle) so will be able to fend off other opponets. P.S.The beams are green.

Hand-carried in use; 2 x 220mm(instead of 6) 10-barrel missile pod, mounted on shoulders

Increased defense range and speed of movement of gundam.
Still made for ground and space fights will crash if tried to fly on the Earth.

I'll post Mirage Dual as well, as the strike impact later. I hope you all like. :sad: 3.2.1 Buster Cannon!

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12 July 2007 - 05:12 PM

Hey everyone when i send you guys the gundams i've made do they have to be computer drawn or can they be hand drawn? :xd:

just a question.

P.S. Ahhhhh! [size=1]buster cannon

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10 June 2007 - 07:17 PM

I hate Ysak because I can. Also Tal and Shin is winy aswell ummm hm, kinda Athrun.


P.S. Charge Impules Cannon!
Made it up myself